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  • beautifultraveler32 59w

    How Can You Know?

    An angry man has
    Once again the damage begins
    The windows crashing
    The doors are collapsing
    And the food is thrown
    Into a garbage bin

    A little girl smiles so sadly
    To hide the fact that
    Daddy's beating mommy
    Over situations that are not
    Easily controllable

    An overworked doctor
    Remains automated
    Pain?, Where is it
    Here's a pill. I think she's faking
    The money is there for the taking

    Every one has a battle to win
    And people say, where to begin
    Recognize the hardships of everyone
    Now your work has just begun

    To remove the stereotypes
    The low-income collecting
    Diapers and baby wipes
    To stop attacking one's
    Who grapple and gripe

    Maybe they're pissed off
    Maybe it's life.

  • himakshkkashyap 110w

    If it is sucking your energy then it is an Attachment
    If it is Empowering you then it must be a Connection
    Understand the difference...


  • __sni_pan__ 134w

    #Protection from #EnergyVampires ��️

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    When you draw a clear boundary
    AND cut the energy vampires out
    They would invariably act like
    You are angry or harbouring a grudge.

    No, Sweetheart
    I ain't harbouring NO GRUDGE
    I ain't upset, angry or outta my mind
    I got NOTHING against you

    I am plain NOT INTERESTED
    to give you access to my life
    My time and energy.

    and this is me exercising it.


  • __sni_pan__ 141w

    Some good advice
    On life, from a friend.

    Be selective. Be very very selective.
    Don't allow #Energyvampires in
    They will drain you, exhaust you
    and suck you completely dry
    .. and still complain you didn't do enough.
    Always Mind your #boundaries
    and refuse clutter/ chaos of others.
    Be committed to your own emotional health.
    Be committed to your own growth.
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    In Life, to succeed and get ahead
    NOT only should you have A thick skin
    So as to not be affected by Disappointments, failures
    Obstacles and other people's opinions of you

    BUT you must also have a slippery skin
    Like that of a Eel/ Seal, slippery as hell
    So that, SUPER RANDOM people
    with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to offer
    No value addition to bring to your life
    No intention of also doing an honest day's worth of work

    CANNOT get a grip on you, AND climb atop you
    To get a lift through life, piling on you..
    Sucking your energies, and also kicking you
    From time to time, to go faster, show them better sights..
    Take them where they want to go..

    Supremely enjoying the view from the elevation point
    you supply, AND acting like they are entitled to it..
    AND YOU OWE THEM MORE, much more because of
    Some twisted association in their minds..
    While, Doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you in return.

    ONLY hand and foot holds, only grip on you
    Should be on the INSIDE, so that only those people
    that you allow in, can have a hold on you.


  • __sni_pan__ 142w

    Energy is Currency
    Mind-space is Sacred
    Engagement is Sacrosanct.
    Emotions are more important than intelligence.
    Get rid of the people who create drama and drain your energy TODAY.
    Be very selective in who you let in
    People around us have a tremendous impact on
    How we think, feel, behave and act.
    #EnergyVampires are REAL
    and around us, I know quite a few of them
    They will do ANYTHING to get your attention
    So that you feed them your energy.
    Stay woke People..
    Protect your #Boundaries
    Remember, Vampires can't enter
    Unless you invite them in.
    Turn them away..
    So that they know that your territory
    is NOT for them to trespass on.
    Pic credit: @robinsharma

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  • __sni_pan__ 166w

    A lot of people in your life think
    that instead of doing your own work
    building your own life
    You should be building theirs

    Simply said, instead of
    cooking your own meal
    for your sustenance, growth
    You should be cooking a lavish 18 course
    Meal for them so that they have variety
    and you must keep working
    tirelessly for them because

    "Don't you love them..!?"

    Now, if you have such people in your life
    ..and you even boil water for them
    or mix haldi-namak (spices)
    even with your feet for them.
    Or even listen to their skewed ideas about
    What is lacking in their life,
    what they'd like to have

    2 minutes of silence for
    the death of your reasoning
    And your self-respect and your soul..
    ..and for your extreme stupidity,
    your lack of back-bone
    or even an iota of grey matter.

    Listen to me child, what they have or don't have
    is for them to get, or NOT

    Whenever you do any cooking or building
    You will be doing it for yourself.

    Now, If they do their own building
    the lion's share of the work
    And fail at it by margins and respectfully
    Ask you for your help, you can chip in

    BUT at every turn, they are their own Responsibility

    and whatever the hell they want
    they have to get it themselves

    NOT bat eyelids and act all helpless
    and make you do for them.

    If you wanna help the needy, help your house help
    Or the street children, or the old and disabled.

    You need NOT help someone
    perfectly capable and
    Able-bodied, who has made it their
    modus-operandi to get their work done
    Through others .

    There are another 5 people, that they are
    manipulating at the same time as you..

    To cook something for them
    So that, they have variety in their life
    and many many colourful assortment at hand.

    You see, they like their life colourful
    And care shit about what you have to go through
    are going through..
    They only care about themselves, Which is fine..
    .. until the time you know well enough
    to care about yourself too.

    —How to spot and deny an energy vampire.

  • mariateresa 184w

    When the clouds thicken and darkness rears its ugly head, don't succumb to the pressure. Deep within you is the heart of a warrior.

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    Heart of a warrior

    Brain in tatters from the soul crushing plight
    Fragments lay strewn from left to right
    Energy's drained and I haven't the might
    To go on from here doesn't seem worth the fight

    Everything aches before emotional numbness sets in
    That voice inside began as a whisper, now continues to sing
    To suffer in silence and pack everything in

    White light envelops becoming my shield
    Nothing can stop me, all forced to yield
    Finally peace is granted and I am released

    When's the next battle, only time will tell
    Dragging me back to the depths of its hell.

  • __sni_pan__ 194w

    ..and AVOID
    those people like plague
    who would use your
    niceness, decency
    and ‘care for them’
    to make you accomplish
    their tasks for them..
    screaming and whining
    throwing a tantrum
    if you would not oblige
    and thus robbing you of
    your peace of mind.
    Trust the inner voice
    when it warns you
    about a toxic relationship.
    However close and dear
    be that person to you
    They are NEVER close enough
    to drink your blood
    and suck your energy
    and live off your vitality
    Recognise the #EnergyVampires
    when the inner alarms start blaring
    ..and love yourself enough
    to cut those toxic people out.

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    Give power over yourself
    to those people
    who would NEVER
    use that power.


  • _zee_j 247w

    8.19.17 Sat. 240pm [The Lesser Evil] © - #jtvwrites

    When you think you're out in the clear never to see this old face again, it comes back to haunt you. You are tempted to open up an old door that's been locked, but you rather participate in a less destructive habit than put yourself in a self-sabotaging position. I rather do something to hurt myself than to let a toxic soul hurt me again. Late breakfasts are not healthy...but to let you back into my life would be more damaging.

    Do not underestimate your will power - you are strong. Your past does not deserve your new improvements. Do not insult yourself by shitting on everything you've built by letting a demon back in.

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    The Lesser Evil

    Breakfast at 2pm
    is better than
    starving for a soul
    devoured by criminal intentions.