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  • devilfish 1w

    Se Mueve Como El Agua

    Quiero sentirme bien
    Quiero verte yo te lo dije
    Que soy completamente el tuyo
    Yá lo sabes y me llamas todavía
    Nuestro amor se puede continuar
    la desaparición
    La separación
    No me he cambiado el corazón
    Soy la misma persona que tú quieres
    My razón
    Por qué te juro que te amo
    And I'm not going to let go
    Te juro
    Te amaré
    Te juro
    Te juro

  • buzzerm 1w

    Y sólo se me ocurre amarte

    Te vi en todas tus facetas
    En todas tus formas
    En cada estación
    En cada expresión
    Te vi llorar reír enojarte cantar dormir
    Te vi como nadie te vio
    Y aún así nunca quise dejarte
    Pero aún así tu me dejaste

  • buzzerm 1w


    No sabes lo que me duele
    Lo que me mata
    Lo que me desespera

    No no sabes lo que me sofoca
    Me indigna
    Lo que me destroza

    No . No sabes lo que te amo

  • goldenhoney 1w

    Another Spanish poem my loves! 💛
    Translation for my non-Spanish speaking friends 🤗

    Title - Time to move forward
    “Is it possible to fall in love as if it were the first time?
    What will I have to do to get you out of my mind?
    Everyone tells me that the time has come for us to part
    And I know they say that trying to protect me.
    It’s time I stop looking for our happy ending.”

    #poet #poerty #poesia #amor #palabras #corazon #mexico #spanish #españa #spain #español

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    Tiempo De Seguir Adelante

    ¿A caso es posible poderse enamorarse como si fuera la primera vez?
    ¿Que tendré qué hacer para sacarte de mi mente?
    Todos dicen que a llegado el momento de perderte
    Y se qué lo dicen tratando de protegerme.
    Es momento de dejar de soñar en final de pelicula.

  • goldenhoney 1w

    I thought I would write today’s poem in my native tongue, Spanish 💕

    I hope you enjoy! I will include translation for my non-Spanish speaking friends 😊

    Title: Your Ghost
    “You chose her and here I stayed,
    your love turned me insane and for you I waited.
    I loved you like the air loves the sea, I hope that life has not treated you badly.

    I still search for you in every corner of the city.
    My hands search for yours
    And my heart begins beating.
    And like a little girl I begin grinning.
    But I forget that between us there is nothing anymore
    And again my mind remembers that you will never return.”

    #poet #poerty #poesia #amor #palabras #corazon

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    Tu Fantasma

    Tu la elegiste a ella y yo me quede,
    Tu amor me volvío loca y por ti esperé.
    Te amaba como el aire ama al mar
    Espero qué la vida no Te haya tratado mal.

    Todavio Te busco por cada rincón de la cuidad
    Mis manos buscan las tuyas con ansiedad.
    Me recuerdo de ti y mi corazón empieza a latír
    Y como niña pequeña empiezo a sonreír.
    Pero se me olvida qué entre los dos ya no queda nada mas
    Y otra vez mi mente recuerda qué nunca volveras.

  • devilfish 1w

    It Was Like a Movie

    Everything was moving
    Life was interacting
    I was gaining traction
    But that was just an illusion
    Because now I feel I'm losing
    Out of touch while my clutch is loosening
    Can't remember much of what
    I've been doing or what it's like to be innocent
    I'm clueless and I feel so stupid
    I'm not left with any choice but to be
    In all of it's indifference
    But not because I'm sad
    It's because everything keeps shifting
    Shadows switching positions
    And it never goes back
    Time never stops keeping track
    As you go in one direction only then can
    You feel my collection of words
    And they'll mean more to you
    Than cheap thrills and always second
    All your blessings
    I think you changed me
    I think I myself have lessened
    Don't want to admit it
    But I'm fading fast
    And losing effervescence
    But you did
    I did
    I'm peeling
    I isolated myself on my island
    While I try to compute
    Why I exterminated
    The art of love
    Left behind my home
    My heart tells me it's urgent
    I must do the deed and put on my gloves
    Where you're sounds of crying
    Will no longer violate or touch me
    Because here it does

