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    I hope she will never get that feeling and love for her I hide inside ❤️ I love you ��
    #pakistanipoet #heartartistjunejo

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    Dedicate to My Elder sister,
    I love her eyes and teeth because it shows a child inside her. Her anger Like thunderstorm but it soon convert into her tears like a pleasant weather. Runs from responsibility but her unexpressed emotions I always try to find from a corner, a girl who is a Evil Queen but her soul is pure but her dark side is tough when you are infornt. I always fear Her Anger will make her what she is not. Her Passion towards camera and her pics is her shine in her eyes.
    Her Name is my meaning maybe that's why she always Into me I always into her but is is dangerous without sign of danger . Her stories is like fairy tale but she doesn't know when sleep she looks like a Barbie I love. her height and age I always make fun of that but who will tell her whose age and height doesn't matter her happiness matters. I pray to Allah to get her wings that actual make her fly until she get everything more than she deserves.

  • muskaanbhatt 22m

    T W O


    One blood red, full of life
    Other dead and dull
    One with no scars
    And other full of cracks and rifts

    The red one was glowing with love feelings
    While the other was dying inside without any revealings

    One was defining it's original purity
    While the other appeared shattered with no original clarity

    The read one appeared simple but not so idiosyncratic
    While the other looked bold yet it was highlighting its presence so antic

    One was holding happiness of the whole world
    While other was hiding pain behind those rifts mended with gold

    One seem soft, sober and inexperienced
    While the other looked beautiful, but had suffered many crumbles which had made it experienced

    One with perfect fettle, hasn't seen the traumas of life yet
    While the other had lived it's life everytime in breakdown and in mending its cracks with no regret

    The perfect one was pulchritudinous yet not strong as it hadn't endured ache a single time
    While the broken one was showing it's beauty with the strength it has got, of mending itself and cleaning it's own grime


  • mr_loosupaiyan 25m


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    I need your whole Love....❤️
    - O S L


  • sajank 32m

    @bad_habit smjhao re ise koi ���� logo ka ana jana duniya ka jhamela toh chlte rhega khush rhna khud hi sikhna pdta h

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    Me - Khush kyo nhi rhti

    She - Doctor ne mna kiya hai

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    Dear EX,

    You have asked me to choose between my mother and you and I have already told you that there is nothing for me as choice for my mother. She is my internal part and I don't see my life without her.

    But before you leave let me ask you one thing, there will be a day you would have become a mother and it might possible that you will have a baby boy so what would be your reaction if your son or his wife made a choice between you and her in future.

    Will you feel happy, lively or anything that brings choice to a mother face?

    So my take on today's #heartchallenge related to relationships. Relations are the beautiful creation of human life as it brings people close through which they know about different emotions traditions and places.

    Don't need likes and comments just need few genuine reads��.


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    Dear Ex

    From the day we had took our first breath we have had made number of relations. And now we are also aware of the fact that these relations were not of our choice and almighty has choose this for us. With birth we have divided by human made things caste, creed, race, religion and many more.

    Though, we have same colour running inside our body we have different exterior shades. We all are different from one another in one or another aspect in life. Nobody is identical in this mortal world. Similarly, we have different heart and minds.

    One can be pristine and it might possible that another one is already broken. But they have power to reside in one another for love, peace and togetherness.

    Though, in today's era relations have no such value like the old time when relations were mostly connected with heart not body, when arguments ends with harmony not conflict, when trust had more power over doubt and when one relation was for forever.

    Now things have changed, poeple leave without saying a goodbye. Without telling you the reason why, because for them there is no relationship there is only a short partnership which lag behind the sensitive guide.

    But don't worry, you don't need anyone because you are complete in yourself. You don't need others hand to cross the every road of life. Sometimes you need solitude to know yourself, right?

    By the way, if you heart says be yourself or be your kind, then check your flaws/mistakes and always try to correct them and before adapting the slogan of "be yourself" first always try to better yourself.

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    #nothing to say ...���� Sneha Tiwari

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    Do u know ,

    You are always there in my thoughts ..
    What could I give you now !!!

  • sosito 1h

    Idk it makes a sense or not ����

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    Walked in hope,
    in these times of deaths and sufferings world has changed into a basic human activity.
    Knowing that we have moved alot,
    Only by asking a basic Question
    "Are you ok?"
    And we advised everyone with " stay safe, stay home."
    I don't know what all are feeling.. but what I know is... It is a brief moment of sadness that has knocked our doors so badly.
    We do care alot now but just like fellows!
    And it hurts to think that the peace, encrypted love, happiness and everything around has turned into a "Dreadful Virus".

