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  • sunnywritestories 12h

    3.55 am
    18 October 2021
    Thank you for being there always when I needed it
    #originalpoem #depression #wordsfromidnight

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    Always & Always

    darkness enclosed - 7
    cream of the door - 15
    sliver of light - constant
    “just checking” - always

    little annoying - 8
    kinda sweet - 9
    small people - 10
    “very sad” - always

    i tried the ropes - then
    i did the pills - again
    i do the rocks - now
    “i’ve done it before” - always

    learn something new - 11
    heaps of laughter - 2
    a break from breaking - 5
    “we’re here to help” - always


  • annieveroni 17h

    I've been lost to uncertainty
    In the maze within my mind,
    Wandering through the darkness,
    And seeking not to find.

    Memories inside me,
    Put the pressure on,
    For a time they go away
    But never are they gone.

    Paranoia fixes me,
    Like concrete in my place.
    Decision-making cripples
    In the world beyond my face.

  • darared 1d

    Light on, light off

    This is the room
    I live in
    I like how
    it is arranged
    I like the way
    the light enters it
    and settles on
    and illuminates corners
    I like seeing the dust
    dancing in the sunbeam
    I like how
    the furniture accommodates me
    Sometimes when
    the lights go out
    and it is eaten by darkness
    I care for it so much less
    But it is exactly the same room

  • bewildered_lyricist 2d


    Let not your parent's tears fall on you


  • sty_gian 2d

    Are you afraid of acceptance?

    No, I'm not talking about accepting yourself and your flaws. But depression.

    Are you depressed?
    Do you have anxiety?
    Is your mind as healthy as your body?

    You should ask these questions once in a while.

    I have depression. And that diagnosis was done by me without any help from any, not even parents. And it didn't break me but it liberated me.

    That's with it, once you accept it, it will be easier.
    Once you know it, embrace it and then see what you can do and do it with your head held high.

    #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth

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  • farhajul_abedin 3d

    Death's Call

    I see blue lights fading into darkness
    I feel ache at the left of my chest
    Is it the pain of death
    Or is it the devil piercing through my veins.

    Never been better at surviving ever since I came
    Got a bullet in my heart, damn! I'm in pain.
    Oh, is it the devil who whispers in my ears
    Dying is easier than living in this poisonous world.

    Is it my destiny to live in this horror
    Being chased by monster which I call sorrow,
    Constantine became my life, threw all of my hope
    Oh, I woke up again. Saying hello to my Mojo.

    A spirit darker than black living under my bed
    Never bothered since I've fought Lucifer in my head.
    There I go again, Crumbling through war
    I might be in flesh yet my soul's too far.
    My souls too far.

    I cry and my scars gotten deep
    Yeah, fighting for my soul just like XO
    Fed my tears to the darkness and said bye to my soul
    Heard a crackling at my door, there's none to be called
    He said,"I'm your death". closing my eyes would help, I suppose.


  • l_chapman 6d


    It settles in like rot,
    A loneliness that grows ever so slowly
    Within a body unable to fight.
    She feels it every day
    Creeping deeper
    Coiling around every nerve
    Infecting every organ
    But it cuddles the heart,
    For it's the most broken thing
    It has found in her body
    And though it is disease
    It is also comfort.


  • rahoof 1w

    Crustacean people

    Crab man! - crab man! - Crab man!
    They yelled at me on my sister's wedding
    They yelled at me, for they saw me wearing
    A shell over my insecure skin

    They ask me not to hide from my kin
    Must remain comfortable in a family gathering
    surprise not in case we bring a scale
    dont be nervous, fail freely young man!

