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  • cassiopeia513 1w

    America each Day

    Every Day in the US of A their is a Black person killed for sport or play waiting for the day all this evil to go astray....

  • dr_amyne 2w

    ( OH MAMA AFRICA ! )

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Where lie the problems and the solutions?

    The educated and the enlightened who keep quiet while silently watching the predicaments like frightened Owls?

    Or the hungry leaders who keep prowling and looting the resources meant for the proles ?

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    On mental health issues and mental toughness

    All they care about are the mortal human bodies

    That will one day decay and get lost in the cosmos

    Neglecting the most important, the immortal human souls

    No one care about your mental health, they just feed you carbohydrates

    Not knowing there is big fire burning inside the minds of the big guys and girls

    You fought all the internal demons that are trying to bring you to your knees

    If one day you let your tears out, and cry ones, twice, or thrice before you continue the unending internal battles

    They say " Come on big guy/girl ! Don't embarrass yourself and the big guys/girls, only the weak minded cries

    They don't know : “People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long", not sometimes but all the times

    So you suppresses your emotions away from them, because those emotions have no values in their eyes

    They have no idea that your emotions and your tears came from strength and from the warrior mentality that you posseses

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Had we known any better

    We would have been greater

    And take care of our brothers and sisters more smarter

    But Mama Africa when I want to move out of town to explore greatness, your sons and daughters say " So you are neglecting your family? Otherwise, stay closer"

    "It's too dangerous outside, better safe in your own little town in that shelter"

    But in the shelter it's size is smaller , and it's raining and leaking, I am catching fever

    And no growth in comfort zone whatsoever

    " Don't go to those gardens,
    we were told by our ancestors their fruits taste bitter "

    Some rules are meant to be broken, so I explore the gardens, I became an explorer

    My God! I found out those bitter fruits taste better

    And other many fruits taste more sweeter

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    I wanted to marry, they said "Yeah but only in our little Town, no any place safer"

    I grew up in that little town, not knowing the greatness of people like Alexander

    The way of life, traditions and mentality of my town were all I ever knew, nothing newer

    Until He came to my rescue, and sent me further

    He say " Travel and see for yourself the nations and civilizations that were former "

    Because traveling widens your horizons and makes you a good observer

    Nothing much can you see if all your life you are an insider

    Get out and tell me what it's like to look at your town from perspective of an outsider

    "Is your judgment the same?", No my judgement is more objective, because now I am more of an observer

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Would you forgive me for not knowing any better?

    I have this autistic sister

    Spending every penny of our earnings out of love for her to get better

    Taken to gazillion of times to traditional healer and Islamic Center

    Bombarding her with herbal remedies lacking medical trials and license whatsoever

    She has been said to be possessed by the evil spirit, Jin, so said the insider

    I began to believe what they said, until when I saw similar situation approached in different accurate ways by outsider

    The outsider said to me " all her activities, symptoms and signs are busy telling you ' Look I am not possessed but Autistic female, so I am your Autistic Sister"

    " That's why you are missing the prevention, diagnosis,and management of such cases, now what you gonna do that you know better?"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Yes my son, now what would you do about your sister's situation? , Answer the damn question"

    I would study the case, and refer her to right medical institution

    And pay more attention in the society for early diagnosis, management of similar or entirely different cases with their prevention

    " Son, Is that all you learnt from the outsider, after all the given information?"

    Mama, the outsider built special schools for people struggling with mental disorders for special intervention

    They built homes for them, and say " Look beautiful come over here it's more safer in this accommodation"

    Protecting them from the society that always attack them due to it's ignorance of clear picture of their condition

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Ok now tell me what about your other brother who couldn't talk fluently like you, didn't you get inpatient waiting, thinking he was taking centuries, for him to express himself and his situation?"

    " Wanting him to think, act and speak like he has no limitation"

    " Tell me what the outsider said about his condition"

    Oh the outsider said " Your brother has what we call 'Apaxia' for decades" , everything has level, stop calling anything you don't understand 'evil spirit'. Mama, you see Apaxia and Autism I never heard about them where I grew up. What a tribulation

    The outsider further said : "Look, these beautiful humans, one has Autism, one has Apaxia, this is how to better their condition to avoid any further complication"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Glad to hear that, but what about woman, her freedom and liberty in this society ?"

