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  • writeweird 2w

    I love Charlie Kaufman, my twitter name is dedicated to him, and so is this poem. i hope you enjoy it.

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    Charlie Kaufman

    somedays I'm more scared
    than the others

    more susceptible to the
    diseases of the mind

    that lay their bare hands
    on my chest and

    weave it down

    hammer on the uncertainty
    of the coming morning

    meld the steel that dangles
    from the ceiling

    waiting to pounce at any
    unsuspecting moment of
    failure and dread

    in the dead of the night
    when the sun awakens

    and ever so suddenly
    the moon bursts into flames

    all the stars falling in a
    fiery ball of madness

    circling the streets sniffing
    at the despair that haunts the
    dreams of crying children

    lost to the dark alleys and
    smoke, and powder

    perching on the threads of
    looming crisis of faith and
    all things miserable

    the melancholy of which is
    lost on the swaying trees and
    the singing birds

    the lonely man living up
    in the mountains has no inkling
    of the cascading apocalypse

    that is all over the news in
    small fine words while an angry
    man screams at people for
    not paying attention to what he's

    over and over again until
    it's time to show the magic
    of make belief

    only if magic was a real thing
    so many things would have been

    the world would be a different
    place albeit a similar one

    the kind that lives in your
    head and prospers in your mind

    the kind Charlie Kaufman
    knows about.


  • writeweird 2w

    Skin deep (Morning Prayer)

    underneath the skin
    fish swim in circles

    & all the words I've kept
    have turned to Ash and
    I've been keeping to myself

    behind these four walls
    there's no ceiling to climb
    & my head won't stop bleeding

    there are no feelings
    in my piggy-bank

    I've used all the change
    and I'm still the same

    every morning I wake up
    thinking about you

    & the life we could've
    had, the life I could've had

    but I couldn't do it to you
    couldn't do it for you

    maybe I deserve nothing
    & that's why I keep myself
    from jumping over the fence

    & running away forever
    into the sunset


  • ciara1 3w

    The Flower I like

    You are a seedling sunshine,
    The first time that I saw you, I took root from that place of heaven.
    I chose you because you are perfect in size and in delicancy.

    He's always busy as you are.
    I can't take my eyes off of you, just like I can't even take my eyes off a woman when she passes by me. I love women as much as I love you my beautiful flower.

    A woman of bisexual tendencies to have.
    I made plans. You will be mine.

    The day when my boyfriend accepted me as a bisexual
    woman of many sexual desire.
    That's when I knew that he was the one, and still is the one.
    He is okay with bringing a woman inside the relationship.
    "Come with me", I said.
    Think no more of that miser,
    I promise to treat you right. Let's have a threesome," I said.

    You were reluctant,
    No need to be hesitant.
    You deserve much more,
    Used my hand as a shovel.
    From now on I'll nurture you. I will fuck you good.

    Take a good long rest.
    I'll give whatever you want.
    Soon you'll be in bloom my delicate flower.
    I won't let you be thirsty,
    I'll give you warmth and shelter.

    Shower you with comfort.
    Love is subjective.
    I believe in unconditional love.
    I'll never let you wither.
    You are my flower if life.
    With your eyes see your true self.
    How beautiful you have become my precious dove.
    © All Rights Reserved

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    The Flower I like

  • kushagra_2345 11w

    Having somany feelings for one person can kill you daily #pod #writers #rain #mirakee #2021 #sadtales #sad #abstract #storyofmylife #broken

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    जिनके दिलों में आंग है वोह घर से ना निकले,

    सुना है बोहोत ज़ोर की बारिश होने वाली है .


  • _teal_ 13w


    I hated another woman,
    I broke my moral code
    But isn't hate a result
    Of betrayal and hurt?
    So hate or no hate?


  • lucy08 13w

    **This piece is close to my heart.
    It's dedicated to my Granny, whom I lost during my college days. Her gold ring she gifted me on my board-results day, my most prized possession it will always stay!!**

    Grandma's Ring

    I watch as it reflects
    gleams of golden pride,
    from across your wrinkled eyes
    as you stare from paradise
    & notice me doing more than just fine.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite #abstract #pride #gold_ring #ceesreposts #gogyohka #wod

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    Grandma's Ring

    I watch as it reflects
    gleams of golden pride,
    from across your wrinkled eyes
    as you stare from paradise
    & notice me doing more than just fine.

