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  • grace_craig 3h

    #mondo #wod #bts #army

    Probably didn't do the challenge right but this was just a tribute to my favorite Kpop band so I'll write another one for the challenge.

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    Army Bts

    What's purple?
    Purple is the color of love between Army and our seven Bangtan boys.

  • princessfuzzy 4d

    Happy Birthday Jiminie

    Serendipity had occured for me,
    In the form of a beautiful angel,
    Jimin with a natural yet godlike filter
    A worthwhile promise
    Without any lie;
    You're my universe,
    Smooth like butter,
    You light me up like dynamite,
    Though life goes on,
    I need you,
    You are my idol
    And yeah, you are bulletproof.
    Happy B'day to my ultimate bias-wrecker❤️

  • _mani_s97 5d

    Broken mirror

    It's broken, but it's doing its job"
    It conveys:
    No matter how tried I'm I won't stop.
    Once it broken can't go back
    Somebody would have to reach out their hand
    No matter how hurt you are you will always remain as the precious and valuable person

  • poetry__for__soul 2w

    I purple you

    Even when i can just look upto the sky,
    Can't step up a single line,
    And all i see is the bright light,
    Even if it's blinding,
    Even if it's unreachable,
    A balloon ,a colour I adore,
    Rises up,
    Takes me up with it,
    That's hope, that's love
    And that's the path,
    We enlighten together.
    Like we purple us together.

  • bhatt_sawran108 2w

    Who is your BTS bias ?

  • meghna_thakuria 2w


    I wanted the love
    But you closed my door
    I couldn't step out
    I couldn't make me smile
    I was lonely
    I wanted someone I could lean on too
    And when you came in
    I have never felt that warm before
    Wanted to hug you
    But you were far away from me
    But you said we are close to each other
    Unspoken words you understood
    But how ?
    My life that you took it, molded it, and gave me back
    Should I call you an Angel,
    Or just someone a walking miracle ?
    Can I touch you and tell myself that you are someone
    Someone more than love, life ...
    Everyone thinks it's just a time pass to love you
    But they never understood that you made me feel myself
    Made me happy when I wanted to cry
    Made me special for someone
    Someone is you
    Someone is me
    Someone is both of us
    Someone told me that
    Outsiders will never understand
    The bond you created for me...

  • ade_ha 2w

    I want you to be your light.
    You should be your light.

  • _purple_snowdrops_ 2w

    Translated lyrics of "SO WHAT" by BTS��

    Sometimes, lifes so tragic, confusing and frustrating.... Honestly, its a mess up phenomenon...No idea how to get through these tramautic episodes of life....
    Many people in person,can't help us out at that moment...
    But just through some words, these 7 people comfort us..... Their lyrics were so meaningful, and it feels like, its ment for my life��
    Borahae..... Hwaitiing ����

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    "Somebody calls me right,
    Somebody calls me wrong..
    I don't want to care..
    So how about you?!

    So WHAT,..
    Don't stop and worry, there's no use...
    Let's gooo"

  • chiku_642 3w

    # Victory of true love
    Life is a puzzle to which u can enjoy if some one is their with u...
    Life never disappoints, everytime it has a new surprise for u so have patients and hope for d best...
    Kehete hai khuda ne is jahan mai sabhikeliye kisi na kisiko banaya har kisikelite❤️❤️����
    #U R MY UNIVERSE ������
    #BTS ARMY ��������
    Do comment ur views......

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    True beauty
    Episode 13

    Jin and rose were sitting in d room and practing their song that they were going to record on d christmas eve and it was d frist time when d BTS army were going to here this duo.
    {On 25th December}
    Rose and jin reached d recording room and were about to record d director came and asked jin that who is she and started to touch rose in an odd manner she was uncomfortable and started to move away from director jin saw her and understood her discomfort and went to that man and said excuse me sir she is my girlfriend and never ever try to put eye on her and she is here for our recording so just stay away from her..
    After that day jin and rose started to stay happily with each other and on one day rose and jin were their out for a dinner and in d cafe jin suddenly sat on his knees and said to rose will u marry me then rose said yes and he started to dance like a kid..
    (At jin's house)
    Jin his mom his lil sis and rose were sitting and jin's sister was very happy that she got rose as her sister in law and said jin bhai u r d best bro in d world and she is d best sister in d world am happy for both of u. Jimin got d news of their marriage and came to jin's house. Jimin rang d door bell jin came and opend d door and saw him and was very happy to see him after such a long time jm came and sat jin came and sat beside him and asked how r my hyungs and my bro tae how is he then jimin said tae he is in hospital then jin and rose got panicked and said why what happened then jimin said he commited suicide yesterday and thats why i came to u hyung and rose plz stop this wedding and rose plz get married to tae otherwise he will die hyung plz save my bro i can't afford to loose him then jin thought that after kookie he only has tae as his best friend then they went to hospital rose and jin went to his room and saw tae lieing helpless on d bed rose went to him and held his hand started crying and said tae i will marry u plz come back we have decided to stay together forever then rose went out jin came in and sat beside him and tae held his hand and said why did u save me i don't want to live if i can't stay with rose i love her more than my life and can't live without her then jin said who said u won't stay with rose get better and rose is urs....
    {To be continued}
    (U r my universe)

  • _mani_s97 3w

    My universe

    I fly to you every night (Fly)
    Forgetting that it's just a dream
    I meet you with a smile (Meet)
    Never ending forever, baby
    I fly away with you
    When I'm without you I'm crazy
    Please hold my hand
    We are made of each other, baby
    My universe

