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  • husnachikwela 2w


    Aunt Fetty and James,
    Are two different names,
    Birthday month is same.

    Twenty nine and twenty eight,
    We got different night,
    My relatives come out.

    Happybirthday James and Fetty,
    All you are preaty,
    You are so beuty.

    First is Hindus birth,
    Second is christmas month,
    Fetty and James fourth.

    Hindu is my aunt,
    Her birthday is at,
    Before twenty first.

  • husnachikwela 3w


    My aunt today is proud,
    Wanting to know all world,
    Her birthday today she had.

    I am speaking in loud,
    New year you have award,
    That it makes you grad.

    Aunt listen to my word,
    Pray for your own God,
    Removing problems which you had.

    Many things you have read,
    Your own way you feed,
    Other ways you have desagreed.

    New things do you need?
    Who cause you feel sad?
    What about having a married?

  • kidluvari 3w


    i came from my mother‘s womb
    children are the future
    gatekept with toys
    bribed with candy
    i thought this was a familar place
    until societal expectations
    tried to destroy the most valuable thing i possess

  • thehealer10 10w

    The Blessed tragedy

    She was a maiden, unique, so Divine. Her beauty, the envy of every lady. She could be nice,but they called her Spice.

    See, while her beauty was unmatched, she was anything but Dainty. No one dared try her, because they knew she was a rider.

    Then one day a pack of spiders,that set beside her, well, they dared to fight her, one even slid inside her.

    She kept it to herself, remember, she's no Damsel. She became a cradle,unbeknownst.

    A tumultuous birth occurred, which is when she learned, the most abominable event in her life, begat her first blessing.


  • akshay_vasu 11w

    The soul and infinity

    #akshayvasu #soul #infinity #birth

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    That soul has taken rebirth again and again in the hope of becoming one with infinity. Anyone who would try to search the beginning and end of that soul would get lost in the end. After all, like the infinity, that soul has no beginning and no end. And the only way to understand it is to try to become one with it.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • husnachikwela 15w


    I got birth in month November,
    Month of student are doing paper,
    2017 and 19 I become a member,
    That is in November.

    If you will not be aware,
    There is no time to prepare,
    You can't change anywhere,
    That is in November.

    If you do in fear,
    Everything will become disappear,
    Any work you can't appear,
    That is in November.

    Month of getting rain,
    Other people get ill and pain,
    Alot of wild animals and vegetation,
    That is in November.

    Brocken of roads and become weak,
    Time table interact for all week,
    Time you expect you can't meet,
    That is in November.

    In this month there is no teach,
    In the village villagers come rich,
    Celebrate like are in the bitch,
    That is in November.

    Month of stage,
    Where by people are getting marriage,
    Without looking their age,
    That is in November.

    Month Which I care,
    Remain few days to be here,
    I write it to share,
    That is in November.

    Have you seen how its magic,
    In the world has mantic,
    But remember all months are fantastic,
    That is in November.

  • laughter_to_spread07 15w


    Happy Birthday Gandhi ji.
    May your presence always reflect in my wallet and Accounts

  • divyanshi28_03 15w

    #color #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #mensturation #Celebration #Birth
    Someone said - "It's mensturation
    It's celebration"
    Thank you @writersnetwork ��❤️

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    Red Phase

    Periods isn't dirty,its not filthy
    Bleeding is not choice
    Bleeding is a right
    I tell my daughter ,
    You are healthy
    You are alive
    I tell my daughter
    You are born to give birth to a life.


  • vintagepneuma 16w

    A colour as dark as black
    A colour as light as beige
    I'm the contrast of both
    My power are the inks.

    I dwell in those books,
    You heard of or you see,
    There I took my second birth
    And there I shall die with peace.

    Consider me a bud
    Of this literature plant
    Where I develop into a flower
    With colours brighter than the dark.


