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  • stellaire_mystique 2w


    Someone : You Are Like Snow Beautiful But Cold....
    Me : Maybe that's the reason behind...I was Born In Winters

    © Smoky_stella

  • c73poetry 7w

    Korptober Day 7: Alien

    They call it democracy
    But how can we be free?
    When the feeling of being free
    Is something alien to me?
    Controlled by society
    Being told what we're allowed to see
    That feeling of being free
    So alien to you and me

  • stellaire_mystique 20w

    It's obvious we can't blame humans for being human !

  • odysseyinindia 22w

    Retaliate with your will
    Go across the shore
    There can you find a beautiful reward
    It involves trickery , it involves mischief
    A lady with scorched head , shaky leg and face entagled will lead you to the precious stone.
    If you were a men , it will fulfill all your desires
    If an evil ghost then it will give you more evil powers
    So gather your will go across seas
    And dare to embark on new journeys
    What is life If not a sail then
    Sail you must Sail you must


  • althea234 22w


    We look at each other,
    we are still stranger,
    Some are sweet some are spicy,
    They all always fighting with their kind,
    Love people close to them,
    Creature filled with emotion,
    After a sad night, they start again with new end

  • saheyiduad 22w


    I came from barren birthplace
    And landed in planet Earth's embrace

    When I heard the crashing sound of waves
    I became Thalassophile

    When I look up at the twinkling stars
    I became Astrophile

    When I gaze at the crescent that belongs to night
    I became Selenophile

    When I felt the calmmess of the lakes
    I became Limnophile

    When I felt the coarse bark of banyan
    I became Dendrophile

    When I lay under the pouring rain fall
    I became Pluviophile

    When I felt the yearning warmth from the sun
    I became Photophile

    When I saw the different shapes in the cloud
    I became Nephophile

    When I first sniff the odour of Lavender
    I became Anthophile

    There is so much more left
    In the arms of motherly Earth
    This piece of Stardust
    Became blessed child

  • dinakarreddy 22w


    They dream about luxury cars, buildings and cities,
    But finds peace in the villages.


  • divshetty04 22w

    Alien On Earth

    Coming from a different planet
    With exhilaration I land on earth,
    I see different flesh coloured humans
    Could sense their similar beating hearts
    Ohh! They have a brain in common too,
    Though being blessed with heart & brain
    Still they are called devilish on other planets,
    I see them worshipping a supreme being
    Still they do many misdeeds & sins,
    I see them running after a paper called money
    For which they have abandoned blood relations,
    I see them abusing & behaving inhumane on feeble
    & pretend to be as if they are the supremes,
    Once the earth was known as paradise
    Now they have made it inferno,
    It's an horrifying experience here
    I wish I have never landed my jet & so-called UFO on earth.

  • mindreams 22w


    A child again,
    I feel.

    Pillars that touch the sky.
    What hubris.
    I can't see the view.

    Can't climb the square mountains.
    Too steep.
    Ladders nowhere to be seen.

    The ground tamed.
    Green covered.
    What is this sheath?

    What can I do here?
    An absurd world it is.
    The one they call home.

  • eiichiquoteslife 22w

    Our Earth, Viewed By An Alien

    As Soon As I Arrived, I Couldn't Help But Cough.
    The Poor Nature Here Has Clearly Had Enough.
    The Air Is Toxic, Enough To The Point Where You Can't Breathe.
    By That, I Already Wanted To Leave.
    There Was Rubbish Flying Around,
    Infact One Hit Me In The Face.
    Just Like That, I Already Disliked The Human Race.
    They Don't Look After Their Planet
    And Are Filled With Hate,
    The Smell Is Like Fire.
    To Say Their Planet Is Beautiful, Is To Be A Liar.

  • the_world_is_unknown 22w

    A Vintage Anatomy

    Crisp domains of life, squeezed dreams;
    Haulting horizons, twilight of memories;
    Undiscovered omens, quest for living;
    A completed alchemist, cicatrixes of love;
    Museums of identity, bars of beauty;
    Radioactive felicity, chlorinated melancholy;
    Evaporating oasis, ephemeral deserts;
    Incessant voyages, calming storms;
    Filtered sunsets, drunken nights;
    Rotted caravans, aromatic sighs;
    Dumb trivias, screaming reality;
    Dusted bookshelf, dirty personality;
    Stretched meninges, folding pericardium;
    Bloated heart, shrunk arteries;
    Shadow of poet, monochromatic woods;
    Refracted scars, blooming hormones;
    Dying humanity, immaculate poetry;
    Fading rainbows, dancing daffodils;
    Warm winters, freezed autumn;
    Collapsing walls, constructed analysis;
    Maculate knives, pure criminals;
    Failing legislation, dying victims;
    Smoked diadems, shining charcoal;
    Wilted sunflowers, halfed whole;
    A crimson poet being a house of home.

