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  • akoijr 13w

    Only in your fragrance
    And the softness of your skin
    Does my existence ever have a minute

  • princess_diary 18w


    The april rain comes slanting down
    Sweet april showers
    Do the spring may flower
    The cuckoo through the rain call once again
    The new sunray brings the spring
    dripping the soaking rain
    Young grass spring on the plain
    See the leaves on the tree as the grow
    Watch all the flowers bloom again
    Brids sing and pair again
    There no time like the beautiful spring
    Uplifting warm breeze
    With sweet fragrance of
    Blue hyacinth on the hill
    In my heart i feel the life of Wood and meadows
    Violets shine through the dew drops in the morning
    Spring comes up bursting Bonfires green....☘️

  • porcupine 28w

    Back on April 20th 2021

    A tiny bit of snow
    Cover the tree limbs
    Green and white together
    Looks so beautiful with these things

  • porcupine 28w


  • hamallaxmi 30w

    Day 30

    /Letter to the world/


    There is something a miss about you. Things have changed to the greatest heights. I know you are not to be blamed for everything is happening in the earth. But whom do I blame? Maybe our own shelves? because blaming the GoVt or the politicians is the humongous crime and breach of law. Isn't it? Something rushes towards my blood I am not sure what it is, the nation is crying. Ever where there is this news of crying, screaming, shouting, begging for help yet We the people failed to be their for them who is struggling with pain in chest who is struggling to gasp for oxygen. Many couldn't meet their loved ones for that one last hug, one last good bye.
    And couldn't do one last ritual.

    After losing everything you had is the worst feeling in the world maybe.
    There is nothing you can take with you when you leave the world. Not even your own breath. So there is no point in having the huge success, being wealthy, and peace if there is no one to share with you your happiness and your sorrows on this earth.

    All you can do is be there for people around you, your love, care and prayers is all they need.

    "Baantne se khushiyaan badhti he"

    Love over hate,
    #napowrimo #naoowrimo2021 #napowrimosilverleaf
    #silverleafpoetry #poetrycommunity #poemofig #poems #april #Day30 #poemsaday
    #poetry #letters #lettertotheworld

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    This is the letter to the world


  • de_ife_7 30w

    A letter to the waves.

    Dear waves...?
    You break my pride and reduce me to soil everyday.
    There are days when you bring me pearls and shells from the sea,
    and there are days when you pull my fishermen into your storm.

    I often wonder why you act like you do,
    indifferent and perplexingly
    First you mumble inaudible insults towards the son of man.
    Then at ease, flog the earth with whips of rain.

    But again, when I dwell my mind on it,
    you render a cool sweep of chill,
    and with your agonizing whip,
    prepare me for the seasonal produce of crops.

    Shall I say then?
    It is darkest before dawn,
    we, when whipped, were not willed to weep.
    to mould us in perfect shape;
    like a potter, crushing earth upon earth,
    to scold me in feigned and unfeigned grace.

    If so be the case, I shan't blabber about my fate.
    Strike me with your whips; urgent twacks of beauty,
    that like a Korean vessel,
    I might bake out in egregious comeliness;
    how I love this word. This world.

    The poetry as ended,
    but they'll still visit the seaside; man,
    to watch you pride in waves of waves,
    and trample on me; man,
    reducing me to soil everyday.

    ©de_ife_7 _de_ifee{TWITTER} _deife_xp{IG} adeifeoluwaalo@gmail.com {Mail}

  • inked_selenophile 30w

    In between agony screams and soft cries,

    I opted for a soft cry.

    Since I always chose silence to engulf the pain, I only had a long disturbing conversation with my heart.

    ~ And in between agony screams and soft cries, my heart was checking out for a soul to comfort~

    In between dark clouds and plain clouds,

    I opted for dark clouds.

    To let those dark hurricanes live, my eyes were holding different drops of pain to reside under dark clouds.

    ~ And in between dark and plain clouds, my heart was yearning for the azure sky to paint colors of poetry~

    In between you and me,

    I opted you

    The cold blood coursing through my veins found warmth in you, and the hidden breaths of my pulse were exhaled in you. My soul was reflecting in your heart. I was living in you.

    ~And somewhere in between you and me, my heart was longing for us~

    In between the art of painting and poetry

    I opted for poetry,

    Disclosing my scars with a coat of rhymes, I dipped pieces of my existence in ink of metaphors and syllables

    ~And In between painting and poetry I wished for a reader to adorn the pale rainbow of my life~



    (In between the darkness and light
    I opted for darkness,
    To be with my adorable moon.. ��Ishhh )

    #decisionmaking #wod #April
    @writersnetwork (41)
    Thank you for EC too ��

    The comments have my heart Take all love ����

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  • porcupine 30w

    An April morning

    A great view to see
    A great place to be
    Watching the sunrise
    Is what I really need

  • hamallaxmi 30w

    Day 28

    Few days just do a silent prayer
    For your loved ones
    Or atleast for the one who is
    Losing hopes.

    I want you to bloom after the
    Rigourous fall
    Notoriously seeking the glance
    From the teary eyes.

