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  • shwati 20w


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    Why am I the most undeserving bad person here?


  • ankesh_s26 31w

    God doesn't give you the people you want,
    He gives you the people you need.
    To help you, to hurt you, to leave you,
    to love you and
    to make you the person you were meant to be.

  • ankesh_s26 31w


    मैंने उसे खोया जो मेरा था ही नहीं
    उसने वो खो दिया जो सिर्फ़ उसका था........।

  • joan53 42w

    Halloween is here
    The spirits of men are here
    They always has been

    No longer silent
    They appear as haunted ghosts
    Evil stirs inside

    Wearing of masks hides
    The living from the dead ghosts
    Hide yourself tonight

  • musings26as 47w

    She responds with kindness
    even when you're rude to her
    because her soul has found
    solitude by self-realisation.


  • rasher 57w

    "Let's go onto different path and start a new chapter without each other.

  • aayu11 59w

    मैं सागर की लहरों सी चंचल
    तुम समुद्र तट के भांति स्थिर
    तेरे इक स्पर्श मात्र से
    परिपूर्णता का है आभास मुझे

  • aayu11 63w

    सोचा तुम्हारी बेवफाई के किस्सों से भर दू ये चंद किताबें
    पर फिर लगा तुम्हारी इतनी तरफदारी भी सही नही

  • ankesh_s26 66w


    Ladki jab roti hai na
    Toe bhut sare reasons hote hai...
    Par jab
    Ladka rota hai...
    Reason ladki hi hoti hai...

  • syeda_fazila 77w


    The unanswered questions are much less dangerous than the unquestioned answers!


  • lifelessons14 81w


    Ignoring kills
    Absence kills
    Memories kills
    Everything and everybody
    Then why am I still alive...
    Except satan

  • chand__alfaz02 81w


    आज मेरे देश में गणतंत्र दिवस का मेला है,

    पुरे देश में लोकतंत्र का जश्न फेला है।

    फ़िर से तिरंगा लहराएगा,

    फ़िर से हर मनुष्य दिल से राष्ट्रीय गीत गाएगा।

    आज़ादी की जंग में खोए हैं हमने अपने बहुत से 

    बूढ़ों और जवानों को,

    सुनी हैं हमने बहुत सी मां बेटियों की

    ''लौट आओ दुनिया छोड़ कर जाने वालों अपने घर को",

    दर्द भरी पुकारों को।

    बहुत से ज़ुल्म सहे हैं हमारे देशवासियों ने,

    बहुत सो ने खोए हैं अपने घर मकान, 

    बाट दिया गया है देश को हमारे 

    टुकड़ों टुकड़ों में।

    रहता है यहां हर धर्म का मनुष्य,

    हिन्दू, मुस्लिम, सीख, ईसाई;

    बोली जाती हैं यहां विभिन्न विभिन्न प्रिकर की भाषाएं। 

    पर फिर भी मेरे देश में मिल जुल कर मनाते है 

    ये गणतंत्र दिवस का महान त्योहार।

    आज फिर मेरे देश में गणतंत्र दिवस का मेला है,

    आज फिर पुरे देश में लोकतत्र फेला है।

    ©चंद__अल्फ़ाज़02 ~अलीना नासिर

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    गणतंत्र दिवस!

    फिर आया 26जनवरी,
    फ़िर आया गणतंत्र दिवस।

    कैप्शन पढ़ें।

  • lovely_rachana 89w


    Each Indian cried 12 years ago
    The tears from our eyes couldn't stop it's flow
    Every person was torn
    Millions of questions on themselves were born

    Those demons came through the sea
    They fears on the land instantly flee
    They killed ruthlessly innocents
    The loved the fresh blood scents
    They killed people for pleasure
    They used Jihad for these measure

    We were millions they were only ten
    But they terrified us deep in heart's den
    There were heroes who tried their best
    To save many lives they jumped out with zest
    Some of them some attained salvation
    They became the stars and got salutations

    India became stronger than ever before
    All stood united to be never again be tore
    The attack was heinous act done by devils
    But this showed us the path of rising against the evils
    It showed the narrow mindedness of Islamic thoughts
    The thought of going to heaven by killing of lots

