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  • the666 1h

    My journey as BTS fan

    So it's been more than a year ever since I started watching and listening to BTS. And believe me they have helped me a lot to be where I am right now.
    But somewhere in the middle I got around the not so good part of their fandom. And let me be clear I am talking about fandom not the group.
    So, that and taking how busy I am now a days it became very hard for me to follow up with the group.
    I hope they're doing fine and having the time of their life. I just want to say thanks to them for all that they have helped me with specially Kim Namjoon.
    Thank you BTS
    Thank you Namjoon.

  • layersofdesires 2d

    Choking on her own false notions being fed
    Ever since first breath of adolescence
    Coughing the words heard just for putting others first
    Breathing hard gasping for air
    Filling lungs with air contaminated
    Vision blurred with floating tears
    Refusing to fall free breaking the bridge of dense eyelashes
    Lips shaking whispering words incoherent
    Looking at the sky searching for comfort
    Staying in bed wide awake all night
    Waiting for sleep to envelope the aching body
    But it never came
    Deafening echoes consuming all colours of dreams
    Turning poetries scribbled on diaries lifeless
    Wearing her scars like medals
    She received for her best attempts
    She stands in front of the mirror
    For hours and hours
    Looking directly in the eyes of her soul
    Tuning and moving slowly and gradually
    Clockwise and then anticlockwise
    Noticing every curve
    Putting her disheveled hair up in a bun
    To not to leave any inch unnoticed
    She started reading the labels received
    Tattooed on her flesh and bones with invisible ink
    As she caressed her skin
    Her cold fingertips conveyed to her
    The death of warmth within
    Tears swallowed
    Gaze fallen
    One strong hit with metal hair pin
    And mirror broken
    Shattered on the floor like amber
    She walked on barefoot
    Hoping to bleed to death
    To end the disgust

    Seeing such disgrace
    The dawn draped her body with hues of rainbow
    That day sun shone gold
    An angel landed at her door
    Knocked and knocked gently
    With such persistence
    Asking for a chance
    With reluctant heart and broken faith
    She decided to take one last chance
    Gathering all of the remaining strength
    The innocence in his eyes
    Reignited her belief in kindness with no shallow words
    The purity in the sound of his laughter
    Put to sleep the roaring thunders
    The grace in his moves
    Swift away all the dark clouds
    The calm in his voice
    Rebuilt the feeling of home
    The fire in his gaze
    Burned down the whole maze of haunting memories
    The tears rollin down his cheeks
    Seeing the scars from a safe distance
    Having no courage to touch
    Believing his songs are gentler than his fingertips
    Not wanting to remind the pain meant to be forgotten
    Not even unintentionally
    He gave unconditionally

    All of his
    Keeping absolutely no records
    Accompanying her worn-out soul on long cold lonely nights
    Holding her hand home on scary pathways
    Dancing with her like her shadow on steets covered with autumn leaves
    Not leaving her alone not even for a second
    In this mean world
    Conversing with her till dawn to her heart's content
    About galaxies, planets, universe and stars
    Befriending her demons
    Eradicating fears
    Redefining her concepts of love with such grace
    Teaching her
    Who needs mirror ?
    When she can see how beautiful she is
    Looking right into his eyes
    Imprinting her name on his soul
    Thurifying her being
    Without claiming it
    Winning all of her heart
    Without owning it
    Capturing her mind
    Without controlling it
    Gaining all her trust
    Without asking for it
    Accepting all her incompetent love
    Without demanding it

    Teaching her
    How to adore without caging
    How to submit without surrendering
    How to love without labeling
    How to levitate without screaming
    How to live without explaining
    How to shake without shaming
    Reminding her again and again in moments of doubt
    With his mere presence
    Not all love get tamed by the tides of time
    Not all angels say goodbye and leave
    Not all angels say goodbye and leave
    © Layersofdesires

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    Not all angels say goodbye and leave

  • lostsoul789 3d

    Try to face reality.
    ~Purple you~

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    Their beauty doesn't attract me towards them
    Their hard work attract me towards them
    And motivate to do hard work
    Their foggy past that seem
    Not gonna be clear but their
    Dedication towards hardwork didn't change
    Sometimes they want to give up
    But their will never let them to give up
    That will of them made me fan of them

