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  • tuiethetweety 79w

    "my thoughts for Mirakee"

    to my dearest Mirakee,

    mirakee may no't have a vocal sound,yet constantly keeps on saying millions of words of those,
    who does have vocal tone,yet unable to speak out those innate and deepest pearls from the bottom of their hearts and minds.
    mirakee speaks for us all,on our behalf.
    it speak our thoughts out to other numerous people.
    silently we cry here,share our untold feelings,
    mirakee never gets tired of us,in fact encourages us to open up more and reach out to others.
    conveys our message to the world.
    despite being just a four year turned,mirakee
    has way more maturity than us,the adult ones.
    mirakee is my best friend.
    'mirakee' today you turned four,you've become one step bigger now.
    I wish that one day you will be so big.
    the biggest platform ever on Internet world.
    I want you to live for decades.
    wish your highest success.
    I believe,everyday you are born,so every day is your birthday.live long.
    -yours lovingly me.

  • be_nidhi 79w

    @carolyns_challenges: I know the challenge is over but just wanted to wish Mirakee a very happy birthday. Couldn't help!!!! I am so grateful that it brought an angel like you to me!!!!!! And I had to express it!!!! Love you, Mirakee!!! Love you, Carolyn!!!! Love this community!!!! First of its kind!!!!! May we all be blessed always!!!!!! XOXO!!!!!����������������������⭐

    #cees_hbm_chall #mirakee #happybirthdaymirakee #happy4th

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    Happy Birthday Mirakee!!!!!

    Dear Mirakee

    You've brought so much love to me
    You've brought friends & angels to me
    You've brought me freedom
    Freedom to express & be
    Freedom to be understood
    An art to transmute pain
    An art to transmute darkness
    An art to feel & heal
    You're such a blessing to me
    In this world of meaningless social media,
    You stand out; raising standards beyond
    I hope you keep growing & flourishing
    And our bond strengthens & keeps deepening!
    Wish you a very Blessed Happy Birthday!
    May this happy caravan expand everyday!


  • vampirecadence 79w

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIRAKEE ���������� #writersnetwork #mirakee #cees_hbm_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork July 19, 2020

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    Apart from wishing you happy birthday,
    I had few other wishes some can't come true,
    but still I'll recite it so that I don't feel so blue.
    I'm glad! so glad I found you when darkness
    was making me sleep and was raising me in its bed,
    I was no less than a dead and my heart chambers were smoked cos I had nothing left but poison inside my head.

    I was mere a lifeless, everything was breaking me and I was walking with so many side effects.
    I remember I found you in September 2018.
    I was so happy posting my very first post. I had so much inside of me that was making me hollow everyday.

    I wish you had started earlier and I wish I had met you in year 2015 if only you had started that year, maybe I wouldn't have lost myself and maybe I wouldn't have wounded myself by keeping thousands of things inside of my head.

    I wish I had met you when I was struggling with so many delusions and illusions that kept me awake for years and soaked my eyes in tears.
    I wish I had met you when I was giving myself bruise and was completely diverted from my path.
    I wish I had met this brilliant community that possibly is the best because they make me believe there is still hope and I love when they appreciate and shower you with their love.

    Those many years when I felt alone, darkness came by my side and plucked my emotions, my happiness and my smile.
    I felt worthless because I was being controlled by my demons and everyday I felt no more than a living dead, holding his emotions and hiding from everyone, but inside I was completely shattered, battling with so many things and was fighting against my own evil who was reflecting me as devil.
    These wounds, bruises and scars that I've given myself hasn't gone anywhere but since when I have found you, I've found me somewhere and that I'm glad I found you though late but I found you.

    Still trying my best to gain possession over myself because those nights still some days haunts me, scars still looks fresh and whenever I see my reflection, I can see the unrest.
    I can write even more but I'm having difficulty finding words for you at this moment so I'll end it here but I'm sure someday, I'll try to express my love for you even better than this.
    Happy birthday to you! I hope you grow and grow because If you'll grow, I'll grow too with you.
    LOVE xoxo

    - vampirecadence

  • _k_phoenix 79w

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRAKEE @mirakee #cees_hbm_chall
    I write what I feel. I started writing when I was in class 1 but writing here since 2 yrs has changed me into someone who my older version would be proud of. I learned a lot about myself and people around me while struggling with words to give my thoughts and feelings enough time to understand and express. And reading posts of amazing fellow travellers here tapped magic in my heart.
    In last two years, if i have to thank someone who influenced my life the most then it's YOU .