  • nemesis_here 13w


    I'm standing in this
    Stygian maze again, forlorn,
    tenebrious at its peak
    Cerebrating of ways to breakout,
    Taciturnly, without anyone noticing.


  • nemesis_here 13w


    I've seen this before
    Saw this coming ab ovo
    Though enigmatic
    It heightens my intuitive power
    This eerie feeling of déjà-vu.


  • nemesis_here 13w

    A Juncture

    What is it like to
    be in a place
    where your Alchemy has concluded
    Your Chemistry will soon commence?


  • lee_min_saho_ 14w

    Your soul is the color of your thoughts.

    Black and white creates emotions that colors never can.

    #abstract #loveyourself

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    We come in many different shapes and sizes, and we need to support each other and our differences. Our beauty is in our differences.


  • grey_skies 15w

    If you can find out the context then, you have great understanding of human mind.

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    As I look up I see the perfect beauty of Nature, unchanged since antiquity.

    Then I look at the reflection—the fast-paced changes; they couldn't touch my soul as the tender hands of Her did.

  • anonymously_onymous 16w

    মেঘে ঢাকা তারা

    করে কাতর রাতের চাদর,
    আশা নিয়ে ভোরের আদর।
    ভোরের আলোর মিষ্টি হাসি,
    না বললেও চায় সে রোজ।

    পথ হারানো পাখি ও গো!
    সে কি পাবে নবনীড়?
    আপন করে বাতাস বিদেশি,
    পাতার গায়ে ঠান্ডা শিশির।

    আজ এক ইপসার হয়...
    হলো সে হৃদয়হারা।
    লুকিয়ে রাখা নজরবন্দি ভাষা,
    যেনো নবীন রূপে পায়ে ছাড়া।


  • kruelt 17w

    Words... Meh!!

    A hunted search, for the love you crave
    Like the lost bird out of the cage
    No way she flies,
    The sky's too big,
    Where to find the food,
    The cage's a merry kill
    Looking over the shoulder to see the next,
    The next one out among the trees
    The roses, the mangos, the bananas, the streams
    Of grass by the foot, by the morning dew,
    You feel the cold,
    Dripping down the leaves
    Like heaven and hell is all too close
    The bifurcation is in the beliefs
    Some thought
    We one,
    Some divided all in three
    Some had more than that
    Like a language to gauge your beliefs
    The stories you know
    About the world
    The creation
    Or even your creed
    The brotherhood?
    Or called a coven of fairies
    The godly struggles
    Or the depth of human agony,
    The paralysis by choice,
    Or the hate for one's fate,
    The destined doom,
    Or a beloved mate,
    You could go one with how you teach,
    How you spread the word of your belief
    If you can't relate to how someone feels
    Keep your mouth shut,
    Cause you don't know what you feel,
    It's only about you,
    To you,
    You alone
    To others,
    You might just be
    A humble, honest and wretched thing they call a...
    Meh, let your imagination run wild,
    The time is never right
    The rain's been falling
    Soon it will be the winter rhymes

  • supasesh 19w

    No structure? pt 3

    Lungs filled with love
    I just gotta figure out how to get it out
    Love spilled not my intention
    But anything to get some attention
    Everybody look at me...fuck up
    Nobody ever looked like me, pressed up
    Never know when it could be your last day, dress up

    Flying to space to find my place pack u up in my bag just in case, if we leave home well leave notes with directions to hope, address not found, do whatever it takes to cope
    Back light dims and were left with a moment,
    Closed curtains but the acting still ensues

