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  • marcelino 1w

    To the future love of my life.
    The only true one my heart belongs to.
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    Softly asleep in the early morn,
    ebony on white sheets.
    lines and stretch marks; you're fully adorned,
    rose petals would do no justice.
    Breathing loudly beside me, I love your aroma
    To inhale your bad breath, I truly desire.

    A matter of life and love,
    We live forever, a mystery death cannot solve.

    In the ambience of the golden hour,
    you awaken; your eyes lit up the room
    brighter than the sun.
    beauty has never been the word,
    honesty; best suiting this moment raw,
    nothing to hide, all straps are loose.
    you're naked, my eyes must see this wonder, it has no excuse.

    A matter of life and love,
    We live forever, a mystery death cannot solve.

    A thousand years have passed,
    A thousand more years will come to pass
    No form of beauty shall be compared with yours, not even art.
    Such also is our love
    Pure, like a saint
    what Shakespeare could not think of.
    Nor DaVinci imagine to paint.

    A matter of life and love,
    We live forever, a mystery death cannot solve.



  • nano_tales 3w


    I feel the struggle brother
    I feel the heartache sister
    I feel the pain mother
    I feel the shame father
    I feel it all

    Remember you need it all
    All the pressure
    It's not breaking you
    It's making you!



  • rahataliu 6w


    Some goodbye are good...

    For our mental health......


  • vibe_ana 6w

    New life

    I never thought I’d have the chance
    To breath life into something so precious and new
    I never imagined that I’d have the ability to creat something so bright and full of energy
    I feel your tiny hand in my belly reaching out to grasp the world
    I feel your tiny feet kicking ready to run and jump
    I can’t wait until the day I get to meet you
    I can’t wait until the day I get to hold you and call you forever mine
    I can’t wait for your brilliant mind to converse with and your beautiful soul to rise
    I will protect you and shield you from anything harmful and dark and I will hold you up to the light because that’s where you belong

  • rahataliu 7w

    : :

    तुझसे मिलने के बाद भी‌ कुछ कमी सा लगता है

    तू वही है या कुछ बदला सा लगता है

    " "

  • rahataliu 7w


    सारी दुनिया एक तारफ।
    मैं तेरे लिए एक तरफ।

  • realityvision 7w

    How babies learn quickly?
    #baby #happy #learn #motivation

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    How babies learn quickly?

    Babies learn quickly by two method observing things and listening to things with full concentration, then why we humans forget this technique as we grow, let's get back to basics observer more, listen more, speak less, get control of your environment Have a nice day

  • neha_warang 7w

    Came running from school to the hospital,
    Saw my little angel sleeping, peacefully in the cradle.

    Her eyes were closed and fingers so tiny,
    Her sweet little face looked so shiny!

    Soon she woke up and stared at me.
    Thought she'd cry but smiled cheerily!

    At the same moment I broke down.
    My baby sister is born! Welcome her to the town!


  • raghavendrabs 7w

    The businesswoman and the beggar

    The Businesswoman:

    As the clock struck five, it was time!
    Another day of serious hustling,
    The maid from the apartment would be here anytime!
    But five hundred rupees per day was always puzzling!

    The reduced number of vehicles at my regular traffic signal
    Just meant that the business wouldn’t be as flourishing.
    If the baby ever woke up, it was awkwardly infernal.
    It was apposite to say that the baby did all the nourishing!

    The drugged baby usually brought in a solid ten thousand a day!
    I lied to my contractor and would stash at least half of it.
    The investment was just about minimal, and it was a tough entree
    By evening, the baby tied to my waist would be stinking and drowned in its own shit

    The Corona virus disrupted my well established business,
    But I guess I had saved up for this,
    Some would look at me and say I’m vicious,
    But it wasn’t my problem if the baby’s parents didn’t find anything amiss!

    The beggar :

    I would wake up everyday, hopeless and fatigued,
    The corporate world always has been ruthless,
    “How do they get promoted and not me?” I was pained and intrigued.
    As a single mother, I remembered why the cribbing would be useless!

    My baby was my little light in this dark world,
    I wanted to make everything right for him.
    I would work two shifts, bear anything that unfurled
    Just to make sure his life wouldn’t be as grim!

    The watchman told me about the nanny sneaking my baby out,
    I didn’t want to believe him as this nanny was a friend’s recommendation
    One day I got back home early, just to clarify this doubt.
    My world crashed as the watchman’s words weren’t blind accusation!

    Then the Corona virus added to my woes,
    It took my little prince with a weak immune system and with that all my hopes,
    While I worked for his future, he was killed by the nanny that I trustfully chose!
    A loss of hope, job and most importantly, my prince! I was now a mope!

