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  • elchosen 1w

    Your love

    I can't remember all the things I have ran after.
    Seeking after comfort, peace of mind
    If only I had known rather
    That all was just but a waste of time.

    Found gladness in friends
    Last only till the affair ends
    Tried drinks but it never blends
    The broken heart only You mend.

    In that confusion,
    And and minds illusion
    I stumbled on this confession
    In Your Love's possession

    *" You're the hope in the morning.
    You're the light when the night is falling.
    You're the song when my heart is singing.
    It's Your love!"*

    Your Joy in someone else's heart
    The question my heart kept on ask
    The possession of no task
    Just my heart the needed part.

    "You're the eyes to the blind man.
    You're the feet to the lame men walking.
    You're the sound of the people singing.
    It's Your love!"

    Now my eyes can see through yours
    I can keep on walkings with you
    The sound in me is
    The Joy you bring.

    If only I have known
    "All I ever needed is Your Love"

    Inspired by Brandon Heath's "Your Love"


  • seraiah_smiles 11w


    God is love (1 John 4:16); and God is infinite (1 Timothy 6:16). By His generosity, by His grace, He filled my open cup inasmuch that it overflows with love that never runs out. He filled my fleshly heart with love that comes from the well of water springing up into eternal life. Brimming, I can only—joyfully, willingly—share this love unto others:

    • to my dearest family:
    • to my dearest brother—always and forever—kuya Ry:
    • to the one that catched my heart, my dearest Billie:
    • to all humanity be it in the past, present or future—my brothers and sisters in Christ;
    to my dearest Lord, God and Savior, Jesus;
    most of all, love is not that I loved, but that God loves me and everybody:

    (P.S. to all the angels of the one, holy God, I love you too!)

    ~ ~ ~

    #LOVE #types #typesoflove #Storge #Eros #Philia #Agape

    #God #is #love #and #infinite #Godislove #Godisinfinite

    #share #angels #family #Ry #Billie #everybody #Jesus

    This is my 300th post. ��
    This is posted on August 2, 2021 at 5:55 PM.

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  • agafyasnow 13w


    I blew you a kiss from where i sat
    My heart will always be where you at
    My love is everlasting, i tell you that
    I will spend forever to prove that fact

    You're in my mind each and everytime
    Everyday i wish to give us a lifetime
    You showed me love that I'll never forget
    I'll make sure it's a love you'll never regret

    11:11 might be just a number repeating
    But tells me you're sending me a greeting
    So i wrote this poem only for you
    To simply tell you how much i love you


  • agafyasnow 15w

    First time being on editor's choice ❤ thank you for choosing my poem!! Makes me feel more inspired.
    #truelove #inlove #agape #love #feelings #poem

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    My faith in love was fading
    When you fought your way in
    The love you show is so true
    It made me love myself too

    Bad circumstances in your past
    The reason your cautiousness last
    What i don't like you always ask?
    It's my feelings you should trust

    To me, you are flawless
    Your voice is full of tenderness
    When i hear you i am helpless
    This feelings for you is endless

    My love for you is so strong
    Others may think this is wrong
    But i knew from the start
    That you and i, we belong


  • seraiah_smiles 17w

    #heart #eros #agape #ode #love #God

    Literary #refrain

    Credits and thanks to Grant Whitty for the photo.

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    My Heart

    Many a person mentions heart to refer to love.
    I may give my heart to a partner, wholly,
    But above all, simultaneously,
    My heart belongs to my Lord God.

    My heart belongs to my Lord God.

  • frederico 18w

    Brotherly Love

    I love you,
    even though you're on a path,
    where you walk the colorful pride,
    rather than what God abides.

    I still love you,
    even though you follow your worldly desires,
    though I'd rather see you do
    what God aspires.

    I will still love you,
    though our views are not aligned
    and you and the world may not agree
    with the thoughts of my mind.

