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    Do you believe in everything you write?

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    Saevenia Facts

    Saevenia is unique in its universe. By bending the spacetime continuem, it is able to exist in different times and places.

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    The wordless memories,
    Ceased to live
    Stung with a poison called reality

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    Really childhood would have been a fantasy land for us. We have floated through the love of parents, fun in school, watching cartoons, mindful of happiness.
    18 is what makes us adult, and our blood will boil at high degree for the thrillness! We will be having some risky adventures, some life changing events at this time.
    Then most people moves to a family man/woman. Takes up the responsibility to manage a good family, having a high struggle and tension to lead it and will get dedicated to create a better place for the coming generations.
    Atlast, everything will be rewinded. An old man/woman finally. One would be seeing himself in the younger generation and enjoying the moment. A time where one can express and get the love with happiness and move with time slowly. Finally resting from the body to somewhere nobody knows yet!

    Note :- This is not going to be applicable for everyone's life neither looks like mine. I typed what I saw and observed in the world through my eyes.��

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    The LIFE's Movie

    If you want to see the LIFE as a movie,..

    0 - 17 will be a fantasy drama,
    18 - 30 will be a thriller adventure
    31 - 59 will be A romantic/Family drama
    60 + will be a flashback of all others!

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    With every picture i paint in your head, I drive you over the edge.
    Bewitching you by by gaze, as I toy with your imaginations.
    Images of my body, etched in your brain as I continue to tease you.
    Memories of me engraved on every part of your body.
    I’m driving you crazy with this sexual tension.
    I want you to starve, I want you to need it, need me.
    I want to tease you with the suspense.

    I want you to long for my touch, and the feel of your skin against mine.
    I want you to thirst for it, the taste of my body and lips.
    I want you to appreciate it, what it means to be loved by me.
    I want to feel it, every inch of you.
    I want to slowly trace your skin.
    I want every part of you forever engraved in my memory.
    I want to mark you, because you’re mine.
    I will make you beg for it, I’ll make sure to always be in your thoughts, I’ll make sure you never forget.
    And I’ll make sure to leave you wanting more.

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    Mist over the fields

    I was wondering
    My mind wandered from
    Mundane realities to wild fantasies.
    Suddenly I opened the
    Balkony door of my bedroom
    To my wonder
    I caught a sight to a heavenly mist
    The mist was slow settling down
    Just above the field .
    For a moment i wondered
    how the grass might feel
    Being embraced in heavy liquidating steam
    Just to become heavy enough to
    Fall on top of the green grass
    Way heavy that cannot surpass
    Become dew drops
    Glistening and gleaming.
    Just to become the air again

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    She love fantasy!!!!
    At last her life become

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    Saevenia Facts

    Most of the lands on Saevenia are still shrouded in mystery

  • saevenia 2w

    Saevenia Facts

    The writer of Saevenia is also working on an MMORPG game, set on Saevenia before the events of the novel.

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    I wanted to vanish
    So completely
    That even I would
    Not remember me:

    No feelings, no
    Memories, just
    The freedom of


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    SUNSET ����

    The rough blending of the first three colours
    in rainbow: fierce red
    Embodiment of flamboyance: orange and
    The shimmering yellow,
    A prepossessing sight to behold,
    Hinting at the Night that follows
    Filled with idyllic moon and illuminant stars,
    And the Satyr that comes at night
    To perform woodland magic
    Without being seen by mortals.
    The darkness spreads;
    Carrying soft wind a whisper to my ears,
    The beauty of night like a nuzzle on my neck,
    The unending saga of sunrises and sunsets
    Always a mystery yet to be unfolded...

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    //The sun sets
    So that it can rise again;
    So that a novel day begins,
    As a second chance,
    As a day to start all over again
    Once you felt you had failed in life//


  • afiba_yankey 2w

    I imagine him in future moments of happiness. I’m not sure if I’m just adding a face to the fantasy, or if he is the fantasy.


  • alecmb 3w

    First Love's Glance
    By: Alecmb

    Her rose colored lips
    Remind me of the ambrosia that I used to sip
    While her scent like that of a cool spring night
    Awaiting to greet the early morning light
    While transfixed in a state of ecstasy
    I was charted away into a world of fantasy
    Where I came face to face with the splendid
    God of Love- Cupid
    And to him I succumb and kneel
    For he gave me the power to feel
    When he took our two dead beating hearts
    That at one time were separate and apart
    And bounded them together
    With our love binding them forever.

