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    #An old one :

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  • kanungoswati 31w

    The song of Spices

    The homogenous thoughts
    enthralled my heart
    like the spices mixture.
    First being the pepper corns,
    the king of spices,
    warming the heart and soul
    with its fiery and aromatic taste.
    Mustard with its yellow colour,
    sang a song to me,
    Speaking of love and glory
    warming my craving heart.
    Luscious cardamoms
    dancing around,
    gave the rope for my thoughts
    about the beautiful
    Indian culture,
    so rich and vibrant,
    Conglomerating world.

  • shweta006 32w

    #an autoimmune diseases ����

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    Vo kya dard denge hmko
    Ynha khud se khud ki jang jari hai

  • redeagle006 37w

    ᴀɴ ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ

    Gleaming on the river, was stars reflection
    Rhythm from the sky, on which they were dancing
    Amazed were the eyes, all worth of attention
    Old fables seemed to be truely enchanting
    Wondering the answers,stuffed with questions
    Confuse was the mind, nowhere the cure
    Like the lost glitter stars,were some dreams
    Twinkling from far but were close in the heart
    Young moon all alone, in the lonely night sky
    Nothing was sure, but was worth of try
    Hope that lied in the times of dim dark
    Unknown journies were going to be embarked
    Will the path finishes, after finding the destiny?
    Will the thoughts vanishes, after getting the answer?
    Tear down the words then ask me to write again
    Once the heart starts beating then the face will smile bright again

  • divya_diya 39w

    #my version#an unexpected one

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    Poetry is not a 'pareeksha'!!
    for ur brain n heart to be well prepared...
    It's a 'pal' !!
    when this world becomes null
    N all u have is a heart which flows through the fancies
    n a brain which reminiscences the reality


  • light_ofthe_heart 40w

    Ramadan Series 3

    The prophet Muhammad SAW has ordered us to either speak good or keep quiet
    But the world we live in today doesn't pay heed to this.
    We speak regardless of our statements gravity, weight, hurt, pain or grief it might cause the listener
    We do not care what our wordings might lead to as long as we are okay with it.
    Gossiping, lies, backbiting, insulting, unnecessary singing,
    Too much talking or gisting randomly or about worldly affairs,
    Irrelevant speech and much more has become our attitude.
    Even if not for anything, we should try and adjust our speech for our own good
    Most especially in this month that is full of Allah's mercy.
    Remember, we and our tongues and mouth will be judged in the hereafter
    Therefore, let us endeavor to speak goodness, kindness and positivity.

  • light_ofthe_heart 40w

    Ramadan Series 2

    The heart has two meaning: the visible and the invisible
    The visible which is the heart that we have in our body
    The invisible which is the fear of Allah, love of Allah, faith, devotion and more
    "The heart is a flesh in our body
    If it functions properly, then the whole body does
    Likewise if it doesn't",
    This can be reflected in a hadith stated by the prophet SAW.
    The heart can dry up if it isn't watered with kindness, goodness, religion, respect etc
    As could be understood in this hadith,
    "The Lord has so many torments of the heart and body,
    A soul does not have a greater torment than a dry heart".
    Know that, the eyes dries up as a result of a dry heart
    And a heart gets dry from the accumulation of sins.
    One of the signs of a dry heart is lack of pity for oneself or others.
    May Allah SWT protect our hearts from getting dry.

  • light_ofthe_heart 40w

    Ramadan Series 1

    Actions are judged according to intention
    This can be testified in the 1st hadith of An-nawawi collection
    Base on this, what intention do you have this Ramadan?
    Remember your intention is like a heart that beats to allow the supply of blood to all parts of the body
    My intention is to fast sincerely all through the month
    To practice and strive as much as I can for Jannah
    To be a better person than I was yesterday
    To learn patience and endurance all through life
    Fasting improves our patience and endurance
    What about you?
    What intention do you have this Ramadan?
    Because at the long end, your intention is what matters

  • slotha 42w

    Butterflies in This Cage

    "I feel butterflies inside my stomach,"
    There's always this phrase,
    every time I read a romance novel,
    or watching a romance movie.
    As confused as I am at that time,
    I never knew it would happen to me,
    every time you flick my forehead,
    softly with your finger tips.
    I lock my butterflies forever,
    so you won't know these feelings,
    and we could forever be friend.

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    ‍♂️ഒരു തീരുമാനമാണ്

  • mazhakutty 43w


  • alpha3 46w

    #thanks Shalini #an incessant melee

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    To you my creator...