  • devilfish 2w

    Faded Ink and Bloody Bathroom Sinks

    I look into the mirror
    I notice my interior reflecting
    Intensely in the vast immensity
    Of my past years in one piercing
    Memories rising like smoke
    As my heart chokes and time
    Creeps into the next phase
    While it decays human bodies
    A field of flesh
    For the world to graze on
    While the entirety of pain reverberates
    With the lengthened days
    And the invertebrate curse
    That resonates in our thoughts
    Eating at our brain
    We go insane
    We wax
    We wane
    We were once different
    Never again to ignorant the stain
    With remain leaving us the same
    To always change
    In constant speed
    In sync without noticing how strange
    It is to look into the glass
    Of truth
    And smash superficiality
    As it tries to dilute the integrity
    Of humanity and it's truth
    Our ability to compute
    Is not minute
    These lines they whisper
    Crisper clearer lines to you
    As the shadows drew their swords
    I die for you
    For me
    For all the light and all the dark
    So that it may fuse
    And only after knowing the dynamics
    Can we choose
    Between being romantic
    And being organic can we find clues
    It scares people because as we draw closer to the earth
    We see it's iridescent hues
    And the illusion of the sky's blues

  • mechethepoet 2w


    As the tears rolled down our faces I was filled with the deepest sadness
    Our goodbyes had never felt so real
    Even though it would be a short time apart it felt like a decade before I'd see my love again

  • andydoxel 4w

    Difícil despedida

    Me duele el cuerpo, los huesos y los músculos que se entrelazan con estos.

    Me duele la cabeza, los ojos y las lágrimas que se escapan tratando de alcanzarte.

    Me duele el aceptar que ya no podré verte.

    Pero no importa ya...

    Te quedaste dormida como una niña ansiando encontrarte con tu viejo amor en el cielo.

    Entre mis brazos guardaré tu último suspiro, y en mi corazón tus últimas palabras:
    Te amo.

  • devilfish 4w


    My body ached to be swallowed
    By the steady drum of absolute darkness
    Enveloped by the hollow shadows
    As my heart thumped demanding
    Setting fire to all things hollow
    Void of meaning
    My essence is swelling
    And superficiality is increasingly
    I want my appetite satisfied
    I'd kill for a tear
    This will never end
    I want more fear
    I want my bones to fucking break
    My mental state to fucking tear
    I swallowed my pain bare
    They stare
    And my aura flares
    As my consciousness
    Becomes more aware
    My feet no longer touch the ground
    I found it
    The primal sound
    I wear it
    As I crawl victorious on the piling mound
    Of streams of water
    Bodies that mound
    In liquid streams
    Of corroded copper crowns
    The moonlight bears it's lunar gown
    They drown
    I breathe
    They stop
    They cease
    I prowl a predator an apex at
    My peak
    I speak
    The ground opens
    Like a gaping wound
    As it grows weak
    From my voice
    From my emotions
    I made my choice
    I am the ocean
    I demand that my body
    Possess the void
    The motion in my walk

  • cheshiremelody 5w

    Recuerdo la lluvia ceder,
    las farolas evidenciar tu pálido rostro,
    mi semblante aflijido por tu lejanía,
    recuerdo percibir tu próximo adiós.

    Recuerdo la amarga bilis,
    las lágrimas con sentimiento incrustado,
    no puedo evocar tu amor.


  • andydoxel 6w

    Dime, sí

    Entre sus manos enlazadas,
    las miradas juguetonas,
    las risas y complicidades...
    ¿Has pensado en mí?

  • marce_alz 7w

    Oscuridad (28 Feb 2021)

    Escucho el llanto de mi alma
    Recitando mis oscuras penas
    Tal vez no te merezco
    Tal vez esto no es para mí

    Es mi mayor batalla
    Lucho contra todo lo que pasa
    Dentro de mi ser
    Pero cada vez que miro tus ojos
    Siento que todo está bien

    Mis dolores ya no están aquí
    Porque yo ya me fui
    Muy lejos
    Soñando con tu sonrisa
    En tus brazos quiero despertar
    Porque sin ti mi vida no valdría nada
    Si conmigo no quieres estar

    La tortura de sentirte a lo lejos
    Abrazando tus recuerdos
    O la utopía de una vida contigo
    Nadie sabe lo que pasará
    Te dedico cada uno de mis latidos
    Para que jamás te sientas en soledad

    Tómame de la mano
    Y nunca me sueltes
    Despertaste algo en mí
    Que nunca se apagará


