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  • anchal_s_22 1w

    When you got separated when you were alive and start dating after death...♥️
    har sham milne aayenge...♥️��
    #2Am poetry ♥️ #mood �� #love �� #

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    In badalo ke pare,
    Ya kisi dariya ke beech,
    Milenge main or tum kahin ,
    Hokar ajaad duniya ke rasmo se.

    Na jaat paat ki bandishen hongi,
    Na bdnaam hone ka khauf,
    Na kuch khone ka dar hoga,
    Na hi kuch paane ka shauk,
    Honge bas tum or main.

    Tum ana apni saari adhuri baatein lekar,
    Main waqt lekar aaungi,
    Tum sama jana mujhme kahin,
    Main tumhari baaton mein kho jaungi.

    Sara bojh piche chorh kar kandhe khali kr ke ana,
    Main tumhare kandhe pe sar rakh kr sojaungi,
    Tum apna koi pasandeeda geet gunguna.
    Vo sari kavitaen jo baki thi mn mein vo sb bhi yaad krke ana,
    Main apni mohbbat ki siyahi se fir ek ek kar shayari likhungi,
    Or tum unhe padh kar sunana...

    Fir sari raat gujarenge saath,
    Or bhor hote hi apni kabr pe vapis laut jaenge,
    Hum jeete je ek nhi ho pae the to kya,
    Maut ke baad jashn mnaenge
    Har shaam milne aayenge ...
    Har sham milne aayenge...


  • redsky 11w


    Oh love!
    Knock on my door
    I promise,
    I'll let you in,
    carve a space
    in my soul.
    Like the sky has, 
    for the moon.
    Listen to the fury
    of infinite storms,
    stardust bursting into flames
    of fleshes and fears,
    orating the unsung 
    dirges of the alive.

    Oh love!
    Hug me tight
    for I've been cold for so long.
    Trace the maps
    to places I dream about
    on my arms.
    And sing lullabies
    to my heart
    like a love song
    on a lonely night.
    The home, I built
    Is burning 
    in the fire you lit
    as I stand there
    mourning for the sun
    Oh love!
    take me with you
    I promise,
    it's the last time.


  • anantay_12 14w

    There is a glaciate,
    When I used to sleep talking to you....

  • ayisha2011 23w

    2 AM

    The world is Sleeping
    She is in deep thinking
    Her ear phones are on,
    Her eyes is full of tears,
    And her heart is full of memories,
    The world is still sleeping!
    She is still in pain

  • stella_writes 29w

    With or Without you!

    Maybe I am not made up the same way as you are,
    Maybe I am just as different as you are to me,
    You look at me expecting us to be the same and one,
    How do I show you that we can be together even after being so different than each other,
    How do I make you see me for who I am and not the made up figurine in your head,
    If I say, let's take it slow,
    If I say, let's just wait for while,
    Will you look at me the same way as you do now,
    Will you still love me the way you do now,
    I have been asking myself these questions on repeat and yet there's no answer that satisfies me,
    Now sitting under thousands of stars under the moonlit sky,
    I am expecting you to kiss me for me and not for who you think I have been,
    So am gonna take this leap of faith and jump off just this once and let it drown me completely and make me whole again,

    With or Without you!


  • kaach_ka_panchi 31w


    मोहब्बत में हारा नहीं हूँ
    DP देखी है , Unblock हुआ हूँ..


  • kaach_ka_panchi 32w

    pure midnight feeling.

    Pure midnight feeling,
    Seems like retro playin.
    As blues played; Like jazz played;
    Sync in a sweet slowly way.

    That mood maker,
    Your hug.

    Yes! Your hug.


  • jak_artist 33w

    2 A.M

    It's 2 am
    Everything around me tells me to sleep but beneath that cage called ribs. My heart whispers, "don't sleep, don't waste this beautiful time, write. "
    It calls out "write write"

  • whatadrag 37w

    Pro tip
    Is time par kisi ke bare me mat socho

  • halberd 46w

    Suno! Ek Baat Batao,
    Tumhe Yaad Rakhun Ya Bhula Dun?
    Tum Ho Nahi Aur Mayusi Ab Sath Hai,
    Tumhare Diye Hue Khhat,
    Dil Se Lagaun Ya Jala Dun?
    Pathar To Thi Nahi Tum,
    Aansun To Tmharey Bhi Bahey Honge,
    To Ek Baat Btao,
    Mai Apne Ansun Rok Lun Ya Baha Dun?
    Suno!! Ek bat btao,
    Tumhe Yaad Rakhun Ya Bhula Dun??


