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    8 'S' OF SPRING


    & a little more vitamins...

  • wild_philosophy 18w

    The wizard of Uz

    An important point in our lives that slows down the process of natural human evolutionary progress is the uncertainty of knowledge. So, for example, some extraordinary psychological features of human thinking are considered from the point of view of an alleged deviation, under the definition of schizophrenia, while not having the slightest idea about the influence of those processes that gave rise to the human essence, as a view, in general...


  • kashyapraj3010 35w

    Journey Towards The End….
    - By Raj Kashyap

    Life !!!!!!
    A phase, A Lesson,
    Life !!!!!
    A journey,
    On the journey on life,
    Spirituality is the very sand upon,
    Which we travel.

    A journey has many ceases,
    There is love, sorrow, pain,
    Emotions and relations.
    But stop worrying about the,
    Potholes in the road,
    Enjoy the journey!!!


    Competing with millions of sperms,
    A child is born.
    Giving a sense of joy and happiness
    On the face of his parents.

    Slowly learned to walk,
    By holding the fingers of her mother.
    At the age of 4, went to school crying!!!
    Her mother crying out loudly,
    When the child was sick.

    Getting her first period at the age of 12,
    A sign of puberty, a sign of good health,

    Now !!!!
    Time for first board exams has arrived,
    Facing peer pressure of gaining,
    Good marks from the society.
    Leaving behind your hobbies and talent.

    Facing the world !!!!
    After the school time is over,
    And giving up gov. exams for
    Admission in gov. colleges again and again.
    Though facing anxiety issues & depression.

    Losing your childhood in these issues,
    “But if you carry your childhood with you,
    You will never become old”.


    Your childhood is gone.
    Time to scrub your feet to,
    Find a good job and get settled.
    Facing love failures at the same time.

    If somehow, luckily you get a job,
    Then !!!!
    Facing marriage pressure from society,
    Facing financial problems and
    Finding it hard to pay your EMI’S,
    And loans.

    Having health and mental issues,
    Because now you are getting old.
    With an increase in hair fall.

    Now its time to have your own babies,
    And do all of that for them,
    Which your parents did for you.
    Providing them best comfort & security,
    And treat them with love.

    Unfortunately, unluckily losing your parents,
    And walking on the path of morals,
    And good values, your parents gave to you.

    “Try not to become a man of success,
    Try to become a man of morals”.


    Blessed are those you still get,
    A life after 50.
    Now, you have become grandparents,
    But a child too.

    Your love has become twice….
    First for your grandchildren,
    Second for your children.

    Now you are retired from your job,
    And wanted to give your whole
    Time to your family especially your

    Playing with children in parks also
    Makes you a child again.
    Now your health keeps on getting worse,
    Again and again with your age.

    Though you also face hearing loss,
    And vision loss too.
    Well, you face loneliness & isolation too.

    Its time for you to sleep,
    People will remember you for your good,
    Deeds and polite nature.

    Our life, our planet is a stage,
    We all are playing our roles given by God.
    Definitely, we will return again,
    As a new character, as a new soul….

    #Writersnetwork #Miraquill #Life #Meaningoflife

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    Journey Towards The End...


  • joan53 41w

    Elephants don’t like mice
    I do not like bugs
    Creepy little creatures
    Make me shake and shiver
    Halloween is around the corner
    Whether large or small
    I’ll chase them down the hall
    RAID!!! Is what they’ll be hollering
    Just stomping out the madness
    Causing death on All Hallows’ Eve
    Let them beware, bugs must leave

  • zohiii 44w

    a furlong of land, an ocean of emptiness

    this skin has grown fairer,
    as it hoodwinks the blackness
    shrouding a shrewd heart,
    but whose cruel scheme
    was it to fortify one red rose
    inside a prison of thorns,
    because it's sad when
    beauty decays.

    the mirror had a selfish
    face and it was hard to
    distinguish whether it had
    perspired or bawled,
    but two breaths out of
    rhythm and that was more
    than enough time to
    mope about suffering
    because everyone suffers;
    it doesn't have to
    stand out.

    there are some who live
    sharp lives on the
    tip of a needle without
    letting out so
    much as a sigh and those
    whining on soft beds;
    then become those who
    rejoice the sight of a
    nameless tree in
    a scorching desert,
    those who proudly claim
    a furlong of land at the
    mercy of an ocean of


  • amyjoylouise96x 53w

    Its my birthday

    So todays my birthday i'm another year older
    But whats changed? Because these nights just keep getting colder
    I'll say to myself this year i'm going to change my life
    Stabbing myself in the back with a knife
    Setting myself up for failure i guess i'm used to that
    I'll just keep being the way i am, getting more fat
    25 now and i stopped living my life at 21
    Will i ever feel normal again? Or has that feeling forever gone?
    I dont deserve to live this way
    So i hold on to hope, hoping i'll make it, someday.

    Happy birthday to me
    I am so lonely
    Wish i had someone who could hold me
    Happy endings only exist in stories


  • i_write_for_her 58w

    Love series 25

    ❤️I should consult a good cardiologist first...

    My heartbeat doesn't sounds as usual...

    Coz it repeats your name often...