  • borahae_07 5d

    Not mine credit goes to BTS. It's their song Life Goes On. These beautiful lyrics are written by them. #bts #army #btsarmy #borahae_07 @borahae_07 @writersnetwork

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    Life goes on ♡

    "Like an echo in the forest
    Like an arrow in the blue sky
    On my pillow, on my table
    Yeah life goes on like this again"

  • borahae_07 1w

    "You gave me the best of me so you gave you the best of you"

    Not mine a lyrics by BTS song~ Best Of Me


  • borahae_07 1w

    "You can't stop me lovin' myself"


  • _a_black_heart_ 1w

    Dear modern diary

    Life goes on. Let's live on.

    Two sentences. 6 words. 7 men. My inspiration to continue living on.

  • agyaanee 1w

    उनकी गाथा, क्या कोई लिख पाए,
    कलम में वो अपना लहू भरते हैं
    सिंधुतल से पर्वतराज तलक जो
    हम सब का स्वातंत्र्य लिखते हैं


  • anamika_tiwari_mn 1w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #anatiwari #india #indian
    #army #indianarmy

    Indian Army Day ��������
    Jai Hind !

    May God Bless Our Army and Protect Them From All Negativities ����������✨��

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    Ye Mere Sainik, Meri Shaan,
    Mera Abhiman Hai

    Jivan Jitni Baar Mile ....✨
    Aye Bharat !
    Tujhpe Hi Qurban Hai ‍♀️


  • beensn 1w

    Army day

    A grand salute to the brave hearts,
    Who protect us at the borders.
    We respect your great sacrifices,
    Let the enmity go into ashes.
    The day marks the taking over of charges,
    Of commander-in-chief from the Brits,
    By our Field Marshal K M Cariappa from General Francis.
    It is also a day of pride to all Indians,
    To showcase the military strengths.
    And makes sure that we are in safe hands.
    Long live the army and it's brave hearts,
    Let love and peace be the weapons to win over all the controversies.

  • raunak_baghbaan 4w

    Taaron ka sheher

    Taaron ka sheher suhana,
    Sota hai jab ek jawaan pehra deta hai
    Rishton ko chd ke, rasmon ko chd ke,
    Jaan ki baazi prr khelta hai....
    Qisson kahaniyon me suna haina bass?
    Maano meri baat - hota hai sachme daravnaa.....

  • the_blue_moon 4w


    You don't know me as a person
    I never talk to you in personal
    You wish for my happiness
    I wish for you success
    And Eternally bond we have that we longed for

  • saiyahi_rashmi 8w

    हसीन वादियाँ

    "घाटियों में शामिल हुए तो तलाश पूरी मानो जैसे महसूसा हो धरती पर जन्नत।
    ये हसीन वादियाँ बाहें खोले आगोश में भर रहीं शायद ऐसे ही पूरी होती हो मन्नत।।"

    कि--दिल चाहे वक़्त थम जाए और यहीं बना लें सुकूँ-ए-ख़ास का ठौर "सैयाही",
    इन वादियों से हवा गुज़रती ऐसे,जैसे इश़्क में बहककर साथी ने कि हो मोहब्बत।।"

  • queen_imagination 10w

    BTS Sorting Ceremony !

    Help me sort BTS members in Hogwarts houses in the comments


    #bts_talks #Army #BTS #SortingCeremony

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    Part 1

  • queen_imagination 10w

    Types of A.R.M.Y.

    1) Who make others love BTS by playing BTS songs around them and showing them bts funny moments

    2) Who make others hate BTS by talking 24/7 abt them

    My lil cousin is type 1 as she made me love BTS and I'm type 2 who made the others hate it

  • queen_imagination 10w

    Before I used to hate BTS thinking that they behave and dress up too much like girls but I didn't know that's what makes them cute��
    Now I feel like a dumb. I used to dislike them without any valid reason. Now I know how amazing they are. Some months ago I saw BT21 and became a fan of it. I also loved TinyTan.
    These were the beginnings of my journey as an ARMY.

    My sis used to say, "How r u even an army if u don't do the main thing that is listening to their songs?!"

    I would always reply, "First let me adore BT21 .... I'll listen to their songs later."


