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  • barbietocatwoman 2d

    As I sink beneath my grave
    The weight of my sins
    The pull of desire of my whims
    I look at you as I wash ashore
    Marble for eyes, coral skin

    Brought down to my knees; pensive, illusory
    My hands in your hair; the taste of your grimace
    The feel of your smile in my palms
    The world you deny freely...your heart

    The person they believe you hide
    within and without

    That black hole that animates you
    I choose to inhabit, you darned wraith
    My brain you gnaw whenever you want
    And when I'm but a husk that you've devoured
    Please love the remaining pieces

    What am I saying?

    Better love them, succubus

    You fucking killed me


  • the_tyrants_pen 2d

    Confide in the darkness sometimes
    Not all comfort can be found in the light

  • __my__random__thoughts__ 2d

    I met good people in my bright days
    And candid people in my dark days

  • blank_space 3d

    Yu tu tum se Jada karib is dil ke koi nahi ,par tumhe baho me bhar ke tumhre or karib aane ki bat hi kuch or hoti hai, kaas tum yaha mere pas hote to ye pal ki bat hi kuch or hoti hai.

  • dracey 3d

    not insane, but not sane
    feeling empty, all too messy
    heart tied, pointless pride
    mind darken, poisoned by the burden


  • mike82 4d


    Children playing, swinging no delaying,
    Bikers bicycling near the park, before dark,
    Singers singing and praying, games their craving,
    Adrian and Mark, running from the dog's barks,
    Before the streetlights, so many late fights,
    Mother's screaming, gunshots in the air,
    Nightmares is what I'm dreaming, not fair,

    This used to be my playground...

    Sister's arguing about dolls, ambulance is called,
    Homeless folks are drunk and harassing,
    Gang violence is down the hall, we all fall,
    Not easily yoked, loved ones are passing,
    Father is never around, lost but never found,
    Death is a repetitive sound, our heads are down,
    Searching for answers in the clouds,
    What used to be silence is now extremely loud,

    This used to be my playground...

    Where are the peaceful children,
    Society troubles me,
    This is not living, what is life offering,
    Do you have to die to be free,
    Why can't I be joyful before being deceased,
    So sad that we can only rest while resting in peace

    Look around,
    Grandma would be so dissatisfied,
    Above the ground,
    Grandpa would never be satisfied,

    This used to be my playground...

  • hafisha98 4d

    Dark scary nigth
    Time we went out
    I never forget
    Day we lost
    I ran fast to hold mine..
    the Moment I miss
    hand of value
    Without you
    am no nothing
    Dark Knight lose us
    Without you - no
    more love for life
    Time to say good bye!!

  • michlls 5d

    Darkness in my heart

    The stiffness in my heart
    seems familiar somehow,
    reminds of of memories
    I erased when I broke apart.
    On that good day
    when I was fine,
    It reminds me of pain
    lurking deep inside.
    Once I got rid of which,
    those shadows of past,
    haunting of darkness,
    Reminds me of my past.

  • madinah_writes 5d

    Dear Devil

    Darkness was just a word you created from your book of vocabulary.
    Ugly is just another word you picked from your own dictionary.
    Sin is the twisted spell you cast on humans out of fantasy.
    For the world was created with nothing but light and beauty,
    Don't make things contradictory.

  • edward_3355 1w

    I wrote of darkness
    And she fanned the flames
    Borrowing fate's breath
    Nights dreamt of sleep
    Voids searched for winds
    Shores consoled the waves
    Silence clamored in the streets
    As the firmament shattered
    The ashes scattered my verses
    The dark waters shimmered

    #dark #poem #miraquill #writersnetwork

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  • brokengypsysoul 1w


    Don't be confused by false happiness from memories, your mind has a way of tricking you.

    If you find yourself missing them, remind yourself why they're in your past.

    Don't let the memories from the past contuine to haunt you today, you conquered them already.

    If a dark memory arises from the past, think of a positive from the same time.

    Don't dwell on past recollections, you are ruining today's happiness.

    Acknowledge the feelings associated with these memories, but don't let them stay, feel them, then turn away.


  • dark_carnage 1w

    The Wicked One.

    I know you.
    Hollow eyes,
    words concealing deadly lies.
    Always on the prowl.
    Preying on the weak,
    a frail soul is what you seek.

    I remember you.
    Bloodthirsty as ever,
    craving for tears that aren't yours to shed.
    Tell me,
    do you ever mourn the dead?

    I pity you.
    A mere silhouette in this gloom,
    treading a path of doom.
    Too lost, too late.
    To be saved.


  • majesty_ 1w


    You say I'll never understand
    And that makes me feel worse
    Cause what I carry I shouldn't stand
    And that feels like a curse
    There's always someone who's been where you have
    But that doesn't mean I don't cry ever
    Deep were the cuts wounds
    That never healed but scabbed over
    Scars that have never faded
    Cause they keep opening up with people's mentions
    Of the past that burns like holy water on a sinner
    But that doesn't matter; go live your life in ignorance
    Believing that your pain is superior to ours
    But again, nobody cares, so we, in turn, fade
    Hoping to escape the trauma of when we stayed


  • faceless90 1w

    Demons Atonement

    The shrieking unknowns will not cease with their woes until dieties dose them with preachings of hope.
    Though demons invoke the deceiver below they still dream of atonement from Jesus alone.
    So they plead unbeknownst to the people whom host their regime that's composed of a legion of ghosts.
    Through screechings bemoaned what they seek is now shown; they've been freed from their foe Lord Beelzebul's hold.