    " So many troubles she carries on her shoulders, what a tragedy"

    " For years she has been married, but no sons, and daughters of her own, she is not lucky"

    " The society put the blame on her saying she is infitile, that the husband should marry more women more fertile, that she shouldn't be shown any mercy"

    But the outsider found out that the problem of infertility is not only arising from the woman, man's sperm count in many of the cases is the one faulty

    Mama, I couldn't imagine the sadness and weight on your shoulder, hold on little more we are working to fix the predicament even though slowly. It's so bulky

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " My beloved Amin, my faith is being restored, I am proud of you, now I can rest in peace knowing freedom, justice, liberty, mercy and equality would be served in this society"

  • guafevc 6w

    Prejudice Racism

    If white people are born racist does that just mean the rest of us are prejudice?
    Black lives matter, the rest do not?
    Divide the country by back and white.
    Make it so we cannot unite.
    Guest in my own house, music isn't a color. It's a sound.
    Pit the rich against the poor.
    Pit the white against the black.
    Homosexuals versus the Super Straight.
    Stuck in between the groups.
    Christians made out to be the new evil.
    Atheists are now the new God.
    Which movement are you part of?
    Cause in America if you aren't KKK you are Antifa?

  • shubham_20 7w

    America ek aisi desh hai toh product ka price matter hi nahi karte hai!


  • alicejune 7w

    The Minimum Wage Battle

    Employees who work for minimum wage who want to work for a living wage are not asking for a handout. They aren't asking to have something for nothing. All they want is to be able to survive and provide well enough that they won't need any kind of assistance from a charity, or the government. At $7.25 an hour, for the last 11-12 years, a full time job barely provides enough money for shelter, let alone life's other necessities. It is sad that so many Americans believe that essential employees are "unskilled" AND "unworthy" of a living wage. Come on, America. Know better. Do better.

  • kaosthekre8tor 9w


    Reflections reveal deep parallel rivers, shallow in perceived depth.
    And though in darkness no slumber has been slept.
    Pain stings and persist, and though Death sings, Life insists.
    Each night consist of eyes open and rivers never desist.
    Gardens of serpents with one apple on the tree.
    It ends as it began… At least it does to me.
    Day one or 100, nothing changes; normalcy, sameness, monotony.
    Pain and I are friends now. The best of; if truth be told.
    I need to feel something, so, with a tight grip, her hand I hold.
    Reflections reveal deep parallel rivers, their depths, to well explored.
    I’ll hold tight to the hand of my friend. She and I are of one accord.

  • kanpur 11w

    Work hard bro
    Definitely you'll get success

    Kanpur: मुँह में रजनीगंधा और कदमों में दुनिया

  • jenaroaragon 14w

    Anno Domini

    In Anno Domini, Two Thousand O One Nine, the love once more from me withdrew, as I began to figure out, on one rainy afternoon, that I was never going to get over you.

        It took two hundred forty three years of maintaining liberty just to allow me time to grow, but in a world so often cruel, it takes a special kind of fool to hear your sound all around and think it’s true.

        Still, I hear you whisper, from a time long past and gone, though I don’t understand the language that you use. And the writing on the wall says I was always going to fall. ‘Cause I was never really looking for the truth.

        In Anno Domini, Two Thousand O One Nine, I recall the proverbs I once was told. And the Brimstone in my heart weeps from my eyes, becoming salt, as I look back and think about what once was home.

        Scorching winds and fiery coals as I take counsel in my soul. In my distress, I call to thee! But your comfort, you withhold. The ember dies, and I grow cold, as in the silence I concede I’m alone.

        Yet still, I hear you whisper, from a time long past and gone, but I don’t comprehend, despite how hard I try. I read the writing on the wall, but still I stumble. Still I fall. ‘Cause I was never really looking for the light. 

        Yet still, I hear you whisper, from a time long past and gone. Eloi, Eloi, Lamma Sabachthani? How come the voices in my soul whisper still here in Anno Domini Two Thousand O One Nine?

  • jenaroaragon 14w

    Colony collapse disorder

    We’re born in hexagons of vomit.

    They see no reason or rhyme.

    Little robots collecting sugar.

    Population in decline.

    Worship, she feeds us.

