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  • vellathilaasan 11w

    NEET 2021

    ' പേഷ്യന്റ്സ് ' ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ നിങ്ങൾക്ക് നല്ല ഡോക്ടർമാരാവാം !

    Best Wishes!


  • utkarshpandey 15w

    For the Doctors and Nurses of Covid

    Your eyes are dull and blank,
    And light in them is weak.
    why your face is crushed and red,
    And you have bruises all over your cheek.

    Your tired eyes are not closing why!
    When Your swollen face speaks the pain
    Burns on your face are not stopping you why!
    From putting on the same mask again

    Why did you chose to stand in way,
    When darkness had us stuck.
    Wrecking havoc on the human lives,
    When healthcare gives no luck.

    The hope in your eyes isn't dead why!
    When wrath of god has inflamed,
    The breathe of Any gasping being.
    faith on your face isn't dull why!
    When there are no angels for you - Angel
    And no prayers for your well-being!


  • _ra___ 20w

    We don't want your Claps, we don't want your Red Carpet, don't welcome with Flowers. rather than all these please give us the Security for Life.
    -- Voice Of Every Doctors

  • jules_ 20w

    Isn't it ironical and paradoxical how we expect doctors to be perfectly alright when it comes to mental and physical well being. On the other hand they are the people who are more prone to all sorts of mental illness with the stress.

    What are your thoughts on this?


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    "I am not okay, I've not been okay from a long time"

    You are a doctor yourself.

    "I know that, I am also a human being like everyone else, weak and vulnerable, more prone to stress and diseases".

    If you know everything, treat your disease, after all you are a doctor.

  • nuances_in_life 21w

    The point is freedom
    was in your hands.
    You slipped it away
    for your family /society.
    However only after
    losing it you
    realise you had it.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 21w


    A phase of life where humans are being tested together,
    Be they of any religion, state, nationality or age no matter,
    We are all sinners, we ought to suffer as we've wronged a lot,
    On humanity, humans themselves have been the darkest blot.

    Our crimes have saturated to the extent, heavens rebuked,
    Earth couldn't bury within it's chest any more, it puked,
    Thus the noose of viruses hung from above to strangulate,
    To withdraw all at once, to wipe off clean, to evacuate.

    The wheel chairs of diseases have been accelerating,
    To push us into the deep sea of death, waves escalating,
    The hunters of speechless, murderers of greenery,
    Molesters of nature, joined hands now plea for mercy.

    Thus, their stethoscope pulled back the wheelchair of the deadly pandemic,
    U - Turn from the cliff of death, they have lent us the luxury of breathing again,
    The pressure to save lives with limited resources rendering them anaemic,
    But our ungratefulness and stupidity is causing their efforts to drain in vain.

    We can’t bear the suffocation due to a small piece of fabric on our face,
    And they sweat in their Pp equipments working faster than a clock's pace,
    Ignorant and mean us, only focus on their lavish life style and fat packages,
    Not on how they've wound around their scars the shroud of responsibilities as bandages.

    Re - writing the fate of humans with their tools and equipments, to rescue,
    Converting the apocalypse into semi -colon, the tales of human hood to continue,
    Playing with the buttons of ventilator, like a musician fidgets with his piano's key,
    They sing the chimes of life silencing the requiem, scissoring their own right to safety.



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  • ananya5208 21w

    The white coat

    Don't go after them, from the start she was told,
    What's her fault if she considered stethoscope before gold,
    She felt so helpless seeing the ill,
    To cure every soul and was the ongoing will!

    They brought her up with utmost delicacy,
    However she successfully concealed her firm attitude as a secrecy,
    They bought her facepacks and eyeliners ,
    Though she exchanged it with facemasks and trayliners !

    They told her to be devoted to her husband and in-laws,
    But she wanted to serve every helpless person, so determined she was!
    To be a medical professional, you aren't proficient enough,
    But Who are you to conclude, a diamond in the rough ?

    Ignoring them as pebbles in her journey she came out bright,
    Her soul embraced the " white coat" in the next sight,
    All her scuffles at last got paid with her this epitome of a price,
    Next, she oathed to work so diligently as to be remembered even after she dies!

    Her heart so kind, her brain made of vigour,
    The combination well enough to make her the best cardiologist embodied with perfection and rigour,
    To serve free and equal for all was written in that note,
    Which she hid inside to maintain the dignity of the "white coat "!!

