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  • sayarbadnaam 20w

    सोच-समझ कर मंज़िल
    तय किया जा सकता है,
    पर! हौसलों से उसे पाना होता है।


  • raman_writes 21w


    रमन ये तेरी रज़ा है तू मुझे रोके या जाने दें ।

    भला तेरे आगे मैंने कब अपनी मर्ज़ी चलाई है ।।


  • wings_happiness 21w

    if you are unable to take some crucial decision for your weakness, let the TIME decide it for you. Time is the best teacher and best healer


  • raman_writes 21w


    इसी सफ़र में रहेंगे और सहते रहेंगे सब ज़ुल्म रास्ते के ।

    एक शक़्श के बदल जाने से हम मोहब्बत नहीं बदलेंगे ।।


  • sheikh_huzaifa 22w

    Some people says! Love hurts...
    Especially, at the end...
    But, this is their wrong thinking...
    Love doesn't hurt
    People hurt at on high level...
    We love our Allah!
    We love our parents, family...
    They don't hurt us...
    Sometimes, the bond we make with someone is the wrong decision...
    That doesn't mean making bond is wrong. Choosing that bond with that negative, bad person is wrong.....
    Who doesn't care about you and is not interested in you......

  • stellaire_mystique 22w

    ...This place isn't yours...

    ....Even if every ongoing thing feels right and smooth in life...Sometimes the place isn't meant to be yours...something is always there inside of you telling what's yours and what's not... there's always a sign of whisper to make things right... although you might definitely feel bad about it like you are losing something , also you may cry a lot about it and think in the slightest of your thought to wish to get that back...but sometimes leaving the place is the right decision to make cause everything doesn't work the way you always want it to be...
    It's okay...everything will be alright...give it some times....but be prepared for this time will make you feel worst of all....will break you to the deepest of your core...but a day will come after crossing this phase for you just to sigh through your age...

  • bclark2681 22w

    Only I

    You may change my life with
    Your every convincing phrase
    Yet, only I can alter my path
    With each decision I originate

  • navya_writes 23w

    When are we even free from the state of confusion?
    Our minds are always occupied with questions of:
    Whether this or that?
    Right or wrong?
    Now or later?
    Yes or no?


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    Confusion is a relentless tenant in our mind.
    At times constructive.
    At times destructive.
    However, constant at all times.


  • adyasha_b 23w

    In fact be proud on your decision ��
    #regret #decision #wod #pod

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    Never regret for something
    which is right in your view
    and wrong in others view

  • aarzu_words 24w

    Now you keep the distance,
    now never meet you again

  • wings_happiness 24w

    We won't wait for a hero.
    We just become heroes ourselves ✨


  • wings_happiness 24w

    Opportunities come and go.