    If she leaves us, elect a new queen for the hive. 

    The burden of authority.

    Civilization on the rise.

    In come the new gods, with their old songs about how we should be afraid. 

    And something that they’ve done has caused our sons to deteriorate.

    They say they’ll save us?

    They enslave us!

    Add our surplus to their plate. 

    Called it superfluous as they discussed our inevitable fate.

    These boxes might not feel like cages, but they help keep us in line.

    They stack so high.

    Fill us with pride. 

    Blind us with smoke.

    Keep us inside. 

    Thinking outside the box you might get lost, so please just keep in mind:

    Yellow-jackets and wasps want to accost our very way of life. 

    “It wasn't us, but them!”

    Fooled, we condemn

    But still don’t realize these feelings that we're pollinating grew from the seeds of a lie.

  • goldenhoney 15w

    What a mess has been made of this land. Of this land that isn’t even our own.

    #america #joke #2021 #different #protest #real #problems #rise #mirakee #mirakeeworld

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    This is America

    If this is really the land of the free?
    Then why do you feel threatened when we get on one knee?
    All we did was peacefully protest,
    And we were met time and time again with uncalled for arrest.
    But when you do it, it is seen as heroic.
    Is it because the color of our skin?
    We get no justice, for us there is no win.
    And yet you still question if this privilege is real,
    This country has proven that these problems will take centuries to heal.


  • loftydreams101 19w

    So Long to the Inferno

    So much for anger
    Slips away from me like sand
    So long to the inferno
    Scorched swiftly in a dream
    I’m no longer weighed down
    By deadly words or deeds
    The need has died within me
    I float on, I float on
    Never mind to desolation
    To the iron binds of war
    What would have trapped us in our corners
    Locked, loaded and frightened
    So much for zero hour
    For our century of ashes
    Blood shed among brothers
    Amid a season of havoc

    ©2020 William Wright, Jr.

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  • mariateresa 24w

    Thoughts and feelings bubbling up to the surface as I witness my country turned upside-down because of the unresolved election. Thoughtfulness is sorely lacking as too many lash out and start attacking each other.. In the end, will it ever truly matter? I'm still going to show up in this world as a kind and loving person ❤ Choose your words wisely my dears.

    #words #respond #react #reactiveness #politics #onenation #onenationundergod #unitedstates #america #ourworld #upfordebate #erasethehate #choosewisely #observations #thoughts #feelings #emotionalmusings

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    A world of words

    Shouting, begging and pleading to be heard
    So many words used callously has become absurd
    Mindless chatter destroying one's worth
    All symbolic meaning lost in translation and interpretation
    Lashing out and competing for attention creates distraction
    True meaning is all but swallowed into darkening abyss
    One's own intentions are cast away and dismissed
    Turning our whole world upside-down
    Compassion and empathy is what needs to be passed around
    Turning the tides and righting the seas
    Of all the illusion of "you" vs "me"
    A time for healing and a return to decency
    We've become so imbalanced, normalized complicancy
    Love's the one word that has been forgotten
    An untapped superpower to disspell whatever's turned rotten
    Thoughtfulness and mindfulness restored upon the nations
    Upholding God's plans for all of creation
    Love each other as the one beating heart we are
    Words can get in the way of this and keep us apart, gone too far
    Careful responsiveness can do the trick
    Remembering a world before consumption of politics

  • avigraceproverbs 25w

    Ramblings about the Soul of America

    Anxiety so high people being banished for a simple head cold. Breathing a pro-longed breath with only a screen to have and hold.
    One doesn't really care, the other care's for America's "soul".
    But without secured Liberty and Justice for ALL, America will never be whole.