  • itheforgottenone 3w

    Meeting the team
    (Y.O.L.O) chapter 3

    Ha-jun's pov
    I woke up with a groan. My head as pounding why? I didn't know. I see you're awake suga said. Yeah i am. Where's baby I immediately asked. I guess that's  Your brother he's in his room sleeping.that's when i looked around and noticed the house i was in. I smirked well ain't this some mansion suga dear. Suga made fake gargling sound and that's when we heard giggling behind us. I looked and could not help but smirk well ain't this some team i drawled. Bts all in the flesh never thought I'd see this day i batted my eye lashes and put on a star struck face. They all couldn't help but burst into laughter. Seems like we have a silver tongue here Rm laughed well he continued each group will go brief their member. Ha-jun v and suga will stay here and brief you. OK I nodded.good rm said goodbye guys they laughed again but said goodbye before leaving. I turned to suga and v now about briefing.

  • wings_happiness 3w


    • 25 September 2021


    #love #life #bts #dedicated #happiness

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    "You're present in every breath of mine,
    Every single time that's for sure.
    Are you the medicine or the pain,
    But you are mine that's for sure."


  • itheforgottenone 3w

    Finding Ha-jun

    I smirked as i ran I had just disposed a person of their wallet and this wallet seemed quite heavy. They were two realky good looking men. I think they must have been celebrities because they wore sunglasses and face masks and didn't want to draw attention to themselves which makes me wonder what people like them are doing here. Despite trying to be discreet the clothes they wore must be worth thousands i noticed. I kept on running until I bumped into someone. Oww i drawled until i looked at who i had bumped into I was one of the strangers i stole from. I smirked dusted myself and said with an innocent face dear sir can i help you I drawled. That was when he pulled down his face mask and took off his sunglasses. Now i might not be a k-pop crazy boy but i knew enough about them to know who was In front of me. Here in the flesh was suga. I stole from suga.
    He spoke up while muttering something about stupid speeches do you want to be famous he asked oh of course i drawled wait what i what do you mean? He didn't reply just turned around and started walking follow me he said and I'll show you stardom. Wait i said my brother he needs me. He's just 10 and he's also dumb i muttered. Oh suga froze what's your address he asked. The team will go clear out your place. No i said firmly enough my brother. He won't be fine with it let me go back. Ok he replied before i knew it we had picked my brother got on a private jet. I had also met v and was going to be introduced to the "team" well according to suga.

  • narmatha_ramasamy 3w

    If you can't smile,

    Don't strain yourself,
    Forcing yourself to smile is painful.
    Let the time wait for you to smile naturally.

  • itheforgottenone 3w


    Chapter 1
    The big surprise

    Jimin's POV
    Bts! Bts! Bts!
    All around us that's what we can hear. I can't stop myself from smiling. I'm grinning so hard it's like my face split. Our army has always supported us but I guess it's time to finally bow out and leave. For the big surprise we decided to let suga announce it. Suga has always been authoritative. Suga suddenly screams ARMY!! Please give me a moment. they all immediately kept quiet. Then he started: it's been years with you guys, years of love friendship and everything in between. We've gone places and we couldn't have done it without you but it's finally time to bow out and leave. They all immediately gasped suga continued. I know it is sudden but we all saw it coming and then suga hands the floor to j-hope,I just watch on. J-hope then continues for suga but don't worry as a gift to you all we will be handing the stage and everything we are to another boy band group. Jungkook immediately continues and no they have not been established yet and no they will not be called bts. Then it's my turn: we have all decided to split into a group of four j-hope and jungkook,v and suga,Jin and me and then finally Rm. Rm immediately continues each group will tour the world separately searching for recruits. each group will be allowed to recruit one member making them four in total and then jin continues and the four of them will continue the legacy we have left but not as bts oh no but as something much more better and then suga continues and on a plus side they will be the most handsome boys you've ever seen. They shall be strictly between the ages of 18-19. we promise you that,then Rm continue they will not only be musicians but actors also so prepare to be star struck good bye we love you. After that just as practiced we bow and leave. The Army's are shocked too shocked to speak then they start clapping and hooting. the moment we get back home I am just too tired so I immediately sleep off.

  • itheforgottenone 3w


    It Is the year 2025. Music is at it's peak and bts(bangtan boys) after ruling the world of music have decided to bow and leave but not before leaving a surprise for their fans. They have decided to pick four of the world's most handsome boys and make them into a boy band(Y.O.L.O) join Ha-jun and the boys In a tale of identity searching and crisis,love,romance,friendship,family drama and music.

  • btspleiades 3w

    To all boys who hate on bts and mock on them
    I wish their daughter to be born as an army

  • sanjeevanik 3w

    They say that it's ok not to have a dream but I think without dreams ur life will become desert.
    You don't need to have big dreams but living an ordinary life is kind of a dream as well...

  • midnight_bellow 4w

    My instant happiness >>>>

    ( When someone praises BTS )

  • m_e_r_l_i_n_2004 4w


    I saw no reason for a home so no search took place. Though, one day when alone, I found one place, safe.

    A house homed by seven with enough chairs for eight, allowed me a heaven and I claimed it as fate.

    A bed caught my fall and seven sang a song. For once I felt warm and where I belong. I heard it's been eight long years of upkeep and the years have their weight

    but they are not bleak. They asked me to sit and stay for a while. I knew that was it, a smile for a smile❤️.