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  • _barbie__ 6h

    Sometimes I feel dead inside

  • pallavi4 1w


    I must be dead, I think I am at the end
    Lying prostrate in a pool of blood
    The last thing I remember is falling
    Down the stairs, landing with a loud thud

    I think I’m dead, everything around me is peaceful
    While I’m lying in the middle of a crime scene
    There seems to be no one
    In the house anywhere to be seen

    I should be dead, I wonder realising
    I must’ve hit my head on the hardwood floor
    All my bones feel badly broken and
    I can’t feel one side of my face anymore

    I could be dead, I struggle to stand up
    Unable to see clearly in the dark
    Wondering is this where my soul
    On a new journey shall embark?

    I may be dead, the struggle between us
    At the top of the stairs I remember
    I recall the unfired Glock in his hand
    Recollect the fireplace and its dying embers

    I can be dead, the fight had ensued after I’d
    Talked about his cheating with my friend
    Would a shallow man’s infidelity be
    The reason for my untimely end ?

    I’m definitely dead, I painfully try and
    Take one step at a time
    I discover that his body
    Had been lying right next to mine

    I’m imagining myself dead, he seems to have no pulse
    I can feel the blood still oozing from his head
    Shockingly I know now that
    To his death he seems to have bled

    I ought to have been dead, there is no cut nor wound on me
    Although my whole body is painfully sore
    How come I’m still standing and not
    Being made to walk through heavens doors?

    I can’t be dead, the blood was his and not mine
    I could kick myself for being so naive
    He might not be but today
    The gift of rebirth I have received

    I am not dead, with his death love for me
    Has ended like a bittersweet song
    I thought love would last forever
    Evidently I was wrong


    19th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Dark Beauty” by Paulina Siwiec

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  • stellaire_mystique 1w

    Samajh Aae Toh Samjhana...

    Kuch chize na samjh se bhut upper....
    Or practicality se bhut bhar hoti hai.....
    Bas shayad voi chize hai jo hume kahi na kahi ek dusre se jode rakhti hai...
    Pta hai dosti , pyaar sabko hota hai or sabke sath hota or shayad sabse difficult bhi yhi hota hai.....par jab hota hai na toh jo uss moment ke lie sirf ek second ke lie jo pride wali , top of the world wali feeling aati hai na.....kahi na kahi hum is zindagi ki race mein sirf ek uss pal ke lie hi bhaag rahe hote hai...par bhaagte bhaagte hum ye bhul jate hai ki hume rukna kha tha.....ab zindagi m U - turn ka option toh hai ni toh ek station nikal jane ke baad hume agle par hi rukne ka moka milega or hum ye soch kar aage badh jate hai ki agla station isse bhi jada khubsurat or sukoon bhara hoga...par hota toh kuch or hi hai na hum aage ke sawalo ki chah mein peeche mile un jawaabo ko bhul jate hai....jo ki hume kahi na kahi humari hi asliyat bata rahe hote hai....par ab kyaa fayda hum bhaagne mein itne majboor hote hai ki raste mein khud hi khudse kyun na mil jaee....par hum fir bhi khud ko kuchal ke aage badh jate hai....

  • smartsam 2w

    Dead Me.

    I'm happy for my end is close
    thus hurt conspire me they
    won't I suppose!

    This breathe will halt
    I will be ground!
    No pain more any
    no fear tense me surround!

    Satan clouded me
    demons in god worshippers form!
    Stabbed me & my love innocent
    long ago from!

    It was his preset
    or it was incident!
    My feelings, love, life
    everyday preset brutal accident!

    I wont just be dead
    rather I shall be relieved!
    So better if I was dead
    before I was lived!


  • yugkukreja 2w


    The Day is near when
    She Will Come
    Leave Your Things
    And With Me You Come
    Deal Is Done
    And The Bonds Are Sign
    No Body Knows It's Your
    Or Mine
    Good Will Be Closed And
    The Bad Too
    Leave Everything
    It's Only Me And You

  • octavian 2w


    Why kill ourselves worrying about something,when it's day you're dead anyway.