    A big thanks to the entire team behind mirakee. This isn't just a app. It's feeling. ✨❤✨ a blessing.

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    Mirakee : My soulfriend

    Just like
    Pain demands to be felt.
    Love demands to be felt.

    Writing my heart out demands Mirakee.


  • amrita_n 79w

    A very happy birthday @mirakee

    Mirakee is the place where we write our emotion..
    When we write, we get satisfaction...❤❤

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork 19~07~2020

    @writersnetwork thankyou very much for like!!!❤❤

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    with you. Who
    understands me
    better than you? Have
    been together for two years,
    but now it seems like I can't live
    without you. Happiness was come
    life since you me t. Today you have
    completed four y ears. Hope you
    stay with us like this. I love you so
    m- u- c- h. m-ira-kee.

  • _mathematics 79w

    Happy 4th Anniversary Mirakee,
    I know it's late, there are some talks I intend to say.
    Everyone here has put their gratitude and emotions in their write-ups. Same I am going to do in my kinda mood

    At first, you were unknown to me
    Neither I befriended nor you did to me
    It was a phase of in and out
    Without thinking of the appreciation and praise
    Of the words, I express for someone I name
    Later, I earned good and great
    The fellow Mirakeeans, I follow now
    Have Ph.D. degree in vocab which I never had
    Before your place, I was a bunch of silly
    Words uttering stumbled feelings to someone I Phrase
    Now, it's me who can entice the scholars
    Your badges lend me more courage than a scholar badge in graduation, which I tried every time.
    Your system sometimes get hijack
    But no worries, you still come back
    Many more to confess yet
    You are the app, I am blessed I get.
    Instead of filling my diary, I love to write over you
    Because you are the reason for the words
    Expressing emotions for someone I chase
    Made me Beleive in my true self as you.

    @mirakee @lovenotes_from_carolyn
    #cees_hbm_chall @carolyns_challenges

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    Instead of filling my diary, I love to write over you
    Because you are the reason for the words
    Expressing emotions for someone I chase
    Made me Beleive in my true self as you do.

  • amree_the_little_cactus 79w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @sammie75_bpl #cees_hbm_chall
    Happy Birthday Mirakee ��������������
    An Abode of Miracle !

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    Hey, its been a year ago
    I wished you happy birthday
    But I can't believe
    I can't believe this, cause
    I feel a day before I wished
    You the same, I can't believe
    And you turned to four
    You & me are together now for three!
    I just missed a infant you
    But I promise you, I'll never leave
    And I beg you the same !
    Please yeah, keep me with you
    When I have nothing to do
    When I'm weary and stultify
    You takes me around the world I feel
    When I kneel down and cry out my pain
    You are on my shoulders I feel
    When I have no one in my side
    You are the voice of my feelings I write
    When every words I wrote you sing
    There are many like me I feel
    When I feel all alone yeah
    You showed me I'm not the one
    Do you know, all the time you are the one
    One who makes sound of my silent pain
    Do you know, they say that
    First thing we think of every morning and
    Last thing at night caused us happiness
    Or pain
    Do you know, you are the one
    I see you at every morning light and
    I see you at last star shines of every night
    Then, you are the one brings me smile
    You are the one with I enjoy every time.

  • himanshi_sharma 79w

    #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #cees_hbm_chall
    #yaminireads #alfia_writes #yaish_ #aryan22 #etherealc @writersbay @timeblossom @odysseus #pari_s #rwu @writersnetwork #tanzread

    Mirakee , you have such a huge heart .
    You are all the feelings
    personified in just one app.
    If only I could put it all in words ,
    it would be an ocean trying to wrap
    the love you showered on me.
    You give voice to my words and
    hear when I shouted in silence.

