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    'Creative Center'
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    This verse is a 'deconstructive statement'. Each line stated is a primary context of what I perceive as a philosophic shell of containments of creativity. (Perceptions of perceptions.) The intention is to have a set of 'expansive explanations' of each primary context line into its own 'sub-versive context' in a series of sub-verses to follow. #EWKcreative

    Be aware! ��
    * 'EMENATE', the literal final word is essential. Express.
    Don't dare self-repress/self-supress. Or let someone else.
    Perhaps at moments, yes. Yet, if you have a sense of within,
    you will begin to imagine what becomes if this silent desperation persists, and becomes a self-consumed habit.

    Try not to let this happen. Stay healthy. Clean. Seek serene.
    Keep a personal journal; hand-written or digital. Do this.
    Every moment matters. Make the legacy happen in you.
    Writing it through, makes a path of literary landmarks.
    Something to belong, after you.

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    Creative Center

    Contemplate. Assimilate. Resonate.
    Progression of inspirations.
    Landmark of moments.
    Wayfinding of wants.
    Pursuit of passion.
    Paths of purpose.
    Self-exploration. create.
    Urge of inwards.
    Thrust of words.
    Catalyst of desire.
    Perpetual receptacle.
    Expansive awarenesses.
    Sensate. Concentrate. Emanate.