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    We were destined to meet,
    Once a long time ago,
    And again after a while,
    We were meant to be grateful.


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    Tell me,
    As you play the lovely melody.
    What do you hear, what do you see?
    Do you feel the winds, or hear the sea?

    I lose myself willingly.
    And in a dream-like state,
    I had entered yours.

    Near the sea where the cliffs be.
    You hold an umbrella, covering me.
    Warm, not the Sun, but your smile.

    Tell me,
    What is of this memory?
    Reminiscent of the past,
    Or your heart's calming scenery?

    At me,
    You smile sweet and softly.
    Softly holding my hand,
    You take me on a little journey.

    Told me,
    "This journey has been short,
    But I enjoyed all of it.
    Next time, will you still come with me?"


    "But will I ever get to see you again?"


    #pastlife #oriental #chinese #tell #pod

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    夢境之旅 Your Dream


  • start_laughing 69w

    Teacher - बेटा, तुम बडे़ होकर किस देश की
    लड़की से शादी करोगे और क्यों ?
    Me - सर, चीन की लड़की से, क्योंकि वह अपना पेट घर के सारे कीडे़-मकोडे़ं को खा कर भर लेगी, जिससे मुझे कमाने की जरुरत नही पडे़गी।

    5 मिनट बाद मैं मुर्गासन करता हुआ पाया गया।


  • start_laughing 74w

    Media - Tik tok बैन हो गया है, अब आप सब क्या करेंगे?
    Tik Tok Stars - रख दिल पे हाथ, हम साथ-साथ‍❤️‍ बोलो क्या करेंगे।
    "हवन करेंगे, हवन करेंगे, हवन करेंगे"


  • start_laughing 76w

    संता - भाई कल एक chinese आदमी मुझे आँखे फाड़ - फाड़कर देख रहा था।
    बंता - चल झुठे, ऐसा तो कभी हो ही नहीं सकता है।
    संता - क्यों नही हो सकता।
    बंता - अबे, क्युँकि chinese आदमी की आँखें
    फाड़ - फाड़कर देखने लायक ही नही होती है।


  • ranjanrahul123 88w

    #Another poem @on CORONA VIRUS
    #CHINESE VIRUS#Fight against corona
    #Together we stand #Together we fight
    #Corona free india
    #Part time poetry

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    Ooo corona

    Ooo corona
    Tu yaha se bhag jaa n
    Tu kr rha h sitam
    Sab ke naak me dam

    Tu h chhota sa particle
    Har din likha ja rha h
    Tmpe article

    Tu itna chhota h ki aise dikhata nahi
    Tu normal tariko se mit ta nahi

    Pass aane pe badhte ho
    Door jane se ghat te ho

    Sneezing,khasi ,bukhar ,joint pain ,fatigue hai
    Tmhre lakshan
    Har koi symptoms dekh kr le rha action

    Log ghar me majburi me reh rahe
    Qki , koi chahta nahi tmhre chakkar me pade

    Tmhra puri duniya me h ek apna Lehar .
    Jaha ja rahe ho wha dha rahe ho apna kehar

    Har tarf tmhra hi hahakar
    Har news channel pe tmhra hi Samachar h

    Dekhte h tmhra rahta h kab tak jaadu
    Puri duniya tmpe kregi ek din kaabu....

    Oooo corona
    Tu yaha se Bhag ja na
    Tu kr rha h sitam
    Sab ke naak me dam....

  • _rakhi 89w

    Chinese media- one person died from hanta-virus!

    Indian media- Dekhiye kis tarah China me 27 log hanta-virus ke shikar huye!

  • mehna_z 89w

    #chinese food #wash hands

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    Earlier we wouldn't wash hands even after eating..
    But now we are washing hands because someone ate something...

  • themessage 89w

    You stand
    A distance
    Away for my
    Own good.
    I wave goodbye
    Because I know
    We should.
    If I weaken and
    Invite you in
    Walk away
    Love knowing
    I understand.

  • min_mythsna 98w

    Saranghae..ai na nangbu nungshi..ka hmangaih che..woaini
    He thought she was speaking nonsense
    Little did he know that she was just telling him that she loves him in languages she spoke.

  • ashiksasidharan 102w


    (If you can find peace, then you can also find happiness)


  • alone19 107w

    Friendship is
    the sweetest form of love..
    So when I say I'll be your
    friend 'till the end, it's as
    good as saying I'll keep you
    in my heart until its very
    last beat....