    Mirakee ,
    born of a love of surface and structure ,
    Of words ,
    Of dancing and tired syllables
    of music and poems
    you give us all a place we call home .

    Mirakee ,
    you are an ethereal world created
    through the poetic
    imagination and feelings .
    Ethereal is not a thing ,
    nor an adjective but how you
    taught me to see this world.
    Ethereal is writing
    a poem about someone else's pain
    in your words .



    Wish you a very happy birthday mirakee������
    May u always keep growing the same!
    Thank you @mirakee for always being there for me
    for showing me light and giving me a family here.

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    Ethereal is not a thing ,
    nor an adjective but how you
    taught me to see this world.
    Ethereal is writing
    a poem about someone else's pain
    in your words .


  • tega_benny 79w

    Happiest birthday beloved Mirakee, the day I walked through this door, I discovered a blessing, and I say, thank you. ��❤️❤️��������

    #cees_hbm_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Aimlessly, I left my shire after a long trial
    In search of something unidentified to my shortcomings
    Saddled with a hobo bag of nothing
    Buckled in a scrunch of hooey letters
    I set out into the world, to share a leftover story with the unknown

    A kind key showed me a door I'd never seen before
    On it was written, "mirakee, a writer's paradise and home to all"
    It was a trouvaille harbor, as I stood by the entrance, unsure of my qualification
    And another sign read, "every pen speaks, if you can listen, because poetry lives in the heart"

    I unstrapped my satchel and sat with different faces
    Who spoke of love and life, of war and more
    New words welcomed warmly
    Poesy told me of many secrets and mirakee never stopped smiling

    I was a phoenix, living the life of a penguin
    All I knew was to waddle, oblivious I could soar
    I found wings and took off to the peak of passion
    Mirakee shouldered my thoughts, with the gift of a wonder pad that could never run out

    A mistaken port that has become my querencia spot
    Always tender, full of hope, my comfort zone
    No matter how far I wander from time to time
    I will never forget,
    I will always be close,
    I will always return,
    as there's no place like home.

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  • aarya__ 79w

    July 18 , 2020

    Laying out a stage for verses
    Benefits of a wallflower.
    Where words come easy
    Thinking is facile.

    Hesitant thoughts become a muse
    Scribbles , scrawl are all persued
    You seek , you gain , you learn here ;
    Art is valued.

    Merci my patron
    Ally for a dilettante
    Ethereal ticket away from the chaos
    Shine bright and prosper.


    Happy 4th Birthday Mirakee. Keep growing ��

    #cees_hbm_chall #pod #mirakee_reposter @lovenotes_from_carolyn
    #etherealc @writersbay

    Image credit : Pinterest

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    Happy Birthday Mirakee


  • zoya_charmz 79w

    "Happy Birthday Mirakee" ��������������

    Cheers to it's 4th birthday �� ��

    Mirakee love❣️

    #cees_hbm_chall @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    #etherealc @writersbay


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    Mirakee - The Peacemaker

    I was lost in the infinite blackhole
    Was travelling in an unknown satellite;
    When life was playing a foul game
    I dumped it exactly right there.
    Suddenly, I perceived my inner self,
    Tried to push my fears away
    Broke the walls of limits and
    Discovered the cosmos of my own life.
    I began to breathe again
    I learnt to live once more
    Began to express my emotions into words;
    Found solace to my anarchic mind
    And launched myself into the "Mirakee World".
    Mirakee is the app connecting words to soul
    An Ocean full of emotions
    I unearthed the hidden treasure and
    The everlasting symphony of my life.
    It's an awe-inspiring journey
    Unveiling my inner self,
    It's a peaceful ethereal journey of my life
    Cherishing the moments everyday.


