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    "Once again our heart kiss each other in every inch of snowfall in winter of eras. We may not touch, see one another but our love will be alive in every breath you take and I took."
    -A Dead Poetess

    A note from a dead poetess's journal found by her lover, after her death. She left this during her pre-dying struggle. The Heartbreaking thing is that he knew that she would be dying soon one day. When we know the date of our death, our living days would turn out as devils' happiness and the time would bestow no mercy upon us in slowing down the speed. They loved each other as much as the darkness unfurled all over the universe. Death built an unbreakable wall between them, which he couldn't break down. Three months prior to her death, he came to know that she is the last and untreatable stage of brain cancer.

    One day, she was running, laughed like a kid, along the shore imprinting her footsteps on the escaping sand, he was chasing her like the waves. That evening was romantic under the moonlight, counting the stars gleaming in their eyes. She was lying on his chest, tried to sing with his heartbeat. The next morning he found her numb beside him, she was cold, unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors checked her thoroughly and she underwent a biopsy. The result was the revelation of the doomsday to their world. He wanted to give all happiness before she dies. The doctors, also informed him that she was pregnant. Good and bad news arrived together. He has been hiding that she is going to die because of cancer, she used to question him about the medication those he fed her, was relative to suppress the swarming cancer cells and to postpone her death. He faked the medication reports to her hence she should not die before she actually dies. However she learned the reason for her death and she pretended that she is unaware, only for him. She knows that she was not dying, actually, he was dying since he heard heart-shattering news of her disease. She died on November 14th, (Thursday) 11:55 PM, 2015.

    She is no more now, he preserved her things, once he opened her journal and read the note that she wrote for him before her death. She was a poetess.

    He was killed in a road accident last January (January 3rd, 2018, (Thursday) 08:10 PM. He never feared death after her departure and mourned for her. If he did, it means that their love is mortal. I used to hear from him that he is longing to meet her in heaven.

    He was a bookworm, he lived in books after her death, he was also a writer who wrote under an unknown pen name.

    And months passed out, I wanted to adopt his books and decorate my library with his memories.
    I met her and him in their diaries, they were killing themselves to make the hell happy.
    He has written " O love our child, we were longing to have a child since we've got married. You prayed for that most of the time I saw you crying to God wishing on a child, for which the society thinks that is the symbol of our love. They killed you with the stabbing words like "infertile beast" and when the god answered our prayers, it was too late and you both went far away from me leaving me alone in this world. Our child died before even coming to this world. I replied to the society that you are not unfortunate rather they are, for not having the nerve in the tongue. I miss us and I love you!"

    I couldn't help myself to prison my tears, they flew thoroughly till I write this.
    They're my uncle and aunt.
    The only souls who never raised their hands on me for my mischievous. I miss them.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena

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    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafSoudha