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  • afza147 3d

    Hope, wish, and pray

    I hope I do
    I wish I do
    I pray I do

    Just once

    Afford to be in an offline concert
    with BTS

    Just One Day
    One Chance
    One hope

  • ray_ofhope 4d

    We,sometimes don't give ourselves the importance that we deserve...rather we choose to make others happy in every possible way but atleast we are the one that end up losing ourselves in that process....this is dedicated to ourselves...we r actually strong!

    do comment ur thoughts!
    take a note!!!
    #loveyourself #selflove #bts #btsarmy #messagefrombts #life #freedom #ego #Happiness #relationships

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    I would rather go by my choice then staying in with your orders!
    I would rather choose to fall then flying high with your lies!
    Yes,I would rather choose myself,my freedom then being confined with your ego!


  • maverickaish 5d

    BTS's Butterfly Prologue

    The first beat of the melody
    Clenches the heart
    The lyrics
    Tear me apart
    The pain of an affection
    The love surreal
    Fear of loss
    Is definitely real
    As beautiful as the butterfly
    Is the melody and the song
    The lyrics magical
    You sway all along
    It takes you on a trip
    Of memories, fond
    One listen is enough
    For the song to bond

  • chiku_642 1w

    #beginning of a cute and beautiful love story.. ����
    Care is d unconditional way to express ur feelings to a person whom u love d most in d world after ur parents...����
    U r d cause of my euphoria ����
    #BTS ARMY ������
    All d best for ur performance in LA.... ����
    Hope u like it... Do comment ur views

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    Euphoric love
    Episode :1

    BTS members were preparing and rehearsing for their concert at Chicago.
    {Around 4:30pm}
    Jimin, tae and jk told hyung lets stop thats it for today we r totally exhausted and am dieing in hunger so lets go and eat something, then namjoon said ok thats it rapup and they went to their fav restaurant in Chicago. Namjoon, jin, j-hope and yoongi came in one car and tae, jimin and jk in another one they reached and d hyungline went in and d maknae line was about to get out of d car when a papperize pushed jimin and he was about to fall when jk and tae held him from d back then they went in while going in jk bumped into someone and that person was about to fall he caught her from her waist and pulled her towards him and accidentally they both got their first kiss when that girl opened her she saw it was her bais jk first she didn't believed on her eyes then shouted on her top of voice then kookie put his hand on her mouth and said why r u shouting then she calmed down and said am a big big big fan of u and all of ur other members then she saw kookie was continuously looking at her when she asked kookie said beautiful then she said what then kookie said u really very beautiful and asked her if they can be friends, then kookie asked whats ur name my mystery girl he was asking when she went away with her friends after she went also he was looking at her then he went in and jimin and tae asked where were u for so long then he said i was just solving a mystery which was really beautiful
    {After around 10-15 days}
    BTS members have came to d coffee shop to chill and enjoy their victory. They reached their and were about to take their seat when kookie's eyes went to d next table were his mystery girl was seating with her friends and having fun and enjoying BTS'S victory......
    <To be continued >

  • diamond49 1w

    Song - Euphoria by Jungkook BTS��
    Saranghae ��

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    'You are the cause of my euphoria...'
    I think you sing this line just for me
    Your vocals hit high in my ears
    And makes me feel heavenly

    'Take my hands now..'
    I want to say
    Imagining you approaching me
    Makes my heart flutter

    I just understand these lines
    From whole song
    Not the complete meaning
    But it touch my heart
    Everytime I listen to...
    And my heart shouts.. Saranghae


  • queen_imagination 1w

    Me singing 'FIRE' is like cat trying to be tiger

  • she_and_her_ink 2w

    Maybe....Just maybe.....
    Maybe is it me that made you lost in thoughts so deeply ....!!
    Maybe.....just maybe...
    Maybe i'm the one of that dreams while you're asleep.....
    Maybe, one day maybe...
    My dreams would break into realityyy...
    You will notice me through the crowd that i've come to cheer,
    You will look into my eyes like the one your heart is burning thee..
    You would pull me out the crowd closer to your heart lovingly ....
    I hope one day maybe......
    I would tell you all the stories of adventures I've made to come see you dear,
    I would tell you all my thoughts and my jokes
    All my feelings that I've been holding in apart...
    I know it's just a maybe ... !
    Be it maybe......!
    I hope,
    I'm the love you've been yearning dearly
    A hand that you would hold walking down the aile
    A calmness and the peace among the noises and the cheers....
    So be it maybe...
    alteast in MAYBE I wish it was me.....

    #bts #taehyung #she_and_her_ink

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  • queen_imagination 2w

    BTS Sorting Ceremony !

    Help me sort BTS members in Hogwarts houses in the comments


    #bts_talks #Army #BTS #SortingCeremony

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    Part 1

  • queen_imagination 2w

    Types of A.R.M.Y.