  • voiletblackfire 79w

    Mirakee has given wonderful gifts to me and I very thankful for all of them. @mr_lucifer @hharshitha @syedkumailrazvi @__rudy_boy__ @ckfilvan @crying_skiies @arumati333999 @scar_on_stars @mr_mystery��

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    It's my stage
    It's my praise
    It's family
    It's friends
    It's wonderful
    It's creative
    It's my favorite app
    It's my Instagram
    It's something I deeply care and love
    It's Mirakee

  • sweedle 79w

    I know I was supposed to write it poetically but I couldn't. Sorry about that ! But thanks for tagging me and reminding me of this wonderful date @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    A very happy birthday to you @mirakee

    #sweedledsouza #cees_hbm_chall #birthdaypost #happybirthday #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #pod #wod #letters

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    A letter to the birthday kid

    Dearest Mirakee,

    I wish you the happiest birthday today. You turn four and I turned three about hundred and sixty one weeks ago. (That's when I started writing on this platform) I had no idea how to present my work, whether it was to use a simple hashtag or tag someone's name who would take time to read what I wrote. I looked at the other writers gaining likes and followers with envy and kept questioning my abilities (I was a naive child who didn't know that you don't need to write to impress but only express) . A lot of times I wanted to leave but you didn't let me, you held me close and pushed me to work harder on my skills and keep writing. And then when I wrote a short story about Paper , my post was liked and reposted so many times, strangers wishing me nothing but the best and encouraging me to write such stories and since then I didn't look back and went on to write my first book , all because of you. I have been irregular in between but that doesn't mean I have forgotten you. Thank you for making me watch my reflection in the mirror with pride and satisfaction.

    Loads of love,

    © Sweedle

  • k_kshitij 79w

    A Very Happy Birthday Dear @mirakee ! ����


    Mirakee: A Tree of Soul

    We arrive as aliens in this world,
    All for our own motives-
    Some to fill their loneliness,
    Some to mend their heart,
    Some to find love and
    Some to sculpt their words.
    But we can't help notice
    Having arrived at
    An alluring new world.

    A world whose population
    Believes in one religion, has one faith,
    Are enwrapped in one skin,
    Speak one language,
    Transact in one currency,
    Talk, walk, eat, drink but one thing,
    Dream but one dream- Words.
    Words that move them,
    Words that inspire them,
    Words that mesmerize them,
    Words that gave them an identity,
    Structured in the form of verses,
    Poems, stories, proses, essays,
    Speeches, dedications and what not.

    In no time, the outsider
    Becomes a part of community,
    A member of a family
    That wishes his/her growth.
    Art inspiring artists here,
    Artists inspiring the Art itself.
    The bonds flourish with fellow members
    As hand-in-hand we sit together,
    Gathering around gaining wisdom from
    This tree of Soul!
    Whose roots being passion and creativity
    Spread deep and firm in the ground.
    The tree has been a protector for some,
    A healer for some, a teacher for some
    And witness to love, loss and all that's life of all.
    All it does is gives, without any expectations-
    And it shall do for generations to come,
    Just maintain it's sanctity and piousness.


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    Mirakee: A Tree of Soul


  • starrdust 79w

    #cees_hbm_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork

    PS: Extremely sorry @lovenotes_from_carolyn mam for this late post. I hope it gets a chance.��

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    Mirakee: My delievery man!!

    Flowers evoke different senses of an individual.
    While someone finds them a pleasure for eyes, it is the deep fragrant breath that cleanses someone else's soul.
    For some it is a gift of joy, for some condolences for sorrow.

    For a writer, her words are the flowers ,
    she weaves them into beautiful garlands and bouquets and gifts them to every reader.
    Every reader is provoked differently while the writer just smiles for her flowers are blooming in someone else's mind.

    I thank mirakee for being my delievery man and helping me reach out to wonderful readers and writers ,
    helping me evoke my senses and that of others through my 'flowers'.
    Being on Mirakee has been an exciting journey,
    it has taught me to be a patient reader and a constant writer.
    It has provided me the opportunity to be part of a creative community
    and to serve the world with my thoughts.

    Happiest birthday mirakee!!
    I just wish you to have no errors and bugs and work as smooth as ever!