  • devilfish 7w

    Twin Bed

    I suppose that I must
    thank you before I go
    Before morning shows
    The way time goes
    In circles and circles
    Now it seems to have froze
    Stopped moving
    I waited for this moment
    And my wish has become a fish
    In a sea of rodents
    A silver platter with a fine porcelain dish
    In the river of my fertile mind
    swimming through my body
    Weaving through my words
    And seeping through these lines
    Lucid dreams possess my body in the ocean
    Where I wait at the bottom and close my eager eyes

    Thank you for coming to the tragedy I leak out each drop of our masterpiece
    Seductively urging me to create
    I won't stop until Cupid batters me
    I know this is stupid but I'm prepared to let your love shatter me
    A midlew drop froze before it lept far from the velvet rose plunging to the depths of my darkness
    With your angelic halo and your strikingly stark heart of light
    My heart is no longer unknown
    I'm no more a stranger in our home
    You showed me the danger in putting flesh
    To a gaudy throne
    I need your hope
    If gravity can make it's force work against me drop it's long sturdy rope
    as it's about to plunge from the top
    And fall to your feet
    Fall into my skin and mesh with my soul
    More than you know more than this pull
    You have to cultivate thoughts before they roll off your tongue and taste them before you let the taste go
    You reap what you sow
    I'm ready to let this place go
    I'm steady when I'm set on my pace away from the constant rat race
    To and from
    To and from
    Day after day night after night
    A ear bursting drum constantly thumps
    While monotony leads at the front
    I head to bed with a little wine and from the Earth an ambrosial blunt
    This kiss is onyx black
    Eclipse my Mercury Leo
    In it's radiance
    Only you could dim the Sun
    My mind consists of a dampened dark dystopia and dirty rose garden
    You're my utopia
    You're my world
    And you're so beautiful my darling

    I'm your muse
    Don't be confused
    You see it two
    July flowers that burst with pigments of Iris ans fragments of the Summer Moon
    And skies that are blue
    We're much better off infused
    Locking eyes to look right through
    But the peculiarities protrude through the window of your starry milky gaze
    Like they want to exclude me from making up my mind
    As if I haven't decided that before I even laid eyes on you I'd stay and if you wandered I'd tire myself into death
    I would never stop thinking of you
    Constantly trying to find
    At night they taunt me
    achingly wearing my body
    Shaking from the shuddering shoulders that found shelter in my summertime affection
    I offer you my protection
    I could be your savior
    Or your human
    I know we detest the fictitious idea of perfection
    If I stray
    Call out to me
    And I'll find my way to you
    I'll find my way
    Just picture what you want
    But I feel the words unspoken
    Leaving nothing to say
    Now head in my direction
    I'll await you when Spring
    Comes in May
    Don't fall out on me
    I'll await you forever
    My flower
    My strength
    Instead of speaking out redundantly
    Reinstated all our intentions
    Let's bleed out the confessions
    And let it be that the fluctuations in our inflexions
    And step back from the superficial
    Because the greed is not the lesson
    To cease from indulging in material
    Is a satisfying decompression
    It won't be long before your urgency increases pressure
    Increase in compression
    Draws me close so your stress may just lessen
    As the ancient calling in the distance draws my attention
    Our love is sacrificial
    And our love is whole
    Devoid of fragments and constructed sections
    Like our heart
    Take my blessing
    Is never going to cease to beat
    It's unrest is eternal

    I've been rather lonely
    Like I'm trapped in a snow globe and time froze me
    Alone with only the darkness to hold me
    please keep this between you and me
    What does this suffering mean
    The sheets and between I thought I saw you in a dream
    You and me a nightmare of teeth
    The friction
    The violently increasing speed
    The claws against the headboard
    The way your small hands knead on my chest
    And the light brush of a bite of your teasing teeth begging to feed on my garden
    As I lay beneath your Autumn Leaves
    The conviction in your speech reaches me
    And when it comes to me I can't even breathe
    When you ask me about what I'm thinking
    I can't breathe
    I can't speak
    When you ask me what we're drinking
    I set the table and prepare a feast
    "How bad do you want me"
    I pant from the rush you know I like when you ask me
    As your cheeks start to flush
    Your passion pouring rain
    Misty foam of crystalline sea
    All cherry red to the touch
    Soft as plush
    Soft as fleece
    In each fervently emitted breath
    In each movement so beautiful
    Dancing with the beat
    In a perfect synchronization
    Temptress as you move your agile feet
    So graceful and faithful to your beauty
    To your being
    Exposing your neck
    Your sizzling skin transferring an indescribably intense inferno of passion
    Internal compassion
    it's euphoria
    It's only begun
    We'll put it to action
    Far from a fairy-tale
    And far from fiction
    You sparked this mindset
    This reaction
    You're the heart of my
    This way
    Is the way that thing's have always been
    And always will be
    But time will never
    Not with your Goddess
    And your poetry
    In our love
    That I bleed through my pen