    1) Who make others love BTS by playing BTS songs around them and showing them bts funny moments

    2) Who make others hate BTS by talking 24/7 abt them

    My lil cousin is type 1 as she made me love BTS and I'm type 2 who made the others hate it

  • queen_imagination 2w

    Before I used to hate BTS thinking that they behave and dress up too much like girls but I didn't know that's what makes them cute��
    Now I feel like a dumb. I used to dislike them without any valid reason. Now I know how amazing they are. Some months ago I saw BT21 and became a fan of it. I also loved TinyTan.
    These were the beginnings of my journey as an ARMY.

    My sis used to say, "How r u even an army if u don't do the main thing that is listening to their songs?!"

    I would always reply, "First let me adore BT21 .... I'll listen to their songs later."


    I gradually started liking BTS AND listened to 3/4 songs only ���� as I was still obsessed with blackpink and busy with them.

    Then after visiting my cousin she made me listen to their song and fall in love with bts��
    She is super obsessed with SUGA on the other hand I couldn't even figure out who's Suga and who's J-hope.
    The first time I saw them it felt like all of them r twins but now I can recognise them.
    My Bias is Jk but tbh I love all of them equally. They're are sooo funny��

    I was even wondering of writing a bts fanfiction tho I'm not totally sure as my exams are coming.

    Are u an ARMY??

    Who's ur bias in BTS?

    What do you think abt them??

    #bts #army #btsarmy #bts_talks


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    Me as an A.R.M.Y.

  • divinjoon 3w

    Well! We like some people to such extent that we can't even reflect it!


  • shivranjanibhati 3w

    Learning to love yourself is like learning to walk- essential, life- changing, and the only way to stand tall.

  • mohini7 3w


    "why you admire bts so much..they don't even know you"

    Because every time I and you fought no one was there to console me, understand me btt they were...
    No no they didn't come here from south korea..
    I just looked at my phone's wallpaper and smiled because the warmest smiles are there..
    I found them..
    They are the reason I smile in a day otherwise i don't have anything for which i can smile..
    There one smile can lighten up my heart when it's down...
    So...u can understand and if not then it's not my fault buddy...

  • wings_happiness 3w

    My Darling, My Sweetheart Won't Talk To Me
    How Do I Stop Him?
    How Do I Tell Him Not To Leave?
    Please Come Back To Me, My Beloved


  • sanjeevanik 4w

    The more you want something
    The more distant it gets

  • chiku_642 4w

    #true friend never betray..����
    Life has many surprises for u just stay patient and u will experience d best side of life...
    There 's a Paradise that couldn't capture ��
    #U R MY UNIVERSE ������
    Kehete hain khuda ne is jahan mai sabhikeliye kisi na kisiko hai banaya harkisikeliye.. ������
    #BTS ARMY ����������

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    True beauty
    Episode 14

    Tae then jin said rose is only made for u but before that first u must get well and come back to ur home.
    (After 3-4 days)
    Jin and jimin got tae home and jin said rose to take care of him and he went to his hostel dorm and as he was living alone in one room he threw everything and sat started to cry very hardly then namjoon herd his crying voice and came inside his room and said jin what happened why r u crying then he said hyung i lost my life my soul again after so many years rose was atlast was going to be mine forever but look at my destiny i don't have her in my destiny and it would be good if i die but then i thought if rose will know this all things she will never be able to stay happy with tae then i cancelled my plan....
    {Time skips}
    After around 2 months now tae and rose r married and happy in their life and now jin has also moved on and he is getting married to lisa, jennie and jimin r also married. All d BTS members have came go attend jin's wedding and Jennie and rose also came as lisa was their best friend they all reach in d venue all d members were wearing black suite and brooch given by rose on their 9th anniversary they all were looking really handsome and Jennie and rose were also looking very good they came in and sat all d members went to jin and congratulated him and atlast they got married and jin promised that he will always keep lisa happy and never let her cry.....
    {This was d happy ending of this "love triangle"}…........

  • vineyy 4w

    You, in my imagination
    As if you are right there
    But I reach out my hand
    And you suddenly disappear

    From all the memories stored in my heart
    I gather up the ones of you, link them together
    Gazing at them projected across the room, I feel you with every burst of pain

    Don't have to be right
    Just wanted you to stay the way you are
    Kind hearted, always smiling,
    I've barely made it by your side...

  • mohini7 5w


    Far away from me butt feels so near..
    Never met btt feels like my second family..
    They made me feel like I do matter,my life matters..
    They said we are here for you always
    They said use us in anyway justt love yourself cause u r the unique star in my galaxy and u have ur own light..
    Now i have lost myself in them...
    Yess they r BTS..


  • hafisha98 5w

    00.00 O'Clock

    Put my hands together to pray
    Hoping that tomorrow I'll laugh more, for me
    It'll be better, for me
    When this song ends
    May a new song begin
    Hoping that I'll be a little happier, yeah.!

  • grace_craig 6w

    #mondo #wod #bts #army

    Probably didn't do the challenge right but this was just a tribute to my favorite Kpop band so I'll write another one for the challenge.

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    Army Bts

    What's purple?
    Purple is the color of love between Army and our seven Bangtan boys.