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  • harithareddy 5d

    #belive in god#he created us#he create our future too#dont worry about the people in so called world#trust him#trust yourself��#

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    Tu nahi to hum nayi

    In the whole universe the one who loves us Aboundantely is only our Almighty God

  • boundless_bound_ 1w


    They say don't give up,
    Have faith, Stay strong.
    But how? How can I?
    When everything seems so wrong.

    It is easy...very easy,
    To give a big speech.
    But it is hard to follow,
    When everything seems out of reach.

    Tons of advises,
    Loads of motivation,
    But no one is interested,
    In understanding our agitation.

    Ironic! HUH!

    It is not easy to cope,
    When you don't even know the way.
    It is hard to explain when,
    You yourself don't know what to say.

    That time,
    You just feel useless.
    Darkness seems to be engulfing you.
    You just feel worthless.
    You just feel worthless.

  • marhaba 2w


    Don't care anymore
    Don't love someone more anymore
    Don't choose someone else above yourselves anymore
    Don't deepen your cut anymore
    Don't fall for things anymore
    Don't blind yourself anymore
    Don't crave anyone anymore

  • failedtune 4w

    The Monster

    You think I will step aside
    To watch you tame the sky?
    You think I will stay silent
    While you take triumph captive in each moment?

    Do not mistake my respect
    As a stepping stone to break
    I am a monster hiding in plain sight
    Your end is nigh, and your only option is to give up the Fight.

  • thehappypotato 6w

    Until the day I don't
    I will love you
    A little more each day


  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    * Inspired by #melody of #KPop #song by #BTS #Butter #ARMY


    #smooth #better #Batter #EaseUp #Dont #Bitter

    #NuEmKpop #NuEmChangedLyric

    * 14.8.2021; 5.27 P.M (Malaysia)
    * 576th post. 102 more posts till 678th.

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    B-tter ~

    I am smooth, like butter.
    I know my own self better.
    Even though they batter.
    Ease-up! Don't be bitter!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • wawa08 8w


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    order from me (please read)

    Sometimes I always think..why is this life so difficult.Sometimes life is not on our side, sometimes we fall and give up and give up again.But I realize something ..Life is not always going to be easy sometimes we feel we are fail in life and sometimes we have problems.But for me that doesn’t mean to survive and give up? Experience gives us knowledge and makes us even stronger..So to anyone who reads this and is being Sad ke giving up. I beg you don't give up you can still go on even though this life is hard.But believe that, there will always be light or a solution to solve that.Just remember keep fighting. You are strong!Thats all.Thank you for read this writing❤️✨and have a nice day ya!.

  • miracle_with_pen 8w

    I don't need anything to be high on,
    I am high on myself!

  • miracle_with_pen 9w

    Don't change yourself for people,
    People will be never happy with what you are doing.

  • harithareddy 10w

    #be a bold mind#to be happy #fly with ur wings#when ever u want to be #dont depend#

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    Let ur wings be free always

    When ever u get a chance to be happy

    Make ur wings fly u


  • thegloriousway 10w

    #dont keep addictions

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    Making a person your addiction is so harmful of him/her...
    It needs to stay there for you ,for you to live even if it's breaking from inside day by day...
    Let it go, they were suppose to live like a PEACE NOT A NECESSITY

  • sasha_the_moon 10w

    #stop harassment #dont touch me #respect girl #we are not toys

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    Why is it so difficult for some monsters to understand that some women or no women may not enjoy being touched by strangers. Yes Iam a very "my bubble is my bubble " kind of person, I do not like being touched by strangers or even sometimes people I'm close with who pretend to be saint but they aren't. I stayed silent about it since many days may be some years also because I felt like I was the problem instead of everyone else. Casually touching me on the shoulder, tapping me on the back, grabbing my head deliberately during a laugh.All these dirty intentions or yours they make me feel extremely uncomfortable and anxious. And I shouldn't have to send out a special message for people to understand that they need to respect my personal boundaries. Cause you have no right to play with me both in physical and mental way. You creepy monster just think before you put hand on someone's or whatever .