  • mirakeewrites_ 79w

    If life be a fabric, mirakee is the finest needle that allows me to sew the most beautiful tapestry to it.
    If life be a painting, mirakee is the brushstroke that makes it ethereal.
    If life be a rainbow, mirakee is that sunlight without which this rainbow would be too faint and dull.
    If life be a song, mirakee adds the rhythm to it, making it melodious,magical to the ear.
    If life be a school, mirakee has been a great teacher to me, teaching me about different experiences,lessons, behaviours,most importantly womderful people, it has given me a completely different perspective to life.
    If life be a book, mirakee is my favourite chapter that I can read over and over again and yet it remains as magical and interesting as the first time.
    If life be a galaxy, million stars hanging and shimmering, mirakee is my pole star always guiding me through the right path even in darkness.
    If life be story, mirakee is the favourite character of that story which stays in my heart forever.

    M. I. R. A K. E. E.
    I. S.
    M_ My solace in chaos of this world
    I _Inspiration for me and many more people
    R _Radiant with wonderful people & thoughts
    A _Alive with all emotions and expressions
    K _Kind of haven for me ,where I can be myself
    E _Ethereal world, that is hard to find anywhere else
    E _Eternal Love,the kind which exists only in books

    Lots of thanks Mirakee. oops miraquill.....
    and Happy birthday����


    #writersbay @writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    #mirakee @mirakee

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    Mirakee is the.....
    Heartbeat to my heart,
    Rhyme to my poems,
    Meaning to my prose,
    Ink to my pen,
    Life to my soul,
    And a lot more...


  • eniim_allo 79w



    M_ Magnificent

    Mirakee a home of bringing
    out the deepest thoughts.
    It's a platform of creativity;
    From the time I came to know
    mirakee has been a great help
    in many ways. Whenever I am
    sad, just visit this beautiful world.
    It always enhance me to bring out
    the hidden words. I feel free to express
    my joys and pains which unfolds everyday.
    I am very much inspired by my fellow mirakeans.
    I have come to know people from near and far. There is healing atmosphere found here. Today's my heart is overflowing with gratitude and immense joy.
    //Thank you dear @carolyns_challenges
    for this amazing platform//❤❤❤������

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    Happy birthday Mirakee

    I= Innovative
    K= Keen

  • the_hidden_bliss 80w

    Thank You Mirakee for providing such a beautiful platform. You help us grow and become better��
    HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY Mirakee��
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #repost #cees_hbm_chall
    Post created using canva

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  • sulu80 79w

    A butterfly in search of nectar
    Zephyr filled with redolence
    Beautiful garden, a prismatic
    Mountains touching the zenith
    Clouds as foam taking shapes

    My mind likewise with pent up emotions
    Wandering thoughts, no direction
    As if lost in woods
    As a ray of hope, introduced by my niece
    To the works of Mirakee
    I found myself in a world of writers

    Started growing up with challenges (Carolyn mam) likewise many from mirakee
    Reflecting, Tapping out the talent
    Bouncing with happiness for writers network's repost
    Comments a boost up for the work

    As the name Mirakee putting soul of passion
    A key to open embers of words
    Thoughts come out in the form of poems
    Best platform for writers
    A Blooming bud into a flower.
    May Mirakee live long for ever

    Happy Birthday to dear Mirakee������
    Image credits :pinterest

    #cees_hbm_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

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    Birthday Wish

    As the name Mirakee putting soul of passion
    A key to open embers of words
    Thoughts come out in the form of poems
    Best platform for writers
    A Blooming bud into a flower.
    May Mirakee live long for ever

    Happy Birthday.

  • gunjit_jain 79w


    An extra elegant platform
    To write, read and to feel,
    Some have a passion to write
    While someone write to heal.

    An exquisite family
    With lots of relations,
    It's not merely an app
    It's a box, full of emotions.

    It has completed a magnificent
    Extent of 4 years today,
    May it remains the same
    And even shine brighter in it's way.

    It is as calm and charming
    As a quietly flying dove,
    Yes, I am proud to tell
    That MIRAKEE is my first love.

    ~Gunjit Jain

    Happy Birthday MIRAKEE❤️❤️


    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn ❤️❤️

    #pod #mirakee #birthday #writersnetwork

    Sorry for the delay :(

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