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    We have been like this for over two years. It's scary to think about, but I feel like I'm getting used to it, I feel like I'm accepting when I don't have the usual greeting to go back to. The former is gone.
    A warm hug with a friend you haven't seen in a long time may be gone forever. The spinning cheers will no longer work; unhygienic as well as perhaps the metaphorical misfortune and collision-shoulder. It’s hard to call arm and shoulder because, you know, social and physical distancing even at the metaphorical level. Or maybe even a high-five or a handshake will be too late. Flying kisses will be popular across ages.
    Like many of us today, my family does not leave the house. It used to be difficult to be hospitalized, but now it is more difficult, the plague is spreading to anyone, anywhere, especially in hospitals. Add to that the many must -pass checkpoints, including an explanation of why you need to get out of town.
    Talk about closed-community ties and inciting robust local economy, not surprisingly in the days to come, as long as there is no clear light on where this ECQ caused by the virus is headed, and-hopefully not! - Expenses have been exhausted due to unemployment, the online store will also become a job placement site. I also know many in different countries today rely on small-scale and fast trade over social media.

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