    Imagine what faces they make
    and how they weigh things with their eyes
    Cant help it When the scale Start tilting
    More and more over to the other side

    Yes, this is the life of a crab man
    who had grown keratin shells for his skin.
    Ask if he's tired of living with people
    who weighs shells with their own judgemental skin

    But just at the end of every occasion
    I grow a shell, thicker than the last one
    Just like a crab changing it's shell
    I prepare myself - for another season


  • lilweavy 1w


    Still at night
    For a light

    no...but something
    of the blind mans wing

  • kv1504 1w

    I wanted to grow,
    But there was no one to sow.
    Then someone came and sowed my seed,
    Free air and light was my next need.
    All I got but was not set free,
    And I was years away from becoming a tree.
    Which tree should I become, I could not decide
    And my unhealthy roots, I could not hide.
    My soil was dry and lacking manure,
    Amenities should reach but who would ensure?

  • thamil 1w


    A slow drive alone grooving sad songs along is just a bliss so divine
    © THAMIL

  • llushes 1w


    Some days are sunny and in them, my heart smiles

    Eager to live and fulfill my purpose. Other days are cloudy,

    And as pregnant as the clouds are,

    My heart sits heavy

    Wondering, what truly is my purpose?

    Some days I love hard and will my heart to aimless affections.

    I numb my mind to reason

    I let the tide determine my flow.

    Some days I work with fervor

    Other days my muscles just wouldn't move.

    Some days I'm pretty

    Hard lingering stares follow my walk and my hips sway.

    Some days both hands are cold,

    Other days they strive to survive.

    However, if I'm promised a do over

    Would I take that lifeline

    Be reborn and do this all over again? Would you? 

    Euphoria is what lies at the bottom of this glass I now sip,

     A space of not being or at least, not being one with my body

    A space whereby glares become blind and split tongues begin to hiss their silence.

    at the bottom of this glass lies my freedom

    such that my head remains detached from my body as my mind sees only in grey

    So by the end of this glass, I'll be free because in death is oblivion.

  • sheikhsaira 1w

    #Depression#Mental health matters!

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    It took you to the another world,
    And amazingly you went to travel with it!
    It made you weep every lonely night,
    And amazingly you wept every lonely night!
    It made you feel you are worthless,
    And amazingly you also felt it!
    It made you thought living is difficult for you,
    And amazingly you also thought living is difficult!
    It made you feel everyday is same,
    And amazingly you also felt nothing has changed!
    It made you feel deceased,
    And amazingly you also felt you are no more, though you were breathing!
    It made you feel lonely,
    And amazingly you also felt no one is there for you, though everyone was there for you!
    It took you,from yourself!
    And amazingly,you gave it permission to do so.
    What if you haven't gave permission to it?
    Amazingly! You would have been alright right now.

  • anavrap 1w

    I met this friend named depression
    who Visits my mind to know how the hell i am doing
    If i have to sum up depression
    I can explain to you our meetings in just 4 songs

    Starting will be with numb
    It was a time when i was 14teen or 15teen
    my friend Johnny gave me a song called Numb from a Linkin Park album
    I realised the state i am in is actually called depression.
    and how can somebody be so pinpoint accurate about it
    that too someone who is actually far far away from me

    Somehow i passed my 12th with first divison
    Everyone around me moved out away from their parents for the first time
    Enjoying the wild free spirits as if the bird was waiting to flee.
    Another 5 years went by and i didnt knew
    how to get out of it somehow
    One fine day i was in my building dream tower
    a friend Dev D high on pot called me up
    , I was a RHCP fan
    He asked me to sit down
    And played the song called Dumb (Dummy thats what Kurt called it the last time he ever staged)

    Dumb helped me get to a behaviour
    Where things generally didn't matter
    It was such a blessing in disguise
    when you dont have to explain anything to anyone.
    Usually i found people get to that state
    when smoking pot day in and night
    Somehow this song hit me hard enough
    not to take help from any form of Narcotics
    I found a new beginning
    found a way find solitude in me all thanks to you Dev D

    Dummy was helping me make efforts
    without the fear of being adjudged
    It helped me stay with the people
    who's company made a huge difference.
    They were totally opposite to my nature
    but i started to live life the way
    i wanted to live for quite sometime with them.

