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  • beautybunny 11w


    I feel it's time I tell you
    About the passion I have inside
    My heart quivers with thoughts of you
    Constantly robbing me of my time.

    As I strip away my jacket
    No longer too shy to reveal
    The present yearnings of my heart
    Which somehow you've managed to steal.

    As I reveal my midriff
    Hoping you see pass my pouch
    I blush when I imagine me in your eyes
    Patiently listen while I get this out.

    You move me to bear it all to you
    I no longer care who knows
    Your heartbeat awakens me from my dreams.
    Please allow me to hold you close.

    I picture your music to my words
    Then it all makes sense
    It's as if we were supposed to happen
    I can no longer pretend

    My prayer is that you've heard my prayers
    And that you are here for good.
    Cause I don't want this vulnerability
    To be misunderstood.

    You've captured my heart in phases
    I promise to take my time
    Cause I know love is progressive
    It'll take patience to make you mine.

    You have been my secret venture
    The nerve of me to express
    But I have no choice but to make this known
    How I long for your caress

    Vulnerability has been the death of me
    But it's you who give me life
    How I see forever in you
    How I long to be your wife.

  • beautybunny 11w


    This is my love letter to you
    With you no day is blue.
    I'm particular about what I like
    And I like what I see in you.

    I quietly muse over your bright disposition
    the way you gaze towards the sky.
    And one cannot miss
    The heavens kiss
    To the one who sees it's eye

    Your beauty surpasses all others
    The sun loves you like no other
    Remember that the sun is a blessing
    So continue to follow it wherever it goes.

    I love you down to your seed
    And everything in between.
    Your essence is the charm
    You have no thorns that can cause harm

    I believe in miracles
    And you unfailingly Amaze.
    Your spirit is inspiring
    They way you face each day.

  • beautybunny 11w

    Dear Sunflower,

    You were a baby Sunflower.
    You were never meant to be red
    Like rose or fragrant like Jasmine.
    Your beauty surpasses all others
    The sun loves you like no other.
    Remember that the sun is a blessing
    So continue to follow it wherever it goes.
    I love you down to your seed.
    And everything in between.
    Your essence is the charm
    You have no thorns that can cause harm.
    I believe in miracles
    And you unfailingly Amaze
    Your spirit is inspiring
    The way you face each day

  • beautybunny 11w


    Hours back I was attacked
    By crowds rushing in
    I held my breath and
    Screamed in my pillow
    Until I realized that
    I wasn’t breathing
    My mind was deceiving
    ……once again
    Hours back I was attacked
    By a room full of voices
    And my only choice was
    To run away
    But where, to no where
    As I’m stuck alone in my
    Bed in the dark
    I couldn’t believe it
    My mind was deceiving
    …..Once again
    Hours back I was attacked
    By people bent on setting me up
    They follow me whispering
    “She’s nobody,” “she’ll never make it,”
    “Why does she bother, she’s worthless anyway,”
    So I take off running away from the hate
    Come to find out it was my mistake
    I couldn’t believe it
    My mind was deceiving
    ……Once again
    Hours back I was attacked
    By debasing images
    And I’m not finish here
    As for the crowds, noise
    And negative make believe
    My mind was deceiving
    ….Once again

  • beautybunny 11w


    I swear that beast their is daunting
    He knows what he's doing.
    Got me questioning the path that I've chosen

    Is it worth it to live in the path that's called straight
    This life's got me questioning the choice that I made

    The beast is so hungry he stares and he roars
    Hoping I slip from this life I adore

    With every step forward I fall three steps back
    My God do you hear me I'm under attack

    Bullying myself with every thought that comes to mind
    Mistreating my heart cause I know that I'm lying

    I say I love God that I'm ride or die only for Him
    But as I live I see stories of my vision going dim

    That beast their is daunting possessive as Hell
    He keep digging into me but outside you can't tell

    As I scream out for help but only few can hear

    That beast is choking the life out of me I can't feel
    Remorse for my thoughts cause they as real as life
    Why not give up he insist you don't have to think twice

    I choose to reside in security and live
    This fight will end soon and that beast will be dead

    As quick as he comes he goes on to the next
    Until another convenient time
    Until then I'm gonna flex

  • beautybunny 11w


    Be shocked and amazed
    That I keep pressing on.
    With every stumble I smile
    And make it into a hit song.