    You and me
    the soaking wet skin
    The stroking of no regret on your silk dress and your sick sin
    I'll heal your body
    Come to me and drink

    You and me
    All alone
    You and me
    No more phones
    I'm so glad I have you I love you. I was thinking of killing myself the fear isolation and pain is constant like a heartbeat in my head drowning out my thoughts and submerging me in a petrified state of fear I cannot fully explain

  • devilfish 8w

    I Crawl Until I'm Dead

    Thrashing in the sheets
    I feel strangled muffled like I can't
    I can't even feel a subtle touch nor a sheet
    Where are my feet?
    I need to leave
    I need to feed myself or sleep
    Why is it I'm falling into a concrete street
    Until my frail knees bleed all over the gravel and flood all these streams
    I'm sure that the past will entrap and hold hostage all my dreams
    I'm stuck in between the solid seams knitted tight together that I can't even peep or
    See what they are or if they're looking for me
    Or am I a creep a waste of flesh
    A beating heart that doesn't last
    An empty idea a vermin or a rat
    A noose too loose a broken clasp
    A speeding heart that has smashed
    My tongue to trash
    My words they are swerving
    Nearly crash
    The comfort of an empty flask
    I want my love
    Please give it back
    The only memory I have of you
    Is jagged edged pieces of grass
    In a garden that's black and barren of all beauty
    Bitten by the bitter past
    An ailment can't be cured with a flask
    Nor a turn around you can't turn back
    The hands of time the sands of time will leak from the hourglass if you try to go back
    To the past
    The waves of bereavement and sorrow
    Violently clash a supersonic blast of thumbtacks emitted from the center of the point of impact and shattered glass for a garden and the bird bath is filled with notes I want you to at least think of writing back
    I'm aware of the box and where I've gone wrong
    I'm going to break all clocks that cut
    Into my ears
    Slash and slash all the glass with my shears
    I'll bend their hands until they imitate my human tears they're turbulence they've endured for what seems to be 444 years
    I can't even grasp the concept of time
    My face is foreign I trace the mirror
    In lines unrecognized
    Not mine
    Not alive
    Not sure if I can thrive
    I'm boiling like lava
    Seeping out of my fault lines
    I'm not even sure I'm fine
    These lines
    I can't cure
    I can't think
    And I can't feel a
    T h I n g

  • noahmarie 9w

    Y justo en el momento más oscuro de mi vida, apareciste tú con la luz de tu sonrisa
    a iluminar mi sombrío camino,
    es tu voz quien me guía para llegar a mi destino.
    Gracias por compartir tu vida a lado mío cariño.


  • brujaquesangra 9w

    Galaxias y cataratas

    De tus ojos, colecciono galaxias
    enviadas al mar de mis recuerdos.
    Y a éstos los uso como motor,
    un motor de sueños.

    Una catarata de sonrisas
    Cae por la ventana
    Y tu luz cuelga
    debajo de nuestras miradas.

    Por la mañana, oyo tus pisadas
    y beso tus labios sabor café.
    Vivimos un cuento de hadas
    y al fin lo puedo ver.


  • noahmarie 9w

    Yo solo quiero a alguien

    Que me abrace, cuando estoy triste.
    Que se quede, cuando soy un desastre.
    Que me detenga, cuando quiera irme.
    Que su orgullo no me aleje, cuando quiera acercarme.
    Y que me ame, cuando ni yo misma me puedo amar.


  • noahmarie 9w

    Tu indiferencia quebranta mi ser
    Tu desinterés me mata por dentro
    Tu amor a medias rompen mi corazón
    Tus “quédate” falsos, me hacen querer decir “adiós”.


  • marce_alz 9w

    Reencuentros (10 Feb 2021)

    Miradas cuentan nuestra historia
    Iluminan nuestro camino
    Anhelando poder cumplir
    Los sueños que compartimos

    Toda una vida con vos
    Superando los desafíos del alma
    Tu compañía me trae paz
    Sensaciones desmedidas
    Amor y locuras en una sinfonía

    Sensaciones desconocidas
    Que surgen en cada momento
    Me enamora saber que siempre
    Nos seguimos eligiendo