    I somehow reached a comfort level
    And i badly wanted to stay there
    And then somewhere i heard
    the sound of "Hello hello
    is anybody in there just nod if you can hear me is there anyone at home" reaching my ears
    Made me believe that hang on its not just me who wants to be heard

    "The child is grown the dream is gone
    I have become comfortably numb"
    helped me settle down with a past failure
    I was too harsh on myself blaming myself for not pursuing something that i truly loved
    Around me i found people making friends and making efforts to fall into some kind off crush zone
    Probably Adolescence hitting upon them
    But here i was child in me never let me take the road generally taken
    Comfortably Numb Comfortably Numb is finally settling through my skin

    I knew time was nearing by where i will know how to get out of this prolonged phase called depression
    I have been held captivate by it for almost 8 years now
    There were times i really wanted to get some help
    from a psychiatrist
    just needed an outlet to pour my feelings out
    I couldnt tell my parents because it would require
    money for consultations
    Made me create a hell out of heaven.

    "Where were you when I was burnt and broken?
    While the days slipped by from my window watching
    And where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless?"

    These lines just shook me from the very core
    i wanted to ask this to each one i knew
    where were you where were you ?
    These lines just helped this child shed some valuable tears
    which he had been holding on for these 8 years .

    "I took a heavenly ride through our silence
    I knew the moment had arrived
    For killing the past and coming back to life"

    Brought the courage to dream the third and so many other dreams .
    Thats how i restored my faith in God and in humanity too
    And that words do really have some meaning
    Its not full of puns and metaphors
    When already everything is at its magnified self.

    because my past present and future will be
    based on some of these lines
    Every time when depression hits me
    I dont have to fight or quarrel with it now
    I have to play these 4 songs
    Welcome it and ask to have a sip from my cup of tea .
    Because Hey Depression i know how it feels to be lonely
    Nobody enjoys the company of a person who isn't stable mentally even if that situation is temporary
    Thats why you always seek my company.

    #mentalhealth #depression @miraquill @syaahiii @divyanshi28_03 @queen_butterfly #musings

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    My meeting with Depression


  • layered_heartpoetry 1w

    In Pieces

    I am




  • israellee 1w

    My old friend

    Back in my thoughts again
    Pain I feel, mood as sour
    As vinegar, my face looking pale
    My smile, it fails
    To express my feelings.
    I dig deep in my thoughts
    Something calling onto me
    Something pulling me closer
    I scream, but I can't hear my voice
    I'm choking, I can't shout
    Tears, I can't reach out to no one
    Help; I can't seem to say this word
    Maybe in silence I'll drown
    With a smile tho, not a frown
    I search my thoughts again
    The voice I hear again
    It pulls me closer, I feel weak
    I embrace it, it's no stranger tho
    Not sure it will end
    Who's calling?
    Darkness my old friend

  • aj1993 1w

    To the people out there who are going thru depression just remember before quitting,
    The amazing thing of this human form or human body is
    that the depression, stress, anxiety and every f**king negative emotions.
    We can deal it in some way. we can cry, we can express, we can share our feelings with someone, we can show anger, frustration, we can postpone pain by any means,
    we can somehow tackle the emotions.
    But once we are out of this human form.
    Our souls will also feel all this fking pain, depression anxiety everything but there won't be a way to tackle the emotions, it cannot show its emotions, it cannot postpone its pain.
    Even after death our souls will suffer bound to our negative emotions pushing it to leave in darkness for long eternal time.
    This thought always stopped me from quitting what ever it may be I shall deal being in this human form.. hope you to get stopped by this

  • rahoof 1w

    My euphoria of pain

    Of the many pain I have to go through everyday
    The one that I enjoy the most are the ones about her.
    You would ask, how does one pick favourites
    from their sufferings?
    But there is no other answers to that
    other than-
    "I have to go through this everyday."
    Even if I dont want to-
    My mind is packed with toxins for depression,
    And it decides to screw me often with general anxiety.