  • kevinosullivan 25w

    Deeper than grief

    A massacre of lawless greed, corrupted in hate
    This cancerous nation divided deeper than grief
    Moral perversion sodomized erect their protrusion
    We are the future extinct, poisoned by our delusion
    The cities riot as the praised bastards reload to kill
    A mockery of decency fueling distillates of self will
    Revolution may be necessary to unwrite our wrong
    America, a tinderbox and powder keg lit torchsong

  • atwistedword 25w

    Decision 2020

    Look behind the curtain
    Words and smiles deceive
    Consider all perspectives
    Be wise in what you believe

    Evil is among us
    To confuse and mislead
    Consider all of your choices
    Don't get fooled, take heed

    Old fools win elections
    Lifetime politicians beware
    What are our choices
    Read carefully, take care

    Vote with your mind
    Not with your heart
    Stay clear of rhetoric
    Don't just take part

    Blue or red
    That isn't the choice
    The choice is up to you
    What is it you choose

    Politics aside
    We should be concerned about the future
    Our debt is the largest
    Let's balance, no humor

    Not a popular subject
    Free speech, we remain silent
    Our beautiful country
    Turmoil and riots

    Don't be influenced
    By manipulative stories
    Consider all angles
    And we won't be sorry


  • dreamersneverlearn 27w

    The Haves & Have Nots

    Imagine if money didn't rule the world
    Everyone was treated equal, the rich can't buy their way out of prison
    The poor can afford college ,
    Imagine being sick and simply seeing a doctor
    The rich actually pay their taxes.
    Imagine a country where a child, no matter how poor their parents, can excel and move up. Without the worry of rent, bills, food, and tuition.
    They say its already possible...
    But i did the math...
    Minimum wage can not pay for school and bills
    They say its the land of opportunity
    Sure, if you're already born with them

  • in_fragments 28w

    "A country in shambles while
    the world beyond rebuilds-
    but we are surrounded by vultures here,
    with no choice but to watch and wait
    and prepare a grave, just in case.
    No amount of prayers
    or God's blessings will uncurse this soil;
    do you not think
    he revels in the bloodbath too?
    He's not worried for you- all alone,
    while cockroaches and maggots
    feed on your cerebrum,
    you're being trained not to notice-
    leaving your mouth exposed
    to let everything devilish in
    and clamoring for social trophies
    while the world around you gets destroyed.

    Will it all have been worth it
    after you've killed yourself to be
    on the wrong side of history?

    The flag is on fire, it's razed to the ground,
    your King Clown caught the hoax,
    are you listening now?

    Can't have the matter shatter you-
    the fact that you're living a lie
    and it only takes the speed of light to die;
    you're letting them lobotomize
    and spoonfeed you lies-
    you're writing obituaries now
    and crying up to your savior to keep you safe;
    but God cares not
    for measly, weak willed worms,
    no matter how loudly
    they manage to scream."

    This country is a joke, don't worry. We're laughing at us too.
    #pod #poem #america #life #death #covid19 #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Just in Case

    A country in shambles while
    the world beyond rebuilds-
    but we are surrounded
    by vultures here,
    with no choice but to watch and wait
    and prepare a grave, just in case.

  • dreamersneverlearn 30w

    Oh, Baltimore

    There are riots in the streets of Baltimore
    Ignorance is spreading like wildfire
    False news breeds even more hate
    The ones on top
    Far off, in their mansion
    Who will Never experience
    The poverty
    Never feel the pain,
    Spread the lies for all they will gain
    Keep us distracted
    Keep us divivded
    But theres people starving in Baltimore
    Of all races stuck in a hole with no way out . No money for rent nor for food
    You claim it's our own fault
    As if we're all lazy fools...
    But keep in mind
    We have No rich parents to pay for our schools
    We can not help into what family we are born
    Schools with no walls,
    Parks have no trees,
    Only Empathy can kill this hate
    But with your lack of compassion, i fear its too late
    A ten year old was killed by police for skateboarding ..but it wasnt on the news
    that wasnt your child so you have nothing to lose
    There are people in the streets of Baltimore
    knowing no-one cares
    with tears in their eyes
    Rioting the streets and you still wonder why

  • vibe_ana 107w

    By: Anastasia Reeves #poeticjustice #America

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    As my tiny heart beats for the very first time
    And my eyes see all the bright lights
    I breath inn the sweet air that surrounds my mind.
    My hand reaches out, to grasp on to life,
    But my fingers keep grasping at imaginary people
    How can I forget that I'm all alone
    How can I forget that I don't have a home
    How can I forget you left and now I'm stuck to live
    With out you and with out my country
    As we fly to this new world
    I don't know what's in store.
    Now that I'm here I couldn't ask for more.
    The freedom the love and the unity I have
    Thank God for the flag hanging up above. I pledge allegiance to the flag, and hope that it will never fall apart.