    I love you and forever will,
    because that is what my Lord
    has urged and expects me to,
    to love each and everyone
    as we love ourselves
    and show compassion,
    especially for the ones,
    that seem lost
    and keep them in prayer,
    while silently in faith believing,
    that someday
    they will be found
    just like I
    once was ...

    10 Jun 2021

    #Matthew22verse39 #1Corinthians13verse4to8a #Leviticus18verse22 #Corinthians6verse9 #PrideMonth #BrotherlyLove #agape #God

    And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’
    Matthew 22:39 NKJV

    Image credit to the rightful owner

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  • cardelljhardy 20w


    My room is full of the love of Christ
    Let His love spread from wall to wall.
    Each with people full of prayer calls.
    Like a love given from mother to child.
    Let his glory shine all over the room

  • seraiah_smiles 20w

    First, I downloaded some free anime wallpapers. Next, I make write-ups for 'em. Lastly, I upload them!

    #cards #diamond #clover #heart #agape @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Here are my cards. I'll show 'em:

    Diamonds for my fortitude that I've built and
    reinforced through the years;
    Clovers for my acknowledgement of how God
    bounteously blessed my heart...;
    Hearts for my acquiring and gifting
    of the highest, purest love: agape.

  • seraiah_smiles 23w

    The content in the photo is not mine. It's a part of the lyrics in Lauren Daigle's song. #Agape

    Thank you, Lord!

    Mold my heart to be like Yours.
    Mold my eyes to see like Yours.
    Mold me, and make me pleasing in Your sight.

    I battle, and it feels like I'm losing.
    You came, and although my eyes can't see,
    I know that the tides are turning.

    Low and high tides, am I going deeper under?
    Low and high tides, You take me above the water.

    When the world's getting a little blurry again,
    You remind me You're here with me.
    I'll continue to trust you, then.
    For even when I fall short, You're for me, faithfully.

    What I've done is what I've didn't done.
    But man!

    It hurts; I know.
    But how wonderful...

    that it is included in Your perfect plan.

    ~ ~ ~

    Judith 9:5-6
    Your hand guided all that happened then, and all that happened before and after. You have planned it all—what is happening now, and what is yet to be. Your plans have always been carried out. Whatever you want to be done is as good as done. You know in advance all that you will do and what decisions you will make.

    Esther 4:14
    Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

    Romans 8:28
    And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

    Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

    1 John 3:1
    See how very much our Father loves us, for He calls us His children, and that is what we are! But the people who belong to this world don’t recognize that we are God’s children because they don’t know Him.

    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world [you, me, and everybody] that He gave His only begotten Son [Jesus Christ], that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish [in eternal death) but have everlasting life.

    ~ ~ ~

    Thy will be done.

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    I am guilty, ashamed of what I've done, what I've become.

    But You still love me.

  • iona_mydas 29w

    The paths are now weary,
    Aranyani barely dance,
    Vata rarely sighs.

    I know you won't linger,
    You, who cited of Agape;
    Brought spring to evermore
    Whelmed winter heart

  • ahavahaf 39w

    The Way to Love

    أنا أحني رأسي في الصلاة
    إلى أبينا في السماء أعلاه
    كل ذلك يجد طريقنا لك
    وهو الطريق إلى الحب

    نحن نصرخ لك طوال اليوم
    حتى خلال الليل المحفوف بالمخاطر
    قلوب غارقة في الظلام
    نأمل أن نبحث عن ضوء

    الوقوف في الإيمان على الوعود
    هذه الحقائق يجب علينا أن نتمسك بها بسرعة
    نحن أبداً وحيدين أو مهجورين
    في أقرب وقت هذا أيضا يجب أن تمر

    نحن نسعى على الرغم من أننا عمياء
    فقدت في مكان ليس منطقتنا
    نحن نتوق إلى الحب ولكن تفتقر إلى طريقة
    لثني ركبتينا في عرشك

    لو كان لدينا فقط ضوء
    سنرى بقع دمك باقية
    كنا نتبع الطريق إلى الصليب
    من خلال الكراهية والألم ، حتى الموت على الرغم من العار

