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  • kirukka 2w

    Your eyes
    When you rub me ..
    Many poems
    Blooming dear!
    In which paper garden ...

  • anshikaaaaaa 6w

    The blooming flower

    The blooming flower roaring every hour
    You took my nectar but not aura
    With my sacrosanct feelings, I poured you all
    So why you chose this flower

    The enthralling butterflies all around, keep on sound
    The amorous view but handled all with my qutery,
    I felt watery
    With my soul kept it all from receptacle to stigma and more

    Remember the decaying path and gratification
    The spring season and the monsoon
    Like Petal on petal, hair away
    Seems hands in hand, the best way
    All that was exciting shower

    You played, listen not festigating
    Have you any panacea of my dilapidation
    Your celerity missed my stentorian, so far
    The blooming flower roaring every hour
    Why you chose this flower

  • eccentric_eesha 28w

    I'm blooming even after
    being crushed by the hands
    that once nurtured me

    © Eesha

  • rhythmic_beats 29w

    Oh Daisy, my wonder lady
    I'm again unfurling your beauty
    Which you hold each season.

    Snow covering the lands like a blanket in January,
    Here comes CARNATIONS; blazing crimson red
    Waking the lazy soul to get up and enjoy the time.

    February dazzling pretty white with those
    Lovely small SNOWDROPS giving warmth of peace,
    Aah! Winter JASMINE shining like gold
    Between the diamonds of snow
    Reflects a brave beautiful lady!

    March welcoming the ecstatic spring
    With LILIES and DAFFODILS lining up everywhere
    Like kids in assembly getting ready for prayers
    Thanking the God and showing gratitude for life
    Oh! Here HYACINTHS gives a smile, a ray of hope
    By its various colours.

    PEONIES and AZALEAS giggles like an innocent child
    In the warm sunshine of April
    How enthusiastically and happily
    The peonies unfurl each petals!

    DELPHINIUM and FREESIA enjoying the
    Play of time,
    To the rhythms of may.

    Oh God divinely beautiful and pleasing
    To soul pouring hearts and eyes
    With love and devotion
    Showing their magic in June!

    SUNFLOWERS smiling and walking towards light,
    And in mid of July there comes rain
    Where ponds are ornamented with
    Pink LOTUSES though growing in mud
    But still lotuses keeps blooming it's purity.

    Poets adorning their pages by beautiful of GULMOHAR
    As August arrives,
    CHRYSANTHEMUM; the rainbow of flowers
    Stunning their colours just after the rain
    And the JASMINES attracting souls with
    Pulchritudinous fragrance and appearance
    Covered with raindrops,
    PARIJAT(night Jasmine) blooms all night and
    Falls down in the daylight
    Showing her immense love for Lord Sun;
    Though Sun denied her love still she
    Covers the land with godly fragrance and beauty!

    ORCHIDS and SNAPDRAGONS waving their muses
    All around, lovely and wealthy
    September sings its melody.

    CALLA LILIES welcoming you to hold their hand
    Sit with them and pour all emotions
    In the pleasant October.

    November set with firecrackers like those of Diwali
    Lightening the soul with brightness
    To enjoy each moment like celebration.

    December gifted with NARCISSUS PAPER WHITE flower,
    Saying to admire one's own inner beauty first
    As no one can be as beautiful as you!

    Oh my Daisy worshipper of nature,
    I collected all these gems from
    Each and every corner of the world
    To gift you on your divine day.

    But I didn't know that only rose
    Was blessed to accompany
    With you to heaven!
    I didn't know I have to ode your soul
    With downpour of tears.
    I didn't know the waves of sea
    Were so blessed to have you
    With them!

    All the flowers too found their
    Way with you and the spring
    Of my life ended forever.

    During sunsets when the sky and sea
    Lights up crimson, I sit near the seashore
    Hoping your come back.
    Suddenly the waves pulled my leg
    Towards a bunch of flowers hiding
    Inside the sea shells.
    Yes, the flowers which you loved the most!
    The flowers are withered and dried
    But the petals still have the
    Fragrance of your love,
    I can see you on the petals,
    And when my tears rolled down to
    The petals, it turned to pastels
    Colouring the book with poetries.
    I took the seashells, imbibed them
    In my poetry and then embedded
    Them in my heart.