    Being able to know when to make quick decisions is an important skill✨


  • mrspectacular 25w


    Collins Drite strolls into the Ministry Of Finance to see his friend, Stephen Franz on a rather casual visit. They have been friends for years and share virtually everything except Franz's involvement with a major black deal worth over six billion dollars.
    He stumbles upon a file while sitting in wait for Franz in his office as they had earlier planned to have a meeting in his office on some official matters. Sitting quietly, studying the file, he notices some irregularities in the numbers in the file. Franz walks in suddenly, laughing heartily at a joke a colleague of his just told him. Dropping the file hastily, Drite screams,
    'Finally you are here'
    'Yes...I am. Is everything okay?', he asks rather suspiciously. 'You seem tensed'.
    'Of course everything is fine... Everything is fine', Drite says quickly. 'You just startled me. That's all'.
    'Hmm...How did this get out?', he rhetorically questions, scrutinizing it for any tamperings. The atmosphere suddenly becomes rather awkward for Drite as he suddenly becomes very uncomfortable in the chair he sits in. He takes a look at his watch as if he is late for an event. He would usually pulled that stunt whenever he wanted to get out of an unfavorable situation but no one ever sees through it as indeed he is a hard-working man.
    'I have to take my leave now. I have a lot to do today in my office. We are very busy this week. I just thought I should drop in and say hello before getting to my office.' Drite says trying to discharge himself.
    'Alright,' Franz replies. He stretches out his hand and gives Drite a handshake, a bright smile that suggests 'Thank you for visiting, friend. I really appreciate it' stretches from cheek to cheek.
    Drite fakes a smile. 'It's a pleasure and I am quite sorry I could not stay so long. It's just I have a whole lot to do today in my office'. Franz offers to see Drite out but Drite turns him down causing Franz to return to his chair behind his desk while Drite finds his way out of the office still very tensed and shocked that Franz could be involved in such an impure deal. He wishes he could do more than just sit around and watch Franz and his cohorts milk the ministry and indeed the entire government of billions of dollars.
    Later at night, he returns from work, quickly has his shower, has his dinner with his family of six before climbing into bed for some rest. Despite trying so hard to catch some sleep, the thought of his bosom friend's involvement in the mega-fraud deal would not let him have the peace of mind that is required for sleep to take place.
    'Do you know it is very wrong to see something like this and keep quiet about it. Posterity would judge you for it and you know it always comes down heavy in this case......Young man, you do not know the full story so keep out of it; you have no business there', he banters with himself inside tossing and turning on the bed like a fish outside water. 'Something must be done and fast.' He turns again and shuts his eyes to force himself on sleep.
    The next morning, he wakes up looking very disgruntled as though he has just fought with someone right there in his bed. Taking a look in the bathroom mirror,
    'You are the one to shut this down. They cannot continue to make a mockery of hardwork...'
    He is still talking to himself when his wife, Theresa Drite walks into the bathroom. 'Is everything okay, Love?'
    Theresa works with an Intelligence Agency. There is something about Drite's disposition since the previous night that seems off.
    'Yes honey. I'm fine. It's just that....', he reneges on ratting his friend out. 'Never mind'
    Theresa has a way of working the information out of Collins. It was part of the reason he had married her in the first place, that ability to see through a person's deception and detect a hidden truth. 'Come on, you know you can talk to me', Theresa pauses and stares straight into Drite's eyes as if the information she searches for is hidden somewhere in there.
    'Alright, Alright', he breaks into a smile. 'You caught me. It is my friend'
    'Collins...You know you have a lot of friends, right? Some of which I do not even know', she says with a playful smile and a kiss to his forehead. 'So you may have to be pretty more specific than this.'
    'Well, I guess after this episode, I may be one short'
    'What do you mean?' She asks really concerned. 'Is any of them ill or dying?'
    'None of that, dear.' He wishes he did not have to tell on Stephen Franz but with the circumstances, his hands appear tied. 'It's Franz'
    'Okay.... Franz I know but I am not sure why you are so worried about a man as successful as he is. I mean he seems to be doing pretty well for himself the same way you are, so pardon m if I don't see the problem'
    'He is not who you think he is. There is more to him than meets the eye', Drite says.
    'Hmm...Now this is interesting. More like what?', Theresa Drite asks as she sets aside her brush and leads Collins out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.
    'So I am not quite sure', Collins begins. 'I think Franz is involved in a big fraud situation'.
    'How do you know this?' Theresa prods further in order to attain information enough to get Franz and his cohorts arrested for Fraud.
    'Well, I visited his office today and while waiting for him, I stumbled on a file that had some really suspicious content in it'.
    'Like what?'
    'Bank transactions running into billions which seem unaccounted for.'
    'Ok, we are talking about a senior staff in the Ministry Of Finance here you know. Those transactions you saw, for all we know, could have been authorized for a government project'
    'Listen, baby', Collins begins softly. 'I am no Forensic Accountant but something did not feel right in those files so I beg you to use your good office in the CIA to investigate the matter for the sake of this nation's economy'
    'Fine', Theresa backs down with a smile. 'We will look into it. I have to get ready and run'.
    Collins Drite while in his office received a call from the CIA summoning him for questioning at the Headquarters. The voice over the phone sounds rather authoritative as though they have concluded he is one of the criminal involved in the fraud. He follows the instructions and reports at the CIA headquarters for questioning. He has never been to the CIA headquarters regardless of the fact that his wife is a senior staff there but it turns out to be exactly how he imagined it would be. He is welcomed by agents in all black that he begins to imagine the CIA did probably lose someone the previous day or something, as he is escorted to a room, he mutters the word 'sorry' to virtually every agent he comes by, imagining they have taken the 'death of the personnel(s)' too personally that virtually the entire office is dressed in black.

