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  • omweri 19m

    My Wish...

    I wish I could make everyone who had a wish birth it to life,
    I wish I helped them know their wishes were possible.
    I wish I made them create strategic plans and dismantle them to small pieces and executed them.


    I wish my wishes weren't just wishes.
    I wish they would be made flesh.
    I wish they would be birth into life.
    I wish


  • mazingmee 6h

    Last night

    I saw myself slipped into the ocean,
    The ocean that holds these beautiful emotions
    As I knew I can't swim,cuz I loved to drawn into them,
    I held my head high in that water,
    And closed eyes,
    I saw me from the shore,it was my soul,not the whole,
    The half of it,it was watching me carelessly..
    It may wants me to get killed by same ocean,
    It didn't ask for any reason or any help,
    It didn't cry or smile,it remained like an unknown.
    I saw myself from the shore in the blink of my eyes and in the waves of ocean taken away in another blink!

  • gannudairy_ 1d

    मेरा व्याह

    Kuch fauji jaan ge barat tere putt di...
    Ya klla putt jauga barat tere putt di...
    Fulla Tiranage naal sajj ke augi barat tere putt di...
    Loka de putt kachi lassi naal khedte....
    Par tu lahu naal kangne khidauna.....
    Bebe pili pani waar ke loka wangu tu putt nahi viyohna.....

    Sitare banduka naal tera putt sajuga....
    Duniya vi wekhu jdo eh vyha krauga....
    Hon ga shaheed war front de wich....
    Shaheeda de wich tere putt da v naa hona.....
    Bebe pili pani waar ke loka wangu tu putt nahi viyohna.....

    Pure kar eh karaj tu shagun manauna hai....
    Jine sab kujh ditta ohdi marji ote rehna hai....
    Jide naal honiya tere putt diya lawa....
    Ladi maut te putt hona prauna.....
    Ho bebe pili pani waar ke loka wangu tu putt nahi viyohna....

  • taivell 1d


    Marvelous visions
    With the two of my eyes closed
    And my mind alive
    Visões incríveis
    Os dois olhos fechados
    A mente viva

  • ritudhaulakhandi 1d

    To New Beginnings

    Seen too many faces
    Didn't think it will ever faze you
    People only see that you have gotten cold
    Funny that their opinion used to matter
    You get used to them talking
    Slowly blocking them out
    Only blurred faces in your vision
    Until you realise that it's okay to be yourself
    That it's okay to not be okay and make mistakes
    So break free from the chains you created
    Chase the dreams you won't regret
    Not the dreams others build for you
    You have one life to live
    Then make it count for yourself

  • soujji 2d

    What's your biggest fears, hopes and dreams?

    I know you see that blue horizon
    And it seems too far away
    And the dreams you have need you to cross the ocean
    But the ocean seems too deep

    What lies ahead is far too scary
    You'd rather stay in your boat safe
    There are sharks out there and you could grow weary
    From swimming in the cold and deep

    But a storm is coming so adjust your sails
    You are afraid of success, afraid you'll fail
    Afraid of what you'll find when you get there
    But it's okay, just breathe in deep

    You want to be a blessing and help those in need
    You got to learn this lesson, advice you should heed
    Listen more, talk less, bring joy to your friends
    In a selfish world, be of service
    Be a loving and caring person

    Laugh more, why so serious?
    Give more, why delirious?
    We all want to live a healthy life
    We all want a balanced life

    So when you're in your boat
    Afraid to row
    Breathe in deep
    Imagine where you want to be
    And start rowing

    And if a storm comes by
    Adjust your sail
    Make sure no water comes inside
    Dump it out with a pail

    Because the vast ocean can't drown you
    But a hole in your boat can
    Hold on to the ones who found you
    And be a gentleman


  • itsssiya 2d

    Hopes and Dreams

    Hopes and dreams mean so much to me 
    But they can’t exist without fear 
    Without failing you can’t rise 
    Without falling you can’t fly 
    I’m not saying give up entirely 
    But when your put down rize up eternally
    Hopes and Dreams what is yours 
    Mine is to sing, dance and write songs 
    Even if it takes to long to happen I swear I won’t give up 
    Neither should you 
    Look to the sky cause you’ll get there someday 
    You have to pave the way 
    No matter how hard no matter how complicated 
    Push through the downs and rise to the up when your there touch the sky
    Look back down see how far you’ve come
    I swear It’ll all be worth it 


