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    Listen to Freestyle by Fannalot on #SoundCloud

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    New Audio!

    Listen to Freestyle by Fannalot on #SoundCloud
    (Please click on the link or copy and paste them in the Url) thank you

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    #Audio #SoundCloud #AreYouAFanOfFan?


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    Please all my followers, give me a follow on SoundCloud! There's Two Snippets uploaded for songs I will be dropping next week!
    Check out Fannalot on #SoundCloud

    Are you a fan of Fan?

  • sweetybhadoria 29w

    We are thrilled to announce our creators' accelerator program, `Vocal Bharatiya` to help new audio creators from India build an audience and launch their careers.

    At InstaHelo, we want to build a creator-first economy where creators get to pursue their passion and make a decent living.
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    InstaHelo shows are audio-only, live shows. So, if you can host a podcast, news show, talk show, talent performance (singing, poetry, Kavita path) contest, counseling (career, medical, legal), discussions, or debate, InstaHelo is for you.

    Selected creators will :
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    ❇️ Get support in building your audience on and off InstaHelo

    What you need to participate:
    ✔️ Android phone with internet connectivity
    ✔️ Willingness to work hard and hustle
    ✔️ Experience with audio content

    If you are interested, please apply here:

    #instahelo #artist #artistchallenge #creators #audio

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    Read the caption, something exciting is there

    After reading the caption , if interested You can contact me -
    *Comment on the post
    *Mail- sweety.36mj@gmail.com

  • james_taumas 98w


    Where is the peace?
    City noises compete
    The loudest award
    Libraries' quiet kingdom non-existent
    Escape the urban audio
    Into serenity countryside
    Wilderness isn't silent
    Bugs and animals acoustics
    Rush to the seas
    Water and wind phonics
    Yearn for mute Eden.

  • soulful_chik 108w

    Well make it 1 Billion someday ����
    #whatsaap #text #call #pics #voice #audio #period #talk #love

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    1,75,531- whatsaap texts
    1,681 - Pics
    531 - Voice notes
    Within a short period of time

    But still it feels we have a lot to talk


  • sound_of_silence 124w

    I'm Musick

    Music preaches for ma Way
    I feel the voices taking High
    lured away from gravity
    Juz stepped out of Reality
    Never feel so alive I like to feel this way
    I consumed darkness to let ma humanity Right Away...
    Nothing left I'm juz a Audiophile

  • rgzzsy 126w

    My Muse

    Hear me
    Lend me your soul
    Bear my heart, audio
    You are replete under my spell
    True Sound

  • void_soul 135w

    She is someone very dear to my heart
    In the very first day itself
    I fell in love with the sweetness of her voice
    Her role in my life is worth remembering
    I still miss those loving days spent with her
    Almost six to seven months
    Feel like going back to her again
    She is the best I know
    I will miss her life long

    #favmam #shaktimam #missing #love #nostalgic

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    Sweetness of her voice


  • i_am_kalpana_ 140w

    First video


    मैंने अपनी पहली वीडियो यूट्यूब चैनल में शेयर की है मेरी आवाज में सुनने के इच्छुक हो तो लिंक ओपन करें जो बायो में दिया है।

    अगर अछि लगे तो शेयर करे और हाँ चैनल को *subscribe* करना बिल्कुल ना भूले।

    कृपया ध्यान देवें

  • tanujsrivastava 172w

    Do you think you are safe being away from the wilderness?

    Follow for more!

    #monarch #torture #death #audible #audio #jungle #poetry #quote #iamtanuj

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    The monarch's tale...

    The monarch of this Urban Jungle is much more ferocious than it's greenwood's counterpart.
    In the woods, the Victim's howl is even audible at a mile, while in the Brick Forest, everything is silent,
    The sufferer's audio is suppressed till the maximum limit...

  • vincecarre 177w


    2 speakers ascending, from cornered bottom to top, peak of a pyramid.

    As they rise above dark clouds surround. "thunderisticness" of the beats are heard...
    Rain pour's of redness - the devil ontop the two speaker's, he begins directing the -red drops/vocals, his hands of claws.
    He holds each of the vocals with his large nails. Throwing them at i, they come towards as blood - from the many who followed muscians.
    The thunder of a beat still hauntingly consuming. As he shoots the vocal drops, it morphs into a beating heart in mid air, finally the heart splatter towards my ear's, full, then slithering in.