  • anshikainks 1h


    Slaughtered tongues suppressing chimeras
    On the doors of broken teeth, daunt the shivers
    On the threshold of goosebumps ,
    Where the veins blemish kisses of rejections
    On the fringes of bosom , discoloured to pale;

    To choose or not to choose , I ask ,
    Subtitling my love to some words written on epitaph ,
    A grave of emotions , hushed like swallowed rhymes,
    Choking on syllables of a tattered novel,

    Something as broken as the paraphrase of an unused book ,
    I unleash my palms to rest on the irony of love ,
    Dust that forges gold , paralyzed to smut of a mutating cancerous heart,

    I untie the threads and study the embroidery of the pieces ,
    How the fabricated wodges of blood , pump everything but love !


    #heart #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I am back y'all
    Long time no see��

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  • itskirti 1h

    @writersnetwork Watching two hearts like this definitely attracts a poetic attention..। ��

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    Two hearts ❤

    One being the sign of epitome beauty and the other is the symbol of divine and pure love.


  • diwanankit 1h

    Pyaas lagane par hi pani ki keemat samajh ati h ki wo pyas bhujhata h
    Ese hi Dum ghutane par hawa ki or bhook lagane par khane ki ��

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    Kisi ki kimat ya value usake na hone par ya zarurat padane par hi samjh ati h.

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    Koi Ludo Khelega?

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    Idk, what I wrote.��❤️

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    Some words hang on endlessly,
    Without saying anything,
    without having anything to say.

    The raindrops penetrate
    As the nights become transparent
    I loose myself in the serenity of stars.
    Just because I doubt myself.

    I want to keep going through the burning fire,
    hearts are but compartments to circulate blood.
    I want to keep going through the stormy night.
    Hearts are just organs.

    Raindrops penetrate as I meditate under the umbrella.
    Feelings are like smoke fiddling with the strings.
    These stories are terrible, yet the journey feels beautiful.

    How many withered writings have I written so far?
    Maybe we can just turn the page easily as if it never happened.
    But, the breakdowns must be written and not erased.
    Shall I wear another heart on the sleeve,
    Shall I wear a badge of transformation.


  • _rajpoot_r_ 2h

    @aniket20 @mirakeeworld @miraquill my only one pat name �� anaconda ��

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    सांप जैसे दोस्तों के बीच मैं
    उस शेषनाग के भी अलग जलवे है

  • josephinetovia 3h

    My firm foundation
    Your grace and overflowing blessings
    Your history can tell
    I love the sound of your name
    My King
    My saviour
    With you I am a survivor
    with you everything is perfect
    the only light in darkness
    Jesus Saviour
    Glory comes with your name
    with you I am nothing
    to wake up is only by your grace
    every action is by your grace
    Oh Lord I am grateful you made me
    I am grateful you are in me
    I am grateful I am alive to praise you
    The only true king

  • varunasopa_ 3h

    #boy ����

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    I am just a sexy boy
    I am not your boy toy
    Be my joy
    I will not leave you oye

  • pink_berry 4h

    #heart #wod #pod
    And you two ..... I still exist ������
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    Enjoy reading ❤

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    Perfection is overrated

    Late in the eve , I passed by the gallery in my town.
    The old yet vintage interior never fails to catch my eyes.
    Stepping inside the wind chime made a pleasant melody.
    The smell of wooden racks feels warm and earthy.

    I came across two white marble made hearts leaning over a stand.
    The marbles were granular and lustrous enough which made my irises sparkle up.

    One was pristine , perfect and pure.
    Like the innocent kids heart which was polished placidly.
    But it lacked something which I couldn't guess.
    "It's perfect yet imperfect ! What's missing?" I whispered to myself.

    "Perfection is always overrated! Nothing seems better without few breaks and falls." She sighed.
    My pupils weren't ready to look away from her. She was seeming perfect to me like a goddess.
    "Indeed !" I forced from my lips.

    "This one's broken and glued back with gold lacquer. There are lines which traces breakage and healing." She paused, she had a serene look.
    "Healing?" I questioned.
    "Anything that breaks , needs to be healed! Sometimes a thing and sometimes..... the heart." She answered.
    "Hmmm, I agree! At times imperfections seems to attract you whereas perfection seems to be a bit boring." I stated.
    "Indeed , what's a beautiful garden full of blooming roses , lavenders and mulberry leaves without few withered flowers and dry autumn leaves." She smiled and walked away.
    I couldn't help but just stare at her.
    Indeed she was imperfect yet perfect as all this time she wrote her replies in a notepad and presented it to me. She couldn't talk yet we had a conversation.