    - an alien in disguise ( living behind frozen eyes)



    An Anatomy by an alien who lives within us and is unknown of the reality.

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    When I feel exhausted, I hibernate on mirakee (hope you will understand)

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    A Vintage Anatomy

    Radioactive felicity, chlorinated melancholy.

    ~ the alien in you


  • tiwarianushka17 22w

    Long stretched perpetual dark black universe, all one could see is this never ending black sea. Like beauty spot on a woman's face that adds four moonlight to her beauty; was hanging with an invisible thread the bright blue ball. I couldn't resist my temptation to land. And guess what I actually found land! I was no longer flying. There was something pulling me towards this weirdly beautiful planet. Ask me what was different there and I'll stand in front of you with wide open eyes and mouth. Because not something but everything was different!
    I have never seen these many colours all together. 'What probably they named it?' I wondered. Suddenly, I saw aliens arriving, hand in hand, laughing and kissing. They looked literally happy. I was more than determined to build a similar program back in my homeland so that my people could also have this glitter in their eyes. Moving forward I saw another pair weirdly yelling and nagging at each other. Surely! How couldn't I understand, every program has some limitations...
    Okay the next thing that happened left me awestruck for minutes, I saw different kinds of aliens all standing close to each other and the place was neatly decorated there was a banner in the starting of the black marble way. I used my translation device; it read market place. I saw little and huge quadruped. Unique creatures they were! Suddenly the skies were turning dark and the streets were vacant. I never saw the skies changing attires so quick. Back in my home town it took several years. It was a delight to eyes to watch the pearled blanket of stars slowly cover the sky above. And there was something similar; Yes! that round silver light emitting ball. I waved hand to my family. I knew they couldn't see me neither could I. But the most important and unique lesson I learned here is to feel. Maybe, that's what made this much more then mere a celestial body. That was what gave lives to the alien robots here. Yes they were all not positive. But come on they at least get to feel unlike us- the programmed tools. The aliens made me feel alien with their connection and unity. All I wished is to never go back!


    Hope you like it. Do share what you feel about the post and help me grow and meet the real me!

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    Like beauty spot on a woman's face that adds four moonlight to her beauty; was hanging with an invisible thread the bright Blue Ball

  • manisha_rameshbabu 22w

    Hola people,
    Am an extraterrestrial being
    Enroute to Earth for spying
    How you earthlings
    Have been living

    I traveled afar
    From the world of aliens
    Across Mars and stars
    Only to witness you Homo Sapiens
    Act very bizarre
    Assasinating thy companions

    When there are a million way
    You could survive
    Why do you humans betray
    Each just to thrive
    I fancy you rather opt to pray
    Maybe then I give you a high five

    I desired to greet you bonjour
    But now I am unsure
    I came here to communicate
    But you people planted in me hate

    Now I return back to my place
    To my home in the outer space
    If at all I revisit
    I wish I find you all with good spirit

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #visit #alien #pod #wod

    Thank you WN for ��

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    I desired to greet you bonjour
    But now I am unsure
    I came here to communicate
    But you people planted in me hate


  • sonalipoeticstyle 22w

    A strange visit

    A lil bluish-greenish magnificent ball
    as soon as I enter, I witnessed buildings tall.
    Pandemonium of bustling hither and thither
    I can see the stress of poeple they were

    I was thwarted by rain transiently
    Soon I leaped over an aeroplane
    What I saw beautiful beyond words.
    I can't convey the bliss I had.

    I landed on a pine tree.
    It was spine chilly wintery forest.
    And the snowfall made the surroundings exquisite
    That was the best visual treat I bet !

    What enthralled me most
    were the flowing rivers, blooming flowers
    tiny insects, all dwelling in the same place.
    I could gaze for long long hours.

    I got to know so much
    about this strange unique planet.
    Amidst the aisle
    I could recognise the strange voice of God.

  • _fallen_angel_ 22w

    Me be Alien
    Me at Planet 3
    Me be ecstatic
    Earth I finally see.

    Me walking the walk
    Me talking the talk
    But me no understand
    Why me ridiculed a lot.

    Me be excited
    Me be dancing
    Me be scolded
    For causing disruption.

    Me be happy
    But me be getting sick
    Planet 3 low on oxygen
    Me at risk

    Me confused
    People push me in hurry
    Me be hustled so much
    Me now feel blurry.

    Me walking
    Me coughing
    Me finding my path
    Through dirt and pollution.