  • feelings_expressed_1 2w

    Our Beautiful Generation


    Some love stories are starting,
    Some love stories are ending,
    Some people's friendship is getting stronger because they hate the common guy,
    Some people's friendship is getting weaker because of lies,
    Some of u still waiting for anyone's message sitting all alone feeling sad after seeing people having fun with each other,
    Some of u are taking ur friends for granted and are planning to back stab them.

    Such a wonderful generation this is!!

  • iam_pnkaj 2w


    Riding home with thoughts
    Can I be safe or dead before dawn
    Rising again to live that life
    Isn't it ended last night
    Or I was lost in the summer
    The heat that I lay upon
    Maybe that melted the heart
    Still trying to go on to road
    Taking the trip with the lost tune
    Holding own hand talking to own fears
    Did I made sure I told you
    I was
    Riding home with thoughts
    Can I be safe or dead before dawn.......

  • iam_pnkaj 3w


    Keeping it all inside the dead heart
    That Melted sometimes ago
    It had flown like the river;
    When it meets the mountain shore ,
    Had it been easy or was it hard
    To control or to be lasting this long ,
    Did it hurt or am I getting healed
    Is it a question or fake answer for the mirror,
    Seeing through the closed eyes
    Making sure it's all right even if it's only in my dreams ,
    Sure to go ahead or
    Staying on the same road after the ages ,
    Keeping it all inside the dead heart
    That melted a while ago.......

  • john_a 4w

    Gloomy Thursday

    Gloomy Thursday with a hundred white flowers
    I was waiting for you my dearest with a prayer
    A Thursday morning, chasing after my dreams
    The carriage of my sorrow returned to me without you
    It is since then that my Thursday have been forever sad
    Tears my only drink, the sorrow my bread...

    Gloomy Thursday

    This last Thursday, my darling please come to me
    There'll be a priest, a coffin, a catafalque and a winding-sheet
    There'll be flowers for you, flowers and a coffin
    Under the blossoming trees it will be my last journey
    My eyes will be open, so that I could see you for a last time
    Don't be afraid of my eyes, I'm blessing you even in my death...

    The last Thursday

  • dnswords 5w

    शमशान बोला :--

    आगया सब घुमके ,
    पता हें ना, मेहमान था इस गाव मे !

    आदमी temporary हें , तो घमंड किस बात का ?


  • alecmb 6w

    The Graveyard Keeper
    By: Alecmb

    All of these people dead
    Lying in there darkened dirt bed
    Driving past them day and night
    While minds wander, thoughts take flight
    All of these people dead
    Lying in their darkened dirt bead

    Remembered and forgotten by some
    Most won't visit, they won't come
    They won't be here for when the stories are told
    Nor when the dirt bed turns cold
    But our time too will arrive
    Where we no longer shall be alive

    All of these people dead
    Lying in there darkened dirt bed
    Driving past them day and night
    While minds wander, thoughts take flight
    All of these people dead
    Lying in there darkened dirt bed

    I am the graveyard keeper
    Who wards off the Grim Reaper
    For I am here to listen to the stories of the dead
    And I am here to tend to their cold beds
    All of these people dead
    Lying in their darkened dirt bed

    Will not be and are not


  • carlizah 7w

    Is a disguised

  • alfaaazdilke 7w


    Karoge Yaad Toh Har Baat Yaad Aayegi

    Guzre Hue Waqt Ki Bhi Mulaqat Thaher Jaayegi

    Log Toh Kuch Yaad Nahi Rakhte Hai Aaj-Kal Zamane Mein

    Najane Kal Kise Humari Maut Yaad Aayegi.

  • czarcasm 7w


    I don't know how it started

    This ember in me that promised a fire

    Such encouragement made me want to give it oxygen

    Wanting to bring it to life

    The heat from it I could handle

    For it warmed me more that the tattered shirt around me

    Winter was coming

    The snap of branches as I gathered fuel

    Set my mind at ease

    I knew I wouldn't have to go without one of the few thing that could keep me alive

