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    Years ago before the creation of man, the Almighty created 3 unique birds of different species namely; Vulture, Ground hornbill and Cattle geret.

    They are all birds and Cattle geret is the least. The three of them were so poor and wretched, that they decided to pay the Almighty a visit for help. When they got to the heavens, He gave one of them and amount of money to use it down on earth. So he commented them into the world to spend the money however they want. When the vulture got into the world, it lavished the money on bean-cake. The vulture rushed home and filled it's empty stomach till it was filled up and satisfied. The ground hornbill on the other hand bought pap and took it all alone.

    Cattle geret was the least of them. He took a deep thought on how to spend the money. The bird finally came up with an idea, it went out, gathering all other poor and tiny birds to have a yeast with him. He brought a lot of fruit juice and they all enjoyed themselves.

    After their sojourn in the world, the Almighty asked them to pay him a visit to give account of how they have all spent their money. The Almighty faced the vulture and asked; "how did you spend your money?"

    It told the Almighty; "I bought bean-cake to quench my hunger. I'm very grateful and well satisfied, my lord."

    The Almighty smiled and faced the ground hornbill, to also give account on the money it received. It responded that it took paper and got satisfied afterwards. The Almighty, then faced Cattle geret.

    It craved the indulgence of the Almighty, faced back and called other birds. Of course, they all wanted to give gratitude to their provider as well. They all looked happy, satisfied and grateful and they had followed Cattle geret. It told the Almighty; I came across these other birds and bought fruit juice. We all drank it together ourselves. We drank till our fullest and we're all satisfied. After saying this, it faced the other tiny birds and ordered them to thank their the Almighty. Other birds bowed and prostrated. They were all excited to show gratitude and the Almighty was thrilled.

    The Almighty faced the vulture and told it; You were selfish in spending your money alone. From now on, you'll have a bald head. That is why vultures have bald head today.

    The Almighty moved to the ground hornbill and said. You're greedy to take the pap all alone and the Almighty pronounced go it redisease on it. And so it has been till this day. It has that disease under it's throat that is incurable.

    Then, Almighty turned to Cattle geret that stood with other birds and announced in a very pleased tune; You are kind and generous. From today henceforth, all birds will always accomplish you wherever you go. You'll be a leader that would be given by others. If you look up to the sky during sunset, you'll see all those  birds  flying together. There used to be a very tiny bird leading those birds called evening lilies. They accompany the day during the evening. They're the most honoured of all birds you'll ever see.



    Here's a short story, from my books, UNDER THE AFRICAN SKY on Wattpad. I decided to share with you. It's a short story that speaks about kindness and love. Especially when you have none. Be kind at your poorest times, and love others even though the world is against you. Love and kindness is the greatest virtue of all. This is also a myth/folklore.

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    The True Myth of Birds


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    plans of god

    i tried to change
    plans of GOD
    cannot be MODIFIED✌️

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    The end is nearing, human beings are feeling it but negative forces are fooling and misleading them.It is time for the human society to kneel down before Almighty God for mercy before it is too late.

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    Jeremiah 32:27 - God want you to know this

    When life overwhelms like a mountain towering over us, we need to remind ourselves that we have an omnipotent God who is bigger than our problems.

    The Bible says,"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me"?(Jeremiah 32:27)

    Yes, there is no prayer, no problem and no person too hard for the Lord to answer, to solve and to save. Indeed, He is God of all flesh, creator of the universe and ruler of all mankind. And nothing is too hard for Him. Remember, even the problem which is in our thoughts right now looks very insignificant in the light of the omnipotence of our God. Therefore, no matter what may come, let us trust Him for He is able to help us beyond our calculation and bless us beyond our imagination.  Amen .

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    In every cry of every Man
    In every infant's cry of fear
    In every heart,
    In every jugular vein
    In each strand of the soil,
    In each drop of the rain
    Lies the greatest artist
    The everlasting and
    the everexisting
    The everloving and
    the everforgiving
    The Almighty

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    I always doubted the existence
    Of the creator, the almighty
    But every time I look at you
    Every time I hear your voice
    I realize that there was no way
    A messed up heart like mine
    Could've met an angelic one like yours
    If it was not for the divinity.

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    Let the dead flowers you've once planted, raise again and fill your nostrils with sweet fragrance.

    Let the eyes you've once lightened blossom again in sun's essence.

    Let the fallen tears you've wiped away send you kisses of smiles on your tasty lips.

    Let the wishes you've given up on make you dream again in your pearly eyes.

    Let the hidden prayers you've forgotten be accepted by the Lord, Almighty.

    Let the words you've said and written be an inspiration for others to pick seeds of knowledge from your autobiography.

