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  • sympathy 7w

    My Mom


    MY MOM♥️

  • goddess_of_beauty 13w

    First month of the year,
    when you decided to go with Him and He get you.
    Months had pass,
    I still can't believe you're gone.
    The first year,
    It is was so damn heartbreaking!
    Im mess.
    And now I realized,
    time really flies so fast
    Cause it's been four years since you left.
    A four years without you, mom.
    And still Im in mess, mom.
    I wish you were here.

    #AMothersLove #ADaughtersLove #Love #Year2021 #011221

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    I wish you were here.

  • desireegirardeau 16w


    The dark is getting thicker,
    suffocating my soul
    destroying me with a quickness
    completely out of my control.
    All the light is gone inside me,
    there's no hope without them there,
    the load is getting heavier,
    this burdens more than I can bare,
    The spaces once filled with their faces,
    now hold loneliness and despair.
    They carry with them all that makes life worth living,
    I don't think you were aware ,
    there's no fight left inside me
    my strength has gone away,
    safety no longer finds me,
    happiness or joy ...they've all simply faded away,
    All these things they live inside them...
    pain and sorrow now reside here ,
    an unrelenting craving just to hear their voices,
    they're so far away from here.
    All that's been left is an empty me..
    One to match my dreams and my desperate stare.
    Open your eyes and see,
    they're my everything my whole being ,
    I can't breath without them,
    they're my air .

  • mariateresa 45w

    Unearthed a deep wound from 20 years ago that I dissociated myself from has thoughts and feelings flooding in like a waterfall. Mom, this one is for you❤

    #amotherslove #lovemymom #mom #thankyoumom #unconditionallove

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    First woman to show us love
    Sent here to Earth from God above
    Selfless, kind she teaches us many things
    Carefully keeping us under her wing
    Until the time we must leave her nest
    Try on new conquests
    Never forgetting the lessons we learned
    Unconditional love she always gives and affirms

    Even now at middle age, I need her wisdom
    We are all part of this grand system
    Universe's one heart beat
    Starts within our Mother's womb
    As we inside blossom and bloom
    For in her care their is such safety
    Returning to her arms, never wanting to break free
    Thank you Mom for all that you've sacrificed
    Please know in your heart, the work has more than sufficed ❤

  • mariateresa 50w

    It's been a roller coaster of emotions and at my breaking point I am reminded there is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it may seem.

    #radicalacceptance #hope #life #memories #faith #endurance #strength #innerbeauty #spirituality #amotherslove #myboys #loveistheanswer #alwayswithlove #iloveyou

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    Big picture

    Memories scattered around broken pieces of my heart
    Difficult to decide when or how to pull it apart
    Focusing on the details of how, when and why
    All I can hear are my boy's cries
    Some day it will all make some sense the way life unfolds
    Best intentions get lost against the promises we hold
    My deepest apologies for my part in your anger
    I never meant to hurt you, someday all your questions will be answered
    Until then smile at the stuff that makes life worth living
    Interactions with others, allow your heart to keep giving
    Not being able to see the forest for the trees
    Keeps you missing out on the love between you and me

  • poetssoul30 52w

    A mother's love

    You'll never understand true love until you're willing to give up your life without thinking twice
    I was willing to do that twice
    I will be willing to do it again
    Until I take my last breathe
    It's that type of love that you fall at first sight
    When you first hold them in your arms
    When you're heart tell you this is it
    This is your life
    To raise them
    Show them the way
    Have them create their path
    But remember that you are the blueprint
    Show them what's right and what's wrong
    Show them that its ok to have fears
    But you have to face them
    So if you ever ask me do I know real love
    I can say yes

  • serenity_poetry97 57w

    I'll love you three times as much...