    Me be sweating
    Me worried about
    No shade no glade
    Me missing trees alot.

    Earth be life & water
    Earth be unrivalled
    But Earthlings be wrecking
    Their last hope of survival.

    Me going back
    Me be sad & upset
    Earthlings be quick
    Before you lose your best.

    #visit #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #wordporn #poetry #poetrycommunity #alien #onedayonearth #earth #milkyway

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    Alien account


  • kri_k_sni 22w

    #alien #kri_k_sni #visit

    Thxx for the ❤️ @writersnetwork
    Editor's choice @miraquill

    Unsure, unknown,
    no life, no home.
    i suddenly visited earth
    I have antennae that feels
    Hands like electric receivers
    That reels, in the cosmic waveform,
    An alien frequency, speaks to me
    From sun to moon to earth
    There’s a mind wormhole that runs,
    A galactic circuitry brainstorm.
    I know it, I see it,
    My red, read brain reads it,
    The universe tries & tries to relay voltages,
    Messages, through the ages,
    A hyperintelligence cries out to me
    To save me, through my antenna heads,
    No radio dish needed,
    Technology is wrongly seeded.
    How to decode the solar signal?
    I am multilingual, multiverse-d,
    Mental spaceships, fly off my lips,
    Am an alien artist, no, a scientist.
    The key, stellar fusion, fuse the ion,
    To solve it is to resolve it, unearthly.
    But I don’t have enough hacked heads,
    All the who-man craniums cracked.
    So a computer head I’ll make,
    A psychedelic AI, so that I,
    Can force the Universe awake.

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    An unsure, unknown alien
    Wears a human bowl to become
    One cool human alien.

  • penten 23w

    Magic space

    He enter magic space world and he changed into alien species. In that world wherever he looks full of alien species.He thought all human enter this world changed into alien species. He tried to communicate with them. But they are silent and looking him weirdly. Suddenly thunderstorm sound came and place are all shaking.

    Some one shouting like, 'Get up man, it's already 9 'o clock'.

    Oh God it's dream ????... But my hand finger still like alien species hand after sometime changed into normal.

    Did I went there or is it only dream???..

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 24w

    tO a worLd
    oF aLienS . . .

    Rush and rush

    Running for nowhere to reach

    Jumping into the air of everything

    Adding strains of loads unto the self

    Race for the recognition

    Competiting for the success

    To have an edge over the rest

    Credibility of enhancing the credentials


    Sometimes to reach out to the sky

    We become alien to our own earth !


  • bonitasarahbabu 27w

    The community was invited,
    It was an auspicious event of matrimony.
    She was there as was required,
    Cordial and kind she was to all.
    The community avoided her,
    She could see and hear them whispering amongst themselves.
    They pointed at her and they laughed,
    She felt like an alien at the event.
    They alienated her,
    And they mocked her and all her choices.
    She still had a smile on her face,
    And she was glad when she could leave the judgment zone.

  • alsyniarico 27w

    #mypoeticsoul #alien

    Jugando on
    the sea shore
    With my beach ball
    Seeming flicks all around
    Waves changing gestures
    Afraid of pellucid drowning
    I esteemed and curro
    My poetic soul whispered
    Some undisclosed metaphors
    To the water body
    Bargained some chants
    To free out plays
    But waves cheated
    Swallowed me in while feigning security
    I screamed , the bubbles
    Golden yarns to sew some hope
    Hurt lingual frenulum draped some salts
    Hovering my palate near the uvula
    Reacted to the salinity
    Veiling the papilla
    Distressed charms amplified
    Medulla oblongata increased oxygen
    Saturation levels and tried to
    Expell carbon dioxide
    On way to suppress respiratory effort
    Pain becoming unbearable
    Larynx trying hard to prevent
    Water entry in lungs
    And then a sudden spark
    Grumpy cat like Blob Sculpin stared
    At me like an alien in dark
    Clown frogfish hanging out along corals
    Teasing me and camouflaging
    Stole my rhymes
    Fangtooth though remained hidden
    Horrifying Gulper eel predating
    Edging bioluminescence
    Reaching the sea bed
    Beauty of sea grass
    In free verse
    Illusion free stamps
    Soft like silk
    But some plants
    Pricked my tissues
    Also felt why nictitating membrane
    Was also needed for my
    Nascent metaphors
    Some shapes in a crew
    And my syllables slept
    Where the metaphors were kept
    Handled necessities of victory
    Craved like a path to heaven

    Hope it makes some sense
    With these few words can relate the other ideas:)
    Oxygen Saturation : positivity curve
    Carbon dioxide : negativity

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