    © Madinah_Writes

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    Wishes To You


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    ए खुदा !
    इश्क़ में क्या लिख दूं , नाम तेरे ।
    जागीर भी कहां , पास मेरे ?
    पर , ये जो सांस लेती रूह हैं ।
    आपकी ही , इबादत के दम से हैं ।


  • madmans_diary 11w


    எனக்கும் ஆசை தான்
    உன்னை மட்டும் காதலித்திட

    விழி எங்கும் நீயே நிரம்பிட

    உன்னோடே என் பயணங்கள் தொடர்ந்திட

    உன் நினைவிலே நான் இரவையும் பகலையும் மறந்திட

    உன்னோடு சொர்கம் சேர்ந்திட

    விரைவில் விழிகள் திறவாய்


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    Eid Mubarak

    On Eid Ul Adha, wishing that your sacrifices are appreciated and your prayers are answered by the almighty. Have a blessed Eid Ul Adha everyone

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    The day of warriors
    #doctor's day#

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    #Almighty Allah is Always with you.

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    Don't try to forget your problems
    Try to solve them completely

  • _shafiyasayeed 17w

    Ishq karte Ho kisse..!!
    Insaano se Bhai waah
    Roye Ho.. Insaano ke liye
    Maangte Ho Insaano se...
    Kabhi Allah se Ishq karke dekho
    Uski Mohabbat me rokar to dekho...
    Khuda se maangkar to dekho
    Hath uthakar to dekho...
    Sar jhuka kar to dekho
    Uss khushi me aansu bahakar to dekho...
    Jo lazzat paoge.. Use alfaazon me pirona bohot mushkil hai
    Jisne Jaana, Usne Paaya ☝

    _Shafiya Sayeed

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    Truth prevails almighty if even at the last.

  • seraiah_smiles 19w

    What do you ask?
    What do you seek?
    What do you want?

    Money? Power? Possessions? Or things greater than that? Time? Happiness? Yes, ask, seek, knock. If it is according to God's will, surely, it will be granted. Indeed, if you do so with all your heart, the God Almighty will bless you more than that, more than you could ever ask for.

    What is it? Truth? Freedom? Love? The actuality of these?

    You will never know what's far ahead if you won't take the first step. You will never know what's on the other side of the door if you won't knock and enter.

    : What's the first step?
    : Start.

    Start and continue on asking, seeking, and knocking for God. I tell you, unless you do so with all your heart, you can have everything the world can offer, but your true happiness, heart and soul will be void. But if you come to God just as you are, when you seek God with all your heart, you may have everything, something, or nothing, but indeed in actuality, you will attain everything.

    #God #Christ #Jesus #JesusChrist #Almighty
    #money #power #possessions #truth #love
    #ask #seek #knock #start #continue

    Credits and thanks to Jon Tyson for the photo.

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    and it will be given to you;
    and you will find;
    and the door
    will be opened to you.

    Matthew 7:7 —

  • seraiah_smiles 20w

    "My Lord's Kingdom"

    Venturing into
    The darkness, just to arrive
    At my Lord's Kingdom.

  • devanshh 21w


    पिता एक शब्द नहीं ! पिता एक पुरी किताब है|
    ऐसी किताब जिसे हम अपनी सारी उम्र पढ़े तो भी इस किताब के कुछ पाठ अधूरे हि रह जाते हैं|
    ऐसी किताब जिसे पढकर हम सीखते तो हैं पर इसका महत्व हमे वक़्त निकल जाने पर ही होता है|
    पिता के बिना कुछ नहीं
    माँ से हमें संसकार प्राप्त होते है पर पिता हमे पुरी दुनिया का ज्ञान देते हैं और इस बढ़ती दुनिया को चुनौती देने के काबिल बनाते हैं|

    LOVE U DAD ❤❤

  • mrspectacular 22w


    Joshua hears his phone ring in his bedroom. He has just returned from work heavily spent and craving a warm meal and some premium rest. It has indeed been a long day at work for him. Chatting momentarily and laughing heartily, he enjoys the warm meal prepared by his beautiful wife, Diane but the beautiful moment is interrupted by his phone ringing in the room, he quickly sends William, his son to go fetch it for him. It's a call from his bosom friend, Terrence but William has not brought it in good time hence he has missed the call but he however is unbothered as he decides he would give Terrence a call after the meal but as soon as he drops the phone on the table to continue his meal, a text message comes in interrupted his spoon's journey to his mouth.