  • raman_writes 25w


    ना जाने कौन - कौन सुनेगा जब हम तेरा नाम पुकारेंगे ।

    ना जाने क्या - क्या सोचेंगे जब तू मिलने ना आएगा ।।


  • ammy21 25w

    Hurt n heal

    Sometimes you have
    To make a decision
    That will hurt ur heart
    But heal your soul

  • sproutedseeds 26w


    D iverse thoughts
    D ilemma in
    D eciding, keep in mind
    D ifferent choices
    D ifficulty in choosing our
    D reams or of our
    D ear Parents or
    D aringly moving ahead with
    Determination and
    D epending on the situation.


  • light_ofthe_heart 26w

    Sometimes, making decisions can be a hectic process, but it normally turns out alright when you put your faith, truth and sincerity.
    So far, you prayed, wished and hoped for the best. You will definitely see the unbelievable unfolds itself.

    My story:
    I saw him and got carried away with his looks. He was so beautiful if that could be used for a man. His smile was priceless. His voice, thou husky has a way of making me feel butterflies in my stomach. My first sight of him was breathtaking. I instantly told myself, here is my till death do us apart. It was love at first sight.
    Funny enough, I was dressed haphazardly, so I told myself I was going to dress to impress him the next time we met. I called a friend and told him about my crush and my intention. He advised me to keep dressing haphazardly since that was the way he(my crush) first saw me. I didn't like the idea but I decided to take the risk.

    A month passed by, we didn't get to meet. But I prayed every single day to be blessed with his love if at all he was a blessing in my life. Coincidentally, I knew his nephew and things got easier. So, two days after I came back to where we met, we decided to meet together with the nephew and he was together with my crush. Things happened and we talked. It was a faithful and lucky day for me. My crush asked me out and I didn't even think twice accepting his love.

    Fast forward, days passed by and things happened. Some I am not proud of, others I cherish. But the blue day came one evening when we were together, discussing and playing a game(related to health) on my phone. He came across a question on sickle cell. This prompted me to ask him what his genotype was. I asked and he asked about mine. To cut the long story short, we weren't compatible and yes we were head over heels for each other. I was madly in love with him and everything about him.

    Deciding to let go of him was one of the hardest decision I ever had to make, but it sure was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. Who knew how many souls would have been hurt if we decided to stick around??? And most importantly, I would have been hurt and damaged beyond repair.

    For that I am so grateful I took the hard way and got stronger, braver and wiser. It was one hell of a ride, but I got to dive until it became my past. I was literally broken, life was miserable...it still is sometimes, I still do love him and I miss him beyond imagination. I still wish things were different or maybe a miracle might just happen. But yes, I am glad it happened, I am happy I got to love him for that while. Our memory is my gift for the hard decision I made.

    Before making any decision, always weigh the risk and benefit. Then you make your decision wisely.

  • vaishnavilad_2401 26w

    #dealywillcostyou #decision making.
    This poem pictures the consequences faced by delay in decision making.
    Last para describes how this delay becomes a reason for the twilight to end up in dark world of moon rather than a shining world of sun.
    It is mostly relatable to current pandameic situation.
    Dont delay if you see symptoms and dont delay getting vaccinated
    Your decision can change situation.

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    Lost in thoughts,
    Since it was noon.
    Don't know what to choose,
    But have to do it soon.

    Dawn of tomorrow,
    Will rise after set of moon.
    What am i doing,
    Stalling here and there since afternoon.

    Was it always so hard,
    Before going to doom.
    Cause every decision of mine,
    Was out of the room.

    I think it hard,
    Cause i never assume.
    The consequences i faced,
    By just thinking and loosing opportune.

    All this time i take,
    And not give the decision soon.
    Is the only reason for my twilight
    Always ending up with a moon.

  • alastair_margerman 26w

    freedom of choice

    we are free to decide, until we have made the decision

  • _tulika 26w

    Today's choices decides your future...

    Deciding upon choices we opt is a real gamble...
    Many times,leads to a picture which is rosy...
    Few may make you stumble.
    Nobody wants pains and losses, please follow your heart not the masses...