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  • slaughtered_heart 3d

    I never knew him so close, yet I looked upto him for everything, I never had a friendly conversation yet he was always there for my ups and downs, I thought I feared him until I learnt it was the respect I had for him. I was never always with him yet living a life without him feels so painful.. I never prayed to God yet I curse him everyday for taking my love away from me. I never believed in love until his departure left an untreatable hole in my heart.I never realised I loved him until he was gone.
    I thought love would last forever, I was wrong...


  • manazscorpio 5d


    Wandering different streets
    Asked many for a single penny
    Being kicked by most
    Got dominated by powerful rich evils
    Cried without falling tears
    Shouted without a noise
    Bullied more often than not.
    Comes home with a smile our Dad
    Despite a lot of struggles
    And lack of capital
    Never allow us to realise
    The feeling of poverty.

    Can touch his tears now
    Every meal incorporates his whines
    The sounds still vibrate our ears
    Never thought I ever
    That emerge this day
    Back two days
    Encountered his death
    Witness were my eyes
    Victim was my dad
    The aftermath were my heart and mind
    Won't experience any more
    The smile again
    Silence prevails and rules me.

  • jaylin 1w


    I told him I wanted to die
    And he said 'do it, it's not like I'm the one your killing, if you wanna kill yourself go ahead, stupid"

    but I guess he was right because why should he care. It's my life I'm the one that decided I was ready to die.

    I asked him if he always wanted a child. he said "when you were just a egg I prayed that you would go down the wrong tube are get stuck upside down that way you would die and wouldn't have known life"

    The way he said it made it seem so normal I couldn't even be upset i was stuck between thinking it was a joke are just a figment.

    I dreamed of jumping off a bridge and I told him, I don't want to die but I don't want to be here anymore.

    "sometimes I'm not sure your my child, what's your purpose huh?"

    if you only knew how serious, how deranged my thoughts, you wouldn't make such jokes.

    Dad I hate you so much and I know I shouldn't but all you do is put me down and tell me I'm a burden. you always say I'm ugly and stupid and weird, in response I smile because what else can i do if I speak up I'll just be an incompotent child.

    maybe i just hate the light and seem to love the dark.

    I dread the moments that door opens and you come home from work.

    My smile disappears and I'm just prepared for the rudeness and deafening dispear.

    Is this how it should be shouldn't a father protect his daughter, so how comes when i told I was sad you just brushed It off as if I'm mad.

    I feel as if I could cry you rivers as you looked right into my face and you would walk by and not even acknowledge that your daughter is in pain.

    I feel as if I took a knife and dug it into my heart you'd step on my body and pass me by without even a second thought.

    Daddy I needed you yet you were never here you made me live my life everyday constantly in fear. I have no family and I have no home.

    there's nowhere else for me to go, and it hurts deep down because I had hoped you would care, are tried to talk to me about being scared you never once supported me or for what I cared.

    living in a place with all this toxic self hate and mental abuse I don't know what's the use, why mom stays I have no clue she's probably gotten so used to your snears and ugly minds game's.

    But I refuse to be disrespect and treated like I'm less.

    And yet i still loved you even when you weren't there, I hate you yet i love you and it's an unending fight.

    especially because everyday like clockwork you make me want to cry.

    but then again your just my dad that doesn't make you obliged to care, that doesn't mean you have to cry are miss me when I'm not there.

    Cause in your eyes I'm just another 99 percent of the people that die out there everyday.


  • jai 2w

    Are you blessed Dad or proud Daughter ?
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    A man told to his daughter ,
    I am so blessed to have you
    You're my Angel !

    Because your smile reminds me,
    heaven is here not too far !

    Daughter hug her dad &
    with adorable smile ,

    She said 'I am so proud of you "!
    Because you're the father of an Angel !


  • alankar_ale 3w

    That weak smile that he gave to his sons even when he endured pain was so beautiful.


  • aasim_writes 3w

    Everybody do lose faviiis, like some fam! Everybody does. But no one does care what the heck they make uhh upto, they left uhh upto? Uhh bein' strong person aren't supposed to shed off water, & Uhh know like give them Pains! Uhh as a lovin' person need to be stronger than Devil... And Uhh know, believe me, like they are watchin' Uhh right away from the Heaven

  • octavian 3w


    I can never forget the image of my dad gasping for breath .
    Sorry Dad ❤️, I couldn't help you.

  • jkhusty 3w

    I have read between the lines I don't know what I am missing,
    I have fallen too many times can you just pick me,
    My hands crave for the warmth that settled entangled in your fingers,
    I have read between the lines I don't know what I am missing.

    My door still awaits your arrival,
    My eyes are waiting a glimpse for survival,
    That smile of your would light up my world, then why?
    I have read between the lines I don't know what I am missing.

