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  • unhinderedwriter 65w

    FOTF Track

    FOTF brought us this fellow lens,
    A lens that gave the sight to take note of the hard reality:
    The Ed crisis, the achievement gap, inequity, inaccessibility and those void decaying classrooms that are ironically known for learning.
    Encounter with this broken system,
    Apoplexy was what ruled us then.
    However, towards the potential possiblities we were channelled -
    Learned how the right mindset and the right approach can make a difference,
    How holistic education, creating the right classroom culture, differentiation, an alternate education and an effective execution can led to the journey of transformation.
    And the foremost we learned:
    How do we get on the driver's seat of reimagining an excellent education.
    And As we took over this journey,
    This track not only left us charged but informed,
    For the places we'll go...