    Hindustanis needed to understand the essence of being a Hindu
    A person who is born between the Himalayas and Indian Ocean having origin from river Sindhu
    This will make us remember the importance of purification of our mind
    And seek for the Vasudev Kutumbakam that makes all bind
    The power India showed that day has to be relived every day
    For the ones who saved lives and lay

  • mai_shayar_to_nahi_ 89w

    उस वर्दी वाले "तुकाराम" के हम रहे सदा आभारी
    जब एक डंडेवाला पड़ गया था AK47 वाले पे भारी

  • sid_rulz 89w

    26/11 Tribute to our soldier's

    झरोखे से झांक इंतज़ार करना बन गई कहानी तेरी

    अपने वतन पर क़ुर्बान कर चुका हूँ जवानी मेरी

    आँसू न बहाना अगर लौट कर न आ पाऊँ माँ

    इक दिन तिरंगे में लिपटकर आएगी निशानी तेरी।


  • poetic_kumar 89w

    वीर जवान

    शीश कटाए प्राण लुटाए हमारे वीर जवानों ने
    हमेशा की है रक्षा हमारी इन मेहरबानों ने
    चैन की नींद सो पायें हमेशा मेरे वतन वाले
    चले जब कभी गोली सीने अड़ाए इन दीवानों ने

  • kumar_adi 89w

    Hello Mirakee Family��������, hope you all are well and doing great. Today is 26/11. I think everyone knows what happened on 26/11/2008, the Mumbai Attack.
    I tried to depict what I felt for those who met with casualties in Mumbaj Attack. Please give it a read����

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    जो मरा उस दिन वो हर शख्स बेकसूर था,
    वो मरे शायद मरना उनकी शहादत को मंजूर था.....

    मानता हूँ कि अहसास उस दर्द का मेरे देश को पूरा है,
    मगर अफ़सोस कि उस ज़ख्म का बदला आज तक अधूरा है.....

  • conundrum_thoughts 89w

    Est soldat

    They died so young
    Leaving behind hearts that crave.
    The tales they left are yet unsung
    Hail all along for the blood so brave.

    They left their homes
    They left their pals
    His heart too mourned
    But he knew this shall pass.
    We know so less
    About the pain they face
    Kudos to all who died in terror chase.

    The Taj was witness
    Of all the blood that shed
    We were unwary of invading bitterness
    Fuel of enmity they were fed.
    The sores are fresh
    That oozes pain
    Toast to all who martyred
    Let not the endeavour go in vain......


  • rhythm_of_the_heart 91w

    Do support with reposts and constructive criticisms. Thank you ♥️

    One second alive,
    A steaming cup of tea
    In front of my eyes.
    I sat around my friends,
    Talking, laughing, sharing,
    Stewing our intellects.
    Much like the tea leaves,
    Engulfed by simmering water.

    One second awed,
    A bang, a scream and a crash.
    Blood and tea on the floor.
    More explosions in my ear,
    Bullets blaring and men roaring,
    An ode to Death and Fear.
    And like tea leaves in water,
    I shrank - aghast and pale.

    One second suffering,
    A hellish eternity perceived,
    Pain and boiling tea seared my being.
    Never knew when I hit the ground,
    Only fear permeated my soul,
    Bodies strewn all around.
    Like tea leaves reddening water,
    Blood reddened the floor.

    One second dead,
    A blackness coating my senses,
    Heart and teapot alike - they bled.
    Death for a sip of tea. Why?
    My mind grasped for comprehension,
    And lips parted with a cry.
    The flame flickered and went out,
    Blood and tea on the floor.


    I don't know what made me write this. Was just reminded of the 26/11 attacks - maybe I got emotional? Anyway, just a rendition. And my prayers and condolences to all those affected.
    #tea #death #terrorism #26/11 #prayers #life #terror #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mumbai #oberoi #taj #life #thoughts #poetry #nature

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    Tea on the Floor


  • stupid_shayar 105w

    #Temporaryposts #26



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    I'm in trouble,
    But how?
    She is inside my heart!
    So what?
    There's my ego too!