    Thus I am finally here, with all my heart, here I surrender.
    Is there no denial to how despise I defeat, must my words carve a hypocrisy;
    Will there be such shame fluttering all in my ambience, how now that I welcome it - all the fire of my tongue burns to ashes itself and so cold lies the ember as well;
    Was it not a line on the horizon for you and me to behold, lost were we never supposed to be gazing at the night sky until would the stars render us blind - it never was even in the slightest of the light.
    Try as I might, yet too cliched to say, but pain is pain even if put differently - chiseled is my heart as tears your finger this tapestry was I the embroidery on. Such glint of the sequin, ah! such golden a shade that reflection of it steals my sight.
    How come dear love of raw provenance! How come we detest the envy for the poems we would both fall for, merely them being the same. And are they same still, merely us both so asunder- pique and remorse hold us both, and held am I so tight - oh creator of mine!
    Once did my ears hear you claim of indomitable an affection, jeopardized is it on the brinks of bare compassion now - but pieces are all I behold already.
    Lies my fist in me so petrified, such has been our fate lately.
    Lies my fist so static inside, but trembling is my hand with an inexorable quiver that but, merely freezes my fist a little more.
    Try as I might again, seems 'tis my intention to continue.
    Yet, search my eyes for water in the puddles that those cars empty now and then when I find you having relinquished already, having ceased too early.
    Yet, 'tis my heart once on the scene again, too reluctant to quit for has it none else to belong to; yet, 'twas and is it my head so gruesome on its own, ah! so repulsive for me to look at, with every bit of the grout withering with that;
    but try as I might just this time, indeed, just in this hour in case lies something alive in the grotesque lane of devilment am I unaccompanied to ponder even just a saunter in.

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    #Tresspassers not allowed ,# thelineofcontrol: travelling with the Indian & Pakistan armies.
    #An amazing book �� , �� !!

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    The line of control : LOC

    Where peace hinges on a line......

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    #a new born life
    #an aged life
    #connection of lives in this world
    #their existence and departure

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    Two different worlds

    Pamela was pregnant with full 9 months, waiting for her time of delivery to come. Her son of about 3years comes near her as she lies on sofa, "mamma when will I see my brother?? When will you go to hospital and bring him back to me?" Asked Adi. She was surprised by his realistic query but left an answer by a smile. How cute and intellectual kids are nowadays she thought and then wandered around on other musings.
                It's really getting late as Abhirup promised his wife to be back at home as it was their sixth anniversary, but now he thinks if he could not have promised her in the morning. As he thinks of calling her, his phone rings " hello, Abhi when are you coming???you said that you will come home soon?? Hello can you hear me, hello?? " Pamela was speaking on the other side. " Yes Ria, I am trying hard to get a leave soon, yet didn't get any leave" replied Abhirup worried and not knowing what to say anymore. " Ok abhi, try to come home soon ya, atleast today" she pleaded. "Yes" he replied and cut the phone.
            "Maa, when I was pregnant at Adi' s time, I really had so much of swellings but this time it's different. Mom does it mean this time it's girl??" Asked Pamela curiously. "No silly these are only symptoms during pregnancy. Btw you are going to have a boy again, cheer up girl." Replied her mom who came to her home to stay with her. The house is filled with family members and beloved ones gathered on her anniversary but Abhirup had not come yet."maa was this a good idea though I have few days left for hospital" asked Pamela ( ria) to her mother in law. " About what?" Her mom questioned back. " Throwing a party at this time for our anniversary" replied Ria with uncertainty. " Oh common silly girl, this is just a mini party at home, you don't have to worry at all, just enjoy today's eve, oh well  I have called Abhi, he is coming home within half an hour." Replied her mother in law with an amusing persona. The party goes very well with gossips and laughter and delicious foods. There were only family members and very close friends and Abhirup too joined the party ,in short all of them were very happy.
                   Few days passed, when one evening two days before Ria's delivery, she was sitting in the balcony when a sudden pain occurred and gradually was increasing every minute. She at once informed about the pain to her family members and was rushed to the hospital. That night she gave birth to a baby boy. And the doctor said that the mother and child both were all right. What more can her family expect right now. But she has to stay there for 6to 7 days. " Oh my god,look at those cute eyes,they look amazing."said ria's mother. "Yes and his fingers are absolutely like my Abhi" replied her mother in law. So the these two ladies are basically more concerned and interested on their little grand son rather than on their daughter. Days passed and the departure day arrived but suddenly Ria's new born baby developed a slightly yellowish colour on his skin so the doctors recommended them to stay for two more days which was quite dismay to her and her family. The doctor said that the new born baby has a sign of Pilia and has to be put on the light machine for 2days. This comes as a heartbreak to her and her family.
                         Standing near the large window of glass with a misery and teary eyes looking outside the massive garden of the hospital and the very long busy streets,she could not overcome her emotions and breaks down in tears. But abruptly she could notice towards the ground, few family members of some patient were crying and this sight completely broke down her. She realised that what is really the worth of life and death, truth and lie. Far away opposite to the hospital lies a very big Mosque from which the sacred songs were coming. She could feel something within her, a realisation hitting back on her mind, that is quite unbelievable. She could feel her senses as if they were not real. Am amazing surreal act was playing around the medieval of this journey. Gradually she becomes normal and heads back to her bed. A quite cozy and expensive room indeed they have pre booked which was very affable to the guests on that room.
                            Initially it was fine but slowly it had become quite tougher for her to go to her son each time to feed him or to change his diaper or to see if he's ok. Being a mother of the new born only Ria was allowed to go to her child. And the worst part is that she was in 5th floor and the baby on the third floor and each time she was put on a wheel chair taken to the lift then to the 3rd floor where she meets her son and then again back to her room. This was painful as Ria was also weak and had to take rest. Anyway being a mother is also not a joke so somehow she managed every thing and the next day, the baby was brought to the room and while giving back the baby to Ria, the nurse said " if the baby again shows sign of Pilia then he has to be on the light machine tomorrow also." And she left. But the baby showed no further sign of Pilia and everyone got relief. So the next day they can get discharged from the hospital. By evening, another patient got admitted and settled to the next room of Ria. There were hell lot of family members who have come along with the patient. In the night, Ria and her mother could hear the chantings of some one on the next room. " It's the book of Bhagavad-Gita they are chanting but why so?" Said her mother. A curiosity arises within them to know about the patient and the family. Layer did Ria's father comes to know everything about the patient and delivers to her, listening to everything she gets distressed as well as amazed by some point of view. She thinks in this world exists two different worlds, a world of joy when a new born comes to this world and another world of dismay where ones family members couldn't bear the pain of the loss of their beloved.
         The patient admitted on the next room was a cancer patient, and her age was 82. She had a skin cancer and was in last stage. Doctors have given their word, that she may expire at any moment or may take time but no medicine will cure her. So her family members were chanting the holy book into her ears so that she may rest in peace with the chantings of Lord Sri Krishna. So Ria realised that a world where hatred, jealousy and many more things would happen was not an ultimate resolution as the two worlds were very different yet parallel to each other. She then smiled back to herself, got ready and left the room with certain memories and headed way to her home along with the new born....❤️