    With every discouraging thought
    Comes TEN acts of kindness
    With every motive that's questioned
    Leaves others stuck in silence.

    Be shocked and amazed
    As I give you a piece
    Not a piece of my mind
    But the peace I have within me

    We're taking the world by storm
    But they can't hear the thunder
    Cause their blind, deaf, and mute
    And walking around in a slumber.

    We're shocking and amazing
    Fourteen prophecies at a time
    It's only so much damage left to do
    Before our Creator draws the line.

    The anticipation is driving us
    In and out of focus
    Despite the spirit of the air
    We're putting the world on notice

    So let's Shock and Amaze
    As God's Great Day comes
    Cause while their life course is ending
    Ours has only just BEGUN!!!

  • beautybunny 11w


    I awaken into a scene of myself
    Traveling aimlessly on the road,
    Tryna find the Finish line
    And not knowing which way to go.

    The road behind me is filled with
    My broken hearts..
    From trying to follow someone else's
    Instead of fulfilling my own.

    I envy the fish that swim
    And the birds that fly
    Because these seem to take pride
    In who they are and what they can do

    If I had a little of their confidence
    I'd be okay too.

    As I proceed to travel the road
    I wonder off to the left
    As I continue to travel again
    I wonder too far off
    To the right

    And as I continue at this pace I can't help but wonder....

    "Why does everyone else who's traveling
    Their road seem to have it so easy
    But I'm the one who has to fight so hard...?"

    But just when I'm ready to give up
    This fight....

    ...a blurred vision of the Finish line appears
    With a suddle voice reminding me that...

    "A struggle builds character and makes you strong, if you allow it to."

    So at this point, I made the choice....

    To Continue to tell my story...to the FINISH LINE
    To write out Loud...to the FINISH LINE
    To teach only facts....to the FINISH LINE
    To sing with all my heart....to the FINISH LINE
    To give unconditionally...to the FINISH LINE
    To inspire others to try....to the FINISH LINE
    To live and not just exist....to the FINISH LINE
    And most importantly....to the FINISH LINE
    I will be the best version of me
    .....to the FINISH LINE!!!!

  • beautybunny 11w

    ".......the road behind me is filled with my broken hearts, from tryna follow someone else's destiny, instead of fulfilling my own......"

  • beautybunny 11w


    You slay me, you pull me
    You throw me to the ground.

    You think you can taunt me
    By muffling my sound.

    You think you can win me
    By removing my soul mates.

    And Making me feel like
    I'm drenched In my mistakes.

    And the way things are looking
    You're getting your way.

    Cause I can't see through my eyes
    How I'm gonna stay.

    Stay focused, stay determined
    And fight till the death.

    Cause I'm panting and moaning
    And losing my breath.

    But here I am running
    And playing tug-a-war

    And I'm tugging and waring
    And tryna stay abreast.

    What is it with you anyway
    Why don't you give me peace?

    You follow me everywhere
    And you won't let me sleep.

    Constantly badgering me
    With words of weakness.

    And Constantly telling me
    That I will never be nothing.

    I use God’s gifts
    To silence your doubts

    Cause for me I don't see
    Any other way out.

    His gifts remind me
    Of the things You can't see

    So I throw fear aside
    Because You are ME!!!

  • beautybunny 11w

    Just on my mind

    As I listen to creation
    I wonder what part do I play.
    Like the majestic universe
    Am I here to stay?

    Trees seem to grow forever
    While we lack one hundred years
    It's enough to make you question life
    And brings a troubled man to tears

    With everyday is one day taken away
    Or is it as it seems?
    How could the marvels of our being
    Be just a story in history?

    As I tear through my story
    There's a realization
    That outshines philosophy
    There's facts that when found
    Makes us powerful enough
    To withstand eternity.

