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  • susann 25w


    Never satisfied
    An endless hunger
    You find reasons to punish
    Too easily
    More than reasons to love
    Too easily
    An excuse each day
    Why you can't be good
    Deeply mortified
    With your greed and ego
    Strangers think you are real
    But we know the truth
    You never love anyone else
    Things never ever changed
    Distance brings clarity
    Just a thin paint coat
    And now it's old
    Your true self shows
    And into the wind you go

  • olaoseibikan 130w


    I am conceived with so many
    Each day that passes
    Without living up to them
    Abortion without a fee occurs
    The death of the unborn
    Haunts me day and night
    Until i see the christening of another
    what i should have had
    If only i tried, right in my very eyes
    And i can't make it mine
    Because i lost it,
    The moment i lift not a finger to give them life

  • neverfinishesastory 192w

    My day in a nutshell

    From the moment I wake up
    Two people fill my head
    Looking at one and watching them sleep
    Smiling knowing he is ok.
    Reaching for my phone messaging
    The other, smiling when she messages back
    My day continues on like this spending time with him and exchanging things with her.
    I watch as they talk to one another more as well
    My heart is full
    The talking keeps going, sometimes til the wee hours of a morning
    Until one or all of us climb in bed
    Then it's good night time with kisses
    And everyone having their own heart
    I smile as I drift off to sleep thinking of them
    Waking up and my day starts all over again...

  • apassingsoul 227w


    The world may be considered a bag of lies
    and us living beings as insignificant

    But does that line of thought help us?
    Or make our present pleasant?

    With partial truth is it right to form our prejudices and waste our limited time?

    Instead cherishing the present, helping each other for common progress is truly divine