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  • saumoshri 3h

    As she lay on the ground staring at the stars, she saw his face in her mind's eyes, "Oh God, he's so perfect", that's what she first thought when she met him that night, and now in her deathbed, she thinks, "my death might bring you happiness, but all I feel is sorrow, but that's not because I'm in pain, it's just because I'll never see you again."

  • bluecrane 1w

    Not the same

    I return to places,
    I once started building myself
    Hoping to regather the pieces
    I've lost throughout these years.

    I pick them one by one, little by little
    But as I see, all things are different
    For back then, there was you
    Now, there's no one else but me.


  • thebhavnasaxena 3w


    I run to you over and over again,
    Crashing on the doorstep of your
    Love, like a forlorn sea gushing in
    Waves over the sands of paradise,
    Only to withdraw at the slightest brush.

    Resent me not, for you know not,
    I was born with both a great desire
    For and a great fear of this elusive
    Bliss, this exquisite torture that they
    Call love; I am torn, between desire
    Brushing its warm fingers across my
    Lips and fear running its cold fingers
    Down my spine, I am lost, between
    My heart that yearns for just one
    Taste of love and my mind that
    Spins chains for me from the debris
    Of hearts broken all around me.

    As I stand here, on the doorstep of
    Your love, this moment frozen between
    Us, I am half hope, half agony, I wish,
    I could stretch it to infinity, to let
    My gaze drink up the curve of your
    Smile, memorize the way the galaxies
    In your eyes swirl to beckon me, I long
    To press my hands to the soft walls of your
    Heart, but I dare not, so when you see
    Me turn away again, let my tears fall
    At the doorstep of your love, but
    Touch me not, beloved, lest I come undone.

  • blue_nib 5w


    Given a chance !!!
    to choose , i would choose you again...
    Given a chance....
    to prove, i would prove to you again...
    Give a chance...
    to love, i would love you again...
    Given a chance...
    to haunt trove, i will trove for you again...
    Give a chance , to be someone...
    I would choose to be yours again ¡¡¡


  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    * 24.10.2021; 8.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #Haynaku #wod @miraquill
    Haynaku (1, 2, 3 words Syllable: Not restricted)


    #Dear #Dont
    #heart #pain
    #my #you

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    Dear; Don't ~

    crush. My...
    heart feel pain.

    you crush...
    my heart, again!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • afza147 6w


    When will I ever to dream of my own life again?

  • kanikachugh 6w

    A thought,
    A random,
    quarter past midnight thought.
    What if we met earlier?
    what if we met when we were kids?
    a clean slate and a clear conscience bearers.
    Not burning in Spotify hot-spots
    but saving a seat in a school van.
    Not caught up in turmoils of 9-5
    but weaving fairy tales over sandwich lunches.
    Not a seductive calling of clasping hands in malls
    but a sweaty parade and you fetching water for me.
    Not decorating the space with a prideful succulent
    but planting a plum sapling with demure hands and azure eyes.

    It slits open my heart
    over a shadowed past
    without its existence.
    From teacups
    to popcorn dates,
    From Feburary winters
    to Christmas knocks,
    years got reduced
    to illusionary hours
    and woes to willful laughter.
    My breakfast table,
    those terrace railings,
    that chair by the windowpane,
    even my swaying
    curtains got used to
    to your touch.
    Now they get anxious
    in graveyard silence
    like a pet waiting
    for its Master
    after the day ends,
    only the day here
    has infinite, cruel hours.

    A thought knackers me.
    Would we have been any different
    if we met as children?
    Mettlesome bull-headed(s)
    who didn't learn
    there is a phrase
    called 'let-go'
    May be then we
    would have tried
    one more time
    and could
    catch our hearts
    mid-air before
    falling and getting broken.

    A thought I have
    with a spring heart
    around blue winters.


  • worthlessliar 8w

    Religious Racism

    A nation whose children are raced by religion,
    Battling for materials we own.
    War is inevitable yet we pray,
    Revolution is here,
    INDIA will rise from it's ashes and extinguish the pyre,
    Rise beyond the world of you and I, for we'll be in the land of where oceans fall into the sky.

  • mrsinghnota_ 8w

    Be Wise






  • pranalishah 9w

    - Lessons & Learnings -

    The hurt sometimes burns in the veins, again…
    The soul sometimes bleeds in the bones, again…
    The tears sometimes tattoo in the skin, again…

    It’s probably the lessons unlearnt somehow,
    It’s probably the learnings abandoned in sight…
    And so it happens again and again, sometimes…


  • pranalishah 10w

    - Déjà Vu -

    I’m not certain why I feel this way…
    Is it déjà vu running down my veins?

    At the sight of you I feel
    my hopes wobble, unconsciously,
    And your absence brings me pure turmoils…

    I see the guarding walls that
    I’d built suddenly falling
    Brick by brick, Edge by edge…
    Was I suppose to let this happen?
    Or was it another mistake that
    I was slipping myself into?

    How will I save myself this time?
    Or am I saving myself by falling for
    someone like you this time?