    After the snow Covered with
    Make love caressing her beauty
    With your naked eye.

    When you wake up after the long
    Sleep I want you to
    Just adore the foggy misty cloudy breathtaking view from the bed

    When your ache triggers you
    With the unending pain
    I want you to stay calm to your
    Own self
    Without hurting.

    Will you do that for me?
    #napowrimo #napowrimo2021 #poetryheals #poetdycommunity #poetsofig #poetryisnotdead #poemsaday #poems #poetry #april #napowrimoXtttofficial #poemslife

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    I want you to stay


  • inked_selenophile 30w

    Mistake – Putting down myself and living with fears

    Lesson learned –
    The only way to overcome fear is to love, and that love comes from acceptance, love your flaws, and cherish yourself.

    ~Honey, You are unstoppable once you become fearless

    Mistake - Loving

    /They say love teaches you how to live, unfortunately, not in my case./

    Lesson learned-
    Your heart is a sacred place, don't let anyone step into it.
    Allowing yourself to sail in the tides of love will cause you to float through suffering.

    ~ Sweetheart, spare half of the love you give to others.

    Mistake- Choking on words and remaining silent.

    Lesson learned:
    Instead of killing words, craft them as chords on a blank page and let your silence imprint intense melody to cherish the lovely rhythm of poetry.

    ~ Love, make your words shine

    Mistake- Cursing god for gifting darkness

    Lesson learned-
    God gives darkness to the soul that carries the moon, In the darkness, just like the beloved moon, you can shine and spread your light

    ~Stop fearing about dark,
    stop looking for the light, because
    darling; it is already within you.


    #lessons @writersnetwork :)

    #April #unfiltered_one

    OH GOD ���� Thank you so much WN ❤
    (40) and 3rd repost ��✨ ��

    @sans_bornes ��❤ abeyyy

    I am so happy even @fromwitchpen got the repost today ��❤ #moown

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  • hamallaxmi 31w


    The moment my quill starts
    It's ajeeb dastaan
    It always recollects you
    The way you used to
    Offer the hibiscus to lord Shiva
    Silently praying for me.
    In every verse you read
    In those books unread
    In beautiful sunsets
    In the spring
    In the middle of the nights
    It looked for your warmth
    Snatching all the poet's
    Heavy heart
    It made my heart beats
    Rise with the anxious little
    As I inked my blank paper
    With your thoughts.
    It seemed world came crashing
    Eyes couldn't hold any more
    The drops of pearls.
    As they were precious
    Just to restore them for
    The right moment.
    And that moment saw the destruction
    Every night.
    Battling alone in the battlefield
    With thousands against you.
    #napowrimo #napowrimo2021 #poetrycommunity #poems #poetry #poemsofig #poetsofinsta #poetsofig #writersclub #writinglife #poemaday #april #glooowrimo #letsescapril

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  • hamallaxmi 31w

    Day 26

    /Dissection of heart break/

    Haven't you ever felt
    the pain in chest
    And scars in soul
    Where were you when
    The people were shattered
    Then you didn't realise
    The value of people
    Value of feelings
    Value of being respected
    Where have you lost your
    Mind when everything
    You did
    You knew was never a
    Right thing
    Yet you let it happen
    Now you act like
    Nothing happened
    And Instead of resolving
    Yet you wait for things go according to you.
    Don't you see the destruction
    Or have you blindfolded yourself
    The day will come for sure
    For when you'll cry
    And could do nothing
    The burning fire inside
    The people will
    Make you pay for it.
    Until then you play your game
    And we will play ours.
    #napowrimo #napowrimo2021 #dissectionofheart #surprisinglyshortstories #poetsofig ##writersclub #poem #poetryislife #poetryheals #poemcommunity #poemsforlife #poemsinme #meinpoems #poetey #poemsofindia #poemslove #poemsinhyd #april

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    Dissection of heart break


  • hamallaxmi 31w

    Day 24

    Dear Maslow,
    How did you measure love on the basis
    Of your hierarchy of needs?
    How didn't you think that mother had sacrificed ever thing for her child
    Even a morsel from her own mouth.
    How do I tell you that my cousin brings
    A bag full of meat for tiger
    And if he gets injured he takes him to
    The clinic.
    When our friends get sad or excited
    We make sure to cheer them up and hug them or laugh with them.
    When a stranger gets hit on road side
    I get concerned, we all do.
    And we end up helping them.
    Isn't this out of love?
    Mr Maslow
    Have you seen these Bougainvillea in the
    Haven't you for a second thought? How beautiful they are.
    When a new born baby comes into this world.
    Don't you fall for the kid.
    You even drop a tear or two out of pure joy
    Isn't that a love?
    Have you ever had a sight of the city lights, sunsets and sunrises and said I love being right here?
    Have you ever seen the fireflies, star full of sky and moon and never fell for them?
    Even when you see the people on the road without basic needs they don't have everything but what they have is LOVE beside them.
    And that's how they don't care about the roti, kapda makan.
    It's Love everywhere Mr. Maslow
    World shall see apocalypse without love.
    Ohh!! Mr. Maslow.
    Its never the self actualization and psychological needs
    It's Always
    Love at the core.
    Love Mr.Maslow.
    #napowrimo #napowrimo2021 #silverleafpoetry #poems #poemsofig #poets #writersclub #writerscommunity #poetscoumminity #poemoflove #loveatitscore #april