  • preranabarman 3d

    सतरंगी सपने

    बचपन में मेरा कोई सपना नहीं था
    बड़े होते होते भी मेरा कोई सपना न आया
    हमने ज़िन्दगी में वो राह चुन लिया
    जो हमने सोचा तक नहीं था
    और न मुझे पसंद था
    पर वक्त ने दिखा दिया
    हमारे सतरंगी सपनों को
    और समझ गए किस चीज़ से प्यार करते हैं
    पर शायद इन सपनों को पूरा करने में
    कई सारे मुश्किलें आएंगी
    लोग हमारे कमज़ोरियों को
    बताकर हमें नीचे दिखाएंगे
    पर हम हार न मानेंगे
    बल्कि उन कमज़ोरियों को
    अपनी ताकत बनाएंगे
    और हम अपने सपनों को पूरा ज़रूर करेंगे
    -Prerana Barman

  • iamap28 3d


    Kya Karne Aaye They
    Aur Kya Kar Rahe Ho?
    Jo Kar Rahe Ho
    Kya Usme Khush Ho?
    To Chhod Kyu Nahin Dete?
    Zimmedaiyon Se Darte Ho Na?
    Kya Tumne Bataya Kisi Ko
    Ki Sab Khatam Karke
    Kahin Door Jana Chahte Ho
    Ek Nayi Shuruaat Karne!
    Kya Tumne Bataya Kisi Ko
    Ki Kitna Thaka Hua,
    Haara Mehsoos Karte Ho
    Jab Ghut-te Dum Par Bhi
    Muskurate Huye Wo Karte Ho
    Jo Karne Kabhi Yahan Aaye Hi Nahin They!
    Ruk Jao, Thodi Der Aaram Karlo
    Aakhir Kab Tak Bhagoge?
    Aur Wo Bhi Us Race Mein
    Jiska Hissa Tum Kabhi Banna Hi Nahin Chahte They!
    Abhi Bhi Waqt Hai Tumhare Pass
    Kuch Badal Sakte Ho
    Warna Kisi Dhalti Sham Ko
    Apni Balcony Me Beth Ke
    Jab Peeche Mud Ke Dekhoge
    To Sirf Yaadein Milengi Tumhe
    Mauke Nahin!
    To Ab Bethe Kya Soch Rahe Ho
    Pankh To Hain Hi Na Tumhare Paas
    Bas Udna Hi To Seekhna Hai.......


  • manasa_avadutha 4d

    Dizzy brain always dream of miracles!!

    Yes or no ¿?


  • grangergirl87 4d


    As evening turns into night, the mist of memories condense to form a soild wall I bang upon desperately.
    Desperate to grab a chance to reach this illusive sleep.
    Myriads of fragmented pictures of yesteryears form clouds of regrets and reminiscence, firing my neurons in an eccentric way.
    I bang upon the closed gate of peace , again and again, just to get a glimpse of oh so illusive sleep!
    The nights turn darker, denser than before.My scream doesn't reach its abyss of indifference.
    The pieces of my soul gather up their last ounce of life to conjure up some dreams from thin air.
    I close my eyes, the pieces form a tattered map to the delusion of enigmatic future.
    I close my eyes and drift into the heady flow of subconscious.

  • avaiswa 4d

    കൊതിക്കുന്നത് പലതും നിദ്രാസ്വപ്നങ്ങളിൽ അനുഭവിച്ചറിഞ്ഞ ശേഷം,
    അവ വെറും സ്വപ്നം മാത്രം എന്ന തിരിച്ചറിവ്
    ഹൃദയത്തിൽ വിങ്ങളുണർത്തുന്നു.....