  • the_morning_cloud 125w

    ~ The Pearl You Lost ~

    I was the guardian
    Of the Pearl
    And you swore to me
    You would protect it

    Your eyes gleamed with
    What you called "love"
    And your hands open to me
    A welcoming aura omit

    I placed the Pearl in
    The palm of your hand
    Trusting that you would protect it
    Just as I did, a million years ago

    You smiled at me again
    And threw my Pearl behind
    The heart, I did not know once existed
    Crushed before the foe

    You continued to walk away
    And shouted behind for me to hear
    "Because you are a fool and
    Nothing more"

    Fueled with rage
    I stood before you again
    This time, you screamed in horror
    Shook to your core

    I thought to myself
    The Dragon worshipped by many
    Broken by a mere mortal?
    I replied "You are wrong"

    You are now a statue
    A painful memory forgotten
    One for passer-bys to look at
    One who does not belong
    - D.D


  • moltres_21 126w

    Mixed Mediums

    The small seeds in the winds.
    The sight of the open fields.

    You feel joy.
    The times were much simpler,


  • guafe_vc 139w

    To She I Once Loved

    A Taiwanese angel, or a perfection of Hanoi.
    Yeah I was just a youngin, but can't say I am a boy.
    All them I Love You's, and messages and video shoots.
    You left me hanging, like I was nothing to you.
    To this day I thought, of how I would still be with you.
    And to the Laos girl I adored, I adore you no more.
    To all the ladies I once loved.
    Thanks for the heartaches as my heart still yearned.

  • megzie_ssyk 144w


    You? Get, me? Yes. Si. Oui. Hai. En. Ha. Ohn.
    Yeah. Ya. Everyone gets me.
    But... Do I need to get me? Hells yeah!!! And I do. Till death do me part. I'll rest in peace. Not death, just sleep.


  • nocturnal_enigma 145w

    #motherlanguage_wt (9 lines poem) #challenge by @writerstolli

    * Please tell me , if you dont want to be tagged:

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mikeanthony @nakul_5097 @ann_oying @miss_rose_gold @idoitsolo_adan @kameelraziah_

    * 21st February was International Mother Language Day!

    * Coincidentally , it was the same date as my birthday! (I even wrote a post about it)

    * My mother language is #Malay as i'm a #Malaysian

    * Actually , i'm a #MixedRace of :- (#Malay+#Javanese+#Chinese+#Pakistani)

    * I fluent in Malay & English (both in speaking & writing)

    * But , I only know few phrases of Javanese & Chinese but dont know about #urdu language

    * First language :-A first language, native language or mother/father/parent tongue, is a language that a person has been exposed to from birth or within the critical period. In some countries, the term native language or mother tongue refers to the language of one's ethnic group rather than one's first language - Wikipedia

    * Wrung :- cause pain or distress to

    * Native :- a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.

    * Representative :- of a legislative assembly or deliberative body) consisting of people chosen to act and speak on behalf of a wider group.

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    Mother Language~

    Be proud of our mother language
    Dont afraid to show ; have courage
    But , use nicely ; avoid being savage

    Hold firm that thing called tongue
    Watchout the mouth ; it may stung
    Because wrong words can wrung

    Each of us ,is actually a representative
    Doesnt matter, of ; from which native
    Language ;makes us communicative!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

  • infinityatwill 149w

    Full marks hidden marriage
    Chinese novel fanfic
    Part 1: Tangyuan brat
    Part 2: die together or live longer!
    #part 2 #fanfic
    #novel #story #fanfiction #chinese #webnovel #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #love #family @mirakeeworld @mirakee #fullmarkshiddenmarriage

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    Part 2, "Die together or Live longer"

    As the kids were playing with woody Lu Tingxiao packed up the boxes they brought for picnic and looked at his wife in adoration for a while.. and finally got up with a blanket to sheild her from the howling winds. "They are playing well by themselves.. Now look at ME"

    Ning Xi turned back facing Lu Tingxiao and giggled at his jealousy that hasn't changed even after all these years. She opened her arms wide with the blanket and cuddled her husband in a warm hug.

    "Mr. Lu you are jealous of your own kids!"
    Lu Tingxiao creased his eyebrows together at her accusation. He closed in and whispered seductively in her ear "You are the one who made me become this way". Its her fault.. she made a mountain like man, uncontrollable like a teenager.

    Ning Xi bushed red like a tomato and hot from the sensations she felt, hugged him even more tightly and captured his lips deeply as if punishing him.. Punishing him for making her feel like every inch of her soul is being sucked out with his words.

