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  • an_imperfect_mystery 1w


    I've accepted the way I'm or
    the way I've become
    over the period of time..

    I'm so much relaxed now..
    Like a caged soul has been released
    after ages of hardships..


  • tenderkisses 1w

    He crept into her mind once more..
    She did not want to think about him but she embraced it..
    She understood why he felt played..
    Why he became hostile..
    Why he blamed her..
    Why he reacted as he did..
    Why he rejected her every word..
    She accepted it..


  • nadwrites 2w

    i know that you find it peculiarly funny
    how suddenly it feels like there’s too many
    closed doors and it seems like
    everyone is pulling away from you,
    even the people that you considered
    are very close to you and fond of you;
    when you are wretched miserably
    and everything is merely gloomy.
    it’s okay though, do you know why?
    for all i know, that way, you’ll see
    who has been real to you
    and genuinely care for you;
    your people — those you can count on.


  • johnettan 2w

    about the
    of the
    REAL life makes the
    RELATION stronger .

  • wmbanje 2w

    "i LOST me
    FOUND me
    -wes mbanje

  • sumita_panigrahi 4w

    Nothing comes easy in life. If you are going through good, your life is amazing. But, if you are going through worst, then smile away your scars.

    You are your only savior. Just like your shadow, shadow is the one who never leaves your side no matter how your day is, it remains with you 24*7. Then you can have your own back... Just keep breathing and keep believing ��������

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    5 gentle reminders for today!!!

    1)Smile, even if you are going through the worst.
    2) Forgive people, never keep grudge upon anyone.
    3) Accept the truth, it may feel bitter but you have to.
    4)Live your life to the fullest. Never regret anything in life.
    5)Help someone, try to spread smiles.

  • hopecey 4w

    Love who you are❤️ there would have been no better version of you no one could have dealt with your fears much better than what you are doing...

  • monette 4w

    Let me tell you who I am [part 2]

    I am the descendant of Mabel Constance, a lady, the the epitome of Grace
    I am uniquely and specially made to let my essence shine, like no other
    I am, unashamedly, equally the calm and the storm
    I am love, I give love freely, I always will
    I am passionate and I live to make all that surrounds me shine with brilliance
    I am a safe haven, the place any child can call home
    I am independently beautiful and even in solitude, never alone
    I am a fusion of ambition and art and all things fiery and romantic
    I am the music, the poetry and the light that oozes through my every part
    I am a child of God, the daughter of a King
    I am blessed, favoured and moulded with purpose
    I am, authentically, unapologetically, ME!

  • bibliophile3 5w


    Thin, tall, fat, short..
    red, green, purple, blue..
    colors are different,
    Each person is different,
    Each personality is different,
    Each mind is different,
    however we are let’s not let each other down..
    spread love..
    accept your appearance!

  • poemism 5w

    Little her

    She is different, not your usual.
    Others go all out, she keeps it casual.
    Others like the sun, she prefers the rain.
    Most like speeding cars, she likes the train.
    She doesn't like to drink or smoke, and even if she tried she'd choke.
    Most see color, hear music, and admire paintings, but she hears paintings, feels colors and sees music when it plays.
    She's like a odd magical creature amongst humans that don't understand her point of view
    She's different and she knows, like the ocean she flows, through pain and anger she grows.
    And every night she hopes, that the next day she wakes in a world where she doesn't have to hide away.
    All in hopes of fitting in, mending with the rest of the kids.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 6w


    Everyone stared at him as he looked strange and rare,
    As they all had their bags and bottles but that bizzare chair,
    They all alienated him assuming him as a lazy bone,
    Who loved to bother others, didn't wish to move on his own.

    Whenever they encountered him, tormented him to the core,
    Ruthlessly jolted his chair until he fell on the floor,
    Seeing him struggle, rise and fall over and over again,
    They clapped and giggled, surrounded him forming a chain.

    He used to bleed through his eyes but his lips ceased,
    They hammered into his brain that he was permanently diseased,
    Worried mother couldn't see him sinking bit by bit, signs of submission,
    He pleaded his father to withdraw his school admission.

    Months passed by, school authorities intervened to get the problem solved,
    Bullies were warned, their ill - behaviour got immediately dissolved,
    Everything seemed to be calm at the surface but it was actually not so,
    The inability to befriend someone was still stabbing the tender soul like a foe.

    Sitting alone with the tiffin, his tears damped his favourite cookies drop by drop,
    Sobbing continuously, he asked his legs, "Why don't you let me jump and hop?"
    "Why this chair keeps me glued? My back hurts to sit erect all day,"
    "Even my 1 year old brother has started walking but me, for how many more years like this will I stay? "

    These questions echoed within the walls of his crippled heart,
    But they hit the core of heavens hard like a perfectly thrown dart,
    Soon there was a new admission in the middle of the academic year,
    The girl was actually an angel sent as an answer to his indirect prayer.

    She neared him & asked, "If you don't mind, can you be my friend?"
    In a soft voice he replied, "I am a handicapped, I can't play with you, can't even stand, "
    "Oh, But that's not a problem, we can still be friends and have fun togather",she said,
    He extended his hands hesitantly as none ever wished for what the girl had.

