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  • writeweird 2w

    there's nothing as joyless as watching a poet struggle.

    -- unknown

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    #free #verse #scattered #spiral
    #incoherent #break #painting #cold
    #room #wait #rough #draft #anarchy

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    crying for september: an incoherent piece by a fragile mind

    fold me in threads
    a thousand pieces alike

    carve me instead
    of setting the sun alight

    -- defiled.

    there's always more than i
    seek in my head

    if i hold my breath
    cut my throat

    i love you so

    maybe I'll kill myself
    next tuesday

    there's a storm on
    the offering

    by the window

    i wonder if this
    month will ever end

    how about tomorrow
    when it is sunny and

    all things considered
    i don't think i prefer the blue
    skies anymore

    maybe something more
    grey and tired

    like an autumn afternoon just
    before the winter

    whence the air is crisp
    and there's ambient silence

    like a painting you cannot
    stop staring at

    maybe it is september
    i cry for after all

    i hope it's not october.


  • writeweird 3w

    there's no title for despair

    as old as summer days
    and now i must grieve

    there's a morning to tend to
    another nightmare to cry

    that old tv occupies far too space
    in my mind

    collecting dust and silence in
    words i do not yet know how to speak

    maybe I'll talk to myself
    next tuesday

    there's a storm on
    the offering

    they say walls can listen
    you scream

    but no one ever visits this
    rusty old house

    where the night falls ever
    the same

    and people go to sleep
    as if nothing has ever happened

    perhaps it's not my story
    that the world cares for

    nor am i his favorite child and
    the thought scares me

    what if there's no one
    to pray to

    on a day you have much
    to pray for


  • the_lost_voyager 4w

    A glimpse of her when I catch,
    A wide grin on my face does hatch...
    All I need is to be with her,
    A tempest of glee in me,it does stir...
    All I wish for is her hand,
    To feel the water, the silken sand...
    To spend the night lost in her eyes,
    On a beach free to roam,
    To melt away in her hug so warm,
    It almost feels like home...
    But all these things she doesn't know,
    On all my feelings she does snow...
    When she confides for her it's a task,
    To meet me at any cost,when I ask...
    She says she does miss me too,
    Harbors love and feelings true...
    But all the time she's just occupied,
    Every time she says no, she has tried...
    It's annoying that there's always a catch,
    In a thing so pure, a perfect match...
    And why such pain do I deserve?
    For all that I've done is just love...

  • arpitha_prashanth 4w

    Shattered into pieces
    Cold towards the world
    Numb with pain
    Fallen out of life's train
    Broken promises, bonds and trust
    Got nothing but my mistakes
    Everyday getting worse
    Filled with hate and despair
    My body covered in poisonous darts
    In the pure darkness submerged within
    I call myself the queen of hearts

  • wordsoftheetwilight 5w

    Sometimes I wish I had good voice ,so that I could sing the melody of the words I pen down!


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    Aankhen royi teri
    Dil sunta nahi
    Jeena mushkil hua Mera,
    Tere bin kahin

    Tu jo haske bhi na hasiya
    Tu jo aasuon ke bich soyeaa
    Karke tanha main apni ye raatan
    Tere haal mein apni wajah dhunta phirta!


  • slaughtered_heart 5w

    Once you pass through the path of despair, it is very difficult to find your
    way back to the destiny of hope...


  • czarcasm 7w

    I wrote this because I have a habit of losing stuff.. yes I agree it is annoying
    #lost #lose #uncertain #sad #despair #poetry #poem #eyes #failed

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    I lost it
    Just like that
    Gone in the wind
    Just like a fleeting feeling of despair

    I couldn't say what it was
    That made me lose it
    It slipped

    And was gone before my very eyes
    I panicked
    I can't find it

    But it should be there
    Or did I imagine it all
    But no

    I remember the feel of it slipping
    Then it fell
    And now it's lost

    Just like these tears
    Not because it was precious
    But because my eyes have failed me
    At this game of unintentional cat and mouse