    The one thing to keep the monsters at bay

    They were already watching me

    At the treeline

    Their hungry eyes made my skin crawl

    But it was the remaining hours of sun left

    That allowed me to move as I was

    Yet when it finally went down

    When the monsters could finally step out of the dark

    I would be in trouble

    You may be wondering why I'm out here

    In the cursed land outside the castle walls

    Why I would be sticking my neck out

    Taunting such monsters

    I had no choice

    Once highly praised by the king himself

    I was exiled

    Thrown outside the very walls that I protected

    And into the mouth of the monster

    An outbreak of Pox had scared everyone

    And they made the rash decision to throw away the only thing to keep them safe

    I looked quickly over my shoulder

    I hadn't much time before they broke the treeline

    And hopefully continued on to the castle

    Already destroyed by the slaughter the day before

    For once the wizard Alenoth heard I was gone

    He hadn't even hesitated to let the monsters in

    Their hissing even curdling my own blood

    But it was their cold eye that scared most

    Dead they stared blankly at you

    Somehow knowing where your every movement took you

    If I hadn't seen it before

    I would have ran away hours ago

    Saliva dropping from needle like teeth

    The characters branded into their skin stood out in a sickly yellow

    A language of the wizard

    It had taken me two days to destroy his lair

    And I had escaped without a mark



    Somehow I had survived his attack

    And now he once again hunted me in my own territory

    I grinned excited and put out the fire

    I would do it the old way

    I grinded out the remaining coal and bended down

    Covering my face in a mixture known for ages by the natives

    I untied my knife and cut my hand

    The smile on my face grew as the demons broke the treeline

    I wouldn't die here

    Not today

    For the wizard wasn't the only one

    With the magic of the ancients

    The smell of their saliva rancid in the air

    Would have made any other person gag

    It was as if they were already dead

    But when I got done with them

    Even the King would regret his disloyalty

  • wifey_suicide 8w

    I got a gun pointed at my head, it's not full
    The trigger, I pull
    Empty thoughts make my head explode

  • raman_writes 8w


    ख़ामियाँ किसी की किसी को नहीं मारती ।

    ये बेवफ़ाई है जो जीना हराम कर देती है ।।


  • viyaansh 9w

    No title

    Dil me dard daba k betha hoon....
    Aankhon me aansu chhipake betha hoon ....
    Rone ka bohot mann kar raha hai ....
    Andar andar ghut ghut k mar raha hoon . ....

  • nocturnal_enigma 9w

    * 27.8.2021; 3.36 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 596th post; 82 posts till 678th (Target)

    #Deadly #Dead #Silence #Hangs


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    -angs ~

    Inside my soul, there live deeply buried pangs.
    It's make me want to bare my hidden fangs.
    Inside my body; Heart and soul are gangs.
    It's noisy when the heart-beat keep bangs.
    Inside my mind, words are like boomerangs.
    It's bothersome. While deadly silence hangs.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 10w


    When all the luminosity of this illusive world falls apart,
    I find you in the umbral corner of my splintered heart,
    Beneath the barren sky where breathes not even a single ray of light,
    So that neither my shadow emerges nor my reflection evolves to steal my sight.

    Where my soul stands raw in front of you, in the state of ablution, in the position of Salah,
    The space between my breaths filled with my trembling voice summoning you, "Ya Allah",
    Where It's only you to listen when my feeble body falls in the state of prostrations,
    My tongue ceases, my soul whispers aloud, unveiling the depth of worldly lacerations.

    Where I can fearlessly shed drops of pain through my eyes,
    Seeking a single droplet of your forgiveness, vast oceans of sins that purifies,
    Even when I know no divine voice would ever revert back from the heavens,
    But still I find peace while I pluck the thorns of perplexing questions.

    I plead with you to flatten the accumulated sins at the seashore of my life, the silt,
    At the point of tangency of my forehead and the praying mat, gets dissolved my guilt,
    Where the jars of tales about me being betrayed and hurt, I endeavour to tilt,
    Exhausted I sit spreading my hands to beg, to restore the castles of my peace, I'd built.

    I may be the biggest of sinners this universe can ever hold,
    But your generosity O Lord, is enormous, you're forgiveness is multi - fold,
    The tears that drop forming a pond in my cupped hands with faded lines to pray, to plead,
    Renders solace as they are purest of all the rivers, through the chest of moutains that bleed.


    PS: Salah - Namaz
    Ablution- Act of cleansing one's body n face.
    Prostrations - Bending down to pray in Namaz.

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