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  • asmat27628 3d

    I welcome your snow, December.
    So that I may sit wrapped in wool,
    By candlelight,
    The dog having nestled in as well,
    Watching the frozen rain accumulate
    On the branches of the birch and oak.
    Though I live in the city,
    I dream of loving you December,
    Even more – if I were in nature.
    Then I would feel closer to you,
    As a lover may feel,
    Or perhaps a mother to a child.
    I would know, I think, how to
    More fully know why I am in love
    With you.
    And being with you, December,
    Brings me to life.
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    Me and December

    December is when I met you
    December is when I felt for you
    December is when we kissed,
    Oh December i love you

    © asmat

  • hamallaxmi 1w

    I believe you had conversation
    With your own self
    Most of the times.
    I wonder has someone never
    Pretended that they were
    Listening to you.
    Coz you had special abilities
    To deal with the vision
    And the unbearable pain that
    Has snatched your sleep.


  • _rutu_writes_ 2w

    Let's talk

    A sweet conversation between two souls, null of judgements and hypocrisy.....
    Where you share your insecurities and behave childish!!!
    A blanket of love and romance wrapped the emotions and fear....
    Shoulders were for support in pain and anger was for care....
    A sweet conversation between two pure souls.

  • bano_the_shayara 2w


    Hum se log puchte hai ,
    Hum un se nazre kyu nahi milate,
    Ab kya kahu me unse,
    Ki jab aankhe chaar hoti hai ,
    To meri sanse ruk jati hai


  • jagruti_patil30 3w

    Aaj kal to sirf kaam ki baate reh gayi hai tumhe batane ko,
    Varna hum kabhi kaha aisi baate kiya karte the,
    Aab to aisa lagta hai ki vahi haseen lamhe pyaare the,
    Jab hum kabhi kabhi baat kiya karte the.....


  • pallavi4 4w

    Tell me

    Tell me that you’ve managed to move on
    From the shipwreck that we were
    That you’ve managed to salvage your life
    Now that you’ve replaced me with her

    Tell me she’s treated you well all these years
    That you’ve discovered life anew
    That enlightenment has found you and
    You’ve uncovered secrets known to very few

    Tell me your life is peachy and nice
    Wondrous, adventurous and beautiful
    That you are glad you made these choices
    That your happiness is irrefutable

    Tell me you are at peace with yourself
    That you’ve grown to be a real man
    From the quibbling teenage boy you were
    You can now formulate and execute a plan

    Tell me you’ve discovered a new way
    To lead a more fulfilling and gracious life
    That in the last decade you’ve managed
    To cut out all the pain and strife

    Tell me you are happy and prosperous
    That your everyday is filled with contentment
    That you’ve transcended bitterness
    And long past moved beyond resentment

    Tell me your most persistent dream
    Do you dream in colour or in black and white?
    Are you still dependant on others like you were
    Instead of your own strength and might ?

    Tell me of all your fears and qualms
    The fascinating inner workings of your mind
    Do you still find yourself stuck in unwanted
    Situations and at times in an awful bind ?

    Tell me you no longer fear death and the end
    That your heart is brimming with joy and pride
    That you no longer feel the need to constantly
    Shut down to figure things out inside

    Tell me that you want to tell me things
    That you need to go down this route
    I promise to hear you objectively and try
    To once again riddle you out


    7th of November, 2021

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill !

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “The Art of Conversation” (1963) by Rene Magritte

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  • iampraveena 3w



    You lose the moment you enter a conversation without an open mind.


  • piyushshri 5w

    A person's conversation with past self, after leaving behind young dreams #poem #selfrealization #conversation #childhood # dreams #memories

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    Did you exist?

    Do you exist?
    We saw the same dreams, you and me
    All the world in our light we could see
    That we are going to make this life grand
    There would only be joy
    No place for frowns
    The dreams we would live,
    simple but full of life.
    We would have it all
    Glitters of gold and sprinkles of silver
    From the sweet days of childhood
    to the unrest of teenage,
    we believed we'll make our days
    like faiytales and lores of grace?
    Do you exist?
    Growing up we parted,
    you remained in the dream,
    I walked way past
    you got what you wanted,
    I didn't last.
    I made something else,
    grand but not simple,
    gold but not happy.
    I wish you could feel
    how it feels
    to have everything but nothing
    to have all the joys but no joy
    Childhood's sweetness and teenage's unrest
    is long gone.
    So are you, my reflection.
    Maybe our dreams, were just mine
    And all this time,
    you didn't exist.

  • charcoalink 6w


    She - do you believe in magic?
    He - yes
    She - where do you see it?
    He - in your eyes


  • realityvision 6w

    How to have a healthy conversation with others?
    #conversation #healthy #happy #motivation #realityvision

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    How to have a healthy conversation with others?

    Mirror shows you the reflection as you are, you observe it as it is and try to improve where ever required, in the same way when someone says something about you, observe it fully and then respond where ever required. Have a nice day

  • doctor1994 7w

    I want those moments back
    When we used to converse with our eyes

  • loginfaith 8w

    T A L K

    I want to have a deep talk
    With someone who understands me,

    I want to talk while watching the moon
    And pretending that the night planes
    Are shooting stars,
    So that we can make a few wishes.

    I want you to feel that sharp
    Iced cold blade that flashes through your Heart in a blink of an eye when
    You think of a particular someone.

    I want to tell you how my breath Reek
    When I'm hyped.
    I want to tell you why Coitus with
    blindfold on is so romantic.
    I want to show you what star to talk to
    When your heart is stuck on hold
    I want to teach you how to extract feelings From ink
    I want you to smell and taste desire.

    I want to talk about why
    "butterflies in my stomach"
    is an understatement,
    I want to talk erotic, sensation,
    tell you how purity is never a priority
    And how love just hypnotizes,
    no matter how long you stand on ice,
    it never breaks.

