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    ALJ: Affirmation : Joy In Loyalty

    ALJ: I am joyfully open to receiving more loyal and trustworthy relationships into my life.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #333 Day 333


    And it doesn't make any sense at all but when you have history, a friendship or a relationship . You start to keep track of the days that seemed to go well, while hoping that this time ( with progress), the days that are added ahead will outweigh any trauma or past misunderstandings.#81

  • work2rise 37w

    "You can't determine where you land, but you can always determine how you stand."

    ©work2rise x. Words4_Ur.Wisdom


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    Klaus Mikaelson

    I've heard about you.
    The crazy, impulsive Vampire.

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    February 28, 2021

    An unloved wife...

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    उनको गुनाह करते देख लिया मैंने
    उनको गुनाह करते देख लिया मैंने...

    चलो इसी बहाने मुझे देखकर उनकी धड़कने तो तेज़ हुई।


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    The Lonely Aquarium

    I slept on the motorcycle seat. When I woke up, I thought everything was a dream until I opened the diary to read the page 40 again. The woman I have grown to love is not exactly someone that I have imagined all this time. She has proved herself to be one cunning woman in a perfect disguise which I could have never doubted. But the unanswered question here is, is she a bad person?

    I walked into the house, checked on my mother's pulse and blood pressure. Washed my face, looked into the mirror. My eyes were red and baggy. I should be hallucinating or why else would I see TJ and Alice behind me on either side in the mirror reflection. I shrugged those visuals away. It is been a long time wonder of mine, how the mirror switches sides to make you look beautiful, like those selfies. To that list I would add people standing opposite to me as well. They look beautiful when they are not in fact, they are just a mirror image synonym.

    "Mom, here!"
    "Thank you dear.. Why are you looking at me like that?"

    "Nothing ma... you have that cereal."
    "No honey, there is something."

    "Did you know about Alice?"
    "Ahem... Yes honey!"

    "Why didn't you tell me?"
    "What benefit that brings?"

    "I would have known about TJ right?"
    "But I did not know about TJ honey.."

    "Mom, you never asked me about that day ever."
    "Which day you are talking about honey?"

    "You know. The day I walked home."
    "Because you wouldn't say my dear!"

    "Because you loved that man mom!"
    "Yeah.... THAT MAN; I loved."

    "I am sorry ma.. It is hard to call him anything else."
    "May I know why, am I deserving to know that at least?"

    "Mom, you are the most deserving to know that, but you don't deserve to go through what all I have to say mom. But if you want to know what happened that day, ask me."

    I kissed her forehead and walked away with his diary and a packet of cigarette. Sat on my balcony, lit my cigarette and looked for the page 41;

    Yes, I spoke with her. First time ever! I know that I went to her because my aunt wants to know something. But when I saw her and walked to her, I do not think my mind had any intent except standing near her. The vibes around her my god I want to tear apart a tree on a whole. Dude my heart beat became audible when she looked at me. How the hell is no one dying in just the sheer beauty of her eyes?"

    I remember that first day ever when he acted as if he stumbled upon me. That moment I knew, his eyes told everything. He stuttered, stammered, staggered and if any words give the same meaning, then he did those as well. Even I heard his heart beat, may be that eyes made me feel something I wasn't expecting I guess. I scrubbed through pages which had nothing to do with me or us.

    Finally I got her contact number. I asked for her snapchat but she said she doesn't us any social media. Then I asked her number and she just gave. But she did not look like someone who would give away her number just like that. Made me feel special.

    Yes I don't. I don't give my number to anybody, but I gave him. May be I was falling in love with a person and even I did not know that.

    Dude I touched her oh my god!!! I remembered an Indian film where the protagonist's finger toucher the female lead and he gets shock and past life memories. I have laughed at those things and today I felt that in real life. I gave her a flash drive and her finger tips just touched me... Oh my god!! I am not gonna sleep...

    I remember the day when that incident happened but I have no idea about whatever he is screaming about. Men are weird. Or are they?

    Aunt called me to ask what is happening. I am just in love until she reminds me I am on a mission. Seriously I do not care. I just want a happy life with Amora. And how am I supposed to tell her everything. She is a tormented poor soul and I highly doubt she will be able to handle this. After all, I am the only person who talks with her in the entire college. I am scared.

    I asked her out today. I wanted to tell her that I got official MMA license to fight in professional grounds. Later I came to knew that her mother attempted to kill herself. I went to her home with some food. Today's hug was different, there was more than friendship from her. I came back home early morning and I totally forgot to tell her about my license. It shall wait for the right day.

    It was her birthday today. Aunt told me to make it special so that I have an advantage. But she is my woman and I know how to make it special with zero advantages. Those matte pink lips my dude... In the aquarium I almost asked her to kiss me. But later that night she asked me to ask that one more time. I was shook! I kissed her mate.... I kissed Amy.... I kissed Amy. Then she said she wants to live with me for the rest of her life. At that moment, I gave up on my MMA fighting career dreams. I will live with her... as long a I can... as healthy as I possibly can.... and I will give her as much as I can....




    That was the end of his diary. I can't believe that he tore apart something huge as an MMA career for me; a cursed human specimen. He deserved a lot better than me. I put him in a hospital as a return for all his favours. I should be ashamed for not thinking twice before reacting.


    "Amy, I need to know!"

    "You could have asked, instead of using TJ as a pawn!"
    "Done is done, I need to know!"

    "What if I choose not to?"
    "We moved TJ, you might be wondering where, right?"