    Raghavendra B S

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 8w


    When all the luminosity of this illusive world falls apart,
    I find you in the umbral corner of my splintered heart,
    Beneath the barren sky where breathes not even a single ray of light,
    So that neither my shadow emerges nor my reflection evolves to steal my sight.

    Where my soul stands raw in front of you, in the state of ablution, in the position of Salah,
    The space between my breaths filled with my trembling voice summoning you, "Ya Allah",
    Where It's only you to listen when my feeble body falls in the state of prostrations,
    My tongue ceases, my soul whispers aloud, unveiling the depth of worldly lacerations.

    Where I can fearlessly shed drops of pain through my eyes,
    Seeking a single droplet of your forgiveness, vast oceans of sins that purifies,
    Even when I know no divine voice would ever revert back from the heavens,
    But still I find peace while I pluck the thorns of perplexing questions.

    I plead with you to flatten the accumulated sins at the seashore of my life, the silt,
    At the point of tangency of my forehead and the praying mat, gets dissolved my guilt,
    Where the jars of tales about me being betrayed and hurt, I endeavour to tilt,
    Exhausted I sit spreading my hands to beg, to restore the castles of my peace, I'd built.

    I may be the biggest of sinners this universe can ever hold,
    But your generosity O Lord, is enormous, you're forgiveness is multi - fold,
    The tears that drop forming a pond in my cupped hands with faded lines to pray, to plead,
    Renders solace as they are purest of all the rivers, through the chest of moutains that bleed.


    PS: Salah - Namaz
    Ablution- Act of cleansing one's body n face.
    Prostrations - Bending down to pray in Namaz.

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 9w


    I felt like a withered autumn leaf, flimsy and light,
    The land which my feet weren't kissing, never touched my sight,
    Breeze that blew there had an elegant fragrance, diffused,
    From the flowers I had smelt never, stood confused.

    The place brighter than the sun exhaling moon-like tranquility,
    Descended down my soul bit by bit, drops of serenity,
    With my naked eyes all open, I felt I was put on a blindfold,
    Vaccum brimmed my very existence, no memories I seemed to hold,

    Advanced further, just to feel more of that strange place,
    I realised, I moved in a distict way bearing a divine grace,
    Not only the rivers and passerines there, even I was new,
    Brooks were pure than ever, novice was the zephyr that blew.

    A cradle of snowflakes, quilted with feathers, swaying side by side,
    Near a lustrous stream of honey flowing in shades of gold and bronze, alongside,
    Summoned me and I just slid towards it inquisitive to find what it had,
    My senses spinned a million times in skepticism, I then realised, I was dead.

    I met someone after decades, my womb bore it for birth,
    My newborn who struggled too hard but couldn't make on the Earth,
    I kissed every inch of his tender body and my tears rolled down inadvertently,
    With the firm belief that none could tear us apart, my arms clasped my long lost baby.

    I didn't grieve for I had foregone my body, my life,
    Rather I forgave all the souls at once, got freed from the wordly strife,
    The mother in me thanked the angel of death for that priceless reunion,
    Whom she cursed once for abducting her baby, rendering her motherhood barren.


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  • in_fragments 12w

    All children want to be better than their parents. Most of them were just never taught how to be anything different.
    #pod #poem #mom #motherhood #childhood #baby #newborn #life @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The Natalist

    Mother in waiting on the balcony,
    rose hip tea sipping with a
    baby Rose inside, tumbling, kicking
    excitedly, ready
    to burst at the very crux of summertime.

    Mother celebrates her final few months
    of leisure and free rein with
    a fiery jaunt and a vivacious spirit,
    afraid but exuberant-
    marked parties with friends,
    self-indulgent suppers with family;
    she spends this particular
    smog swirled summer evening
    eating fresh fruits in her favorite chair-
    cherries, strawberries, apricots;
    a bowl of opulence,
    luxuriated in the immersion
    of watching the roses grow-
    imbibing life, but ignoring the darkness
    that shrouds the truth beneath it all.
    The guilt drips down her chin
    with blackberry juice,
    the toxic cycles secretly but certainly
    restarting with each cherry she plucks.
    She pictures how it will always be
    for her precious, brilliant baby girl:
    Safe. Unaffected. A beautiful bubble.

    As she watches the sun set
    behind air pollution, a slight haze
    from the forest fires too far away
    to care, eats her berries too many children
    will never get to taste, the evil that lurks
    behind every corner, disregarded-
    she's distracted,
    and she believes the world
    is reaching peak perfection.

    The natalist; hopelessly happy,
    self serving and narcissistic,
    oblivious to the reality
    she is forcing life into;
    completely dazzled into inaction by
    the dreams of adventures she never
    got to take, the ideas and plans she has
    for her "mini-me", before she has even
    entered the world; her personality
    and her roles strangely predetermined,
    allowing nothing to be uncertain-
    She will learn to love the flowers
    and the fashion, and the books,
    but what of her beliefs
    beyond that?

