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  • jpwriter 3d

    The Second Fallen Angel

    A second angel fell beyond repair
    Helpless, tired, wounded, scared
    Within the drift a mist caught the air
    Wondered, salubrious thoughts that cared
    Conjured arduous efforts faired
    Diluted confuting the devil's lair 
    Protruding the signal of beware 
    If & when the gods did care
     Secluding the truculence that life is bare


  • jpwriter 4d

    Fallen Angel

    An Angel fell,
    I caught it's wings
    Danger, hell
    Begun to sing
    Strangers tell
    A lot of things
    Yet Anger dwells
    In a lot of dreams


  • miss_sunshine1909 5d

    Feel like making a deal with Devil...

  • miss_sunshine1909 1w

    Black as devil... Hot as hell... Pure as an angel... Sweet as love...

  • jpwriter 1w

    She was an artistic angel 
    Lightly drifted from the sky of azure
    Everything painful
    Transformed to a light of pure
    Her wings were just angled
    Showing the sight of a cure
    Not a single tangle
    Yet Glowing in a mighty Amore

    Her voice was poetic 
    With temperament mild
    Fully angelic 
    The seed of Gods child
    Attraction magnetic
    With composure compiled
    Colors psychedelic
    With a lotus smile

    Felt like a dream
    Maybe it was
    Whatever I've seen
    Was the essence of Love

  • evocative_eye 1w

    #love, #respect and #loyalty - Three of few things that people give to earn back ❤️
    @mirakee #mirakee #angel #heart

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    My Lady, My Love

    To you my lady, I respect and bow
    For your beauty, is like tender snow
    To you my love, here I came
    For my heart, takes your name

    To you my lady, I promise my loyalty
    For your faith, I'll protect for eternity
    To you my love, I swear to be gentle
    For my heart, takes you as my angel

  • charvee 2w


    Besties are just like a miracle in our life
    My bestie Pasadena and I am charger
    Therefore #aarucharu
    She is the one I am happy for.
    She is the one I am capable of.
    She is the one I am worried every time.

    I hope I can do something for her.
    I hope that I can make her happy every day.
    I hope that I can solve her every problem.

    I am happy for her.

  • czarcasm 3w

    Amongst man

    She sat there, knees to her chest

    Crying her frustration to the world

    It had built in her for so long

    That she couldn't hide the seething tears

    From the air

    'Why do I have to deal with this?'

    She asks herself

    Knowing that she was alone with her woes

    Or so she thought

    But little did she know her whimpers had drawn someone near

    Who was also crying

    At the sight of the broken girl

    'Dear Lord, you told me to forgive them

    Yet all they've done is stab me again'

    She wails

    Tears clouding her vision as she asks God why she had this wretched feeling

    She knew she didn't belong there

    Unappreciated, unloved

    But she had nowhere else to go

    And no one who cared

    The feeling in her gut was close to exploding free

    And she was close to losing herself completely

    She didn't hear the steps as they approached

    Or even felt as the hand wrapped around her waist

    It wasn't until she felt their own hot tears that she looked up

    Ashamed but unabashed

    A truly broken human

    She didn't even try to hide the bruises or scars

    And he didn't even ask

    He knew why she had them

    He knew why she stayed

    'Its okay to feel weak in moments of darkness

    It's okay to cry

    Your scars are your badges showing the world

    You can make it through anything

    Because you've been through worse'

    He pulls her closer

    Crying with her until her wracking sobs slowed

    Down to whimpers

    'I don't know if I can do it'

    She whispers

    Voice so full of pain that it hurt even his own heart

    For he knew her pain and suffering

    'Its now about if you can do it

    Everyone says that to themselves

    It's about showing yourself that you won't let him win

    You won't let him break you

    For you are truly an angel

    Amongst man'


  • thehealer10 3w

    Memories, all those little experiences make up the fabric of our lives and on balance, I wouldn't want to erase any of them, tempting though it may be.

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    Nothing more than a cliche; you remind me of my days hanging in the breeze way. Turned away by the rubbish you would bloviate. My gates protected me from you insidious plot, Lorelei.

    Sweet nothings susurrate around me as I ruminate on all the lies, not one slither of anger or regret, all I feel is a bliss. Guardian Angles preserve your memory, they handed me the holy
    aide-memoire, divulging no one out runs karma but promising not to harm ya.

    Mata Hari, you would tell me not to worry, I aimed to see your every desire come to Fruition, Sin. In the end all you wanted was an opportunity to achieve felicity.

    I'm calm, amused by the way you offer yourself as a concubine. You'll never see the flaw in that Proposition. My light has removed your viel jezebel.

  • deep_to_soul 4w

    प्रेम के दो मीठे बोल
    कृष्ण संग नाम राधा बोल
    बोलो...... Radheeeeeeekrishna������❤️
    जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं सभी को
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    #janmastmi #radha #krishn #love #angel#soulmate
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    @sonalikapandey @prakhar_kushwaha_dear @deepesh_786 @life09

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    ❤️ राधेकृष्ण❤️

    रूठती राधा है तो मानते कृष्ण ही हैं,
    नाचती गोपी संग राधा तो नाचते कृष्ण भी हैं,
    अगर रोती राधा तो हँसते कृष्ण ही हैं,
    नाम लो राधा तो आते कृष्ण भी हैं......