  • maggie_khasu 53w

    I slept in the bathtub
    Feeling held
    Feeling not so alone

  • ansh__ 53w

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    : . .


  • lovemirchinew 57w

    Person - mirchi
    Another line - #hara## #aura#
    #12am #1am #2am even #3am
    It hurts

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  • theunspokenfeelings 59w

    Isnt it strange ?
    There is nothing wrong between two people
    But still they r not sharing the same bond like they used to share....

  • mooniverse 59w

    good night :')

    ps. feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes. i often forget to proofread it before posting it here, and sometimes i don't even notice them (´;ω;,)

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    The silence of dawn
    permeates into my body,
    and unfurls my thoughts
    coiled up tight,
    in the deepest pits of my heart.
    Thoughts that bore a redolent scent
    of the flowers that bloomed,
    alongside the molds festering
    in between my ribs.
    The spring nectar's scent
    mixed with reeking winter
    sating the bees
    nestled in my heart –
    sweet honey oozing out
    with every breath,
    then blending with ink.
    If i were to reveal these thoughts to others,
    a part of me would be lost permanently,
    burnt by that honey rendered acidic.


  • shravan7 59w

    #2am #thoughts

    Nobody really knows you. You must find a forum that will allow you to shout yourself out using brute force.������

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    Who am I... ?.....

    Fear of criticism and judgements stopped me from being who really iam....

  • varshapriyadarshni 65w

    It's actually 2 a.m. and I'm still awake with the hell lot of troubles racing through my head. 26 years old is it actually too much? Four more years to touch the 3's.. Now that's scary. And as usual by following the normal " be a doctor or engineer" culture I ended up doing my post-graduation in Public Health after my graduation in Dentistry. Yeah "Dr" sounds nice right! But when I look around why I don't have that vibe. Like what really I want from Life. I can't remember the last time I was genuinely happy or slept peacefully. I don't have a day to spend without worrying about things going wrong.. I forgot the last time I was in love with someone. And now when I see my friends getting married and settled I get into a self argument with me... Are they too early or am I too late?? I mean I can justify my part obviously for I can't trust on anyone without getting settled first. So career is bit important for me. But why their smiling faces also made me worry that may be in this chase I'll miss some of the important parts too.. I don't know what's in store and what will happen. I guess I'm too scared to miss some feelings. But then what if I get married and I will start losing interest?? What if it doesn't work out??It feels like I am standing in a crossway and I am so confused that I decided to sit in the middle only... What do you guys think Is it ok to be like this? Messy, delusional, confused and still high hopes of getting up someday with everything sorted? Is it ok to be like the way you are and listen to yourself not the messages that you are getting from the world!! Is it okk to be late sometimes??? OR AM I DOING A MISTAKE?? #thoughts #2am #raw #reader #think

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    2 am thoughts...

    Read the entire piece in caption..

  • _scared_ 70w

    It is raining.

    It is raining.

    Would you come out?
    Would you spread your arms wide
    Just like before?

    Are your eyes dry?
    Or are they raining too
    Just like mine?

    Would you sleep late tonight?
    Would you cuddle your pillow to feel warm
    Just to miss me less?

    Do you remember me?
    Or did I fade away gradually as well
    Just like the rains?

    Would you stay?
    Or would let me stay with you?
    Or am I a part of the moist breeze
    Never eternal?


  • aashuu43 70w

    Don't let your insecurities

    Overcome your feelings .


  • _scared_ 70w

    You are gone!

    Please don't go away
    I want to ease your pain
    I know it's too late
    For us to fall again

    My hands are wet now
    These eyes, they rain
    I might reach out to you
    I am in pain

    My life, it's gray
    I try to stay strong
    There're birds at the window
    But you are gone

    The sky is dark tonight
    The moon has gone
    The stars, they blink
    But you are gone...