  • akshay_vasu 19w

    Our souls have taken birth again and again for time immemorial. the pieces of my soul have crashed into yours many times during all these rebirths. That's how our roots are rooted in the same hell, that's how the stars of your universe exist in mine and mine in yours, that's how our branches exist in the same heaven, and that's how everything that births in my mind sounds so familiar to you too.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • akshay_vasu 20w

    Birth and death of a leaf

    #akshayvasu #birth #death #life #regrets

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    They were all searching for death and life in different places. But there they were sitting on the same branch of the same tree while looking at the same leaf. Every time death let out a breath, the leaf gave away life. And every time life took a breath, the leaf pushed death away. Someone found this tree and let the ones who were searching for these two know about it. And they came in search of this tree and stood in front of it. They saw the life and death on that branch and began climbing that tree to seize them. The moment life and death gazed at these people, the tree vanished and placed itself as a reflection inside each one that tried to climb. Since that day, the birth and death of the leaf have been happening inside each one of them, and every moment they wish, if only they hadn't touched that tree.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • wordsoftheetwilight 22w


    In the labour that was nearly a month early,
    My fate alighted me to this world.
    The complications accompanied my little fate with a restricted timeline as
    All the doctors said 5 years maximum.

    My parents didn't give up
    They knew the born child was survivor.
    To make it survive they gave up their lives and happiness and wandered all the hospitals with best treatment facilities.

    I crossed 5 year mark and my parents and lived ones were now extra careful and loved me more.
    I was always an overprotective baby,I never realised why
    I knew hospitals were like second Home for me,they didn't scare me off.

    10 years later ,my eyes could hardly open,they were so swollen that I got scared when I looked up in the mirror.
    It was the end I claimed,my parents were strong they said it's nothing.
    Finishing my 12 standard I decided to drop off cause I knew my body wasn't ready for stress.

    Lots of issues lots of pain and then I was on machine,for cleaning my blood
    It was painful but I always had that happy face.
    I knew I was a survivor ,that instinct told me there's more that I have to see in this world.

    Exactly after 2 years five months my dad was ready,
    To bring me out of my pain and suffering.
    He donated his part at age of 62 to make my 21 more special.

    I opened my eyes on 21 September 2016
    That was my new birth.
    I realised the timeline that seemed hampered at the time of labour ,got back the fate 21 years later .
    The date of delivery given was accomplished 21 years later for the birth of this survivor.
    Yes ,I was a born survivor!

    P S
    I have already presented it before for #BIRTH word!
    Felt like sharing again

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    Lots of issues lots of pain and then I was on machine,for cleaning my blood.
    It was painful but I always had that happy face.
    I knew I was a survivor ,that instinct told me there's more that I have to see in this world


  • skquick 25w

    Lady Lazarus

    Once it is announced I always feel something linger in the air
    That open window that allowed so many to creep past its fingers was the same portal that graced us with your breeze
    We know that all things exists in their own unique polarity,
    and that the alabaster beauty of one reflects the grotesque and the morbidity of her contrary
    Both are organic in nature
    Yet while the labor of arrival reigns odes of awe and pleasure, it's the process of leaving that many misunderstand
    The pain that was steadfast and constant belongs now to those they leave behind
    As subtle waves of peace charioted in on the metaphorical horse grace the essence that once was
    And in that split second of stoicism and solemnity you acknowledge your own mortality as warm though gentle hug
    For I had seen but many a  birth; it was witnessing your death that gave me life

  • waterlily2544 27w

    The Great Demarcation

    In the time of this terrible pandemic

    one born to earth by a virus bearing a hateful "crown"......

    I have wept for the sick and the dying, for those separated by thick plastic and protocol,for those who missed a life milestone, be it a graduation walk or a cheek to cheek dance at a senior homecoming, or holding the hand of a loved one slipping away to death's final touch.

    But the ones I weep for the most now are the children of the pandemic. The ones born after boarders closed, flights stilled, and we, citizens of the world, were silenced. Our roads empty, our parks barren, our sidewalks stilled in a chill felt in the marrow. 

    I weep for the pandemic children because "we" will forever be a "we" and "they" will forever be a "them" and nothing will ever bridge this gap that runs as cold and deep a raging  mountain river.

