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  • susann 23w

    New Age-(Day 57)

    I was walking wondering
    All this time
    Where is my soulmate?
    Where is my love?
    I was busy growing up
    I almost missed my step
    You picked me out of the field
    Held my hand and smiled
    Such a beautiful smile
    You were the one I have wished for
    Now you are here
    And I am speechless
    My heart is racing
    I'm excited and afraid
    Why I'm I afraid of this feeling?
    Losing my mind
    You guided me back to reality
    The most amazing moment
    I was myself with you
    We laughed and hugged
    My precious golden link
    You saved me my love
    My eternal friend
    I'm grateful for you

  • neverfinishesastory 191w

    Wake up

    Went to bed with anger flowing
    Hurt so much I wanted to scream
    Wake up kind of
    Half in and half out of sleep
    Drool dripping from my mouth
    Start looking at my phone
    And things have only gotten worse
    I don't want to wake up to this
    I would rather stay asleep
    Or not wake up at all...