    لو كنا نسمع فقط
    واسمع كلمة الرب
    الذي هو على قيد الحياة ونشطة
    أكثر وضوحا من أي سيف ذو حدين

    لو استطعنا أن نؤمن بقلوبنا
    ثم نفهم
    أنه عندما نكون ضعفاء نكون أقوياء
    لأنك من يمسك بأيدينا

    وكان شيبارد قد ضرب
    وكان القطيع قد تناثر
    ولكن الآن يتم استدعاؤها
    شفاء أعمى، كدمات، وضرب

    نحن الأغنام نعرف صوتك
    فيك نحن ننتمي
    في أنت يسكن لا ظلام
    الخاص بك ضوء maketh غير معروف

    الآن الالتزام في أنت
    ليس بالقوة أو ربما
    ولا السلطة ولكن من الروح
    بالإيمان ليس بالبصر

    دعونا نسير في الضوء والحرية
    كما تحرر الأطفال من اليوم
    كل ما ضاع الآن تم العثور عليه
    حبك أظهر الطريق
    ... الطريق إلى الحب.... امين

    The Way to Love

    I bow my head in prayer
    To our Father in Heaven above
    That all find our Way to you
    Which is the Way to Love

    We cry out to You all day
    Even through the perilous night
    Hearts overwhelmed by darkness
    We hopefully search for a light

    Standing in faith on promises
    These truths we must hold fast
    We are never alone or abandoned
    As soon this too shall pass

    We seek although we're blind
    Lost in a place not our own
    We long to Love but lack a Way
    To bend our knees at Your Throne

    If we only had a light
    We would see Your bloodstains remain
    We would follow the Way to the Cross
    Through hate,pain, to death despite shame

    If we could only hear
    And hear the Word of the Lord
    Which is alive and active
    Sharper than any double-edged sword

    If we could believe in our hearts
    We would then understand
    That when we are weak we are strong
    For it is You who holds our hands

    The Shephard had been struck
    And the flock had been scattered
    But now being called in
    Healing blind, bruised, and battered

    We sheep know Your voice
    For In You we belong
    In You dwells no darkness
    Your Light maketh unknown known

    Now abiding in You
    Not by strength or might
    Nor power but by Spirit
    By faith not by sight

    Let us walk in light and liberty
    As emancipated children of day
    All that was lost is now found
    Your Love has shown the Way
    ...the Way to Love....Amen


  • wycliffascending 53w

    Echoes of immortality

    You can take the stage now son, you can drop the eyes of guilt and lift your head high for there is now no condemnation,

    You can throw your arms wide around, see! the chains are gone, you've been set free son, you can now blow where you will and relish the liberty,

    You can command the mountains to move, the seas to calm, all nature and creation is at your service, and, O son, how they groan for your manifestation!

    The enemy force cannot stand what's inside you, you can trample snakes and scorpions, nothing by any means can harm you, you are indestructible son,

    You are above the devil and all his ways of death and destruction for your seat my son is in the heavenly places, far above all powers and principalities,

    You are incorruptible son, sin can not permeate your being in any way, your genetic code is immune to any form of spiritual mutations for it abides immutable forever,

    You can now come boldly to the throne of grace son, the recompense for all your sins has been fully paid by your saviour JESUS CHRIST,

    You are now righteous before my eyes through your faith in Jesus Christ, I now call you my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.
    My Love for you is eternal and my faithfulness to you abides for all ages,

    Now son that you are more than a conquerer, stand in that glorious victory that your Lord Jesus Christ has won for you and reign as my king and priest.
    Fill the whole world to the brim with my glory. I Love you son!