    Whenever I open this treasure
    And touch the seashells,
    I can see you coming down from the heaven
    To this world where I'm waiting for
    You on my chair, usually lit with night lamp
    With my p|a|ges flooded with poetries for you.

    I know our world is
    Perfectly imperfect which is
    Little less than heaven
    And little more than fairyland;
    Where the full moon, stars
    And flowers are your smile only!

    Your smile is the most beautiful my dear Daisy,
    Without you my nights are scary
    As there's no more full moon to
    Accompany my nights,
    No more morning blossoms
    Of your smile.

    Can you come once again oh my Daisy?
    See how these flowers are blooming
    In the s|h|ell with your memories!

    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: by me...a futile attempt to make flower of shell�� flowers and shells are bunch of my happiness ������

    Mistakes welcomed...as I have written this with painful swelled eyes��

    #flowers #blooming #shell #hell #heaven
    #love #life #poetry #seasons #daisy
    #rhythmic_beats #wod #mirakee

    Thank you loads @writersnetwork for your kind repost ��♥️

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    Flowers blooming
    In the


  • enchantingmayoor 36w


    Sun was basking in his glory ...on a winter morning...
    So was her peach Lipstic...beneath her gold nose ring ..
    Dawning the green and white strap sweater ...
    She left my senses to the rose valley to blossom over...
    Brain in sane ...all I could sense was my big arms mirroring her smile...
    Open wide...to reach insight ....
    Inspite ...the distance ...
    Ignite me so passionate...
    I could feel the beat right next to my ribbage ...
    Lil warm ..
    Lil right...
    Slow & long to last all night...
    Kiss me adieu for the good night!

  • aleesa 37w

    Darling you loved the moon and sky
    With their imperfections on,
    The moon with scars and sky with clouds
    Then why couldn't you love mine?
    Remember the days of azure and laughs
    When we ran through sand and smiled
    Oh! How hard are these bitter truths
    And how comforting were those sweet lies
    Like a bud blooming into beautiful and thorny rose,
    Every single promise you made turned into sorry
    And I forgave you for everything, for I deserved peace
    My days are now gloomy and the sky is dark
    There is no crimson shade or twilight
    Just fragments of me scattered in faint light
    Waiting for healing, growing and blooming
    People say my face glows with liveliness
    Little do they know how every single night
    I lie in bed and hope to fall asleep before falling apart

    ©Aleesa Khan

    Feb 9'21
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Inspired by one-liners

    #healing #blooming #growing

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  • zubaira 41w

    Na torr ishq main iss qadar,
    Takleef hoti ha
    Na chor rah main yun mujy
    Dil dhoob gata ha
    Na kar mujy kud sa Dorr asy
    Barhi yad ati ha


  • zubaira 41w

    When words are coverd with scilence
    Like a little boy, hiding himself behind his mother
    Like a bird coming out of his nest for the very first time, my words tumble
    Ripping out of my mouth
    My soft scream,
    Hurting my ears
    I pull that frock of shyness
    Kicking the traditions aside
    Like an ant protesting against humans
    My small steps prove my loneliness
    I glimpse and found myself in garden,
    With a blooming yellow flower....
    My mate; true mate.

  • _alfaaz 44w

    मुझे होश में मत लाओ
    मेरे हाथों में उसकी शराब रहने दो
    मुझे नींद से मत जगाओ
    मेरी आंखों में उसके ख्वाब रहने दो॥

  • silent_sojourner 45w

    A Single Rose Bloomed ��

    A single rose bloomed
    From the barren land
    Which was covered with nothing
    But rocks, dust, and sand
    It's color was bold,
    Brilliant and bright
    Symbolic of triumph,
    A reminder of light
    A single rose bloomed
    Against all the odds
    Bewildering humans
    And confusing the Gods
    It bloomed throughout winter
    It survived every storm
    Undefeated by summer
    When the heat was too warm
    It stood strong in the wind
    It thrived without rain
    Never showed signs of weakness,
    Neither stress nor pain
    Yes, a single rose bloomed
    I witnessed it there
    Standing strong on its own
    Without a shred of despair
    I was stunned by its strength
    And amazed by its beauty
    Thus telling you of it
    Is surely my duty
    Believe it or not
    Though I swear it's all true
    For I see that same rose
    Each time I see you.