    And as I awake from my dreamy slumber
    Into the dreary cold December
    Fear and Doubt enters into me
    Begins to consume me, untill I see
    Those warm brown eyes, that vanquish all despair
    I can finally take in a breath of fresh air
    For that was not a dream, nor a fantasy
    But our love was in fact Reality
    And all it took was first love's glance

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    Saevenia Facts

    Avarkeir is the secondary setting of a 2 part story. It is written about Serenity, a noble from Uiren with a tragic past. It is the only written record in existence of anyone being on the continent.

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    It’s like the unconscious mind
    Stoping time to keep you awake
    So you can work through problems
    That you didn’t realize would keep you awake
    So I’m awake
    Caught between two realities in my mind
    The one I want and the one that’s divine
    And I’m not sure if you are included in what’s divine
    Cause I get caught up in fantasy
    Trying not to manipulate it into my reality
    Cause manifesting I have gotten good at lately
    So good that I question if I am manifesting the right thing
    And I’m uncertain at times but here again I can’t sleep and you are on my mind
    Among other things
    And I’m a version of content
    Living and loving life as it is but understanding that it can’t be what it is
    I killed the old me off cause it no longer served me
    And I stay focus but deep down there you are
    Trapped among a million thoughts
    But I still see you and feel you
    And my words become silent trying not to comprehend what happening
    But I do
    And I can’t sleep
    Not because of you but sometimes because of you
    And you have no power over me
    No one does
    But tonight my insomnia is winning
    And thoughts that shouldn’t be
    Are keeping me up
    I close my eyes
    Naked trying to just sleep
    My mind races and thoughts so many thoughts
    Then there’s you and my mind is calm
    But I’m afraid that I created a reality where I can’t have you
    And so you fade away
    And my eyes open
    I am awake now
    Back to the millions thoughts
    Because I haven’t solve the problem
    My unconscious mind told me to solve
    And maybe right now I won’t
    Maybe having the fantasy is okay for now
    Cause the reality is
    I have a millions thoughts keeping me up at night
    And sometimes you are one of those thoughts
    I just wonder if you know that you are


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    Saevenia Facts

    Avarkeir, also known as The Wandering Isles, is a mysterious continent on Saevenia. It moves around and sometimes seems to disappear all together. Not much is known about where it goes. Some people refuse to believe that it even exists, and insist that it was made up to scare children; steering them away from a life of piracy.

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    Fantasies are something, which we all want to be true, some people want fantasy as physical means, some people want money as fantasy, some people want power as fantasy, but the actual meaning of fantasy is that thing that keeps you awake that makes happy excited n many a more things without even having it real.
    N you know what the if you want to know the real meaning of fantasy love someone so much that you only want their smile to remain as your only constant n more fantasy is loving someone one sided n then talking to that person, making that person do silly things just for you, play with you, thats the fantasy we should always imagine, there's no greater treasure than one sided love its love with zero lust, zero expectations n zero efforts n thats the love we wish for don't we?
    After all my friend fantasies are never achieved they are always imagined

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    Saevenia Facts

    Lysaitins are a prodigious race of reptilian humanoids. Originally from Tayaceena, they are intelligent and strong enough to withstand the immense gravity of their home planet.

  • saevenia 4w

    Saevenia Facts

    Herroshua of Uiren is based on Jesus Christ

  • lolablackthorn 4w


    I think I want to have "it"
    The way the ones that "got it"
    Have "it"
    The ones whose caffeinated words
    Always fall into place
    Typewriters clacking phrases
    Into patterns of lace
    I can't write a poem
    I don't eventually hate
    I've accepted mediocrity as my
    Inevitable fate
    For the the ordinary
    Is how they survive
    Making history out of
    Someone's unoriginal life
    They already wrote the ending
    Of you and I
    I want to tell it differently
    But I'm too scared to try
    At this point metaphors fail
    Once my words sound real
    Is when I bail
    I think every doubt is
    My holy grail
    Do you think anonymity leaves a trail