    She broke the kiss after a while for air and breathed near his lips "I'll have to punish you! Punish you for making me feel like this.. like my soul is being sucked out with your every word!"

    No matter how many years they have been together he would still fall for her sweet words.
    No matter how many times they kissed he could never resist her sweet fragrance.

    Sometimes he wondered whether he was a tiger who fell in love with a bunny and became vegetarian or a cabbage who wanted to be eaten by his bunny.

    Obviously for the world he is a tiger bearing his claws. For his little bunny, he is a cabbage he specially prepared and offered to.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at his complaining little lover and gave a peck, then bit her lower lip.. planning to slowly savor her rosy lips.

    Just then a thought suddenly crossed Ning Xi's mind and she pushed him away looking straight into his eyes with a slight unknown fear.

    Lu Tingxiao puzzled at her action "what's wron-"
    Ning Xi interrupted him and spoke without a warning "Don't die before me!"

    Lu Tingxiao shocked at her sudden statement took a while to process what she said. After all they never had this kind of discussion. They always faced the world together. They were each other's strength.

    He finally gave a laugh and closed the distance between them "I can't live in a world you are not there"

    Ning Xi pouted and said "Niether can I ! ..then.. then let's die together!!"

    Lu Tingxiao could not stop his amusement at his little lover's words. He was both amused and emotionally touched. He smiled at her and cupped her face with his big palms "Ning Xi.. you are couple of years younger than me.. I don't want your life to be cut short".

    Hearing this Ning Xi's eyes welled up. She looked straight into his eyes with those teary eyes and sniffed as if he was making her do something she didn't want to. After a while she finally said with a child like stubborness "Then live longer!!" If you want me live more years then you have to live longer too!!

    She immediately enveloped him in a tight hug and kissed him deeply as if trying to become one and share their life essence with each other.

    "Seasons may change, World may become stranger, But their love will live forever."

    -------------The End------------

  • infinityatwill 149w

    Full marks hidden marriage
    Chinese novel fanfic
    Part 1: Tangyuan brat
    Part 2: die together or live longer!
    #part 1#fanfic #novel #story #fanfiction #chinese #webnovel #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #love #family @mirakeeworld @mirakee #fullmarkshiddenmarriage

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    Part-1, "Tangyuan brat"

    Its been a while since they had a picnic.. time flies fast.. tangyuan is already eight years old.

    Ning Xi stood watching her kids play ball with their dog on the field. They bought a puppy when they went vacation a year back. Tangyuan wouldn't leave the pet shop and was very stubborn.. bratty as usual.

    Lu Tingxiao reluctantly agreed and gave heavy instructions that only tangyuan will care for it and no one should help her. And he warned tangyuan, If she fails to do so her puppy will be sent away. Tangyuan being the brat she was, didn't think much of it.. she just wanted a puppy!

    Actually, Lu Tingxiao didn't have any problem getting a puppy for her. He actually thought it would be good for tangyuan to raise one so she would learn responsibility. But it will only work if she takes it seriously and care for the puppy.

    Kids are usually like that.. they cry and act stubborn till they are given what they ask for and later they lose interest and leave it.. only for parents to take care of it helplessly.
    Lu tingxiao wanted to avoid such a situation and make tangyuan to take responsibility for it. After all its a living thing not some toy.

    As expected, they did have some problems initially.. tangyuan tried to escape little things like taking woody for walks or feeding him.. she would give excuses about having some work and order maids to do it. when nothing worked she would go to Lu Jungli's and play same tricks or leave woody in his home for days.

    If someone asks where woody is, she would naturally say that her second uncle wanted to play so she lend her puppy for her dear second uncle.

    Lu tingxiao still saw through all her excuses and kept strict watch on her. As she couldn't find any more excuses to escape work and along with her father's warnings that he would send woody away.. to someone who would love and take better care of woody, She started to take care of his daily routine and finally adapted to that lifestyle.

    Waking up early to take woody for walks and feeding him on time. She even took him to dog training classes regularly, ofcourse along with her big brother, little treasure. With in six months, changes could be seen in her lifestyle. There was finally some discipline.

    Ning Xi looked at her children with happiness and pride in her eyes.

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    I really love this song so I will share this to you. Please listen to it if you can. It calms my heart ❤ Song cover by Lady Luna but originally sung by Teresa Teng
    #songlyrics #chinese

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    ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen
    wo ai ni you ji fen
    wo de qing ye zhen
    wo de ai ye zhen
    yue liang dai biao wo de xin

    You ask me how deep my love for you is,
    How much I really love you
    My affection is real
    My love is real
    The moon represents my heart