  • beautybunny 11w

    Makeup and Mirrors

    As she looks in the mirror
    It tells her story
    Of brutality and pain

    As she applies her mascara
    To cover her tears
    Of the night before once again

    She remembers his fists
    Because dinner was skipped
    She applies the next layer of liner

    But the mirror can't miss
    Her need to insist
    His drunken screems
    To their minors

    As she applies her foundation
    She guiltily remembers
    That a foundation was never applied
    As a stepping stone to build a love
    That was founded on lust and lies.

    She takes a deep breath
    And begins to apply
    Her red lipstick to cover the marks
    But he loves me she vents
    That's why he hits
    And throws me into the walls

    But the problem is
    What legacy will I leave
    To our girls who helplessly looked on

    I can't be the one who simply
    Advises what brand of makeup to put on.

    How she does hate mirrors
    Because it screems the truth
    Beneath her painted face

    How she hates the paint
    That covers all trace
    Of the bruises she had to endure

    As she stares in the mirror
    This is the last time
    How this time it's time to heal
    So she picks up her girls
    And head for a safe place
    Where makeup and mirrors
    Can't shield.

  • beautybunny 77w

    "You are Enough for somebody."
    If not
    "You are Enough for somebody better."

  • beautybunny 77w

    Mind swayin'
    Heart racin'
    As I sit and wait for you to come and
    Talk to me
    Been ringin' your phone off the hook
    And it's not a good look
    So tell me why do you keep clownin' me
    I can't let my heart break
    Cuz I know I can't take
    Another one of you walkin' away
    So be keepin' it real if you looking
    Cuz I'm about crusin'
    Cuz I'm reaching for a higher degree

  • beautybunny 77w

    Why...didn't you tell me
    When you promised me forever
    That forever...was temporary for you
    I placed my heart, my soul, my life on
    Forever....not knowing...forever would end
    So soon

  • beautybunny 77w

    Love Defined

    Love is like a baby,
    It gets stronger as it grows.
    What will happen once it's fully developed,
    No one really knows.

  • beautybunny 77w

    Crushing Satan's Challenges
    Just for Kicks
    Cause '98 I made it clear
    Who my heart was with

  • beautybunny 77w


    Time wasted is never really wasted
    It's always focused on a goal.
    And that goal is to make it,
    To the next second, next minute,
    To the next Time.
    It's us who remain stagnant in thought
    Picture, desire, pain, pleasure.
    How we wish we could be like more like Time
    .....Always focused on making it.

  • beautybunny 77w

    Cover My Head

    I can't stand the rain,
    Cause it always comes out the same.
    It lands in the dirt then
    saturates the earth,
    Any left goes down a drain.
    The trouble with this senerio,
    Is even the rain had a place to go.
    If I had only wore my hat
    To keep my mind on tract
    He wouldn't had to face
    his storms alone.
    No longer felt a need for dinner,
    So I quickly dropped 20lbs slimmer.
    He was heavy on my mind
    Cause I couldn't decide
    How to just cover my head
    Of course what came along
    With not eating Is that my zeal
    started quickly depleting
    And the spreading of the rumors
    Just snatched my since of humor
    LORD!!! Why didn't I just cover my head!?
    I may have lost him in my struggles
    For independence yet still
    Wanting to love him
    Now I was much younger
    So now when I hear thunder....
    I prepared.....to Cover My Head!

  • beautybunny 77w

    Christ Is King

    We go through times
    Maybe one or three.
    When things that use to matter,
    Just aren’t as deep.
    When life starts to slow
    To a steady creep.
    And what was passion before
    We no longer believe.
    Where our faith is tested
    As never before.
    And unity starts
    To touch us to the core.
    When friendships die
    And are reborn again.
    And chaos abounds
    Because we’re born in Sin.
    What a living nightmare
    Humans can create.
    But the silver lining
    Is that we’re no mistake
    As a Kingdom comes
    As prophecy foretold
    And a Kingdom falls
    Cause they don’t fit the mode
    The sad thing is
    Death does now sting
    But even death won’t last
    Because Christ is the KING!!