  • yoyowrites_ 58w


    Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for your love that overflows
    Among the sands of thousand sorrows
    Thank you for letting it travel through my veins
    Because it consoles my darkened soul
    Though the world may deem me unworthy
    You still consider me your favourite child
    Father, I'm sorry for hurting you
    For taking a route I shouldn't have taken
    "To err is human", they said
    But I fall way back than what it says
    Though undeserving I may be
    You open your arms to welcome me
    You heal the wounds I failed to nurse
    And released me from the chain of unseen curse
    Lead me on again, Father
    And break this wall I couldn't cross
    Like you did at Jericho
    So that your anointing be felt
    By everyone I encounter
    As my journey begins
    Guided by your love
    In renewed spirit.


  • taekook_maknae 61w

    I Love u alot my grandma..y did u go before i could express it...
    Missing u alot��

    @writersnetwork thnxx alot for the like nd read����

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    To show my unconditional love(Agape)
    to my grandma
    I have to fulfill her dream
    but before i could fulfill it....
    she lefts me!!!...
    //my love is like unsaid(tacenda)//


  • tracey8737 68w

    Unconditional Love

    When I think of love and it's meaning, my thoughts immediately go to you my friend. I never knew that I would be blessed to experience it in my lifetime until you came into my life.
    ❤ Storge, Philia, Ludus,
    Pragma, ❤ Eros, ❤ Philautia, and ❤ Agape.
    You have shown me the meaning of love...the True meaning. That love that is, Unconditional Love.
    Now can I tell you how I feel...
    ❤ I Love You More ❤ Than ❤ You ❤ Know...
    Always and Forever!

  • sarahrachelea 77w

    One day
    I believe
    We will give and receive
    Our agape, philia, storge and eros
    For each other
    In a three-dimension space
    At the divine time
    In the name of God

    - Yo Creo

  • artofficial 78w

    I hope you don't forget

    I hope you don't forget that I Love you,
    I'm not talking 20 years down the line,
    Or a year from now or even a week,
    I'm talking right now,
    In the middle of the fray,
    The smell of expended bombshells and all,
    That amidst the charred and busted hearts,
    That are glowing still with embers from fires not yet smoldered,
    That the light shinning through fog and mire,
    Is casted by the one truth,
    That I do love you,
    I hope you don't forget,
    That though these hours have drawn us to this confusing place,
    The last few years scream louder than you or I could out of anger,
    Remember the hours we spent in appointments waiting to see our children for the very first time,
    Remember the hours spent building the love that made them,
    Remember the nights in each other's arms,
    The tears wiped away,
    Both tears of pain and tears of joy,
    Remember long embraces where we didn't want to let go,
    Either hanging on to a moment of bliss,
    Or escaping a moment we didn't think we could survive,
    Remember we've been here before,
    So many times,
    I hope you can do that,
    I hope you don't forget,
    That I love you.

  • balaji_venkat 78w

    #புத்தன் #புத்தர் #போதி #அன்பு #agape #love #buddha #silence #bodhi #mirakeetoday #mirakee

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    அன்பை போதிப்பவன் போதிமரத்தடியில்
    ௧ேட்பவர்௧ள் ௧ேட்௧
    போதி௧்௧ிரான் அவன் - மௌனமாய்

  • ic97531 106w

    You Before Me

    We are but a broken people, more in than out
    With broken understanding and broken perspectives
    We miscalculate actions, misjudge each other,
    misinterpret our being, and misunderstand our purpose
    Yet with frailty we hold onto a ray of hope and sunshine
    To fix the brokeness , even if we are too as well
    To understand even when misunderstood
    To help even no one came to your rescue
    To smile even when it's the hardest
    To love even when hated and despised
    To be fair even when we've been judged
    For to give is to gain...
    For to protect is to submit...


  • lopolimelo 49w

    Tell me

    Tell me to be strong
    As i told you to be
    Tell me to be brave
    The way i told you to be once
    Tell me to not shed a tear
    For the silly reasons
    That are not worthy
    Of my tears
    Tell me that my smile
    Is precious
    Tell me to have patience
    For the things that breaks me up
    Tell me to cheer up
    When i'm in my worst time
    Tell me about the good days
    Spent under the blue
    Tell me that good things
    Take time
    Tell me that you are there for me
    When i need a shoulder