    We can only hope that the mini-me
    transcends and surpasses the mother;
    more in-tune with herself and the world,
    smarter and more willing to fight
    for those causes her mother was not,
    to break the patterns her mother
    repressed and let pass on, to reject
    all preconceived ideas and break
    the conditionings she will eventually
    grow to develop;
    and maybe the fruits and flowers
    her mother once enjoyed
    will still be there to share in the future-
    eaten with less guilt,
    more solemnity and understanding;
    it's a cold, random, fractious existence
    little Rose is arriving into-
    that cruel and urgent,
    turbulent existence being
    the core of what makes growth so sweet,
    that constant adversary that gives us
    something to fight for thrice over;
    for body, mind and soul.

    Where will Rose and all her flowers be
    by 2043?

    Mother doesn't think
    as she sips her rose hip tea, draped
    in gorgeous orange light
    and ignorant bliss-
    but even as the sunset burns
    and contagions hang all around, the air
    full of omens the woman doesn't notice,
    still the blooming Rose inside
    pushes with great potential, kicks
    with such heavy purpose...

  • being_poetical 15w

    Don't grow up too fast baby,
    let me live with your adorable
    baby phase for some more time.

    With Love,

  • brianna_m_salmon 16w

    But what wound is greater,
    Than those left by a mother,
    The one that was supposed to love you like no other,
    What hurt runs deeper,
    Than the strike of her tongue,
    When she turns away her child,
    And takes back her love,

    For it really shall sting,
    Like a million angry wasps,
    When she washes away the womb love,
    You were always supposed to have,

    Because nine months isn't forever,
    And one day baby must walk,
    And it seems like when,
    Baby's knees don't bruise,
    And baby doesn't need help to clean her teeth,
    Then mommy's love will be removed,
    And baby is left with hurting.


  • sonalnaik30 17w

    Babe love

    Calling your significant other "babe" is always cool, but do you respect him or her too?

  • _poetry_army 17w


    Girl child is god's boon
    Who look as pretty as moon
    So why they want to kill her in thy womb

    They want mamma to cook their food
    They want their wife to make their cheerful mood
    They want a friend with secrets to share
    And a girl who can care

    So why they don't want a pretty daughter child
    Why are humans behaving wild ???
    To have wealth ,Lakshmi they pray
    To have knowledge , Saraswati they pray
    So why they don't want a devi in their own house ???
    And that was all to say .
    Anshera Mulani

  • indigo_ink 17w

    My, My, My Mistake.

    Oh! Oh! Oh My God!
    Why am I hearing this stinking words?

    A baby! A baby! A baby! Inside me?
    Am I gonna drop out, lose my degree?
    Damn! Damn! DAMN! He said, he pulled out,
    I, I, I have a choice, I disagree.

    No! No! No baby!
    Am I not myself a baby?
    Do you think I can raise one?
    I myself am a baby.

    I, I, I will get rid of it,
    Should I let it grow up feeling like shit?

  • sonalnaik30 17w

    Love for little one

    Someone said it right, a mother starts loving her baby even before the child is born and I know for a fact that, such kind of love exists for real but then what right does patriarchy have to not accept or love a girl child?

  • wildflower2000 17w

    Spice euphoria

    Maybe I was too blind to see
    Until the love-struck me awesomely
    Sugar, spice and everything nice
    A different type of flavouring spice
    One would think I was done exploring
    Unknowingly I'm only starting another journey!

  • ciara1 18w

    A Frustrated Toddler

    I'm just taking it a day at a time,
    It's tough taking care of a cry baby toddler, but i love her so much like no other. Sometimes when she throws tantrums, i feel like hitting her so bad. But i pray everyday and ask God to pray against the spirit of disobedience and rebellion. I just want my daughter to always honor me just like how i honor my mother. I'm so grateful and blessed to be a mother. It just hit me this past Mother's Day, I feel more like a mother this year than I did the other years. Having a child or more children is the greatest gift a mother could ever have. I'm sure all the mother's that's reading this poem knows exactly what I'm talking about. You're very blessed to have children or grown children.
    Thank God for Children Physical Therapy and Children Developmental Therapist. My daughter's Physical Therapist makes home visits to my house once a week to teach me how to to be patient and interactive with my daughter, and also learn how to create activities for her. It's fun because I get to create different types of Toddler games with her. It's also a blessing of how I can still manage my writing time, while being interactive with my daughter. I'm never giving up on writing books, poetry nor art, but my daughter does comes first.
    ©Ciara Webb
    #toddler #baby #kids

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    A Frustrated Toddler