    //And honey , I would love to fall for you accepting all your imperfections. I would relish the blemishes.Because if moon scars can be poetry why can't your flaws be an art.//

  • mrig_trishna_ 4h

    कोरोना कोई वायरस नहीं अपितु वो नीति है जो कि आने वाले चंद सालों में सदियों से चलती आई जीवन की सहेजी और संजोई धारणाओं को बदलकर रख देखी।
    जरूरतें बदल देगी, चाल बदल देगी
    भविष्य को देखने का जंजाल बदल देगी
    इंसाँ का झूठा ओढ़ा सूरतें हाल बदल देगी��

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    ये दुनिया अपने आने वालों सालों में वो देखेगी कि जिसकी कल्पना भर मात्र से रूह सिहर उठती है।

  • lokendra__ 5h

    Haal e Dil Kya Main Sunawan
    Haal Sunawan Kyaa Main

    Dil Ko Tasali Dena Koyi
    Aankh Na Barsi Dil Se Royi
    Rootha Khuda Main Manawan Haye

    Dukh Dard Laaye Bedard Haaye
    Yeh Dard Ke Mosam Hain
    Seh Na Paaye Haye Bin Bataye
    Ye Dard Ke Mosam

    Barse Hain Naina Tarse Hain Naina
    Mere Kyun Rabba Batade


    Rab Hi Jaane Kab Tak Sehna Hai
    Sehna Bhi Hai Tou Kuch Nahi Kehna Hai
    Cheekh Bhi Lon Tou Sunaun Kis Ko��
    Humdardon Ne Tou Chup Rehna Hai:)

    Main Hi Karan Sab Ki Dil Joyi
    Meri Kisi Ko Fikar Na Hoyi
    Rootha Insan Main Manawan Haye

    Dukh Dard Laaye Bedard Haaye
    Yeh Dard Ke Mosam Hain
    Seh Na Paaye Haye Bin Bataye
    Yeh Dard Ke Mosam
    Dukh Dard Laaye Bedard Haaye
    Yeh Dard Ke..

    #song #lyrics

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    Cheekh Bhi Lon Tou Sunaun Kis Ko

    Rab Hi Jaane Kab Tak Sehna Hai
    Sehna Bhi Hai Tou Kuch Nahi Kehna Hai
    Cheekh Bhi Lon Tou Sunaun Kis Ko
    Humdardon Ne Tou Chup Rehna Hai:)

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    You'll regret if you click my link. ��
    So choose wisely. ☺️

    #miraquill #quotes

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    If I ever become an option,
    please don't choose me.


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 12h

    Perhaps it could be considered #brave to witness such things happening to loved ones; and to face, thwart, and overcome death multiple times, on behalf of others.

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Death assailed her ghastly lips
    Stark white they were, within its grips
    The pallor seen, as yet unspoken
    Their healthy sheen, an absent token

    Death assailed unblinking eyes
    Turned heavenward, by their demise
    Dilated now, wild, unstaring
    Proved how poorly she was faring

    Death assailed her wobbly legs
    Made noodles of the once strong pegs
    Her weight, no longer could they hold
    A fated future they betold

    Death assailed her spoken voice
    Gone missing now, against her choice
    No screams, nor whispers, not a squeak
    Her vocal cords left mute and weak

    Death assailed her beating heart
    I prayed and prayed it would restart
    Barely a thump within that chest
    Silent now, in need of rest

    Death assailed her, Lord 'tis true
    Skin from head to toe 'twas blue
    Vascular, was this restriction
    The folly caused by drug addiction

    I beg thee please, cherish your life
    All are subject to such strife
    Seek out comfort, peace, and joy
    A therapist, you might employ

    Death assailed her, I've seen it twice
    This artifice does not play nice
    Yet here I stand, through tears I've cried
    And not a once, have left her side

    Death you fool, you've come too soon
    For you, we'll neither bow nor swoon
    I cast thee back to depths of hell
    By now, you know me very well

    Assail you may, but win you'll not
    It's me, you fool - have you forgot?
    Make haste, be gone, your ruse is done
    Give up, retreat, you have not won

    I'll peel my loved ones from your hands
    I'll overcome you, where you stand
    I'll warn you once more, loud and clear
    Away with you, dare not come here!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 1/17/2022

    @miraquill Thank you very kindly for Editor's Choice team!! ������

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #addiction #death #love

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