    Picking it up somewhat reluctantly, he realizes it is from his friend, Terrence again. Imagine it is urgent, having missed two called from him, Joshua opens the message but is completely bewildered by its content which reads,
    'Don't go into the bathroom, she's waiting'
    Lost, Joshua wonders who Terrence speaks of seeing that his wife is seated right before him,
    'Who?', Joshua replies the text.
    'The Witch Of Clamswick'
    Joshua screams 'Jesus' out loud surprised and terrified at what Terrence has just texted causing Diane to be startled.
    'Is everything okay, sweetheart?', she asks surprised at the sudden change in Joshua's countenance.
    'Please stay here with the kids', he cautions. 'Do not move an inch please.'
    He advances further towards the room and for the bathroom to confirm Terrence's speculation. Getting closer, he can hear some sounds coming from the bathroom. Picking up his bottle of anointing oil, he draws closer to the bathroom while muttering some tongues under his breath in hope that it would probably scare the witch away and he would not have to use the oil but the witch would not budge as she continues her noise. Realizing it is war, he picks up his pace and like a S.W.A.T officer, badges into the bathroom to meet the intruding being.
    It is an underworld being who claims she has arrived to finish him off as required by the queen who had stated his life was tendered as collateral by a friend of his who had previously come to them for riches and it is now so ripe a time for the debt to be paid.
    'Your friend Terrence has tendered your blood as a covenant sacrifice for the wealth we have given him', the Witch Of Clamswick states.
    'Well...I'm not aware of such an agreement. The only agreement I am aware of is that of Jesus Christ whose blood was shed on the cross for me and as far as I can remember he never demanded that any other blood be shed after his so guess what? I would give you to the count of three to get your ugly, despicable self out of my house lest I am forced to release the entire Heaven's armoury on you this very minute'
    'You would have to watch your tongue young man lest you lose it alongside your precious. If you would have asked politely maybe I would have had mercy on you and left you in peace but your loftiness is your downfall today. Now you shall perish like an ant.'
    Irked by such derogatory remark about the power of the Almighty God, Joshua screams,
    'In the name of Jesus that is above every other name and above whom no other power sits, I command you to fall back to the abyss you came from, you uncircumcised demon'
    The house begins to quake as the demon and Joshua battle it out for almost eight minutes. The pride of the spirit behind the demon would not let her give in without a fight. The harder she fights, the weaker she gets and in the seventh minute, with a loud response to tonguing and prayers from Joshua, Heaven responds with a fire that obliterates completely the Witch of Clamswick before Joshua's very eyes. Falling to his knees, he begins to worship the Father Almighty for His unrelenting love that made him win the battle against the Witch of Clamswick. Exhausted and sweating profusely, he staggers towards the dining room to join the rest of the family to finish dinner before taking a cool shower and retiring to bed for the night.


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    #mirakee, #pod, #wod, #origami, #almighty, #god,@writerstolli @writersnetwork,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld
    A simple piece of paper,
    Changes as we fold it and taper.
    We can give it any shape,
    With our imagination and creativity of mind map.
    The beautiful art of origami,
    Needs little skill but patience as great as a tsunami.
    We are just like that ordinary paper in the hands of the almighty,
    The greatest origamist and epitome of beauty.
    The absolute master folder of things,
    Folds and creases us into beautiful beings.
    Unlike the paper,God gives us the opportunity to fold ourselves into new creation,
    But sometimes we follow the path of Satan and indulge in self-destruction.
    But the God as a reviver take us out of the ugly folds we made of ourselves out of despondency,
    Rejuvenate and recreate our inner selves into vital potency.
    The greatest artist of the cosmos and heaven prisma,
    Recreate us into priceless piece of art through his charisma.

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    The Greatest Origamist


  • seraiah_smiles 24w

    Seraiah's Journey

    I'm embarking on the journey to reach that star.

    On the way, I see sparkles of light, shadows too.
    I sing songs of joy and so does blues.

    I see the smiles of babes and little children, the laughter of teens and the chuckle of the grown-ups.
    I catch it in contagiousness; the lights of little things hitting my eyes bring me happiness.

    I see the oceans that their hearts and eyes created, their grief and sorrow, their yearning for the sun of the morrow.
    I catch it in contagiousness, the waters flowing from my eyes, O, sadness.

    I'm embarking on the journey to reach that star.

    On the way, I see sparkles of light, shadows too.
    I sing songs of joy and so does blues.

    Happiness and sadness, I make them my own.
    They're my treasured experiences. See how I've grown.

    Happiness and sadness, transmitted to me through empathy.
    I absorb them; why? It's just what I do. I am me.
    With all these, with the Light, I journey.
    "To be better than I was yesterday," I always pray to the Almighty.

    Yes, I'm Seraiah; I am me.
    I embark on the journey to reach that eternal star that I shall someday certainly be.

    ~ ~ ~