  • malartifice 1w

    The Prophecy

    In a hollow place
    At a broken time
    7 onlookers face
    The clocks final chime

    The clock strikes 1
    And the man in red
    Prays for safe crossing
    For all of the dead

    The clock strikes 2
    While the blind man cries
    Begging for reason
    And to see the sunrise

    The clock strikes 3
    And the old woman sits,
    A child in her lap
    And a knife in her fist

    The clock strikes 4
    And the child just stared
    He wanted to run
    But his mind was impaired

    The clock strikes 5
    And the scholar withdrew
    Blaming all that she saw
    On the strength of the few

    The clock strikes 6
    While the drunk man sings
    His lyrics of the end
    And what it will bring

    The clock strikes 7
    And the ruler looked down
    Resting his hope
    On the strength of his crown

    The clock strikes 8
    And the earth starts to shake
    The drunk man screams
    About the hour of fate

    The clock strikes 9
    And the old woman stands
    With her next breath
    There's blood on her hands

    The clock strikes 10
    And just before now
    The drunk man was laughing,
    Now dead on the ground

    The clock strikes 11
    And the rest all attack
    Only one of the seven
    Rests alive in the back

    The clock strikes 12
    And a child of nine
    Sits alone in a city
    Trapped by his mind

  • amairah021 1w


    tere jaane ke baad tere wapas aane ke umeed hi kahi kho gayi hai ...
    Ki ye tanhai meri zindagi ka ek hissa nahi meri zindagi hi ban gayi hai

  • gigachad 2w

    What is it about this woman?

    I'm so glad somebody asked me . Entering her is like walking into the most wonderful candy store in the world. Spending time inside of her is akin to cocooning yourself in the softest most exotic of silks. I remember I used to be able to press on her cute little tummy and feel myself just throbbing away in there. The hum was electric ⚡

  • heclamation 2w

    Winter stories

    Cold cold days are near,
    When sun doesn't want to rise,
    Cold breeze is what, sky only wears
    With a sprinkle of droplets it applies

    When the coldest of hearts
    Are tried to be kept warm
    Just as the day finally starts
    The light starts to take a turn wrong

    Night is the quitest time
    It brings the mind to think
    How lonely and how we're left behind
    Even though the mind is shrinked

    The smokes reveal their true dense colours
    The fire isn't hot anymore
    The vision slightly blurs
    Winter gives us a chance to explore.

  • liepa_malijauskaite 2w

    The forest of souls

    I once believed a tale of a forest,
    The one that's close to home,
    That there were lonely people,
    Searching for what they had lost.

    It said that once it's dark outside,
    One shouldn't go that path,
    As one of souls there flying,
    Could think that your their lost.

    But if that path for finding,
    For what you think you had,
    Then maybe what the dark is hiding,
    Are only souls that are feeling sad.

    So if you find the forest of souls,
    Be brave and go that path,
    As darkness sometimes,
    Hides not only the bad.


  • b_gotti 5w

    Tragically Forsaken

               She wears my role like a crown, I watch her ascend. When, while it was mine, we all nearly drown. In the end, I couldn't face putting my son in the ground. So ashes to ashes we all fall down. 

               Into the madness I boldly go. Yes I am a crazy bitch, but this you already know. I am told my reality is not, but a glitch . My kindness for weakness the final blow. Dealing with the cards I have been dealt has given me a twitch. So to cope With emotions I flipped the switch.

                Cold as ice, it is now time to think twice. Emotions now gone my tongue will surely slice. Like a knife straight to the heart, it will rip you apart. The will to care dead from the start. Misery shoots out from my very existence like a dart.

                I see the pain i should feel and try to remain sane, but inside my brain is a black stain. Where nothing is gained. Just darkness scattered by the rain. My emotions stay detained waiting for any control I can regain then actually retain.

                Hours to days then days to weeks. When I finally clear the haze, my outlook is bleak. The ones who are around me seem dazed and weak. Obviously, a battle's been fought and not without high cost. Surrender was sought, but now I am just lost. To the wind caution was tossed.

                 Now alone I stand in my own blood. Blood that soaked the land until nothing is left but dirty red mud. 

                 Nobody to care. Nobody who would dare love the girl with a devoided blank stare. Nobody to see inside she's bare but they also miss how, honestly, her courage is rare as is her persistence against despair. 

                  When all is said and all is done I will have to answer for all of the blood. It will be me who is to answer for the death of my son, and it will not matter how many horrific battles I have won. My judgment at the end of days will come down to the perception, of only one.  

                  My faith is broken from too many times of him ignoring the desperate prayers I have spoken. I can not make myself believe all the words in the Bible because, it's man who wrote them. So the fires of hell are waiting for me. Listen. Even now I hear my demons stoke them. It was always going to end that way it is not like I provoked them.

                   Since birth I have always felt forsaken. All happiness in my life is eventually taken. By God's will, or was it really satans? Inside my self was the only place I have ever felt strength in. Turns out, that is the place I went when my mind was breaking. Though even there I could feel my soul shaking and feel all the immense pain my body was in.

                   Could his evil have truly found me when I was the young age of 3? If so, where was God's love then to save me? Why has it never found me or set me free? 

                   As I feel satans horn push deeper inside, he stays astride. I know there is not a place on earth I can hide. I can not help but wish, I'd never been born. That way I'd have never felt my soul being torn or hold the knowledge that due to my scars, It's my dead child I'll always mourn. Who's to decide if I should stay alive? What if the guy with the crown of thorns never meant for me to survive? 

                   Until fate decides what is to be my destiny, here I will remain faithful to my misery. Living a life of banditry. Aggressively rejecting what was never meant for me. Forever seeking the love and peace promised to me, by the very same one who forgot it was he, that was supposed to save me. 

    Somebody please set me free.