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    'Love Indeed'
    Revived from my old journal notations.
    Evidence of these considerations of perceptions.
    Philosopic reference between life & afflictions?.. affections?

    • Believe;
    : hold as an opinion; think or suppose
    • Perceive
    : become aware of, in view & judgement of a certain way
    • Receive;
    : to be given, collected, as to be granted, to experience
    • Fatigue;
    : tiredness, boredom; of a dull & assumed placid interest
    • Retrieve;
    : to reclaim or bring back
    • Bereave;
    : be deprived of a love by absence, of neglect; of a death

    #Life #Love #Loss #DiceAreTossed #AgonyOfIntentions

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    Love Indeed

    Frequently believed

    Always perceived

    Seldom received

    Never achieved

    Often fatigued

    Rarely retrieved

    Inevitably bereaved


    ~ an EWK 'Consider This' Poe'em