    I've lost

  • czarcasm 7w


    If i had the courage

    To tell the truth

    Id admit to the tears upon my face

    Id admit that I'm not okay

    And Id drop the mask

    Little facade

    It's a pandemonium

    That haunts my every breath

    My past so heavy

    And I'm still brokenhearted

    I hate it

    The fact that I can be full of glee

    Hope and positivity

    Only to be reminded of

    The monsters under my bed

    Things I've pushed to the side

    Labeled to go to the scrap

    Tired of being the only person

    To try

    To cry

    But I can't die

    I don't know why I'm still here

    Something holds me back

    From ending it all

    And God I've tried

    But I'm slowly losing myself

    In this tiny hell

    How long can I last

    I'm waiting for someone to tell

    But there is no one

    They've all already left

  • puzzledgirl 8w

    Waves of love

    My love is like the waves
    They rise, they break
    And then they rise again.
    This continues for eternity
    Without a pause
    Without a question
    Without a dilemma
    Without a delay
    Without letting the universe halt
    Even for a moment.
    I know that I'll break midway
    I know that I can't hug the shore
    I know that I'll bring some sand grains with me
    And leave the bigger chunk out there
    Only to spread my hands
    To reach out again and again
    To fully grab you within my arms
    And absorb you wholly in my vain.
    I won't ever get tired
    I forgot when I started
    Don't think I'll ever stop
    Till the end of time
    I'll rise and break
    Touch and leave
    Hope and cry
    But I'll never come back empty handed
    Because no matter how little my fists are
    Whenever I'll open my palms
    I'll always find a little sand grain
    To remind me that I touched the shore once.

  • abeautiful_mind 10w

    Hi! Writere I have written something after long time.... Please repost my lines
    Have a good day
    #love#despair#reality#truth #support #success #mirror

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    When you are being friend zoned.... The worst feeling

    My emotions cannot surpass your dignity,
    On the windy weather with the spindly feathers, if you reply "no".
    I will accept, I won't argue just like when you ask me a rhetorical question.
    I will drink the venom of rejection drop-by-drop, sip-by-sip.
    I won't hurt myself, I won't bleed or I won't die in reminiscence.
    I will Bury the ashes of the dead words that you spoke.
    I will take the jar of care, love and respect. I will wrap those words with the cloth of fluke
    And I will burry them in the land of fairies.
    Once those days of yore start to fade your memory, you won't find me there.
    I will be in my own world where life will be mine as death, wishes will be true and vengeance
    will bleed in repentance.....
    ©Arihant jain

  • kingdomdelight 11w

    #sail # Torn #beguile #despair #soulish #wod #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill #mirakee

    Many "tries" to sail *(many try ...as well as many tries(changes) in life)
    Life's seven seas,
    as drunken earthly sailors

    Caught up in life's dreadful, vomiting, soulish, despair
    Life not merely as fair
    as a righteous one, sailing with pure white sails

    God never fails
    cuz the true Captain
    sets your life sails

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    Beguile in drunken despair ...
    The soulish SAIL torn in two


  • heartofbabel 12w

    [ Necromancer ]

    Love met with no desire
    Chase the pulse as it expires
    Maybe then I'll feel the fire
    Still this corpse is cold to touch
    Looking now out for a savior
    One day I may never waiver
    Until then I'll have to tailor
    To a life that's just a crutch

    What I sought to be was righteous
    Yet it ended in a crisis
    That is nothing more than lifeless
    And I've all but given up
    Now I wander with these morsels
    Of a life that's damning mortals
    How I long to know the morals
    Instead, I'm choking on the cup

    For the drink I drank was soured
    And it churns and burns with power
    And the hand has struck the hour
    Of the time I had to spare
    Yet as I lift my hands they tremble
    And they no longer resemble
    The once valiant, mighty rebel
    That had longed to beat despair

    Now from this crypt I rise a devil
    With an agony that revels
    If my heart could only settle
    Into life or into death
    So I hold my breath and swallow
    Wrapped in the blanket of this hollow
    And I pray this grave is shallow
    But I fear eternal depth

    Shall I commit to reach the summit
    From the soils I have plummet
    May I once hear the mighty trumpet
    See the victories of grace
    But it's my mind that only bellows
    The damnation of these echoes
    Already drowning in the shadows
    The reflections of disgrace

    Now my corpse has become brittle
    Lined and course, torn and riddled
    I am seeking an acquittal
    But I'm the only one, to judge
    And in this darkness there's no telling
    Time nor length which I've been dwelling
    And still internal constant yelling
    Is the heart that lies begrudged