    How one person can give you a whole damn Zoo
    I want you to talk to me and I want you to listen to me
    because it will give me a whole hunch of enjoyment.

  • unicornworld 9w


    Woh : tumhari shayri itni dard bhari kyun hoti hain?
    Main : Arre , dard bina woh shayri hi kaha?

    Woh : kahan gaya wo waqt jab muskurahat masoom si thi tumhari?
    Main : waqt ne hi looti hain berehmi se khushi hamari.

    Woh : Milti thi jab tum pehle, mohabbat pe yaqeen tha kamil.
    Main : Ab kaise batau janab, mohabbat ke naam pe fareb tha shamil.

    Woh : Zindagi ne kaisa khel hain khela?
    Main : Sabke qareeb hone ke bawajood lagta hain akela.

    Woh : ab jaana kyu Khush haal log kabhi shayar nahi bante.
    Main : kyuki shayri nikalti hain un dilo se jo tutke hain bikharte!


  • eyeenma 10w

    Hello there its your Heart speaking

    I started,
    Just a little connective tissues
    On the embryonic plate
    I dont even know what
    But with a hope
    Love of my mother nurtured me to
    Become functional
    Here I start

    Then my cells start to specialize,
    I start to grow and to divide
    Become bigger and my blip
    Gets a little louder
    I become a passage with Four hallways for
    The blood to pass
    I continue to grow stronger
    From Blip to lubb Dubb
    To growing love

    Oh the Ectodermal Neurons
    Give me a special ability
    To Grow my own Nervous system!!
    Hence I become the coolest Organ
    In the body.

    Oh my Man!!
    The Nervous system
    Can also Cause heart breaks .
    I work all day and all night
    Cus I am important
    I keep on beating
    Some times Pounding in the litte chest.
    Seeing everything
    Inside the mind and outside
    Reacting to the stimulations
    That make your life.

    I go On and On
    Across at everything you do
    Everyone you meet and feel happy about
    I dance a bit
    With every Hurt I cry a bit.

    But Hey there fellow,
    You must remember how important
    I am.
    For you have to take care of your
    Internal best friend
    That is me.

    I am Your Heart. ❤️

  • lifeistooochota 10w

    They are two phases here :

    1.The daughter died in corona,they are staring to stars and having conversation with eachother
    2.The daughter ran away from her house but her family celebrate every occasion in her absence !!

    #love #life #conversation #daughtersday #love #motherfather #musing #mirakee #microtale


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    They blowed the candles
    And wished her "Happy daughter's day"

    Mother - she would have been happy na,if she was with us (tears roll down)
    Father - wherever she may be..she will be happy always


  • vasubandhu 10w


    पाई पाई जोड़ रहा हु, कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।
    जो मन मार कर करना पडे, तो अपने गिले शिकवे निचोड़ रहा हु।
    जो देखे थे कभी मैंने सपने, वो सारे अपने मरोड़ रहा हु।
    मायूस ना हो गलत ना समझ, ये सब तेरे आने वाले सपनों के लिए जोड़ रहा हु।
    जता नहीं रहा के क्या क्या किये जा रहा हु, तुझे देखकर अपने सपनों से भी ज्यादा खुश हु।
    इसे अब क्या नाम दूं नही पता, कोई शिकन नही क्योंकि तू भी तो मै ही है।
    मैंने तुझे नहीं तूने मुझे जनम दिया है, नये सिरे से अपने सपनों को ही तो जी रहा हु।
    सुनाया करते थे अक्सर, "तु बाप बनेगा तो पता चलेगा", तेरे इस जिंदगी मे आने से ही तो सीख रहा हु।
    अपनी पंक्तियां लिख चुका अब तेरी जोड़ रहा हु, अपनी सबकी खुशीया कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।

  • vasubandhu 11w

    Fabric of Thoughts

    Lives are lived amidst, conclusions & confusions.
    Away from facts, oblivious of understandings.

    Labels, and gossips have a role to play.
    Putting relationship at stake and bonds to slay.

    The thread of communication lies at bay.
    Assumptions & delusions win the day.

    Lives are mortal & time is short.
    Whether we do justice to ourselves is worth a thought.

    Serene ways can always be sought.
    Not all the situations are wars to be fought.

    Beyond and deep lie right & wrong.
    We stick to the surface & get it all wrong.

    In the running times we just need a halt.
    Realistically ponder and levitate the fault.

    Everything is always simple and clear.
    We just need to be calm, we just need to be fair.


  • stellaire_mystique 14w

    Hope ≠ 4

    He : ....you deserve someone better than me who will keep you happy and will take care of you more than me....
    She : " standing silently in anger and crying"
    .... stop ! .....I don't want someone else.... throughout this connection...my love was for you....my care was for you...my loyalty...my efforts...my trust...my adjustments...my choices...even my life was for you only...
    Why can't you just try a little harder to just love me the way I deserve....I don't want anything else...but after all this you are asking me to make someone else your life....it's not a game....even after all this.... I can proudly say that out Loud that...I deserve you for every inch and bit of you...and I am not afraid or guilty of loving you.....
    From now on you might don't want me anymore...and I swear to you...I won't appear in your life for a single second...But I will love you for the rest of my life from a distance....This time * I will Love you only for myself * no more sharing of my love....
    I Love You & I am sorry....for....I can't Unlove You...
    °°°ALWAYS & FOREVER°°° ∞

  • anjaligosain 14w


    वो तार/डाक का ज़माना था
    जब दूरियां भी हसीन थी
    अब बात करते हैं तो भी
    कोई बात नहीं लगती।


  • lunalight 16w


    Some Little Conversation even which has end
    Was something Special if it is with you ❤️