  • incorrigible_amulya 5d

    In a broken dream

    I remember meeting him the first time
    His eyes.....
    had me transfixed for a while
    the way they glistened
    in those warm lights
    Like a gorgeous nebula
    interspersed in space

    And as much as I wanted to hear
    Evrything he said
    I failed miserably
    Because those honey coloured eyes wouldn't let me sway

    But it wasn't just the beautiful face
    there was something much more
    The synergy between our souls
    Seemed more profound
    than just an eye gaze

    In the beginning
    I had little to no interest
    yet unknowingly
    he softly blossomed in my heart
    And even though I tried to
    Diss those thoughts away
    Adamantly they decided to stay

    We spoke too little
    yet strangely he never left my mind
    evoking memories of sweeter times

    As time flew by
    He became more like
    An overwhelming emotion
    a goblet of sorrow and strange adulation

    Sometimes I wonder
    does he cherish the memory as fondly as I did
    maybe he never did
    but the night we spent
    is as fresh as dew
    the sweetness of it all
    and the devastating end
    of what could have been
    and what never came to be true


  • madinah_writes 5d

    She wanted to fly up in the sky.
    With colourful dreams before her eyes.
    Not knowing why the eyes and sky,
    Are covered in black and white.

  • madinah_writes 5d

    Hold Onto Your Dreams

    Hold onto your dreams;
    For dreams are candles,
    That also wish to live.

    Hold onto your dreams;
    For only you could see,
    It's lights in time of need.

    Hold onto your dreams;
    For it's fragile like crushing water,
    It can drawn and burn wishes asunder.

    Hold onto your dreams;
    For it's windows to your heart,
    Miss the door and you might fall apart.

    Hold onto your dreams;
    For they are stronger than wishes,
    Hold onto your dreams.

  • _desaiagraja 1w

    What happens in Corsica stays in Corsica.......

    #tamasha #27/11 #corsica #live #love #life #forever #dreams #ved&Tara #selflove #hindi #mirakenetwork

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    कोनसा तारा किस मंजिल का।
    क्या चकर हैं,
    कहा चला दिल का रास्ता बिन कदमों के।
    दूर कही सपनो की मलिका, हैं थोड़ी ना यार।
    Mirage है जो desert में दिखता हैं।
    होती रेत हैं लगता पानी। उसके लिए मैं पापड़ पेलू।
    दो कौड़ी की हस्ती हैं पर पर उससे खेलू?
    फेक बिखरू में अपना सबकुछ, किसके खातिर?
    किसे चाहिए मन का सोना आंख के मोती।
    किसे पड़ी हैं अंदर क्या हैं।
    होती रेत हैं लगता पानी।
    - वेद

  • midhu7034 1w

    Sometimes LEAVING is better than HOLDING

  • deadinside189 1w

    Dare i say that i am a god of my own making
    Guided by my imaginations but also limited by them.


  • jeetspeaks 1w

    The life you dreamt of

    Always try to live the life you have dreamt of, not the life your parents, your kith and kin, or your brother or sister have dreamt of. Whatever may come on the way, try to fulfill all your dreams. Remember, it is you who has to live the life, not they, therefore, why will you make a compromise? You can manipulate, but no compromise.

  • mane_auraa 1w

    I Do Not Feel The Way I Did

    A certain kind of numbness,
    Follows me around.
    Those who were once dear to me,
    Seem like strangers in a crowd.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once sat with them and found,
    That I'm wrapped in a certain kind of bubble,
    Which doesn't let in a single sound.

    And in this bubble there is some light
    But only of the past.
    And the colours that it brings to life
    Don't seem like they will last.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once had a blast,
    A certain fond sadness lingers,
    An evil spell, it seems, cast.

    And this spell it seems to me,
    Is a curse cast by time.
    I seldom find myself alone,
    Yet loneliness is my crime.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    I'm definitely not at my prime.
    I find myself lost in dreams,
    Yes, maybe lost in my rhyme.

    And in this rhyme I dare to dream,
    For a life that I could forsee,
    Surrounded by these familiar strangers,
    Who might finally even flee.
    Yes, I do not feel the way I did,
    And maybe I'll agree,
    The time has come to burst the bubble,
    And from this spell, be free.