    Image via Pinterest.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #rose #blooming #strength #endurance

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  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 50w


    I know you will bloom each day,
    Amidst all the ups and downs you have faced.
    © POOJAA

  • _alfaaz 50w

    उनकी जालसाज़ी की क्या दाद की जाए
    पसंद आए तो इज़हार-ए-इश्क़ भी खुद किया
    ,जब दिल भर गया इनकार-ऐ-इश़्क भी खुद किया
    बेवफ़ाई भी खुद की बस जब इलज़ाम की
    बारी आई, तो वह हम पर लगा दिया॥

  • sakshi_saxena 53w


    Smile, shine, bloom and Cherish life is all about all these. Let go of everything which is not in your control and keep your faith in good and humanity alive ❤️


  • dishagandhi 67w


    You were in love with the flower
    But I was in love with it's thorns too.
    For I knew that the thorns were protecting the flowers always.
    That is why the flower bloomed so brightly.

    ©Disha Gandhi

  • po3ticfreedom 67w

    [No longer]

    I knew I was once tainted with all the emotions and memories of you

    Now I know that I'm in the process of letting go to heal

    Healing my heart and rewiring my mind

    You to me don't exist anymore


  • harf__ 83w

    @darkzmoon @mirakee @mirakeeapp @hindiwriters @mirakeenetwork
    For Non-Hindi ones
    Kabhi Kabhi do log aankho me bhi doob jaate hai,
    Kabhi Kabhi to Bethe Bethe bhi bahut dur jaate hai,
    Chhupte Chhupaate duniya se haath pakad lete hain
    Agar najar mile to naatak jese oob jaate hai
    #love #poem #romantic #blooming #beloved #feelings #emotions #rubayi #shayeri #mirakee #mirakeeapp #harf

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    कभी कभी दो लोग आँखो में भी डूब जाते है
    कभी कभी तो बैठे बैठे भी बहुत दूर जाते है
    छुपते छुपाते दुनिया से हाथ को पकड़ लेते है
    अगर नज़रे मिलें तो नाटक जैसे ऊब जाते है।

  • harf__ 83w

    @darkzmoon @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters @writerstolli @writersnetwork
    #love #blooming #romance #feelings #emotion #rubayi #shayeri #fourliner #harf
    For Non - Hindi Ones @suhana_khalid
    Yaad khatm karvaa rahaa hai
    Shayad ab apnaa rahaa hai
    Mai jis se anjaan Raha khud me
    Us se mujhe milwa Raha hai

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    कुछ हो रहा है

    याद ख़त्म करवा रहा है कोई
    शायद अब अपना रहा है कोई
    मै जिस से अंजान रहा खुद मे
    उस से मुझे मिलवा रहा है कोई।

  • writersfinesse 83w

    Just Feels

    I am happiest when I am with you,
    every moment spent is like a drop of dew,
    It falls on the flower once a day,
    but the flower blooms like nothing can stop it’s way.
    ‘I love you’ is a pathetic way to say what i feel,
    you are a miracle in itself if you can make someone as heartless as me ‘Feel’.

  • the_village_poet 88w

    The Rose Fairy

    Not a song,
    Not a dream,
    Not a written piece of mythology;
    She is real.

    Dancing and laughing
    Before me,
    Big, bright eyes shining;
    She is beauty.

    Singing songs,
    Playing games,
    Picking dandelions all the day;
    She is natural.

    Drawing pictures,
    Writing words,
    Playing in the sun;
    She is creative.

    Flowing long hair,
    Sun-kissed skin,
    With her spirit smiling;
    She is a flower.

    Saying kind words,
    Giving big hugs,
    Crying over another’s pain;
    She is love.

    Blooming beautifully,
    Under my love’s
    Shining sun;
    She is perfection.

    Sprouting up,
    It seems,
    Inches a day;
    She is growing.

    Spreading her arms,
    Like a fairy,
    Getting ready to fly;
    She is freedom.

    Stacey Welsh

  • spalymo1002 90w


    I am a rosebud barely opening its petals... to expose only pieces of itself, not yet ready to show all of its vulnerability.
    Not yet ready to allow anyone to see all of me. For my petals have been torn and tossed to the ground. Like teardrops they fall upon the floor. The thorns could not protect me...