    Your face was the prettiest, I have said that a billion times in my mind,
    Why can I not say it when you were here, not in my mind?
    The face is still clearly imprinted on my mind,
    I can still guess the number of freckles by your eyes, the wrinkles on your forehead..
    I have read between the lines, I don't know what I am missing..

    #dad #sadness

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    I have read between the lines I don't know what I am missing,
    I have fallen too many times can you just pick me,
    My hands crave for the warmth that settled entangled in your fingers,
    I have read between the lines I don't know what I am missing.

  • brisky 4w

    Its been years daddy
    I really really missing you,
    My life would have been better
    If that day had not come.
    It was hard for me to deal with it

    If I know....,
    If I know that was your last phone call I would pick up,
    If I know that was your last bye bye I won't allow you to go out,
    If I know that was your last pat on my head I will hugged tightly

    I wish.,
    I wish I could see you again,
    I wish that this all will be a dream, badly want to wake up from this nightmare,
    I wish to get a phone call from you again,
    I wish to make that funny video calls again
    Those video calls always be like daddy show your face not your nose.its always hilarious
    But today those hilarious memories are so devastating
    In evenings I still waiting for your arrival.
    I used to shout hay hay!! daddy coming!
    That broad smile I can't even forget
    It's more than years but that smile not fade.

    I hope.,
    I hope you see me from there,
    I hope you see me that I'm missing you badly,
    I hope you see me everyday until we see again,
    I hope you remember that I used to get scold from my chemistry teacher,
    You know what daddy, I select chemistry as my subject I'm not kidding
    In these years life changed a lot
    Life without you is so hard
    Miss you daddy
    By your little girl
    #daddy @writersnetwork @miraquill #missing #dad

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  • octavian 4w

    Life and Death

    Between life and death , there's only suffering.
    Suffering can be anything.
    But it's our ultimate choice to come out of the suffering or else death won't be far enough.

  • octavian 4w

    Time can't do anything...!!!

    Time doesn't heal anything, It just increases the burden on the soul.
    Time doesn't tell you to move on kid, It just tells you to weep and weep until you can.
    Time doesn't teach you anything ,It just makes you more crazy.

    People say , your time will come , don't worry
    But it isn't the case , we come and go just like nothing .....!!!


  • octavian 4w

    Hey Dad❤️

    You came no matter what , whenever I dropped a tear for you.
    It's pouring down Dad❤️ , I can't find you now Dad ❤️.

    You gave me a cuddle , whenever I was sad.
    It's all dreadfully sad for me Dad❤️ , I can't find you now Dad ❤️.

    You're soo good to me Dad❤️ , even I wasn't mature enough sometimes.
    I am not mature enough for all this Dad❤️, why are you bad to me now Dad❤️.

    You told me stories of your struggle ,when I wasn't struggling enough Dad ❤️.
    I am struggling very hard Dad❤️ , why aren't you here to hear my story Dad❤️.

  • brisky 5w

    Dear dad

    Dear dad❤ im still here‍♀️
    I know you are working hard for us to give best life
    but badly I need you

  • ambi_16 5w

    Tu me Manques

    How much I miss your loving hug
    Hug that filled my heart with joy
    Joy to feel blessed for having you
    You quietly flew far without a goodbye
    But bye for now, not for ever
    Ever and again we shall meet
    Meet to hold your hand
    Hand in hand, tightest as I can
    Can never let you leave again
    Again together, even in the dream 
    We would remain a team


  • achal234 6w


    I wish i could sleep at night
    And don't wake up next mrng
    Suddenly i heard to sound of my dad ........... calling me "beta come here"

  • puzzled_thoughts 6w


    Today, I am allowing myself to be a little hurt,
    I am allowing myself to be able to mourn for you,
    Because you aren't there anymore.

    Days, months and now years have passed by,
    But I remember your last laugh, your last voice, your last heartbeat and never heard a goodbye.
    You gave me strength , you gave me hope,
    But then you left, and I yearned for more.

    Some relationships are weird, yours and I were like one,
    You taught me all, and smiled through whatever little time you had, and went alone.

    Everyday day I think about you, your face, your voice and every memory where I could find and meet you again in past,
    For there is nothing left at last.


  • dee_kye 7w

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    Colourful canyons

    Dad once said, "if you strive for the mountains, colourful canyons will naturally reach you."


  • sitharasadanandan 8w

    Gave nothing...
    Left something...
    Reminding Life is worth living..
    Eventhough it's hard....


  • rohitsayyed 9w


    एक बच्चे की सबसे अज़ीम दौलत,
    उसके मा-बाप होते है।।


  • angel_sneha 10w


    मंजिल दूर पर सफर बहुत हैं
    छोटी सी जिंदगी की फ़िकर बहुत हैं
    खा जाती कब की ए दुनियां हमें
    लेकिन माँ की दुआओं का असर बहुत हैं ....... !!