    Spending time with him in the school and park, she managed to pull out his best,
    Made him realise, there was absolutely nothing he couldn't do, he too was like the rest,
    He was not 'Disabled' rather 'Differently abled', had the power to break the monotony,
    It took gallons of criticisms to cause a bud dwindle and a single drop of acceptance to rejuvenate, irony!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #writerscommunity #acceptance #

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

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  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 6w

    And Then

    And then she did,
    Find her way through.
    And then she did,
    Grow in into the shoes made to fit her.
    And then she did,
    Look the other way from negativity.
    And then she did,
    See from all new perspectives.
    And then she did,
    Learned from her pain.
    And then she did,
    Lose her mind at times.
    And then she did,
    Know better than to trust anyone.
    And then she did,
    Know better, than to look back.
    And she did,
    She finally understood.
    And then she did,
    Grow into her shoes.
    And then she did,
    Find the solitude she craved.
    And then she did,
    Recognize her reflection.
    And then she did,
    Accept herself, as she was.
    And then she did,
    See herself, in a different way.
    And then she did,
    Know how it felt to just be.

  • jagruti_patil30 6w

    Acceptance is ruthless but acceptance is love
    Accepting flaws to fulfill your love is what makes it pure....
    And Yes I accepted you as you are.

  • ana_vah 6w

    Ten years ago

    I never knew myself, ten years ago.
    Wrapped up in my own
    I was my own person, gliding,
    On wings yet to be torn off,
    In a rage haze fuelled by,
    A rejection of self.

    I am over it now though.
    I have left the self loathing,
    In blood stained pages of the past.
    Now I don't call them stains.
    I use the haemoglobin tinted liquid
    To write love letters to my soul,
    When my wounds overflow,
    With the bitterness of memories.


  • haarika 7w

    Accept Your Fears.
    Accept Your Pains.
    Instead of trying to be away from it.
    As you breathe in your weakness life will make you breathe out your pains


  • khammy_the_phoenix 7w


    My heart was bludgeoned by life,
    One of the harshest realities.
    I bask.....
    In the insatiable aura of you.
    So potent yet succulent to the palate.
    Withdrawals when vibrations are low,
    Infernos enamoured in chords of rapturous highs.
    Climaxes ravished our beings,
    When we collide.
    I am enchanted,
    By the essence of you.
    My muse.

  • alexi_silver 7w

    I don't know how to be beautiful,
    They tell me to embrace myself,
    To love everything I am,
    And I've tried,
    Squatted down with all the tools and seeds and fertilizers and water cans,
    Toiled with all my soul,
    Hoping to nourish an enchanting garden,
    Tilled and watered and waited,
    Desperate for any sign,
    That I could still salvage myself,
    But nothing grew,
    And weeds stubbornly festered and gnawed at my sunflowers and roses,
    I kept trying to grow flowers,
    But all I had was a land filled with weeds,

    So I gave up,
    Beauty was never meant to be mine,
    Flowers in their glorious beauty,
    Rotted in my garden,

    I flung away my tools and seeds,
    Stormed off in tears,
    Failure my constant shadow,
    In a world where success is the sun,

    But eventually I came back,
    Weary and resigned,
    To pull away the weeds and leave the soil bare,
    Yet my hands hesitated,
    Reluctant to pull away life, even if it is universally despised,
    In, perhaps a bout of madness,
    I watered the weeds and let them grow,
    They suffocated my pitiful flowers and spread out hungrily,
    But maybe I grew to love them a little,
    They were, after all, like me,
    A liability with no right to exist,

    One fine day,
    An old woman came wobbling into my house,
    And to my surprise,
    Asked for my over grown weeds,
    To my consent, she plucked the leaves of one and thanked me gratefully,
    Painkillers, they were, she said,
    Maybe in response to my stupor,
    She smiled, eyes crinkling at the edges,
    And pointed out all my weeds and their uses,
    From tinctures to dye to hearty food to medicine,
    My dandelions and yarrow and nettle and burdock and sorrels and many more,
    Weren't so futile as everyone claimed,

    The garden I thought ugly and wild,
    Turned out to be more than I thought,
    And maybe,
    Standing in this tangled garden of mine,
    I can learn to love myself a little more,

    Beauty might never be mine,
    But that is quite alright,
    I can content with being a useful weed,
    Blooming under the sunny sky,
    Nourishing the world which hates it,

    I can love myself too.


  • johnettan 7w

    കുറവായ നിറവിനെ കുറവായ് ഗണിക്കാത്ത
    നിറവുള്ള കുറവിനെ നിറവായ് ഗുണിക്കുന്ന
    കുറവായ നിറവതും നിറവായ് നിറയ്ക്കുന്ന
    നിറവായ കുറവുകൾ കുറവാക്കി മാറ്റുന്ന സ്നേഹം മനസ്സിൽ വസിച്ചിടേണം
    നിന്റെ ഹൃത്തിലായെന്നും ഭരിച്ചിടേണം മുദാ

  • ldarcy 7w

    Sometimes it just gets too difficult to accept reality, but when reality accepts the circumstances under which it's existence is based, what other option do we have, other than accept reality?


  • cassiopeia_sky 9w


    Being grateful does not mean that everything is necessarily good, it just means that you have accepted it as a gift..