    Of the many pain I suffer, I like the most when I suffer thinking about her,
    It was always a kind of an euphoric sweet sensation of pain, acceptance and longing.
    One of the most enjoyable pain that I had ever felt.
    Closed chapter or a broken bridge you can call it whatever,
    you may ask for me to move on and spend more time with my family.
    To that I say,
    of the many few who gets me for who I am,
    family is not among them.

    They might ask,
    why are you being so hard on yourself, you have a roof over your head, you have food to eat, you have all your limbs and is not paralysed from the waist down like the most unfortunate.

    Yes, I am grateful for what I have
    But sometimes I crave for something more
    Than limbs more than food more than a house,
    When I crave for peace of mind.
    I think the most unfortunate people are the ones who fail to find peace for themselves.

    My first experience of anxiety was horrific.
    I even struggled to swallow food and water,
    And I got so fed up with my fear of failure,
    Even with all my limbs I had doubted every step I took with them.
    You can be the richest person of the planet and still end up being worthless
    If you cant find peace of mind.
    That's why people often say that money can't buy happiness
    For me, money is essential but its existence was always sceptical,
    It is funny how money often buys friends but not their loyalty,
    Wonder how it makes your father say that he is only proud If you find out a way
    to successfully make it by yourself.
    This often raises a series of questions that scrambles one's mind
    Wasn't he proud of me anyway?
    Wasn't he proud of being a father to a son that he gave life to?
    Why do you always have to be valued off of your success rather than your attempts to get there?

    The neglect, the isolation, abandonment
    Coupled with misfortune really test your will to live,
    Testing your will, for a reason not to take that final desicion.
    people often nearly end up deciding to tie a noose or to take a cold blade to their vein,
    Or an overdose of pills that doze you off to a never ending sleep,
    Or even wishing for a cardiac arrest on their deepest sleep for a painless death.
    All for proving a point,
    To make you people realise that the pain that they brag about everyday were true all along.
    Dont turn down a person even more if they are already feeling low, lonely or depressed.
    Sadly people end up feeling guilty only after the lose of a life.
    Technically this is not murder,
    but from the perspective of the people who end up committing suicide,
    Their experience of last days could never end up being more sorrowful than those lives inside Nazi concentration camps.
    So people should be held accountable for pushing them to that extreme.

    And from a person who suffers from the pain of uncontrollable racing thoughts,
    Who is struggling to even focus on the littlest things,
    who you blame their head is not at all there,

    Of the many things he suffer each day
    The best was always the ones about her.


  • whatrealityisthisagain 2w

    Should the sun come up and I not wake,
    Should no more breath from my lips escape,
    You may mourn and cry, and weep and wale,
    But please understand I'm happy now!
    I've finally bear the dark unknown, 
    And found belonging all my own. 
    Should the sun soar without me,
    Know that I am finally set free. 
    Know my suffering is no longer in vain,
    I'm in peace now, I've beat my eternal pain.
    Should the sun arise warm and bright, 
    But my body remain cold, my eyes void of light;
    Though I be gone, I'm quite alright. 
    My loves, I no longer have to fight!

    #free #sun #loss #death #depression #hurt #pain #escape

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    Not Wake

    Should the sun come up and I not wake,
    Should no more breath from my lips escape,
    You may mourn and cry, and weep and wale,
    But please understand I'm happy now!
    I've finally bear the dark unknown, 
    And found belonging all my own. 
    Should the sun soar without me,
    Know that I am finally set free. 
    Know my suffering is no longer in vain,
    I'm in peace now, I've beat my eternal pain.
    Should the sun arise warm and bright, 
    But my body remain cold, my eyes void of light;
    Though I be gone, I'm quite alright. 
    My loves, I no longer have to fight!

  • _justbecauseiamblack_ 2w

    rather than crying.
    I could stop breathing.
    rather living.
    I could stop existing .
    rather than actually existing at all,
    I should have not been born.
    I'm scared of the pain I feel everyday
    but I can't escape it , I'm weak about how my pain and thoughts consume me.