    " it's Grandad "
    "No dad!" he persists,
    As the water rises within I repeat, "grandad"
    He demands "no, my dad not yours"
    I slump to the floor, water consuming my soul,
    Reaching the surface, this time i tell him softly as I hold his hands, "I'm sorry baby , you don't have a dad"
    My heart cracks, longing for my sons desires to come true, knowing they never will, knowing they never did,
    His voice cracks "I do have a dad"
    So I lie in defeat and say "OK"
    I feared this conversation since the fatal 20th week of his life within me, yet I still didn't have the right answers...
    I'm selfish apparently, but It was me here everyday for over 3 years, alone in the struggle, the joys the inevitable growth that takes place every second, all the while knowing he would never have "a dad" for the man I fell in love with didn't exsist, nor did the love I believed he felt,
    He hurt us physically,
    He hurt us mentally,
    He hurt us emotionally,
    all the while using me to feed his sick interest, in time he cracked every part of me and then left me to pick up the pieces of my shattered shell and crushed soul, not once did he look back, and even if he did, it was too late...
    So I do both, but as this water gently caresses the surface of my inner childs face, I sit here knowing I will never be enough for my son,
    but no matter what happens in tomorrow's land I cannot change the fact that the person who was there when I created you was merely a reflection of my pain, he was a fantasy and the ugly truth that showed in times existence; he was not a good man; or a dad, nor did he care to be.
    So know this, I will love you three times as much, I will hold you three times tighter, I will kiss you everyday, shower you with love and life lessons, I will teach you how to be a man in ways he never would and I will never turn my back on you,
    You may deserve more than just a mum but since I'm all you've got ill love you like you have both parents, both families and more, and I will never stop,
    So next time you shout "my dad" Ill hold your hand and your heart; this time the warmth of my mother's inner child will fuel my response "miracle child of love and light, you don't have a dad, but you have me and when I'm not enough, you've got grandad, nana, your sister, uncles, cousins, great aunty's, big grandma, big nana, and all your friends, and together we will give you more love than you would lack in his presence, we will give you more strength and we won't turn our backs, you deserve better than just me, and my dear son;you've got it.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 72w

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Charming Charley  - 1st day on Earth. Even then so full of mirth.

    Charming Charley  - Already one. His world is full of laughter and fun.

    Charming Charley  - And now he's two. So much to see, so much to do.

    Charming Charley - Can it be?! Time flies so fast, already three!

    Charming Charley - Just turned four. Oops! You missed him. He's out the door.

    Charming Charley - Five years gone past. Hey, please stop growing up so fast!

    Charming Charley  - Six today. His laughter always lights the way.

    Charming Charley  - He's 7 now. Can't we slow time down somehow?!

    Charming Charley  - This year he's  eight. He loves to read and stay up late.

    Charming Charley  - I blinked, he's nine. Growing tall and doing fine.

    Charming Charley  - Double digits! Now he's ten!! Still has hugs for mom now and then.

    Charming Charley  - Well, today you turn eleven which really only rhymes with heaven. That's ok, though, works just fine. Surely you were sent by the Divine.  A kind soul, a wise one, a mischief maker. A thinker, a dreamer, a mover and a shaker. All this you are and so much more. Can't wait to see what your life has in store.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 9/06/2016

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #hope #faith #endurance #amotherslove

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    Personal image removed for privacy reasons due to an ongoing, unresolved, stalking and harassment situation.

  • vansalas 79w

    Through growth we change
    as surely as the leaves turn;
    yet the only thing that's continuous
    is my love for you,
    as deep as the depths
    of unexplored seas.


  • hbakhshi 80w

    When have you seen a mother say to her child “you are not enough for me”
    But alas the child has said it many a times...

  • free2bv 82w

    The 1st of a thousand steps

    I keep replaying it over and over in my mind... what if I answered the phone. What if I could find another person to pray with me. What if I could whisper in your ear-I'm not ready yet, please stay a little longer. If I were there they could see the despair in my eyes like before and work a miracle. But I wasn't there and you left me like a thief in the night. Stepping into the hospital was like facing my own demise. Reality slapped me and took my breath away. There were angels and kind words and prayers. I recognized the empathy in the staff's eyes but nothing could dull the pain. Months later and nothing still dulls the pain.

  • anthonyhanible 100w

    A Mother's Love

    And on time

  • samanthaharper 104w


    Dear mom, there's not enough words for me to express the love I have for you. There are not enough stars in the sky that shine brighter then you. You are strength, courage, and love. No other could ever carry the title of mom like you. For there is no other that could take your place in my heart. You carried me for nine months and went through challenges yet you stood strong and mom I must of feeling it within your womb because I have never wanted to protect someone as much as you. If I could I'd give you all my strength if it meant making everything easier for you. You have always been there even when I made decisions you knew were not good for me but you never gave up on me. Still, to this day you do this even with all you are going through you make sure that im okay and make sure there is a smile on my face. Mom, I just want you to know how honored I am that life chose you as my mom and that I was born your daughter. You are the reason I'm still here and the one I'd due for. So thank you, mom, for loving me as I am and believing in me when everyone else gave up. You are my heart, my best friend but modder importantly you are and forever will be my mom.