    I call the this "The Great Demarcation."

    Those born before the pandemic will have some unity of memory, a common frame of reference, a shared experience.

    Those born during the pandemic will never share these moments, these brief recollections; these experiences of the time before.

    Whether the years after the pandemic will prove better or worse, or a mixture of both, the children of the pandemic will know only one thing: 

    That "this" is how the world is, and to them, it will feel like it has been this way forever.

    We will all stand on opposite sides of the raging river, The Great Demarcation, and have barest understanding of what each other feels or why one group will forever endure the pain of memory “before” while the other group runs free and unburdened in a place where memory does not burn or bury us under a thousand "what ifs" and "I remember when."

    We can only go forth with love, forgiveness, and undiluted truth for we must do everything possible to ensure that there will never again be a "a once in a century pandemic." 

    It is the very least we can do for one another in the winding path of recovery that stretches far before us and into the celestial blue horizon.


    This poem is dedicated to my grandnephew Westley, a true child of the pandemic.

    I'm sorry for the terrible mess of a dying world that we, your forebears, are leaving you, your brother and your cousins. 

    I hope one day you will find it in your heart to forgive us for we often truly didn't know what it was we were doing.

    But at least you were born into a large family who love you and welcomed you with open arms, despite a raging pandemic.

    May my name be lost to the time and tide of history. But may these words live on as part of our collective story as human beings, and as part of your family story.

    I write this on the eve of another full lockdown in one of Asia's greatest cities of the 21st century, thousands of kilometres away from you, never once having held you or seen. These facts are immutable. 

    My first lockdown was pure fear.
    This one, nothing but tired resignation. Perhaps I will survive and perhaps not. It doesn’t matter so long as the words survive. The story must always survive!

    If you can remember nothing else dear grandnephew, remember this:

    We are all together here. *Still*. Family is forever.

    Be calm and be at peace.

    Strive to be better than those of us who came before.

    Πηγαίνετε με αγάπη
    Πηγαίνετε με αγάπη
    Πηγαίνετε με αγάπη
    ~~από τη μεγάλη θεία σου

  • srisaptoawaits22 28w


    Share the birth,
    Rise in me,
    In the poems,
    My love wrote,
    Your voice,
    Lures my song,
    Of the nights,
    Viewing closer,
    Entire birth of my nascent love!

  • _poetry_army 30w


    Why these people cause pollution
    Why they add more to river lying with contamination
    No one to say NAY !
    These humans make the world a hell to stay

    Everyone's enjoying the scene as blind
    Everyone's behaving like a child
    They say we care for mother earth
    So why they give green house gases birth

    There is no hope or light in the path
    Everyone is busy making themselves pure by taking bath
    What pranks do these monsters play ?
    I don't have a word to say !
    Anshera Mulani

  • poesybird 31w

    Mothers are superwoman!!����
    #mother #dancing #birth #ceesreposts #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant
    P.s. : Quote is by Rupi Kaur

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    Upon my birth
    my mother said
    there is God in you
    can you feel her dancing?

  • iamsatyajitrout 31w


    Life is the only thing that worth of, what we are willing to pay for...

  • snehajacob 32w

    Thank you

    Gratitude a sweet word
    life is void
    without it
    I remember how
    a lady smiled at me
    when I thanked her
    my simple two words
    made her happy.

    Next day I saw my brother
    thanking an auto driver
    who took us to our destination
    you can say this magical word
    to anyone who helps you out
    by action, thoughts , ideas or

    My book is filled
    with names of people
    who helped me throughout my lifetime
    My parents, brother, cousins, friends like
    Family. Friends who took a stand,
    didn't cared about the consequences
    waiting for us.
    it's hard to show
    you're gratitude
    to the heavenly Father
    and the one's who
    took a decision with him
    to start my journey
    I feel like
    Gratitude is journey.

  • anubhavjha 33w


    The downside of stars is that they die.
    No matter how many ages and eras they pass.
    How many life times they witness.
    They die alone. Silent.
    Like their birth, the herald of their death also delayed.