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  • desireegirardeau 17w

    Daddy's Girl

    So many smiles so many tears so many memories, far too few years.
    My heart so full of love, sentiment, care...and so full of pain knowing your no longer here
    My mind so full of knowledge passed on, so many questions patiently answered,so many of lifes lessons learned,so many priceless moments together we shared, you knew all the answers and happily gave them, I never thought I'd want so badly for you to repeat them.
    So much belief, so much pride, I was so much the apple of your eye, your little princess, always by your side, you were always so sure of me, so boastful, so proud, through all my mistakes, bad choices,and self doubt....my hardest days and my darkest nights you were in my corner if I was wrong or right, from my first memories to your last days Daddy you are my hero in so many ways

  • desireegirardeau 17w

    Sweet Simplicity

    My most amazing dreams are memories,
    beautiful moments of how things used to be.
    Times that life was the best it could be,
    nothing glamorous just life with our little family.
    The laughter and joy, the sweet simplicity.
    Even with sleep deprivation. and daily grind everything that is mommy monotony it was still the best my life will ever be.
    When I was truly me , who I was always meant to be.
    So no offense to your hopes of glory, but please keep your cheap wishes of wealth and popularity.
    I'll continue to pray, no matter how desperate it seems,
    that when I close my eyes to sleep
    those precious scenes are what I'll see.
    To feel my heart full again , to hear the melodies of perfection their laughter is ...
    would be a breathtaking blessing to receive.
    Every bit of faith I hold inside was breathed into me by my little pieces of extraordinary.©

  • desireegirardeau 17w


    Streams of acid run down soft cheeks,
    Raindrops filled with purely pain,
    Emptiness, no ground to gain,
    Darker than you've ever seen,
    Hurt like that will make you change,
    No air to fill your lungs,no one to hear your screams,
    Trapped, Paralyzed, Terrified,
    Nothing between your soul and it's darkest fears but air & pain,
    No rescue team, No saving grace
    Just the coldest chill ,the sound of your hearts race,
    Stuck in hell, never rest,
    Hoping, Praying, Begging,
    Struggling to find peace,
    Steady trying to re-group, clinging to anything that will help cope,
    Knowing that your wearing thin,
    Questioning if it will ever end,
    Anxiously you await, nearing the point you've had all you can take,
    Knowing it must be coming fast,
    Urging your strength to hold fast,
    what happens when your will breaks,and you must give in,
    Do you disappear, just cease to be
    Or are you trapped in this scheme for eternity,
    Contemplating what to do,
    Plotting, Planning, Premeditating
    Wandering lost, so confused,
    Striving to break free.....destine to lose.

  • desireegirardeau 17w

    When I close my eyes

    I peel back the mask let down my guard,
    To a place deep inside me that's lonely and dark ,
    Where the hurt lives,
    filled with fear drowning in doubt .
    The place I'm terrified one night I'll go in and not find my way out.
    Stripped down like an infant with no comfort or calm.
    Hoping to win a battle ....….I haven't a clue how to fight,
    Praying to end this war that goes on inside me each night.
    Needing to make it all stop before I'm worn down too far.
    Searching the darkness for my northern star,
    Escaping the past has me running so far,
    Memories mangled or clear as can be,
    of every dark moment I never wanted to see.
    Longing to forget ,understand... and forgive.
    A twisted puzzle to solve.… before I fall down with no choice but to quit.
    Let me find Peace in my mind ,my heart ,and my soul,
    I know I am worth it , &I have to take control,
    I've made it this far, through the darkness and fright,
    Now I must find my way out of the fear into the light.
    Free myself from my minds prison....Never give up even with no end in sight.

  • desireegirardeau 17w


    I wish people could see intentions with just a passing glance,
    that there were a clear view from outside eyes at what lies within ,
    that first impressions were made of what a hearts holds dear, of the life that we've lead, the beliefs that we carry, even of our fears,
    how much better life would be... if our true self could be seen,
    if a good man need not battle with judgemental views,
    if a monster couldn't hide in a designer suit.
    If breaking hearts and spirits as a hobby or a game couldn't be so easily hidden behind a chipper laugh and a charismatic way,
    The world would be so much more humane if we no longer possessed what it takes to hide it all away...
    if good men weren't trapped inside their own skin
    if Evil wasn't hidden away, deceptively labeled as gentlemen

  • desireegirardeau 17w


    The dark is getting thicker,
    suffocating my soul
    destroying me with a quickness
    completely out of my control.
    All the light is gone inside me,
    there's no hope without them there,
    the load is getting heavier,
    this burdens more than I can bare,
    The spaces once filled with their faces,
    now hold loneliness and despair.
    They carry with them all that makes life worth living,
    I don't think you were aware ,
    there's no fight left inside me
    my strength has gone away,
    safety no longer finds me,
    happiness or joy ...they've all simply faded away,
    All these things they live inside them...
    pain and sorrow now reside here ,
    an unrelenting craving just to hear their voices,
    they're so far away from here.
    All that's been left is an empty me..
    One to match my dreams and my desperate stare.
    Open your eyes and see,
    they're my everything my whole being ,
    I can't breath without them,
    they're my air .

  • desireegirardeau 17w

    Open Your Heart

    Open your heart and let people in,
    Scared but still hopeful it won't be broken
    Try to stay strong, not to dwell or fall to fast Stay true to who you are,
    Leave the past where its at.
    Its hard to tell red flags that are real from worries and doubts that we've created from fear.
    Its hard not to run at the first shake,
    not to assume every tremor will become an earthquake.
    Breath deep,
    Stand tall,
    Know your worth above all.
    Don't let mistakes and bad timing keep you from trying.
    Don't let the shade they throw keep you from shining
    Don't sit alone in the silence
    Take that chance
    Make that leap
    When you hear lifes music..
    Don't let worries make you lose sleep
    Make life beautiful
    Stay intense
    Don't over think....
    Live while you can,
    Love fearlessly
    Don't let your mind become a prison Remember your the warden
    You hold the key.
    Feed your soul
    Let it breath authenticity....
    Words so easily said
    Yet so often forgot in life's chaos
    Remember these things as you live each day
    Though you may struggle don't lose your way
    With so many lives taken too soon,
    Don't be the reason your not happy as each day ends
    Be the place where hope is born and life is lived.