  • painedpen 195w

    Not just Audio calls , even Video Calls .
    He recorded.

    This much ,He loved her presence.


  • writeweird 221w


    for the song check the bio:


    Dear stan, as I write this letter to you I'm sitting at rock bottom
    You told me i'll be well by summer but now it's another Autumn 
    There's nothing to look forward to, and I still feel so rotten 
    I've been having these nightmares lately and maybe I need them 
    They keep me up all night, otherwise I have those pills they gave me and sometimes I pop 'em,
    Remember those anxiety attacks I used to have, I've still got them 

    I don't know how any of this will end but I think I finally need a friend,
    I'm tired of talking through a pen, and I don't know when I might do something I'll regret later,
    There's so much going on and she gives no fuck at all, I hate her 
    I guess I would to, if I was in her shoes 

    But I have told you how much I love her, 
    And I don't know what to do, I don't want to alienate her
    I have no one else and I know I am lucky to have somebody 
    But I don't think I deserve her because I am nobody
    I know she worries and I can't help but feel sorry 

    All I want is for her to be happy, but I know if she remains with me soon she'll lose everybody 

    I know what she's feeling inside even though she never tells
    I don't want to be that someone but I know I can't be anyone else 
    I don't know what needs to be done to get out of this hell 
    Sooner or later I know I'll reach for the gun and disappear like everyone else 

    Before I die I want to make sure I did everything I could 
    You told me to never judge a book by its cover and maybe I should 
    And you know if there was a way out I'll run for it, you know I would 
    Sometimes I smile when I think about my childhood though it wasn't good 

    At least I had a place I could call home and I don't know if again, I ever would 
    I could've had easily slipped into the bad influence of my neighborhood

    but i never did, i never took a hit 
    i always kept my distance until this loneliness did it 
    now i need it, like a mother needs her child 

    and now i don't remember how to live without it because i've been doing it all this while,

    there's so much more i would like to say but i'm forgetting my own words 
    i've been shut inside these walls for so long that i've forgotten how the world works 
    i'm afraid to open a door because i know it will close once i leave 
    i've been so close but i know you tell me to stay in control and believe...

    But I can't help myself or her when she weeps 
    I've been grateful for so many things but I know there's something I still need 
    Because I know how I feel when everyone goes to sleep 
    I have this hunger inside of me that nobody can feed 
    You told me that if I fight my demons one day I'll be freed 

    But no matter how much I try, this promise I can't keep 
    I'm so tired and all I want is to fall asleep
    But I know I might never wake from a scar this deep 
    I've had so many till now that I've lost my count 
    I try to hear in the silence but I hear no sound 
    And even though when I'm in a crowd it feels like no ones around 

    Why is it that even though I'm at the rock bottom I'm still falling down 
    I don't know why I picked my pen today and felt like putting it all out on the table 
    And trust me I'm no fool, I know you think I'm unstable 
    But trust me, I've been trying to find a ride back home
    But guess what, nones available 

    And There's so much weight on my shoulders that I know I won't be able 
    To get back on my feet without crushing myself in the process to be stable
    I know I'll fall right back into the abyss, and no one would even miss me 
    Though I had a little hope you gave to me but I know it's unsustainable

    Because all the pain I have in me makes that mountain unattainable 
    I wish things could have turned out a little differently
    But now I am all but gone, detached from my own reality
    I know I will give in to this pressure eventually
    Break apart and disappear for one last time
    And I know you knew it too, c'mon what chance did I have statistically 

    But I would still like to pretend that we're not staring at the end 
    And I still have a chance to defeat the monsters I've bred 
    I hope you don't mind me speaking out my mind, my friend 
    But Don't feel bad for Me if someday they find my corpse with a hole in my head 
    I'm sure you'll be the only one to ever miss me enough to give a fuck 

    We both know how it'll all turn out and I admit it hurts 
    But you never know the reason for anything why anyone does 
    And sometimes you need to perish before you can get rid of the curse.

    Yours truly


  • writeweird 222w



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    listen ?

    https://soundcloud.com/aviisevil/lyrical-in-genuis ( visit the link in bio )