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    Love at the core


  • vipin_vn 31w

    #Mirakee #hindi collab #April / 21/2021
    Collab with @iamfirebird,

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    बहुत जरूरी है अब कुछ दुश्मन बनाये जाँए
    दुश्मन सामने खड़े ऐलान दुश्मनी का है करतें
    दोस्त वो जो जरुरत के समय ही मुँह फेर लेते
    साथ निभाने का वादा कर पीठ में ही वार करें

  • sai_krishna_9 31w

    If I gain something
    And lose double of it, do I really need it?

    I don't.

    #Lately #Lonely #Only #Galaxy #March #April #People #Tried #Cried #Heart #Heavy #Tears #Thick #Heal #Blame #Game #SK9 #CalvinKris

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    Lately I feel lonely
    I feel like I am the only
    In the whole galaxy
    Only one, lonely

    March gave me everything I would ask
    April took away everything as I just see
    So many people around I have I could hear
    But even in crowds is this vacuum I just feel, I fear

    Tried to cry myself out of it
    Cried to try myself to give in to it
    My heart's so heavy & tears so thick
    And it all just...outright refuses to heal

    I don't intend to question what has come
    I can't pretend to answer what has gone
    I haven't really got anyone to blame
    But I truly need to know, what is this game

    Lately I feel lonely
    I feel like I am the only
    In the whole galaxy
    Only one, lonely

    - Calvin Kris

  • vipin_vn 31w

    #Mirakee #hindinama #hindi poetry

    सच्चा प्यार एक कठिन डगर है कांटों पर चलना
    एक आग का दरया है, और डूब के है जाना
    प्यार हो जाता है किया नहीं जाता..
    और हुआ हो तो इस तरह होना
    उसे मांगना नहीं है.. सीखो बाँटना या लुटाना..

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    सच्चा प्यार एक कठिन डगर,
    है काँटों पर चलना
    एक आग का दरिया,
    और डूब के है जाना..
    जिस्म का जिस्म से नहीं..
    हो दो दिलों का मिलना..
    उनकी चाहत का पता
    उनसे पहले हो जाना..
    उन्हें खिलते मुस्कुराते देख
    खुद खुश हो जाना..
    उनके दुःख दूर, कमियां हो पूरी
    उस वजह से उनका ही अंजान रहना..
    प्यार सिर्फ निस्सीम, निस्वार्थ,
    निश्छल, निरामय, निर्विकार होना..
    अडिग, अभेद, अतुलनीय
    अनुपम, अभिनव, अनंत होना..
    प्यार एकतरफा या दोतरफ़ा हो
    हो तो ऐसा नायाब हो, ना हो वरना..
    क्या कर पाओगे ऐसा प्यार??
    यही है प्यार, करो तो ऐसा करना...

  • porcupine 31w

    Early morning in April

    Past the middle of April
    And the ground has snow
    Maybe next winter
    The warm air will blow

  • vipin_vn 32w

    नारी कि अपार महिमा गाते हुए मेरी कलम सदा ही बहती रहीं है, पर आज अंदर से हिल गया हूं । आज एक टीवी शो देखा है । एक बच्ची को उसके दादी ने 6 साल कि उम्र होगई अबतक छुआ नहीं।
    मै आज इस कड़वी सच्चाई वो ये के
    औरत ही औरत कि सबसे बड़ी दुश्मन है
    इस विषय पर आप सभी महानुभावों के विचारों
    का मंथन चाहूंगा । आप हम सभी कि दायित्व है इस पर प्रकाश डालें । आप सभी सविनय आमंत्रित हैं ����

    #Mirakee #hindiQuotes #hindinama
    #April 19/2021

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    स्त्री तुम अपना अस्तित्व
    खुद ही निगल सकती हो...!
    खुद के वजूद को खुद कि
    नफरत से मिटा सकती हो...!
    खुद का सृजन खुद उखाड़
    फेंक उसे सूखा सकती हो...!
    खुद के अंश का खून कैसे
    और क्यों कर सकती हो?????
    कोई नारी ही परिभाषित करे.....!

  • vakilankita 32w

    #WorkPressure #Work #WorkLoad #Heartburns #Emotional #Mental #Physical #Stress #Salary #Money #Life #Health #Family #Mom #Dad #Parents #Wellwisher #Home #Office #2021 #2020 #Appraisal #Increment #April #FinancialYear #Quote #Personal #Life #AnkitaVakil #VakilAnkita #Ankita #Friends #Love

    Remember, work is not life! Work is when you have a life.
    If there is no life in you, there is no life in work too!

    (Life = mental, physical, emotional health)
    -ankita vakil

    Inspired by mom and dad. Thank you!

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    Abhi itna kaam karegi toh jeyegi kab?
    Jeena h tujhe aise hi toh maregi ab!

  • itsvaishnavihere 32w

    Love a man who is anti woman so that he can unlove everybody except you.