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    Sometimes the truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.

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    Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

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    Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up

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    It's not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.

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    All I want is peace ☮️

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    Early on this morning Jack left joker mansion simply leaving his brothers a note to let him be and to not come looking for him. Jack travelled to the Batcave where he had no trouble finding Batman who had pinned him to the wall holding him by the throat. "What the hell are you doing here?! I heard about a local store being burned down you did it didn't you?!! Coming here to turn yourself in already how annoyingly dumb on your part!!!" Batman yelled Jack laughing prying Batmans hand off his throat and pushing him away slightly. "Why yes Batsy me and my brothers bombed the store I'm very flattered that you already predicted I'd be the evil mastermind behind it! I actually oddly enough came for some advice…" Jack trailed off gazing at the ground which is rare he usually confidently sticks his head right up in the air. "You can't be serious? Your joking?" "Wish I was but no," Jack rapidly interrupt letting out a sigh as Batman folded his arms. "This is making me uncomfortable as it is you but its about my brother Jared, you see, I never treated him very good," Jack explained. Batman gave a nod. "No but why should that fact concern you all of a sudden?" Batman replied truly clearly confused at Jack's odd behavior. Jack began pacing around the room. "Well, its true I leave him out of most my evil missions. Thing is he just gets annoying and in the way most the time and I'm pretty sure he thinks I hate his guts." "I was under the impression you hate everyone's guts," Batman brutally honestly comment making Jack let out a laugh. "Haha yeah well I kinda do. But I have to get along with my brothers or they one day won't wanna be on my side. How should I tell Jared I don't mean to be rude when I have him stay with the car for 90% of our missions? Any ideas??" Batman now let out a slight chuckle making Jack cross his arms now. "Whats so funny?" "Its just this is so out of character, you coming for my help. You usually just try to drive me up the wall and make my life a miserable place. Nevertheless I will simply tell you the obvious: go apologize to Jared and promise you'll let him help next time."

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    -Cesar Napier is oldest joker brother "the clown" is his nickname, he actually is the least evil of his brothers he mainly pranks doesn't kill
    secret illness: he takes ADHD medication due to him being hyper constantly getting distracted 
    -Jack Napier is second eldest joker brother "the gangster" is his nickname, is most famous evil joker brother you do NOT wanna mess with
    secret illness: he takes bipolar medication to try and tame down his anger management issues 
    -Jared Napier is the third most old "the psychopath" is his nickname, perhaps the most truly insane brother also the most unliked 
    secret illness: he sometimes takes meds to calm down his racing mind but often avoids them 
    -Joaquin Napier is the fourth born bro "the comedian" is his nickname, he laughs the most and is the closest to Jared sticks up for him a lot
    secret illness: takes medication to hide his "laughing disorder" he laughs and cries randomly and it often doesn't match up to his real emotions but after laughing episodes he gets angrier....
    -Heath Napier is the youngest joker brother "the anarchist"  is his nickname, has obsession with knives and is second most dangerous joker
    secret illness: takes anti-depressant medication, many don't realize but Heath gets depressed 
    So there's a brief short introduction to the five Napier brothers, they live in Gotham in a secret place they call "Joker Mansion" the only one who knows where they live is Bruce Wayne/Batman

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    I am Batman

    I am the ray of hope in the blackest night
    I am the savior of the weak and the punisher of the guilty
    I am the one whose name makes criminals tremble in their boots
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    I am the one who brings evildoers to justice
    I am the one who has pledged to keep Gotham safe forever
    I am the one who will rid this city of its evil filth
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    I am the one who assures that no family falls prey to villains and anti socials
    I am the worst nightmare of every criminal
    I am the one who acts in the darkness to ensure that this city witnesses the brightest days
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    - Ananda Kamal Das


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    Who is you favorite super hero? #Batman #Superman #Blackwiddow #Heros This is a short story I love this website #mirakee

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    We could be heroes

    We fly and save the world. We want the world happy and nice. Not scary and dark as some of our souls. If I were to be a superhero.... I would save the world instead of the city I live in. Yes things are tough but we have to stay to together. Together, we could be heroes!

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    Saving the World

    People say that I need to stop "saving the world". I don't do it because I think I'm superman or anything, just because if I could change the situation in anyway and I did nothing about it that would eat me alive

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    Not when he cusses you
    Not when he hits you
    Not when he challenges you
    Rather when his eyes are calm
    His lips shed a gentle smile
    That's when your enemy is dangerous


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    Dead Jokerz

    Dark skies shroud eyes of a joker as the storm,
    As I bat mine,
    There are no signals to alert my mind,
    That someone will come by protecting me with,
    A shield I can only hold for myself on this battlefield I was placed in...

    Concrete rife with debris from each bomb detonated by He who bleeds,
    Destruction for a laugh at crying souls whom see,
    Right through His sardonic decrees I refuse to follow through.
    Lurking at me from every corner,
    I choose silence to strike a self righteous con into oblivion as Death looms...

    After all,
    I am the one they label a Vigilante,
    For putting His evils to a rest.
    Not Batman,
    A human trying to repent for sins I've committed in the flesh!
    Who knew.
    How His actions would come back around full circle when squared up by the mess,
    Made by a monster who could not gain courage to address,
    The heavy trail of carnage left.
    For me to clean and hide.
    Until I had gotten sick of watching a demon get away with his lies...


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    Fantasy World

      Does Heroes Shape Our Reality?            