    "What do you mean?"
    "I will make sure, you never see him again, ever!"

    "Alice please, he is all I got as my future!"
    "You tried to kill him dear!"

    "What do you want?"
    "Answers, or forget TJ"



    Image: ©20.pallette (via Walli)

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    The Lonely Aquarium


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    Pyaar Ho Tujhe Se
    Saath Ho Tum Mere
    Jhoote Ho Wade Saare
    Par Humesha Pass Ho Tum Humare

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    Showering some love for the unseen Mrs Barry ��������


    Excerpt Of The Song Vaseegara In My Words.

    Background Pic: Reema Sen And R.Madhavan Featuring In The Song Vaseegara From The Tamil Movie Minnale.

    Original Credits:
    Vocals In Tamil By: Bombay Jayashree
    Written In Tamil By: Thamarai
    Composed In Tamil By: Harris Jayaraj

    In Hindi Zara Zara From The Movie Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein

    Vocals In Hindi By: Bombay Jayashree
    Written In Hindi By: Sameer Anjaan
    Composed In Hindi By: Harris Jayaraj

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    Desires In Love

    Hey Beautiful,
    I Have Desired Of,
    Getting Drenched In Rain,
    Get Wrapped Up In Single Blanket For Warmth.

    I Have Desired Of,
    Collecting Memories,
    Inhale And Exhale Love.

    I Have A Desire Of,
    Dying In Your Lap With Eyes And Heart Full Of Love.


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    #mirakee #81 #window seat . Mirakee ne meri 5 post delete kr di �������������� @devkittu18 @rykerrrwriter @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    I may be 19 Or 90 years
    But window seat is my First priority.

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    रंग सांवला... गरम मिज़ाज... मीठी आवाज... कडक तेवर... और भरपूर ताज़गी।
    तुम अपना नाम बदल कर चाय क्यों नहीं रख लेती।

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    #81 I don't think I can do another 18 zen haiku
    #haiku #100haikus #zen

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    'All those snowflakes' she
    said to the white hills. 'And not
    one in the wrong place'.


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    शागिर्द-ए-रशीद बहुत हुए ऐ ज़िन्दगी,
    पर रूह सा कोई बन न पाया...


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    किस्मत का मारा था,
    एक मजदूर दुनियां के नज़रों में बेचारा था,
    यूं तो था बाहुबल का धनी वो,
    पर यहां था खेल MONEY का ब्रो,
    कर्म थे उसके बढ़ाते देश को,
    जाने क्या हुआ था उसके भेष को,
    दो पल की रोटी ना वो पूरा कर पा रहा था,
    उसके बाप दादा ने जिसके चौखट पर प्राण गंवाया,
    आज वही उससे गुलामी करवा रहा था,
    ईमानदारी से वो धनी था,
    पर यहां खेल था MONEY का,
    वो सूरज के तेज से जलता ,
    और सूरज को भी जलाता था,
    वो दो पल की रोटी जुटाने ,
    दो मजदूरों का काम खुद कर जाता था,
    काम वो करे नाम किसी और का हो
    ऐसे मजदूरी करता था,
    मानो कुछ मजबूरी में वो करता था,
    शरीर को वो थकाता गया,
    समय से पहले वो बुढ़ापे को बुलाता गया,
    जब समय था रिटायरमेंट की,
    वो मौत की शैय्या पर लेटा था,
    जीवन भर जो खून को जलाया था पसीने में ,
    आज उसके शरीर में खून की कमी मिल गया था,
    वो जो एक दिन में दो दिनों का काम किया करता था,
    आज मिनट मिनट एक वर्ष सा शैय्या पर लेट कर बिताया था,
    अब वो मजदूरी नहीं करता था,
    उसकी जगह उसके बेटे ने ले लिया था,
    पढ़ने लिखने की उम्र थी अभी उसकी,
    पर वो भी अब मजबूरी करने पहुंच गया था,
    और पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी मजबूरी करने वाला मजदूर,
    आज पूरा परिवार को ढो रहा था,
    मजदूर मजदूरी नहीं मजबूरी में खुद को खो रहा था

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    A rebel isn't someone who
    goes against everything,
    but someone who goes against
    what is wrong and has been
    wrong for a long time.


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    संसार का एक बड़ा रहस्य,
    जिसे मैं बोल नही पाई और तुम समझ नही पाए।
    शब्दों में पिरो नही सकती थी उसे मैं ,
    और तुम इशारे समझ नहीं पा रहे थे ।
    शब्दो का तो कोई मोल ही नहीं था यहाँ,
    अहसास समझने भर की देरी थी।
    कोशिश तो की थी न मैंने तुम्हें समझाने की,
    पर ये कोई पाठशाला नही थी जो तुम कुछ समझ पाते।
    बस अहसास समझने भर की देरी थी जो तुम्हे कोई और नहीं समझा सकता था

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    Why do you
    search for
    light outside ?

    Your torches are
    inside you !!


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    As is nector for flower
    So is ink for the paper
    As flower craves for honey,
    Paper craves for ink,
    One day,
    Flower may decease along with honey,
    But paper attains ethereal beauty
    when spilled with ink
    which remains forever...


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    Stranded Situation made me realize how Stranded I was.

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    Are you a mature?

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    When you start molding yourself for any purpose is called beginning of maturity...


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    Leaves fell and
    complained about
    letting go.
    The tree stood still
    as it didn't give a damn
    about its
    internal bleeding.