  • anjanmusafir 11w

    Too much

    Don't think too much
    Your mind could be constipated!


  • aspiringwriter 12w

    #dont hurt yourself

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    Never trust people

    Never trust people in your life ☺️or else you will get hurt

  • sparkingpoet 14w

    #hindiwriter#poetry#dont cry on my death#sparking poet
    Dont cry over my death like a passed time just forget
    Its about women who live her life for others and keep silent just for tham ,so they wont get bad stamp ( stamp of unloyall )from world .but I think many others can relate if so do tell

    कभी दुख दर्द मौत का नही होगा
    हम तु खुश है
    पर दुख इस बात का रहेगा की हमरे पीछे तुम कैसे हो
    कहना इतना चाहेगे के मर जाएगे तो रोना मत
    क्युकि आंसू दिल के ही सही है दिखावे के नही
    हमे ये सब भावे ही नही
    इतना कहुगी बस मौत पे मेरी मत रोना
    की तुम्हारे आंसो जायर हो जाऐगे
    दुख मेरा और बढेगा
    तुम भी अपना समय जायर करोगे
    जब जीते जि ना पूछ रहे तो फिर क्यों दावा करोगे
    की मौत पे मेरी.रोना मत
    दिल मेरा और दुखेगा
    तुमने चाहे हमे कुछ नही माना
    पर तुम हमारे सब कुछ हो
    की अभी तो दिल दुखाते हो
    पर मरते वक्त तो दुखाना मत
    दरखवासत है हमारी तुम रोना मत
    तुम रोना मत

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    मौत पे रोना मत


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 15w

    #rant #dont comment #sleep is alien #all because of you
    Not meant to be clear, or to be read so skip. 2.45 am.
    Permanent Now !
    Thank you so much for EC ����

    Still Alive ~

    Dear Lord
    My lips are sewed
    But my wounds aren't
    My voice can't cry
    But my heart does
    My limbs can't hold
    But my tears can
    So they don't know
    So they can't find
    My heart's so broken
    Only you know why
    Please don't let me
    Drown in my own tears
    Such empty nights
    Are slicing my soul
    Neither can I sleep
    Nor weep for it
    I've lost the right to mourn
    When I've been denied twice
    I've lost the right to love
    When I've been betrayed twice
    I've lost the right to live
    When I've been stabbed twice
    I've lost the right to die
    When I've killed myself twice
    I've lost the right of rebirth
    When I've been cursed alive
    I know, you know it all
    You know what I feel
    What I suffer
    What I surrender
    Yet if you can't let me live
    Will you let me leave ?
    I've been sinning since the moment
    I've realized and repeated my mistakes
    You're the sole witness of all my crimes
    And that I've never blamed anyone else
    Not even you for the fate I'm destined with
    I'm scared of my own tolerance for pain
    What more do you want me to bear ?
    How much more do you want me to burn ?
    Perhaps I won't even leave any ashes behind
    For I'm going to fade away from this world
    Which never gave me what I wanted, needed
    Which I've nothing to do with anymore


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  • doctorpoet 17w

    Where are you

    When I am waiting for you .....

    Where are you ??

    When I am crying for you ......

    Where are you ??

    When I am missing you .......

    Where are you ??

    My heart is full of immense pain without you .....

    Leaving some one is so "" easyyyyyy " .......

    But Gaining some one's " Trust " and " Love " Tooks some years ........


  • quotesvibes_amna 17w

    #be enough noone is with u.
    #dont beg them back.

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    Be enough

    If you are alone, don't think you are lonely, think you are enough.


  • quotesvibes_amna 17w

    #dont get jealous
    #follow karo

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  • mazingmee 18w

    #dont#judge#my#words..See through it...

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    Love never bothered me..

    Leaving of a person whom we love...that's hurt me everytime..love for them made me suffer..I must say..all the sufferings aren't from love..