  • aayu11 58w

    ये चांद भी तुम जैसा है प्रिय मोहन
    चांद औरों को शीतल करता है जैसे मुझे तुम☺️

  • aayu11 59w

    तुम बारिश की फुहारो की तरह आए थे
    और मैंने महज
    सूरज की किरणों को ही पराया कर दिया था
    अब इस वसंत के घने सूर्योदय में
    ना बारिशें दिखी और ना ही तुम

  • syeda_fazila 76w


    I saw a woman with a golden heart.
    By the way ,
    She's my AMMI.


  • _waruiru_m_n_ 78w


    I've won battles and wars,
    Equally, I've lost some too.
    Just like being at the peak,
    I've had my low moments.

    That's not what that date is about, no
    Today is about the will power,
    The present energy,
    The soldiering on.

    A day like today, a girl was born,
    She cried and took her first,
    And she keeps doing so..
    ..until she takes her last.
    But that's not today
    Well, hopefully ;)

    The date is about celebration,
    It's alive and about LIFE!

  • thefreefirefly 83w

    Seems just like yesterday
    I could always say
    I have tomorrow
    There's always tomorrow

    But something's changed
    I wake up to worrying everyday
    I guess you'll say I'm at that stage
    When nothing feels okay

    Though I know
    I'm not alone
    I can't help but ponder and wonder and wander

    I can't believe how suddenly I'm running out of time
    My heart's still at 15 that I did not realize
    The ships that hold my dreams had sailed and left me behind
    Oh the things you think of when you turn 25

    Feels just like yesterday
    When I don't give a care
    About my tomorrow
    'Cause there are paths to follow

    But things get complicated
    As years go by, the road gets less paved
    Everything is so uncharted
    No one to tell me how to get started

    With my parents getting older too
    And my classmates getting so mature
    A child thrown out into the real world
    Now fear is all I'll ever know

    I can't believe how suddenly I'm running out of time
    And the love I have waited all of my life
    Was already in my past that I want to run, hide and cry
    Oh the things you think of when you turn 25

    Oh things like
    If I shall die tonight
    If come morning I don't wake up
    If God asks have I done
    Have I lived a life that I'm proud of
    Did I know what it means to truly love

    Though I know
    I'm not alone
    I can't help but ponder and wonder...

    I can't believe how suddenly I'm running out of time
    Turning 26 now and I'm still playing with rhymes
    Think I learned to look ahead and not behind
    Back on the things I thought of when I turned 25

    Seems just like yesterday
    I just always say
    I have tomorrow
    There's always tomorrow

    #25 #quarterlifecrises #life

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    I can't believe how suddenly I'm running out of time
    My heart's still at 15 that I did not realize
    The ships that hold my dreams had sailed and left me behind
    Oh the things you think of when you turn 25


  • _manalisays_ 102w


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    Lost and found!

    An year back...

    Drowning myself in the pool of knowledge,
    A time, in words couldn't be expressed.

    Had less of choices, and more of coverage,
    SWOT was the only way I could be assessed.

    Hope, Faith and Belief were my only tools,
    Nevertheless, had teary eyes on every failure & success.

    A date had to be remembered, & to be reminded of, the time I had my very first cry of happiness.

    Amidst Clinking glasses, Patting backs and Pretty words,
    I found the lost myself, & left me speechless.


  • stupid_shayar 104w

    #Temporaryposts #25



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    Have you ever
    been in relationship?
    Two years!
    How did the breakup happen?
    Whose fault was it?
    Don't know?

  • cydrah 107w

    According to surveys, Freelancing will be the general economy builder in 2021-2023.

    A freelancer working from the comfort of his home has more psychological advantages than a traditional In-home worker.
    Unemployment already triggered new dimensions for Freelancing. In coming days, companies are considering 56% freelancers over traditional workers, as it will save them many expenditures that a company spends for traditional offices.

    In Covid19 situation, it was almost a slogan "stay home, stay safe". People lost their jobs, expenditures were same but there were no jobs. More people opted for freelancing apps and forums and surprisingly it uplifted the lifestyles.

    Digital marketing is a type of freelancing with 90% more chance of earning than other forums.
    Learn new ways of freelancing and improve your lifestyle and psychological health.

  • the_wandering_mind 112w

    Entering the Silver Jubilee of my life be like...

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    If happiness has to have a reason, let's find a reason in every millisecond of life. We have things to be grateful for, haven't we? We are very fortunate to live a life full of abundance with the people who love us (and you know that already). :)

    P.S. The definition of abundance depends on your perspective.


  • rishitchauhan 116w


    Sarab ki jarurat kise h janab
    Aap utre jehan ❤️ se tab koi dusra nasha kre

  • nivirraman 128w


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    Something happens when we see some people and some others online at the same time.


  • wripadac_ 130w

    This too shall pass!

    Oh 25!
    Why are you here to alas my life?
    Couldn’t you wait a bit,
    Till I could make my world lit?

    It was a long journey indeed,
    I bet you would have made awesome memories,
    But listen up! Am yet to make mine,
    So, I command you to retreat.

    It’s a mixed feeling you see,
    I don’t love you, but I don’t hate you either,
    You have just made my clock tick faster,
    And its slipping out like my loose Tee.

    I grew up so did my dreams,
    Pause that rushing time for lil more,
    I am still finding myself,
    Like a ring in the flowing stream.

    Oh 25!
    Why are you here to alas my life?


  • the_blue_feather_quotes 233w

    I hated chemistry until it worked out between us