  • minnie_mack 21w

    The day of warriors
    #doctor's day#

  • saiyahi_rashmi 21w

    #Doctors day
    # my compositions

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    Being Doctor

    भगवान तो नहीं,
    पर भगवान से कम भी नहीं,
    फक्त एक जिम्मेदार इंसान।
    बिना भेदभाव किए,
    जो बचाता है लोगों की जान।
    खुद के कुटुंब पर भले ही
    ना दे पाए पहले ध्यान,
    निरंतर अपना सारा वक्त करता
    दूसरों पर कुर्बान।
    केवल यह कहना कि
    चिन्ता की कोई बात नहीं
    मन को सुकून पहुंचाता
    आधी बीमारी यूंही भगा देता।
    डॉक्टर का सम्मान करना,
    सभी की जिम्मेदारी है।
    आख़िर उसके भरोसे तो चलनी जीवन धार हैं,
    ऊपर वाला तो नहीं आ सकता,
    तभी तो अपने प्रतिनिधि
    के रूप में दिया स्थान।
    डॉक्टर तुझे सलाम।।
    डॉक्टर आपको नमन।।
    -Rashmi Shukla Choubey

    For all the lovely doctors in this group......Salute to u Folks

  • nuances_in_life 21w

    As a doctor I like to say
    I spent 1/4 th of my life educating myself before operating on a patient independently. I chose this. I'm responsible. I don't want any extra respect just respect me way you respect others and expect the same from me. Please stop claiming it as sacrifice.
    Everything was worth seeing that painless smile in my eyes.

  • arsalatasqueen 21w

    Happy Doctors Day!

    To a profession which never gets retired,
    A profession whose sorry and congratulations mean the most to us,
    A profession which is god gifted with Talent and Techniques,
    A profession to cure us and give a better life..

  • writesbygracy 21w

    From the person who held us we entered the world crying,
    To the one who plugs in the life support the day we leave world dying.
    A fact,Sickness is ultimately the deadliest pain
    But to the trembling vein you calm at Serene!
    How can someone not respect the 'Nobel Profession'
    For which that 'doctor' achieved it after years of procession
    Today, nothing less than 'Gratitude' is what my Confession,
    To that great person, who held a profession, I call PERFECTION.

    - Gracy S Ahake

  • lifenotes_saloni 21w

    Happy Doctor's Day

    Humans in white coat have the power to provide life to others...

    They implant hearts and bring life to the babies and mothers...

  • aarushisood_as 21w

    #dreams #doctors @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Reposting old Post on National Doctors Day ��

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    I have a dream
    I can proudly scream
    Medical profession is a feat
    Profession with which no one can compete
    It requires purity of soul
    Emotions you'll have to control
    I imagine my life
    Serving the nation all the time
    Wearing white coat
    Giving people hope and support
    Someone's life saviour I wanna become
    It's my passion not a source of income
    Littmann is the jewellery I always wanna wear
    Equality and patients will be my first priority I swear
    Dying hopes will again wake up
    I am your Doctor Trust me don't give up
    This stress, anxiety , pain and depression
    At the end when goal is reached I'll give you all a happy expression
    Penning something I wanna reach
    Work hard that's what my teacher's always teach
    Heartbeat, Skeleton, blood and lymph
    Becoming Doctor will be my greatest Triumph

    To all those Morons who only wants title
    The Doctor word for them is utmost vital
    Greedy for only money
    Just like bee needs honey
    Respect every job for God's Sake
    You'll always work purely that's the pledge you have to take
    Work and learn honestly
    Books will love you back Earnestly

    Don't let yourself down
    You all deserve different crowns
    Stay positive and spread love and peace
    Never let your Dreams paint in Grease
    Bud wake up Rise and Shine
    Don't let your dreams faint like brine

  • _shattered_soul 21w

    When the world turned epidemic
    You step up and faced

    When every one was concerned about their families
    You left your family and faced

    When fear, pain and dismay covered billions
    You with your heroism, rescued their grief

    You as an almighty, You as an Human
    Gave your service to humans

    Like valves of the heart, you play big role in society
    Your benevolence will always be remembered.

    Not a single dedicated day can express
    Not a single poem pays tribute

    24×7, 365 days your dedication will be cherished
    24×7, 365 days your service will be saluted

    Wishing Happy National Doctors Day.

    #Doctors #DoctorsDay #RespectDoctors #ShatteredSoul

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  • divyansh098 22w


    Media...By listening this name a frame of cameras and the never ending shout of politician and hosts come in front of our eyes. Sometimes we feel that what they are saying  is really true or they try to make it true as much as they show.