    I gradually started liking BTS AND listened to 3/4 songs only ���� as I was still obsessed with blackpink and busy with them.

    Then after visiting my cousin she made me listen to their song and fall in love with bts��
    She is super obsessed with SUGA on the other hand I couldn't even figure out who's Suga and who's J-hope.
    The first time I saw them it felt like all of them r twins but now I can recognise them.
    My Bias is Jk but tbh I love all of them equally. They're are sooo funny��

    I was even wondering of writing a bts fanfiction tho I'm not totally sure as my exams are coming.

    Are u an ARMY??

    Who's ur bias in BTS?

    What do you think abt them??

    #bts #army #btsarmy #bts_talks


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    Me as an A.R.M.Y.

  • divinjoon 11w

    Well! We like some people to such extent that we can't even reflect it!


  • saif5alam 11w

    Chhattisgarh- 4 CRPF jawans killed as colleague opens fire at Sukma camp

    It is a bitter truth that stress and depression are as common these days.

    Let us try to analyze the situation in the armed forces why they took this steps-
    1)A soldier/officer often serves in remote locations, whose names are barely known to a person in the corporate, without electricity or running water for days at end.2)Communicating with the family is a privilege for these gentlemen that gets fulfilled NOT on the daily basis. They deal with their inner turmoil nearly always alone and nobody has a clue.)
    3)The politics involved in upper ranks is not for everyone’s mettle to bear. The often slow progress in a career where even a reprimand is detrimental to future prospects, does take its toll.
    4) Access to counsellors is minimum to nil. You will not find a psychotherapist at 15000 feet or in dense jungles to palliate your stressful sentiments. Either you confide it to your brothers-in-arms or bear it all alone.
    5)If you have an ailing spouse or parents and you are not able to reach out to them for a long time, the frustration will pile up inside your mind in dangerous proportions. This is very risky to you as well as your fellow soldiers.
    6)If you do not share good enough relations with the fellow soldiers around you, you will end up all alone in your mind. Not good!
    7)Sacrificing yourself and your presence in the lives of your loved ones for national duty is not everyone’s forte. Those who join armed force as just another job, easily crumble to its stressful routine.
    8)If there is some official wrongdoing going on against you, you can not take it out in a battle in some court like they do these days for anything. You raise it with your seniors and then pray to God that things will be resolved. The most often chosen course of action is to keep mum and await for your next postings. Everybody looks out for his own interests also. This is obviously quite disagreeable.
    9)If your personal life (including family life) is a mayhem then the severe and rigorous nature of the job in the Armed Forces will add to your problems if you can not keep aside your sentiments while you are on active duty.
    10)if the situation is warlike, then the problem is definitely compounded further.

    I have seen that in the Air Force, counselling sessions are carried out by JCOs for ORs and COs for JCOs. They get to discuss their issues and also recommended to outside help of a psychologist if the problem is too serious but in paramilitary forces or army it's nil.

    I must emphasize that Armed Forces do take care of the family members of the soldiers by providing a secure campus for accomodations, CSD facilities, free medical facility, insurance covers, regular FWC or AFWWA meetings, excursions or outings to scenic places etc. & many other things.

    But the nature of the job is such that one can not expect EVERYONE to surpass the mental challenges it poses.

    One other thing is that families of Air Force & Navy are luckier as nearly all Air Force and Naval stations have good schooling facilities for children and are in fairly developed cities, which is certainly not the case for every Army or paramilitary forces station. Every married soldier is also bothered about the education of his children, which is only natural. They often leave their families at their previous posting station just because of this one particular reason.

    As the work life balance is most difficult to achieve in the Armed Forces, it is not surprising that there are unfortunate suicide cases, appearing more so in the Army and paramilitary forces govt must taken serious action in this situation.

  • sanjeevanik 12w

    The more you want something
    The more distant it gets

  • vineyy 12w

    You, in my imagination
    As if you are right there
    But I reach out my hand
    And you suddenly disappear

    From all the memories stored in my heart
    I gather up the ones of you, link them together
    Gazing at them projected across the room, I feel you with every burst of pain

    Don't have to be right
    Just wanted you to stay the way you are
    Kind hearted, always smiling,
    I've barely made it by your side...