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  • naked_thoughts_by_raymond 44w

    By the devil's tail

    My story doesn't start from the beginning
    See , i was dead from the gauls throbbing
    I felt life dissipate , my heart conjured to its grave and my mind fell into a blank
    Now,being my wake, i will soak what i have been permitted to remember in black ink.

    So i met with him, the old man from uganda
    A brute of war with tales of wonder
    His skin chapped like an old graveyard bench
    Bitter breath escaping his lips, a stench.
    Fear watered his inflamed eyes , pride reverted on his tongue.
    I listened to him speak with a broken echo from his lung.

    “Hark ye son” he said, his voice vibrating like the old 3310
    “I have been here back and forth
    But in this equinox, i guess it's my fourth
    My slumber is perturbed, who dare summons me here!”


  • angeldisco 161w

    Pregnant with Promise

    Pregnant with Promise - a Christmas Poem 2017

    I had always been told one day one woman would be chosen
    The epitome of goodness
    Somehow deemed worthy
    To bear the Christ
    I never in my life
    imagined it could be me

    Just a young girl - Ordinary,
    I never had the air of royalty
    Experienced a priveleged life
    Gold, palaces, expensive clothes?
    Never meant to be a fashinista
    Sure my cousins were priests uh ...
    but ... Me?
    I was nobody, not special

    An introverted dreamer
    too prone
    to wandering off alone
    To wonder, to ponder, to think
    Sometimes so distracted I forgot to eat and drink
    "She's a real space case"
    That's what they said
    Their words echoed in my head

    Too romantic
    Come back to reality
    The world is too harsh for all your fantasy.
    No I was not her

    And this was not the age of Messiahs and Miracles
    This was the time of the Romans
    No omen
    or sign could dislodge them
    The world was dark
    Like the night sky over Nazareth
    And I was small, insignificant
    Not really meant
    To change the World
    I was not her.

    I could not see courage in myself
    Little more than the desire to help
    more likely
    Not the heroine of any story.

    Nevertheless ...
    He chose me.

    It's not something I understand
    How could anybody?
    Holy Spirit?
    Son of God?

    All I had was my humanity
    And an empty space - my heart, my womb
    Silent and vacant as a tomb
    Untouched, untouchable, preserved, reserved
    The invitation was given
    The word spoken
    I knew the Cost, the risk
    Like I also knew I was born for this
    That "no" was not a word to be said
    To the Living God

    He chose me

    I had no illusions
    ‎It would not be an easy road
    ‎The weight , ‎the load
    ‎of people's prejudice
    While ‎God called me righteous
    ‎I would be made scandalous
    ‎Giving up all earthly reputation
    ‎Enduring endless accusation
    ‎For heavenly honour
    ‎A wonderful idea, sure
    ‎For the distant future

    For now?
    They would see a young woman
    Without virtue
    Abandoned, worthy of death
    At the mercy of her betrothed
    A liar, concocting an unlikely story
    Claiming Glory
    To hide her shame
    Protesting innocence
    Placing blame
    On God
    The only One who Truly Knew

    That I chose disgrace
    To say yes to You

    To be the first to carry
    Eternal life inside me
    Infinity in finite me
    To nurture God's Son

    Invited to the process
    To love but not possess
    To prepare One
    Who would lay aside all reputation
    And give His all
    In death and resurection
    For you and me,
    All who would believe and receive
    His life into ourselves

    Beyond salvation
    He has issued an invitation
    He has asked permission to indwell
    In us, in you
    Letting Him fill
    Every broken space,
    every empty place
    Carrying his life inside
    To abide
    To experience His life
    To carry, to share His all
    In a way that will show
    Everywhere you go

    His life is free
    But there is a Cost - the Cross
    Placing Your All in God's hands
    Is something people don't really understand
    But coming from me -
    I said Yes to Him
    I have no regrets

    For You?
    He chose you too
    Please, don't hesitate to also say yes.


    ©angeldisco ©isomwtrikz ©StephanieIsom

  • beatificvibes 171w


    I have moments where I freeze
    Aware of my surroundings but can’t think
    Just staring straight, my brain seeking reality
    I breathe slowly, holding, then release the stress in me
    I repeat to myself that pain concentrated will bring out the best in me
    Close my eyes to find acceptance and rest in it, realizing it’s a test in me
    The art in life can also be found in the scars that unwind
    Like when a star dies and then creates life
    A hard life can inspire a deflated hope to rise
    It’s how, when I am low I can make it and gain control of my mind
    So if you ever see me just sitting quietly
    Most likely I am fighting
    Trying to climb out of anxiety
    Find out why it has spiraled wildly
    Let it know its okay, but today you won’t get a rise out of me
    If it tries, all I have to do is write and it’s one place anxiety can’t fight me
    When I write I find peace
    As when a light helps the eye see
    I write to be free

  • beatificvibes 172w

    Story of Me

    It wasn’t hope that inspired the journey……
    It’s cause of the lows traveled and the hurting
    I learned to not be concerned with feeling worthy
    All I can control is how hard I work when I’m learning
    It was being at my worst that i let my dream turn me
    I still get nervous posting poems mostly to people who know me
    But I keep on going because after 32 years of being me, I know one thing…..
    I am done running,
    I’m done succumbing to the discouraging insulting, voice inside me
    Now, I have a way to fight the lies instead of hiding
    Writing exposes what I go through and now my doubt has anxiety
    I find it exciting highlighting my minds negativity
    Now…..I just let it be,
    Whenever doubt or depression speak….
    I asking one simple question for clarity
    Can you repeat that please?
    So the world can see
    What I deal with daily
    That's the real story of me


  • annu_303 175w


    We met
    Cause we were destined to,
    Don't rue
    for melding too,

    We met
    Cause we were destined to,
    Don't be blue
    for departing too,

    We met
    Cause we were destined to,
    Don't accuse
    As it was destined to.


  • nurwrites 179w

    It's been awhile that I can feel some oddness in my emotions...
    As if you are departing with full motion,
    Leaving me, my heart and my poesy an impuissant and all of just a hollow shell...
    Laden with potion,
    But yet I pray that my heart is at ease again...
    As I pen down your memories again.