  • silkheart 122w

    A Mother's Love

    Staring at your sweet face. The innocence in your eyes. The joy in your smiles. What I wouldn't do to keep you this way forever. Time will slowly change you but the image of this face, of my small child, will remain forever ingrained in my mind. Stop growing up so fast.

  • zinzee18 136w


    I am my mother's garden,
    Which she beautifully designed.
    She taught me that love was important,
    And that you should be kind.

    She said gardens are beautiful,
    So should be your mind.
    Show everyone what's behind,
    That beautiful structured design.

  • dreamer83 144w

    A Mother's Arms

    I never knew how strong my arms can be
    Until I had a child
    One that clings on to me
    And never wants to be let down
    My arms are hurting, my arms are sore
    But for you my child, mama can endure

    I never knew how mentally strong I can be
    Until I had a child
    One that challenges my sanity
    And often drives me wild
    I am mentally tired, I am mentally drained
    But for you my child, mama promise to stay sane

    I never knew how emotionally strong I can be
    Until I had a child
    One that screams in anger for not getting what he pleased,
    When he wants it, he wants it right now
    I am sorry my child, that mama cannot agree
    To all your demands, to whatever you pleased

    My arms are tired, I am mentally drained
    Sometimes I wonder, what do I gain
    And then I see you, my beautiful child
    The sparkle in your eyes and your mischevious smile

    That, has made all my sacrifices worthwhile

    No matter what my child
    Mama will be strong for you, for as long as I can be
    Till one day you are strong enough, even stronger than me
    Until then you can be assured my child
    That mama will never let you down


  • lunar_escapades 149w

    A daughter's lesson

    I want you to know
    that it's okay
    To be the springtime shower
    or the hurricane
    The forest fire burning painfully
    or be the seed that forms the tree
    The storm in the desert when the sand lashes out
    Or the replenishing rain that ends the drought
    Be the blizzard if you must
    But also grant shelter in winter's dusk
    The tornado when the time is right
    Or the cool breeze on a summer night
    Be the ripple on the pond or lake
    But know you can also be
    a tsunami's wave
    Be strong, dear one
    I know you're powerful
    Be gentle, My love
    Know that you're beautiful

  • lunar_escapades 152w

    #amotherslove #mothersday #writersnetwork #mirakee @lovenotes_from_carolyn @writersnetwork @mirakee
    She taught me to love me, when others would have me question my very existence. When people who think they know everything were telling me I was too much of one thing and not enough of something else. She made it ok for me to embrace being different, being an outcast, being me.

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    Dragon Fly

    You taught me the beauty of being
    A Dragonfly

    When all the world desired
    Was a butterfly

  • lunar_escapades 152w

    Letter to my mother

    Mom, I've been wanting to write this letter to you for years it seems. I'd start reading what I wrote and scrap it.
    It wasn't enough.
    The words never were enough. How do I capture you in a few sentences. How could I even think I'd capture your essence, you're beauty, resilience, strength, love, life in such a simple thing as a letter or even a poem?
    It'll never be enough.
    I know we've had our ups and downs like all mothers and daughters do. You've disagreed with me, I'm sure I've disappointed you. Through it all though you've supported my decisions, nurtured me, cared for me, carried me and loved me. Without you I'd never have become the woman I am today. The mother I'll be for the rest of my existence.
    You've always been there for me and I'll always need you.

    I know a few words could never encapsulate all that you are, but I hope today these few words are enough.

    Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!

  • gemmiegem91 160w

    Standing there waving in their faces, crying out with a distressing plea.
    "My son! My boy! He's missing! He was right here, standing next to me!"

    Masses of people poured into the streets,
    Making it almost impossible to see.
    As I looked around, time had slowed down.
    Not for everyone- but in fact, just me.

    When that man came out from the alley, he grabbed my boy by the arm.
    I struggled and screamed, "Please don't do my boy any harm."

    My eyes felt like they were on fire,
    My heart- as if it had beat out of my chest.
    I looked down and seen on the ground,
    My boy in his blood splattered vest.
    My body was frozen in disbelief,
    Though I tried to rush to his side.
    I seen myself holding onto him,
    I'm glad it was me.. -the one who died.