  • 3_am__ 22w


    The definition of insanity is:
    Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
    They say history repeats itself,
    Or rhymes.
    Nevertheless, an echo of the same behavior we have always practiced, as human beings.
    In societies, throughout millennia,
    We do the same history, over and over,
    Expecting different results.
    So, perhaps, we can presume that
    Humanity, collectively, is insane.
    I believe the default insanity is
    The veil in which we must conquer.
    It is a veil of collective thought,
    Often weaponized or utilized by 
    Higher ups.
    Or even the local con man.
    To break the veil,
    To see the world for what it really is,
    To erode away your nature versus nurture,
    To eliminate the cognitive dissonance
    Of reality that was instilled in you
    Since you were a child,
    Is the goal.
    Ought to be the goal.
    Though, once you breach through
    The surface from the drowning waters
    Of insanity, you achieve air -
    The new enlightenment of self
    And thought.
    Because you are no longer fogged
    By that which is not true: the veil.
    However, this comes with a price.
    You will, without warrant,
    Absorb higher truth and higher meaning.
    You will feel the weight and burden of truth.
    To know so much and not be able to do anything about it.
    Upon being caught up in this new realm,
    Making hearth and settling in,
    The rest of the crowd,
    The rest with the veil still blindfolding them beyond abuse,
    Will call you insane.
    And that alone, that dynamic,
    Solidifies the concept itself.
    You will begin to see the world
    Function as it has, as it does, and as it will.
    And it is maddening.
    But, being mad and being insane are two different things.
    One keeps you in a perpetuating cycle of pseudo thought - subpar, superficial consciousness.
    The other....
    Will make you question what is real and what isn't. But, you will find knowledge from so many creative, abstract, and misunderstood angles.
    The choice is yours.
    Comfort - or - consciousness?


  • eternalpoetmona 22w

    Through the murky lanes to the aura of Ambrosia
    Metaphors entombed, beguiling voices.
    In the midst of sinister, a silhouette I stand
    Carmines dead, a chandelier of reminiscence

    Such deep metanoia envelopes in here
    I a Flaneur, lost in the wabisabi
    Adoring my own imperfections
    Myriad of emotions, sublimes in the oblivion

    Scars brushed with meraki
    Neon is not what I seek
    I'm lost in semper, the zenith of yugen
    Such placid, such serene, I ought to ne'er escape

    Yet an 'au revoir'
    In hiraeth to pave back
    To the fragrance of abode
    The symphony of coercing voices
    Echoing in my ears

    I wish to come back soon
    Maybe yet someday
    Or maybe ne'er again
    For the clock stopped striking
    I'd pause and breathe.
    And I wish
    For 'forever'

  • blackdot 23w

    An abstract write up
    Trying something new ,
    Please give feedback if any would love to hear that
    #abstract #wod #falsec @writersnetwork

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    Castle of sins

    As I walk through
    these grand resplendent halls
    I just can’t shake the trepidation
    under my skin that crawls
    The splendour is covered
    by a haze of something so obscure
    I can’t help but tremble
    since I walked on these glossy floor
    Blind to all the sinners and
    all the horrifying lore
    And all the wretched souls
    that walk into these beguiling doors
    Waiting ,contemplating
    what my desolate future
    has in store....

  • smitanand 23w

    I Plucked the Moon...

    I plucked the moon
    like a tangerine,
    from ambiguity
    of brooding autumn nights,
    layered in mists, petrichor
    and humus sighs,
    it was like a crystal ball wreathed
    in shadows,
    wearing handprints of comets
    dying in anonymity,
    sepia as
    laughter of wizened yestereen.

    sparkled with stolen light
    from the sun,
    grumbled about lonely nights
    and chattering stars,
    was warm like freshly baked croissant
    within my pocket
    where it slept and snored,
    its breath scented in hursingars.

    laughed aloud at television sitcoms
    peeked out of car windows,
    intrigued yet jaded
    - like time,
    laughter sounding like chiming bells
    echoing from a temple,
    sang me a lullaby
    silver and soothing,
    only to escape while I slept...

  • prekshita_tanwar 23w

    Illusory Truths

    Perceptions, intricately incorporated,
    Visions, the vast themes enfold;
    The architecture of thought, elevated—
    Oh! The cerebral complexities which manifold.

    Illusory truths, joyfully imaginative,
    Beyond perceptual truth;
    Lost in vastness, speculative—
    A sensitive capability, for years filled with youth.

    A world of strategic architect,
    Eclectic Logician, Pragmatist;
    The Intuitive, flawless yet imperfect—
    Perceptually truthful, socially individualist.

    Thoughts, such beautiful they are,
    With strange magnetism, unknown;
    Oh! How impactful they are—
    With delightfully elegant tone.

  • prathameshmalaikar 23w

    I'm not ready to

    Leave my shore as yet
    But the ocean seems so blue
    Just like that in my dreams
    Inviting me to dive in
    Leaving behind the comfort of my shore
    The waves are often throwing a challenge
    To measure the depth of the ocean
    The world seems beautiful from the shore
    But what lies beneath is a mystery
    Waiting to be unfolded
    Only when I'm ready
    To leave my shore