  • june_margot 5w

    7 sins

    Pride may nibble on mystic peril
    Greed may perish your dearly sheril.
    Lust may furnish your guilty pleasure.
    Envy may demolish every treasure
    Gluttony may feed your greed
    Wrath may corrupt your deed
    Sloth may be the deadliest curse
    An evil emanate from hearse
    Fallen angel unacceptable forever
    Such circumstances created 'Lucifer'

  • dave_amogh 5w


    Once in a while you'll come across this Girl'

    If she's predilective you're Lucky

    Her thoughts SOARING
    Her voice HONEYED
    Her words REASONED
    Her anger PURE
    Her prayers CHERUBIC
    Her curves SAINTLY

    She's just a cosmic girl,from another galaxy
    She'll put you in Ecstasy


  • prose_nexus 6w

    Ònar: If you could experience flight on the wings of an angel than swim a sea of vermin. Would you take it?
    Feel free to like, comment, repost, and follow. It does help a lot.

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    I once had a dream,
    What was it again?
    Oh! That my family, friends, and I,
    Wouldn't turn out enemies in the end.

  • lollipop71 7w

    Fading Away

    Why are some so quick to judge others,
    Why are some so quick to lash out in anger,
    Why not focus on the reason behind what
    Sparked the outburst
    Why do some settle for the easy way out,
    Rather than work at what they want, never
    Giving up.
    Why do some love too easily,
    Why do some give in easily to avoid a dispute,
    Rather than just say what is on their mind.
    Why do some get dealt the losing hand day
    After day.
    What happened to helping one another, and not just
    In their time of need, ANYTIME..
    What happened to TRUSTING one another
    This world is falling apart right in front of us,
    How many think this also, how many want to
    Make a change.
    Who is tired of the bickering and throwing blame
    Someone's way.
    We need to all come out of our shells, come
    Together and make the world a better place!
    Or we will find ourselves waiting for the worst
    As it is yet to come.
    The world, is it fading away, and we just don't
    Want to or care to believe it.
    This is not a problem that is going to disappear
    If we ignore it.
    Peace, we need to all work together
    Hope, we all need to pray together for better
    Love, we should be loving each other, not hating.
    Hate, anger, deceit......not welcome here!

  • charveekoyada 7w


    Besties are just like a miracle in our life.

    She is the one I am happy for
    She is the one I am capable of.
    She is the one I am worried every time.

    I hope I can do something for her..
    I hope that I make her happy every day.
    I hope that I can solve her every problem.


  • h_u_e_s_o_s_ 7w

    ~ Angel ~

    I really don't know if this is true or not,
    I fear this emotion of feeling exposed,
    with all these mellow thoughts and what it brought,
    where we often keep our hearts closed.

    But then again, I truly believe in this person,
    I have some kind of a blind faith,
    I've got nothing to lose or worsen,
    I really don't mind if it takes me to a wraith.

    She's given me another reason to hope,
    another reason to feel human,
    another reason to stay away from the rope,
    an emotion I can bloom in.

    She's not an ordinary girl,
    she might have something to hide,
    but I know her heart shines like a pearl,
    and I can't just leave without saying I tried.

    I often look up to the sky and wonder,
    if she someday might actually open up,
    doesn't matter if I end up six feet under,
    or if she always keeps telling me to shut up.

    I strive to know all about her,
    to make her feel that things do get better,
    so all bad things just go to a blur,
    and that she sees that this isn't just a love letter.

    She might just be all I ever needed,
    we can make this love blossom,
    with all these words that we've seeded,
    trust me, it can be awesome.

    Angel, a beautiful being in essence,
    you radiate a light of aspiration,
    our hearts are in concrescence,
    bringing us to a point of creation.


  • ashudsouza 8w

    We can't hug our own self,
    We can't cry on our own shoulder.
    We all need an 'Angel'...
    To assist us as we stagger on Life' journey.


  • czarcasm 8w


    Tell me young one are you proud

    Now that you almost destroyed the Earth

    Your anger you screamed loud

    What did it fix not that you know that everything's broke even the ground

    You didn't take heed to an old man's advice

    I was warning you I wasn't just being nice

    You've tried to destroyed the world that I hold dear one of my own creation

    But in your eyes all I see is you happy elation

    What is it child that you desire

    That you screamed even higher

    Was I not kind to you when I gave you wings, you flew

    An angel atop a pyre

    What have the humans down there done to receive such evil

    That I have to cast out one of my son's who is already disheveled

    Michael warned me of your evil intent

    But I trusted you and against him I did relent

    You want my position you want my power

    Was that all that made you become a lier

    That you'd turn your hand against the one who made you

    Even after what you'd know I'd do

    Goodbye my son you won't enjoy the fall

    For that not where you're going at all

    I have a special place for you I've made instead

    Where you will watch over the sinning dead

    Your tears right now could fill up a well

    Stay safe my child you'll reign in Hell

  • _night_owl_ 8w

    You are blessing #Angel ��

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    She is hyacinth of hopes in heavenly hills
    Adorning my withered life with her goodwills


  • betibetss 8w

    POV ng isang ninang; mensahe niya sa inaanak niyang isinilang nang walang buhay isang taon nang nakakaraan.

    Para sa aming anghel, maglaro kang may galak at laya sa kalangitan; nang sa gayon ay matupad naman ang dalangin ng iyong ina.

    #tula #Filipino #angel #cherubin #heaven


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    Tingin ko, panahon na.
    Gampanan mo ang iyong paglipad,
    ang iyong paglaya.
    Sa iyong pagpagaspas,
    bitbitin mo nawa
    ang payapa at ligaya.
    Hiling kong sa pag-uwi mo sa Ama,
    Ibuhos mo ang pagtangis,
    mga litanya ng hinagpis–
    minsang binulalas ng iyong ina;
    wala man lang nakakita.
    Hilingin mong ibaba Niya
    ang presensyang
    walang regalong makahihigit pa.

    Tingin ko, panahon na
    Para lumaya mula sa pait.
    Para sa susunod na pagtangis,
    masisilayan ka ng may tamis!

    Gampanan mo na ang paglipad:
    ang pagbantay at paglaban–
    sa aming lahat. Salamat.

    Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita!