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  • selflessly_blissful 1d

    Continuity breaks all our illusions.

  • aesthete_foreverr 4d

    BEWARE: Priorities will Change!!


  • peppy_writing 4d


    Life is like a Wardrobe
    No matter how badly you want to buy new clothes
    If you don't get rid of your old clothes
    that drain your energy
    You ll never have space for new ones

  • dais_yblossom 1w

    Life v/s heart

    I Understood !
    Life do change in the blink of an eye.
    But Does our heart adapt ?
    Think it wisely !


  • octavian 1w

    The Spectacle

    The stories are always the same and only the characters change.

  • sadatsyed 2w


    I couldn't hear ur heartbeat as loudly as it was beating for me
    When u even saw me a lot far from you...

  • angels_halo_shines 2w


    Allow us to welcome Autumn 🍂
    Always my favorite season of the year
    Accelerating moods are in demand
    Allowing time for loving memories
    Accepting change difficult at times
    Alignment is a must
    Allow us to welcome our Autumn 🍂

  • darkness_of_the_sky 2w

    1st October 2021

    I’ve been searching for me,
    In a love tainted world,
    Through hopeful souls,
    Guided by stars in the dark stretched sky.

  • anupriyachauhan18 2w

    Change is the only Constant - Pt.2

    "To love someone long-term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be" I wrote in my poem. And suddenly a thought strikes me as I write that what if you attend those funerals with a heavy heart because you dont want them to outgrow the people they used to be because you fell in love at the first place with who they were. You think maybe you are the next one they outgrow. Maybe they become someone who wouldnt any longer be conducive to your growth. Maybe they will hinder your success , growth and all that you are yet to achieve. Maybe they are taking way more from you than they are serving you in return. Maybe or maybe not. Love is the most dangerous , for you open your heart and keep it at stake and leave it on the other person to play with it howsoever they want to.

  • giridhar1529 2w

    Something I never said...
    Something she always understood...
    That changed !!!


  • isidoredelpierro 2w


    When we were little we were taught,
    to think before we spoke,
    and plan before we acted.

    We didn't learn till the day came.
    We were behind enemy lines,
    full of regrets.

    Oh! The monsters we'd woken.
    We couldn't put them back to sleep.
    Could we?

    Oh! The ginnie we'd let out.
    We couldn't put him back in the bottle.
    Could we?

    Oh! The crying baby reaching out for air.
    We couldn't turn her back into a foetus.
    Could we?

    Oh! The words we'd let slide off our flippant lips.
    We couldn't unsay them.
    Could we?

    Oh! The cum we'd jerked off.
    We couldn't put it back into the pipe.
    Could we?

    Oh! The souls we'd slandered with our evil tongue.
    We couldn't un-kill them.
    Could we?

    Plan, learn, let sleeping monsters lie, wish good, teach the children, be kind, think healthy, be truthful.

    You can sink in regret,
    Or just do the next right thing.
    But you won't, will you?

    Or you can try to run away from nemesis.
    Run like you've always done,
    like the little girl you are.

    On your mark! Ready! Go!
    Alright, champion.
    Let's see you run from your shadow.

  • flying_colors0125 3w

    True love

    In love we often forget
    Our originality
    but "True Love"
    never needs a change
    it lets you to be "you"

  • _spxys_stories 3w

    All the surprises

    She was not surprised when she heard about his wedding date, she was not even get out from the surprised change in his behavior.

  • lettersinink 3w

    Let's change the world

    Don't you think it's time
    to change our world a bit
    to change our perspectives
    to change ourselves a bit.

    Don't you think it's time we learn
    that a woman has dreams too
    that she breathes air and lives too
    that she has feelings too.

    Don't you think it's time we see a woman
    as someone with equal cerebral capacity
    and not a Barbie doll on the shelf,
    that we rewrite our fairy tales
    and weave stories of brave women
    and not damsels awaiting Mr. Prince Charming.

    Don't you think it's time we knew
    that equality is not only physical
    that a girl can voice her opinions too
    that she has the right to succeed too.

    Don't you think it's time we accept
    that a woman can work and manage a house too,
    that a man can work and help in the kitchen too.