     In critical situations like covid 19 pandemic, media has played a great role in making people aware about the covid 19 safety measures  and they have also showed the real situation on reel. They also showed the goods and bads of the government and many debate shows have been streamed on this. But where are the DOCTORS,MEDICAL STAFFS, POLICE PERSONNEL and ALL CORONA WARRIORS, what about them. At this point no news media or any politician want to talk about the problems faced by the covid warriors.

    No shows are dedicated to them for their sacrifice. Whenever a small politician or personality dies  due to covid19 the press is full of their news but  where are those DOCTORS who lost their lives in struggle of country against covid 19. Where are they?????

    One evening I just thought to see the situation of covid 19 in INDIA. I turned on my tv and moved toward the news channel. On the first channel, I saw that the frame was filled by politicians and they were just shouting and blaming  each other that your government is fraud. Your government is making people fool and saying that if we were in power by this time  INDIA would be covid free and your government does not have the capability to run the country. I watched it for 5 to 10mis but not a single person said anything about the doctors . All were busy in their political bussiness.

    Then, I moved to another channel the same was going their also. So I moved to another but the same was their. I checked out all the news channel the same was going on or something else but no one was talking about the corona warriors!!!!

    In the sake of our goodwill we have lost us in jungle of greed, the media has lost itself in the jungle if trp's....


                                      #Staysafe #letsremembercoronawarriors


  • utkarshpandey 23w

    For the Doctors and Nurses of Covid

    Your eyes are dull and blank,
    And light in them is weak.
    why your face is crushed and red,
    And you have bruises all over your cheek.

    Your tired eyes are not closing why!
    When Your swollen face speaks the pain
    Burns on your face are not stopping you why!
    From putting on the same mask again

    Why did you chose to stand in way,
    When darkness had us stuck.
    Wrecking havoc on the human lives,
    When healthcare gives no luck.

    The hope in your eyes isn't dead why!
    When wrath of god has inflamed,
    The breathe of Any gasping being.
    faith on your face isn't dull why!
    When there are no angels for you - Angel
    And no prayers for your well-being!


  • linamedhi 23w

    Covid 19 :The Art Of Losing

    I ask,
    Where's your mask?
    Suddenly I sneeze,
    You started covering your nose and mouth with mask.
    Having mask with you;But you are lazy enough to cover your nose and mouth with this mask.
    Does everyone remember?
    We are fighting against coronavirus.
    No one else is around to drink with you.
    Salute to the doctors,nurses and the hospital stuffs ,
    Pray to God for them,
    Ask God to give powers to them to fight against this deadly virus .
    I with the mask , you with the mask
    Walking towards the garden ;
    Sitting in the grass ,
    Looking at the sky ,
    And crying for the ones who had lost there lives through this pandemic virus.

  • _poetry_army 23w


    They are considered as gods
    But you consider them as robots

    They are on the frontlines to save your life
    You pay tribute to them with knives

    Ten years of devoted study are wasted
    Because the politicians,and illiterate are trusted

    The PPE kit are already suffocating them
    The white aprons are now changing red

    Due to fear they will start ignoring your loved ones
    Don't treat them as god , at least treat them as humans

    Seeing the crime everyone keep mum
    But think will you do the same , if the doctor will be your

  • the_ice_breaker 24w

    #lockdown #wod #pod #ceesreposts
    #doctors #frontlineworkers
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    An honest account of my routine every single day during lockdown. I know its a hard time for everyone. Hope this pandemic gets over soon!

    This is a shadorma with syllable scheme: 3 5 3 3 7 5

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    Dear diary
    10th June 2021
    9 pm

    Today was
    Yet another day
    Forced to rise
    Up from bed
    And get geared up for work
    Whist world in slumber!

    Rushing straight
    To don into an
    suit gasping
    For breath and sweating it out
    Eight long hours each day!

    Each day brings
    New stories of sick
    Patients rant
    About their
    Sufferings while we listen
    Calmly giving hope!

    Deaths form an
    Essential part of
    Daily life
    Grief from up close and having
    To break hearts daily!

    There sure were
    Instances of hope
    Too when I
    Could revive
    Sick patients from brink of death
    My soul satisfied!

    Eight hours pass
    By slowly and at
    Last relieved
    Of duty
    I doff off my suit quickly
    Rushing back home fast!

    Opening my phone
    I'm greeted
    By news of
    Brutal violence against
    Doctors who save lives!

    My eyes brim
    With tears of grief
    By stress of
    All I have to witness on
    A daily basis!

    I quickly
    Blink my tears off
    With fervent prayers hoping
    Pandemic ends soon!