    Why do we live in a fantasy world of television? Well, Americans are so drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, action, and superheroes. Predominantly, there are young adults, ages 8-29, who are enthusiastic about superhero films. Teenagers, preteens, and young adults are fascinated by superhero shows on TV as well. Do not get me wrong, I know a lot of elderly people who are crazy about their superhero movies and superhero shows too.
    Regarding young adults, teens, and preteens are more fascinated and are deeply drawn to the idea of superheroes. That is because a superhero can be a reflection of someone's life experience. A hero can be a sentimental aspect of someone's childhood of wanting to become a hero of what they encountered. For example, bullies, rapists, robberies, and murderers. Those are reflections of someone's life experience of wanting to protect that individual from harm, or someone wanting to stand up from a bully. That individual can be drawn into a fantasy world of creating their villains and heroes into a comic book or reading a comic book novel. Some children grow up wanting to be a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, therapist, and preacher for the greater good. It can be a sentimental aspect of what they had been through in their childhood, or they just want to do the right thing. 
     Myself, I love Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films. Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films are America's escape from reality. Heroic and Sci-fi movies are my escape from the real world as well. I am so drawn to watching superhero films and TV shows such as The Dark Knight, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. Those shows and movies are relatable to me. Superhero movies are a reflection of my life experience of dealing with bullies and standing up to them. When I watch a superhero movie I get a glimpse of my past bullies. The villains that would hurt me and me being the victim of wanting someone to stand up for me; or me wanting to stand up for myself. That is why I tend to create comic books and write a lot about bullies and victims. That is another reason why I love to write poetry and informative poems to help others with their problems. I get the good out of writing poetry and through my comic books and artworks as well. As a woman of God, God is always my hero. Everybody is not religious and I understand that.  Everyone has their inspiration for who their hero is that they look up to.
     American culture is so rationalized that we do need movies to remystify life for us. Movies speak to us in the sense. Meaning, we as the audience look at the good in films. Movies bring us hope and escape from what is going on around us. Remorse and empathy is the key in films, and that brings out the heart of the film. We use movies as a projection of ourselves, and we gain comfort knowing that we are not alone in our emotions, struggles, and conflict. Even if a movie is fictitious, a film is for every kind of mood. For happy occasions, we want to watch a comedy or stand up. We all have been through a messy break-up that we would go into watching a drama romance, or a chick flick. The audience chooses what genre of a film to watch, based on their own emotions at that moment. 
    Going back to superheroes. The beauty and the concept of a superhero are aspirational. At the same time, heroes relieve the pressure of becoming a superhero. That is why most children like reading comics or watching it on screen.
      The ideological vagueness in superhero movies, is that it prepares us for the actual world of how to face danger. It can be towards our cowardice of facing the dangers that would come. 
    I think the dark vision of Batman is so much more popular than the brighter vision of Superman since the 1980s. That is because Batman is so much more complex than Superman. To society, Superman is just a more simple man wearing a cape that is flying and saving the day. Batman does so much more with his enemies than just fighting and dealing with them. Batman is dark and psycho. He does not put on the happy image as Superman does. American society responds to darkness because people can relate to it and it always brings out the good. The world is darker than happier, and most people can relate to that in superhero films.


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    Fantasy World

    A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

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    Opening my wings like
    a peacock dances in the rain.

    Unleashing the devil like
    a beast set free from a chain.

    Becoming the Joker as
    I am not a Bruce Wayne.

    Love is not my God because
    God never gives you pain.

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    Great America

    I miss all the summer days going to Six Flags Great America. 

    I miss going to Six Flags as a child with my family, friends, teachers, and my YMCA counselors. 

    My mother used to always tell me every time I went to Six Flags is to not get on high rides.

    I miss going on the high roller coasters.  

    I miss the Batman ride, the Superman ride, the demon ride, the Ferris wheel, and the drop-down ride.

    What I do not miss about Six Flags is the boat ride, water ride, and the Merry Go Round ride. My mother always informed me that I should just go on those types of rides. All of those rides were not exciting like the roller coasters.

    I miss Six Flags's food. I miss the cotton candy, bread pretzels, restaurants, and drinks.

    I miss everything about Six Flags Great America.

    My last time going to Six Flags was in my senior year in high school in 2012. Now, I am 25 years old and my boyfriend and I were planning on going to Six Flags Great America this summer, but all the park sites are closed now.

    I am really praying that this pandemic virus and the looting rioting is going to be over soon so I can go to Six Flags and game arcades every summer again.

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    My smile will never let you know
    The things hidden behind
    'Cause all you see is what I show,
    Fast forward or in rewind
    My words, don't stumble
    My job, to fix the worst fails
    My deeds are still humble
    Ain't the devil from tales
    Endless enemies in limitless row
    I m done at the end, my last role
    Leaving behind stark dark shadow
    Resting somewhere in your soul...

    #ironman #batman #marveldc

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    The Dark Knight crises

    And again you venture into the night

    Ready for anything but hoping you won’t have to fight

    You hope, just this once, that crime might’ve taken a hike

    As the wheels burn the asphalt, every road, every turnpike

    Something shatters in the shadowy envelope of the dark

    Losing your train of thought, upon the vigilante path you embark

    The gap to your target narrows as you hear someone scream

    And like your chance at a normal life, an unblemished night remains a pipe dream

    You make short work of the perps; they never stood a chance

    Once again, like clockwork, you continue this never-ending dance

    You glide on through the night, prowling for any other disturbance

    As you notice the media has already picked up the incidence

    And as “The hero we deserve” prints on the newsfeed

    You sigh in the lowest of pitches “but wish you didn’t need”