    Don't you think it's time we understand
    that a woman's body is hers
    that she has the right to choose
    that she is not an object but a human too.

    Don't you think it's time we realize
    that a victim is not to be blamed
    and the culprit is not to be protected,
    that a woman is not be shackled
    but it's our vile thoughts that should be chained.

    Don't you think it's time we must be taught
    that a man and woman are not antithesis
    but a different version of the same species,
    that we do not succeed by defeating the other
    but by joining hands and working together.

    Don't you think it's time we acknowledge
    that we as women need to change ourselves
    that we must give up hate,jealousy,ego and have each other's back,
    that we are not rivalries
    but the same spirit in different bodies.

    I don't know what you all think
    but I think it's time to change the world
    that it's time we let a girl breathe
    it's time for women to join hands, break barriers and march into a better world.

    Kavya Menon

  • peppy_writing 4w


    MEANING - The stain was on my face BUT i was clearing the mirror.
    I just went through this lines today
    It taught me something great
    We always try to blame the other person or situation
    We always try to see the negatives in one another
    When we forget to look at our ownselves
    When we forget to look at our own mistakes
    LEARN - Instead of trying to change the whole world just try n change only single person YOU
    Just try n change a perspective of how you look at things n people.

  • diamond49 4w

    Some say..
    there's no one to listen to them
    Why don't they listen to someone?

  • mysterysmile 4w

    Every Change isn't a pleasant one
    #change #mirakee #mythoughts #feelings

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    Tareek to vahi thi
    Hum badl gye thy
    Jo Din khushi detta tha
    Aaj aasu laya tha
    Dekho waqt badl kitna badl he

  • _bechi 4w

    Might change my mind about this one later...or even edit the heck out of it and transform it into something else.....the title also I was feeling very indecisive about it... nevertheless it all made it on here.... ��❤️❤️❤️������������������ ������ Hello again #change #mirakee #feelings #mutation

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    Do you ever grow tired?

    Tired of having to survive
    Tired of desiring something
    Tired of having those desired somethings come and still having more desires.
    I get exhausted of how our body , our soul frantically seeks self nourishment...
    How our eyes restlessly searches for that one thing that could bring it that satisfaction i can't seem to find within myself.

    Constantly caught in a state of imperfection,
    I am a state of imperfection....
    With each passing day.... I find that part of me that requires some completion..

    I grow weary from endlessly fighting to be enough....
    I work and I work and I work
    But I never outgrow being judged
    I would think my ability to be lambasted would wither off...
    But it remains... And each level of perfection I strive to attain
    On garnering all that is needed
    I see once again something else to fix.

    I am to consider myself to be lacking errors..
    To be art
    To be a masterpiece
    Or at least so I am told
    But how does one do that when I am also made to understand that growth, change, improvement, superiority are all essentials.

    Makes me think....
    That one amazing canvas stained in paint...
    That has been placed right in the middle of the gallery...
    It suffers no expectations of mutation...
    It is done...it is finished it is perfect..
    It is viewed and admired....
    No one calls on its painter....
    No one expects it's creator to approach with a brush and paint to correct,change or highlight any part of it.

    Why then am I a masterpiece
    And still expected to go through these endless processes and levels of mutation.
    And if I am art....am I not to have a creator?
    And as I do...
    Should not my creator alone
    be concerned with any form of mutation
    Expected of me?... should not my creator
    Make each and every single amendment requested of me?

    Why then must a work of art correct it's own errors...?
    I came to be... through the creative power of a being.....
    I belong to said being...
    Ergo my good qualities should be credited to said being, and any limitations I posses should be directed at said being for correction.

  • in_fragments 4w

    Summer's Subtle Surrender (Tautogram)

    Sunlight, skies, spirit's sensations
    signal summer's subtle surrender-
    seasons symbiotically settled,
    soared, spun, sunk, swallowed, so
    spheres start stirring, shifting, sharing
    spurring, swirling seas, spying
    stretching sands sleeping,
    sensing sacred, streaming
    snow spells soon.

  • in_fragments 4w

    Dance of Seasons

    Autumn touches down
    in her dress of swirling leaves,
    twists into the night-
    dancing off summer's frenzy
    before winter's listless freeze.