  • inking_vivo 11w


    I breathe, wait and hope
    I stand alone and breathe
    I wait for the next scene of drama
    I hope to stand apart
    Being patient
    Time keeps off all the curtains
    One by one
    Everyone, everything left behind
    Again, I breathe, wait and hope
    Until the last breath
    I hope for
    A grand welcome by Angels
    I leave all
    Still again I hope for
    A golden age

  • shivangij 11w

    Don't expect

    I breathe, wait and hope
    With all those expectations

    I had from close one
    I had with my efforts

    I don't know but the hope,
    Again smashes me with zero results,

    I keep on trying the same,
    But I see, it never happens

    Resulting in good even one,
    I realised that just do and forget what happens

    Just don't create expectations,
    Cause these kill you if not happened even once.

  • nemesis_here 11w


    〰️〰️〰️ Stuck Again 〰️〰️〰️

    I'm painting my nights with happy lies,
    This ceiling I see will be my canvas today,
    I'm lying on my bed, in my head, painting life,
    While my body sinks deeper again.

    This is just another night,
    Slowly the noises all fade away,
    The lights from outer world all went off, alright,
    But I guess I won't be sleeping again.

    My room is full of wickedness, dark,
    But light from the street lamps bring hope to see,
    The shadows of my body on the ceiling stark,
    And the light that I throw on it from within.

    I painted a cloudy sky, where I once flew,
    It was so bright and vivid momentarily,
    Then it became too dark, it blew,
    Is someone telling me something wrathfully.

    I painted it green then,
    All trees and flowers, with kids playing nearby,
    But then again this happened,
    And the leaves all withered away.

    With courage, I painted it blue like the sea,
    A hue that I truly adore,
    But it turned to show me the aphotic depths subsea,
    Where I drowned once, struggling for the shore.

    Now I wish to paint it red,
    Would my core be enough for it,
    But everything will become rusty and stinky,
    This life can't be worthless, I admit.

    Forget the colors, I'm bringing fireflies on this roof,
    They glow and giggle, they make me smile,
    And meanwhile the teras in my womb,
    Sucks the black around me, all vile.

    All sorts of miseries and sorrows around,
    They all are crippling me, and I'm chained,
    Am I a gallant warrior, I ask this otterhound,
    Brave enough to allow myself to escape again.

    ~Anushka Verma


    teras ~ (medicine) a grossly malformed, usually nonviable foetus.
    ~ monster

    #start #wod #metaphor #stuck #again @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Stuck Again

    I'm painting my nights with happy lies,
    This ceiling I see will be my canvas today,
    I'm lying on my bed, in my head, painting life,
    While my body sinks deeper again.


  • goardhan_ 13w


    Wanna Live


    Forget the past

  • hiral_here_14 14w


    These stars keep asking me,
    If I am happy again?
    I smiled, waived my hand, to your corner,
    Telling myself,
    Yeah maybe I am happy again,
    Longing for you to stay forever, near,
    Close to my beat of heart,
    His laugh is special,
    Warming my heart,
    Making no spaces between,
    Please stay forever breath to my body,
    As I go onto life,
    Our memories will be cherished,
    Through out the life I live!

  • mrrajain 14w

    I don't know but it felt like writing
    There is something which needs to come out
    It's not that I am good with words
    But this lust to vent it out
    To left my mark somewhere, anywhere.
    It's not weed speaking but a new toxin this time

    These writing spells are like random mutations
    A windy night amidst warm summer
    A disease from a foreign land

    But the Inbox is full now
    Some msgs need to be discarded
    Others will be archived here
    Spam as always will be ignored and burned

    No wonder, msgs from Sex is quite repetitive here
    That's the second most liked and hated word
    All feelings in attachment here are of self help
    Many are tagged as satisfaction
    Rest were out of desperation
    These mails will keep coming for some more time
    Better categorise them with Zomato-hunger

    To be honest I don't want to write
    If write then definitely not publish
    There is already lot of wisdom, pain, happiness and help out there
    Don't want to create more trash

    Maybe! Maybe! Not everything is trash
    But most of it is, for me atleast
    And it's hard to filter
    Can't do much with just 24 hours
    2 hands and one brain

    Who am I kidding
    Aren't you another me
    Hoping and finding answers
    Chemicals if not answers
    Puzzled, confused in this wanderland
    Wasting time and energy

    Ok! Time for agree to disagree
    My spams are your bread and butter
    Your archives are my gems.

    #and #here #i #am #publishing #again

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    I should write now


  • not__so_poetic 15w

    Tell me once

    It's weird that I always come back to you
    Whenever I feel like there's no one to talk to
    Then again I push you away
    So that you don't hurt me with your love
    I know you will still not judge me again
    You being this good person makes me the bad one
    And for once I want you to stop me
    Coming back to you, looking up to you
    And leaving you without a clue
    For once tell me that you are hurt too
    And tell me to leave you,
    so that I don't bounce back again!

  • seraiah_smiles 16w


    It was never meant to be that way.

    But rather...

    Live & Love Again

  • mysoulspeaks 16w


    The first time -
    You trust a person blindly,
    Believe every word he says,
    Cherish every little moment.
    You never know you are being manipulate;
    That your feelings are being taken for a ride.

    Ironically, the next time -
    With someone else,
    You just cannot trust them.
    You feel that everything they tell you,
    Though it might be genuine,
    Are only words -
    That you wish to hear,
    Not an iota of it even matters.
    You can never show the courage to...

    For you know the pain,
    For you know life after betrayal,
    For you know that you will lose yourself,
    In trying to justify his actions towards you.
    Let go.
    Take courage dear heart.
    You matter on your own,
    Not in relation to a man.
    Women are not made whole by men.
    Women are made whole the moment they enter this world.