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    Everyday spent is like an emi

    Paid for the loan of life

    Which can mature anytime.


  • mazhakutty 50w

    .I'm always addicted to your every word without even knowing it ...

    വലിഞ്ഞു മുറുകുവാണോ.?.
    കെട്ടി പുണരുവാണോ..?
    എന്നു പോലും അറിയാൻ ആകാത്ത വിധം


  • lakshay1900 52w

    तू ही कुछ बता
    कसे में समझाऊँ
    अपने इस दिल को
    कैसे में तेरा ना सोचु
    कैसे तेरी फिक्र ना करू
    कैसे भुला दु तुझको
    कैसे भुला दु तेरे उस प्यार को
    जिसने मुझे प्यार करना सिखाया
    जिसने सही मतलब समझाया इश्क़ का
    जिसके साथ जीने का सोचा मेने
    जिसको अपना बनाने की चाह करि इस दिल ने
    जिसे खुद से बी ज्यादा चाहता हु में
    जिसके बिना अगर सोचु
    तो जीना बेकार लगता है
    इस दिल में किसी ओर की तस्वीर लगा नही पाता
    तेरे बिना में में नही रहूंगा
    है ये डर मुझे की शायद अगर तू नही तो में भी नही।
    कैसे लडू में अपने दिल से
    ये बता मुझे
    समझा तो सही इस दिल को
    मेरी तो ये सुनता नही
    कितनी बार कोशिश की
    तुझे भुलाने की
    तुझे दूर करने की
    तुझसे दूर जाने की
    पर हर राह मेरी
    हर कदम मेरा
    हर तरफ से
    में सिर्फ आया तेरे पास
    क्या ये मेरा इश्क़ नही
    क्यों तुझे ये दिखता नही

  • i_am_my_own_muse 63w

    #sometimes this incomplete phrase is enough to define the complete meaning.....
    #an incomplete phrase, but has it's own world of meaning complete.....

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    Though an incomplete phrase,
    but with a complete meaning.....

    Engraving the depth of emotions,
    but without any change in it's meaning.....

    "The phrase itself is a complete statement."


  • _laconic 65w

    यहाँ पर "ग़ालिब" शब्द से आशय "छोटे शायर" से है, न की ग़ालिब साहब से...।।

    #avai #kuch_bhi #anट-shanट

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    उदय हुए चन्द्र का प्रकाश हो तुम,
    इस ग़ालिब की हर नज़्म का गुलज़ार हो तुम

  • dr_anjum_qadir_lone 65w

    Maine Too Sachi Muhobat Ki Thi
    Phir Kyu Muje Chod Gaya Woh?
    Kyu Dokha Dey Gaya Muje Woh?

    Aapko Pata Hai Aiesa Kyu Hota Hai?

    Kyu Hota Hai?

    Kyu Ki ALLAH S. W. T Jab Behtareen Say Nawaazta Hai Too Pehle Badh Tareen Say Guzaarta Hai Hamey