    It is hell I've come to linger
    Which I can only point the finger
    At myself, for living hindered
    If of a life I still possess
    For I have always been the culprit
    Built this prison from the pulpit
    And now remain here to convulse it
    In the afflictions of distress

    I have become the apostle
    Of the grave that speaks to fossils
    It was never more a gospel
    Just the evil I have kept
    Now buried, forever silenced
    Knelt to intercede in violence
    For it is loss that's drawn alliance
    Within the worshiping of death


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen
    #Consequence #Regret #Suffering #Agony #Despair #Oblivion #Purgatory #Necromancer

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    [ Necromancer ]

  • pinkfloyduwu 12w

    Reality will never suit one perception; one imagination run too far — but where to underline the limit — one thinks and try to imply in reality — and what to find in it: despair.

  • abeautiful_mind 13w

    School life

    It starts when you dream of bunking Math class.

    When you want to sit behind the girl you have crush on.

    When you apparently wanted to impress her

    And when she passes, you wanted to show your boring life charming.

    When your friends intentionally confess your crimes.

    When your heart wants to bulge out on the distribution day of answer copies.

    It feels complicated to me now when I am an ex-school student.

    I guess I haven’t celebrated those days, I haven’t lived those days

    And now when they are gone, I want to live in them.

    I regret it…I should have talked with her!

    I have done a sin………..I might have impressed her.
    ©Arihant jain

  • raziqu 14w

    Priorities define relations.
    If somebody is your first in list
    And you are the last in theirs,
    Just step out and walk away.
    Not everyone is lucky to
    Have your consideration

  • paruma 16w

    Stuck in this endless lonely hours
    Though the wall clock ticking on the hallway
    Never misses it's count
    I, in search of words to embrace the voice
    Encircling my head
    As emptiness begins to engulf me
    I seek for the foregone company
    To overcome this fearful anxiety
    Beginning to feed upon me
    leaving behind my unburied corpse
    Who delivers a monologue of despair
    Wanting to be listened
    But all that others hear is
    the unidentifiable whispers on the corridor
    And claims that my soul haunts


  • darlington_rt 16w

    The Epistle Of A Flower In Despair

    It’s in these moments of despair
    when you realise, nothing will ever be fair
    when you see the truth is just as necessary as a lie.
    Nevertheless, to the horizon
    You continue to fix your stare
    dreaming, hoping, believing
    that your Will, or maybe Faith,
    may take you there
    Your weakness mocks you
    inciting the past and your fear
    By fire and Ice, you've been tested
    with everything you hold dear
    But still, to the horizon
    You continue to fix your stare
    with tired legs, blurry dreams and a broken heart
    you keep dreaming, hoping, believing
    that your will, or maybe faith,
    May get the moon, the stars, the sun
    And the benevolent gods of the galaxy, to smile on you again.
    Because the truth remains that even flowers in despair,
    deserves to know how it feels, to bloom, wild and beautifully

    © Darlington R.T

  • nexxtasy 16w

    How did I manage to let ones self stray once more.
    Sinking and sulking further into a repetitive darkness.
    I'm caught in an astral current of intense impulsive decisions.
    Although having a clear focus on all aspects I yet can not obtain control over the spiraling emotionless void.
    I've analyzed it to far to overcome, the inviting empty distance feast on misery and weakness.

  • its_smn 17w

    Nothing! Just Mood swings

    When anxiety grows in me
    And despair roots deep in my soul
    I close my eyes and try to shut
    All the memories flashing on the screen of mind
    I put my hands on ears so that I couldn't hear
    All the voices screaming in my brain
    I want to stop my breath
    So that I couldn't inhale the toxicity around.
    Deep inside I'm so full of pain
    I wanna wash all the things in the rain
    So that I could see afterall
    The seven colours of rainbow on sky.
    So that I could regain all the my hopes
    That are desperate like evening sun
    My soul is hurt and demented
    But I hope I'll soon feel contented.

  • thoughtsofafracturedmind 18w

    Along his heart

    He picked a pen to ink her beauty,
    As lost in words for appraisal,
    Creating a world of possibilities,
    Story that legends foretell,
    Lost in his dreams of such,

    Untill his world turned nightmare.

    Lost in woods he found,
    Story that'll haunt forever,
    Creating a place in earth,
    As lost his muse to sorrows,
    He picked a shovel to bury her innocence,
    Along his art.